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With Republicans gathering in Tampa, Florida, for their party's convention, here are a few facts about the Grand Old Party's party:

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New details of Lincoln's last momentsupdated: Thu Jun 07 2012 18:27:00

Brian Todd reports on a newly discovered report from the first doctor at the scene after President Lincoln was shot.

Newly-discovered document sheds light on Lincoln's last hoursupdated: Thu Jun 07 2012 18:27:00

A newly discovered account of the shooting of Abraham Lincoln, and his death the next morning, gives a vivid and moving picture of the calamity. Dr. Charles Leale was in the audience at Ford's Theater when Abraham Lincoln was shot, and was the first to attempt to treat the stricken president.

Abraham Lincoln didn't invent Facebook (except on the Internet)updated: Fri May 11 2012 17:55:00

To paraphrase "The Social Network," if Abraham Lincoln had invented Facebook, he would have invented Facebook.

New firms emerge to challenge Facebookupdated: Fri May 11 2012 17:55:00

Tech expert Jamie Turner says sites like Tagged could challenge Facebook's status as king of all social media.

Republicans struggle in Land of Lincolnupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 08:39:00

The Illinois primary should be a Republican Party homecoming. After all, this is the Land of Lincoln, home state of the first Republican president.

NY Met revamp highlights American history in art updated: Mon Mar 12 2012 08:49:00

With its early colonial portraits, depictions of grand historical battles, transcendentalist landscapes and intimate, turn-of-the-century paintings of the elite classes, the collection of American art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York ranks as one of the finest in the world.

It's time to eliminate the pennyupdated: Tue Feb 21 2012 21:39:00

If you've ever looked closely at a newly minted penny, you've probably been struck by its sheer beauty. Abraham Lincoln's bearded, chiseled, copper face shines forth beneath the proclamation of "In God We Trust" and beside the quintessential American motto, "Liberty."

Meet the U.S. 'Top Guns' with eyes on Iranupdated: Thu Feb 16 2012 14:58:00

Lt. Timothy Breen flies missions close to Iranian air space almost every day in his U.S. Navy F-18 Hornet, often encountering Iranian military aircraft over the strategic waters of the Strait of Hormuz.

Why don't kids know their history?updated: Thu Jul 28 2011 13:00:00

National tests results show fewer than one-quarter of students are proficient in U.S. history.

If students fail history, does it matter?updated: Thu Jul 28 2011 13:00:00

If there's a student anywhere who would be able to answer a trivia question about President Abraham Lincoln, it would be on the marble steps of his memorial in the nation's capital.

American dream is about equality, not wealthupdated: Fri Jul 08 2011 15:45:00

The battle between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans over raising the debt ceiling has escalated into more than a fight over the budget and taxes. It has become a battle over who speaks for the American dream -- those who want the wealthy to pay a greater share of the nation's taxes or those who want to cut entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare.

Mary Surratt: Executed for Lincoln's deathupdated: Fri May 27 2011 19:15:00

Editor's Note: This story is from the CNN special "Stories: Reporter" which airs Saturday night at 7:30 pm eastern.

The Civil War was a choiceupdated: Tue Apr 12 2011 15:49:00

One-hundred-fifty years ago Tuesday, Confederate batteries opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. Thirty-four hours later the siege ended with the surrender of the fort. Major Robert Anderson, a Kentuckian -- and the Federal commander of the fort -- reported no deaths from the bombardment.

Jobs before they were presidentupdated: Wed Feb 23 2011 10:19:00

Everybody has to start somewhere. That includes all of the celebrities, billionaires, executives and CEOs of the world -- even U.S. presidents.

What's wrong with presidential rankingsupdated: Mon Feb 21 2011 10:38:00

Since the late 1940s, it has been an American custom for pollsters and publications to release a ranking of U.S. presidents.

