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Afghanistan war crimesupdated: Mon Jul 13 2009 09:29:00

CNN's Anderson Cooper asks President Obama whether he wants a war crimes investigation.

Obama orders review of alleged slayings of Taliban in Bush eraupdated: Mon Jul 13 2009 09:29:00

President Obama has ordered national security officials to look into allegations that the Bush administration resisted efforts to investigate a CIA-backed Afghan warlord over the killings of hundreds of Taliban prisoners in 2001.

Afghan warlord Dostum survives attackupdated: Thu Jan 20 2005 21:11:00

An Afghan warlord who helped the United States defeat the Taliban has survived an attack by a suicide bomber after open-air prayers during a major Muslim holiday in northeastern Afghanistan.

Afghan blast kills 2 U.S. soldiersupdated: Sat Oct 16 2004 07:23:00

Two U.S. soldiers were killed in Afghanistan when an explosion rocked their convoy, a U.S. military spokesman said Saturday.

Blast in Kabul on eve of polls updated: Fri Oct 08 2004 03:05:00

A rocket has exploded near the U.S. military compound in Kabul one day before Afghans vote to elect their president for the first time.

Pre-election attack on Karzai aideupdated: Wed Oct 06 2004 05:14:00

A convoy carrying the running mate to Afghan President Hamid Karzai came under attack in the northeastern part of the country, just days before landmark elections.

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