Presidents aren't Hollywood heroes anymoreupdated: Sun Feb 20 2011 09:21:00

So there is Abraham Lincoln -- Henry Fonda, actually, in a stovepipe hat -- walking toward the horizon as the gorgeous strains of an orchestra swell up behind him. Soon the orchestra is joined by a choir, the strings and the voices blending into a beautiful, almost ethereal, rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Thunder crackles in the cinematic sky.

Political Circus: What Michelle Obama wants for V-Dayupdated: Mon Feb 14 2011 12:01:00

Politics is serious business -- but not all the time.

How State of the Union became a promupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 18:37:00

It figures it would take the Udall family to bring a touch of good-naturedness to the center of American government and politics -- the U.S. Congress.

Why Obama is not first 'imposter' president and won't be the lastupdated: Tue Aug 17 2010 15:27:00

One American president's legitimacy was questioned because he was accused of wearing women's underwear.

Lincoln document 'discovered' in Californiaupdated: Tue Jul 20 2010 04:22:00

Researchers discover that a document, untouched in a vault for more than 40 years, was actually penned by Honest Abe. KOVR reports.

Researchers: Donner Party member carried Lincoln documents on journeyupdated: Tue Jul 20 2010 04:22:00

Researchers have made an unexpected discovery among the items a member of the Donner Party kept in a carpetbag on the group's ill-fated journey to California: a military document with Abraham Lincoln's handwriting on it.

5 presidents more 'radical' than Obamaupdated: Tue Apr 13 2010 06:48:00

Newt Gingrich called President Obama "the most radical president in American history" at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference last week.

Author's mash-ups head to the big screenupdated: Wed Mar 24 2010 11:13:00

In the past year, Seth Grahame-Smith has gone from writing on nights and weekends, hoping his books break even, to becoming a best-selling author with two movies in the works.

Poll: 3 of 4 think our most trusted presidents have liedupdated: Mon Feb 22 2010 07:45:00

Folklore says that George Washington was known for never telling a lie.

1 year in: Will fortune smile on Obama?updated: Mon Jan 25 2010 13:41:00

Tuesday's Democratic meltdown in Massachusetts not only wreaks havoc with the president's health care legislation; it jeopardizes the legacy of a leader who barely two months ago was summoning up links to the ghosts of great presidents past.

Halfway destinations brighten tedious road tripsupdated: Wed Dec 09 2009 14:07:00

Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Planning a road trip is hardly nuclear science, but perhaps the professor had learned that a well-chosen overnight stop can yield treasured memories.

Fortune: Lewie Ranieri wants to fix the mortgage messupdated: Wed Dec 09 2009 08:24:00

Lounging in his giant conference room in an otherwise bland office suite near Long Island's Nassau Coliseum, Lewis Ranieri cultivates the image of a worldly philosopher. The 62-year-old financier prides himself on being a big thinker who conjures elegant solutions to epic problems.

Lincoln letter to schoolboy sells for $60,000updated: Fri Nov 20 2009 13:43:00

Less than a month before the Civil War's start, a newly inaugurated President Lincoln took time from his frantic schedule to write to an Illinois boy whose classmates didn't believe he'd met the president.

State, federal education experts mull nationwide standardsupdated: Tue Oct 20 2009 19:28:00

Can you "graph the solution set of a linear inequality in two variables on the coordinate plane?"

Where presidents like to playupdated: Thu Jul 23 2009 10:17:00

We're in the throes of summer vacation season, but at least one American is still on the job. While it's rumored that President Obama will follow in the footsteps of President Clinton and vacation on Martha's Vineyard, he hasn't had a chance to break out his Bermuda shorts just yet. When Obama does take off, though, he'll join in the grand tradition of presidential vacations, like these notable ones:

Seven Civil War stories your teacher never told youupdated: Mon Jun 15 2009 16:15:00

Perhaps your history teachers failed to alert you to these Civil War facts: Jefferson Davis nearly got mugged by an angry female mob; Abraham Lincoln loved the Confederate anthem "Dixie," and Paul Revere was a Civil War casualty.

Long-lost Lincoln letter back in federal handsupdated: Thu May 28 2009 15:46:00

Few items are more highly prized among collectors of historical artifacts than a handwritten letter from President Lincoln.

How to date a loserupdated: Tue May 05 2009 13:13:00

An objective, partially superficial analysis of women's magazines has led me to form the following conclusions on behalf of women: The Bonus: What's next for Lance Stephenson? The world will find out soonupdated: Tue Mar 31 2009 16:28:00

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Less than two minutes into his Public Schools Athletic League semifinal, Lance Stephenson, the leading scorer in New York schoolboy history, pilfers a cross-court pass and pushes the ball up the middle. Inside a stuffy Carnesecca Arena, the one they call "Born Ready" looks back at a defender and gauges his lead. No Boys & Girls High player can catch him. His Abraham Lincoln High teammates stop near half court and watch. Approaching the rim, the 6-foot-6, 200-pound wunderkind wags his tongue and elevates for a thundering right-handed dunk.

Photo emerges that might be last taken of Lincolnupdated: Wed Mar 11 2009 15:21:00

An expert on Lincoln photography thinks a photograph found in Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's family-owned album showing President Abraham Lincoln in front of the White House could be one of the last photos taken of the 16th president before he was assassinated in 1865.

Lincoln's last photoupdated: Wed Mar 11 2009 15:21:00

Keya Morgan, an expert on Lincoln photography, says a recently found photograph may be one of his last photos taken.

War message found inside Lincoln's watchupdated: Wed Mar 11 2009 02:24:00

A long-hidden message has been discovered inside Abraham Lincoln's pocket watch, the Smithsonian's Museum of American History announced Tuesday.

Lincoln wins: Honest Abe tops new presidential surveyupdated: Mon Feb 16 2009 19:36:00

It's been 145 years since Abraham Lincoln appeared on a ballot, but admiration for the man who saved the union and sparked the end of slavery is as strong as ever, according to a new survey.

Smithsonian exhibit pays homage to Lincolnupdated: Mon Feb 16 2009 09:41:00

One can only imagine the sights this hat has seen. Perched atop a man who towered over his peers at 6 foot 4 inches, this hat must have had quite a view.

Mementos of an American Iconupdated: Mon Feb 16 2009 09:41:00

Photojournalist Bethany Swain takes us inside the new Lincoln exhibit at the Smithsonian with curator Harry Rubenstein.

Keeping Lincoln's memory alive for 5 generationsupdated: Thu Feb 12 2009 15:43:00

For five generations, the Meserve/Kunhardt family has been the collector and custodian of some of the most valuable photographs and memorabilia of Abraham Lincoln.

Commentary: The real ties between Lincoln and Obamaupdated: Thu Feb 12 2009 15:12:00

They are big shoes to fill by any standard, political or historical.

Why Lincoln still mattersupdated: Thu Feb 12 2009 14:51:00

Two hundred years after his birth in a log cabin in Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln continues to fascinate.

Commentary: Lincoln lived -- and died -- for freedomupdated: Thu Feb 12 2009 14:43:00

President Obama is taking a trip back home to Illinois on Thursday to pay tribute to the nation's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, on the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Commentary: Lincoln's remarkable tie to former slaveupdated: Thu Feb 12 2009 14:26:00

Few relationships in American history have been more remarkable than that between President Abraham Lincoln and black abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass.

Lincoln celebrationupdated: Thu Feb 12 2009 13:03:00

CNN's Don Lemon reports from the Lincoln Memorial as the country celebrates the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth.

Celebrating Lincoln's birth across the countryupdated: Thu Feb 12 2009 13:03:00

From Capitol Hill to Springfield, Illinois, President Obama and Congress paid tribute Thursday to Abraham Lincoln on the bicentennial of his birth.

CNN Student News Learning Activity: Lincoln's Wordsupdated: Wed Feb 11 2009 10:37:00

Many people around the world consider Abraham Lincoln to be one of the most eloquent leaders of all time. Challenge your students to learn more about Abraham Lincoln by examining his words.

Lincoln's 'rare eloquences' on display in bicentennial exhibitupdated: Wed Feb 11 2009 09:33:00

The Library of Congress marks 200 years since the birth of Abraham Lincoln on Thursday by opening a special exhibit featuring his handwritten speeches and artifacts, including the Bible used last month by President Obama during his swearing-in.

Sober Obama speech draws on surprising sourcesupdated: Tue Jan 20 2009 23:26:00

Barack Obama, who shot from obscurity to fame based on a single speech and then captured the White House in a campaign marked by soaring rhetoric, delivered a restrained, sober inaugural address Tuesday.

For Obama, Lincoln was model presidentupdated: Sun Jan 18 2009 19:15:00

Call it an Abraham Lincoln obsession gripping political junkies and history buffs everywhere.

America's Lincoln obsession?updated: Sun Jan 18 2009 19:15:00

CNN's Carol Costello looks at the current buzz surrounding Abraham Lincoln.

Obama family visits Lincoln Memorialupdated: Sat Jan 10 2009 23:05:00

President-elect Barack Obama, who in 10 days will be sworn in using the Bible of his political hero Abraham Lincoln, visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Saturday night with his family.

Obama family tours D.C.updated: Sat Jan 10 2009 23:05:00

President-elect Barack Obama and his family visit the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday.

Historian sees lessons, Lincoln parallels for Obamaupdated: Tue Dec 23 2008 11:32:00

Much has been made of Barack Obama's interest in "Team of Rivals," Doris Kearns Goodwin's best-selling book on President Lincoln and his cabinet.

Land of Lincoln once again mired in political controversyupdated: Wed Dec 10 2008 19:28:00

Illinois state politics read more like a script from "The Sopranos" than a page out of the history books.

Can Lincoln's playbook help Obama in the years ahead?updated: Thu Nov 20 2008 10:47:00

The similarities are eerily similar.

Seven famous people who survived bankruptcyupdated: Wed Nov 19 2008 12:58:00

As the economy continues to look grim, the word "bankruptcy" is on the tips of more and more tongues. While being unable to pay one's creditors is never a good situation for a company or an individual, it may not be the financial kiss of death that you might think. (Just ask Donald Trump, whose casinos have gone bankrupt twice.)

CNNMoney: New Lincoln penny designs unveiledupdated: Mon Sep 22 2008 13:28:00

For the first time in 50 years, the penny is getting redesigned, with four versions coming next year to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, the U.S. Mint announced Monday. In with the Oldupdated: Wed Jun 18 2008 18:00:00

Obama says he wants to hire a Team of Rivals for his Cabinet. He should start by keeping Robert Gates

1864 Lincoln letter brings $3.4 millionupdated: Thu Apr 03 2008 17:34:00

A rare Lincoln manuscript sold for $3.4 million on Thursday at Sotheby's auction house. The 1864 letter in which Abraham Lincoln replies to the abolitionist pleas of 195 young boys and girls was bought by a private American collector over the phone.

New $5 bill makes debutupdated: Mon Mar 17 2008 16:58:00

The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday began circulating a redesigned $5 bill. The first transaction was at a gift shop near President Lincoln's summer cottage overlooking Washington.

Meet the new Mr. Lincolnupdated: Mon Mar 17 2008 16:58:00

Michael Lambert, an assistant director of the Federal Reserve, introduces the redesigned $5 bill.

CNNMoney: New $5 bills enter circulationupdated: Thu Mar 13 2008 16:30:00

Americans will soon see a redesigned $5 bill that the U.S. Treasury began circulating Thursday. The first transaction was at a gift shop near President Lincoln's summer cottage overlooking Washington. Does Experience Matter in a President?updated: Thu Feb 28 2008 03:00:00

Hillary Clinton and John McCain are arguing that Barack Obama is too green for the job. But history shows that when it comes to the presidency, experience doesn't guarantee success

Lincoln's cottage opensupdated: Mon Feb 18 2008 21:41:00

President Lincoln's cottage opens to the public on President's Day.

Spruced up, Lincoln Cottage reopens on Presidents Dayupdated: Mon Feb 18 2008 21:41:00

The fully restored former refuge of President Abraham Lincoln was brought back into public view Monday during a Presidents Day ceremony.

Diving dollarupdated: Tue Sep 25 2007 05:33:00

Jeremy Batstone of Charles Stanley on why the dollar keeps on falling.

CNNMoney: New Lincoln penny images spark debateupdated: Tue Sep 25 2007 05:33:00

A penny for your thoughts will have extra meaning in 2009 - the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth and the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Lincoln penny.

CNNMoney: Lincoln's $5 bill gets a colorful makeoverupdated: Thu Sep 20 2007 01:14:00

Honest Abe will become Colorful Abe with splashes of purple and gray livening up the $5 bill.

Fortune: Young funds to watchupdated: Sun Jul 22 2007 22:56:00

Abraham Lincoln is often credited with saying, "It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years." Whether it was Lincoln or some other sage who first uttered the maxim, it holds as true for mutual funds as it does for people. So while investors and financial advisors often seek out funds and managers with outstanding long-term records, it's worth keeping an eye on new offerings as well - and there are many to track. Financial firms have introduced more than 100 new funds so far this year, and about 500 in each of the past two years, according to research firm Morningstar.

Fortune: Turkey talkerupdated: Tue Nov 28 2006 17:37:00

The idea of an 800 number was fairly new 26 years ago when the Turkey Talk-Line started, yet 11,000 people called. At the time there were only seven phone representatives.

Fortune: Remembering Lincoln's geniusupdated: Thu Jun 08 2006 10:05:00

At the 1860 Republican National Convention, a lawyer with only a single term in Congress to his political credit beat three seasoned politicians for the nomination. Once Abraham Lincoln won the pre...

CNNMoney: Penny's new shine good for everyone?updated: Mon Apr 24 2006 11:15:00

The penny is now shining brighter than ever as recent increases in the cost of copper and zinc continue to push up its actual value, but that's not necessarily good news for the United States Mint, according to a report published Monday.

Review: In search of Lincoln's assassinupdated: Thu Apr 13 2006 10:41:00

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln is one of those historic events about which Americans believe they know a great deal. Yet a great deal of what most Americans "know" is wrong.

Treating workers justly pays offupdated: Mon Sep 05 2005 12:54:00

Abraham Lincoln, the first and greatest Republican president, and the man who held this nation together during its bloodiest and darkest hours, would not be tough enough to survive in 2005 on Wall Street.

Review: New twist on a twisted storyupdated: Tue May 03 2005 12:43:00

It is April 1865. Lee has surrendered to Grant at Appomattox. The Confederate government has fled Richmond. The Civil War is all but over, and all of Washington seems to have gone crazy in celebration. Even President Lincoln is in a jolly mood, attending the theater with his wife.

CNNMoney: 'Abe' fry fetches $75,100updated: Fri Feb 18 2005 06:24:00

Remember the McDonald's "French fry" shaped like Abraham Lincoln -- the prop for those humorous ads the restaurant chain ran recently?

CNNMoney: Plenty of "honest" bids for the Abe Fryupdated: Wed Feb 09 2005 07:54:00

Fast-food king McDonald's ran a jokey commercial on the Super Bowl about a french fry shaped like Abraham Lincoln. Now someone is apparently bidding $50,200 for the "Honest Abe" fry.

Lincoln's private lifeupdated: Fri Jan 14 2005 18:35:00

His public countenance is the indisputable part of Abraham Lincoln's legacy.

All the president's menupdated: Mon Jan 10 2005 14:49:00

It's not something you see in John Ford movies, but in the 1800s it was common for men -- frontier-taming, campfire-building, heterosexual men--to share a bed.

Friendly advice for Democratsupdated: Mon Dec 13 2004 12:21:00

Years ago, before I began writing a column, one of the nation's great columnists gave me some wise advice.

Six career lessons from U.S. presidentsupdated: Wed Sep 01 2004 07:59:00

U.S. presidents have guided us to wartime victory and plunged us into economic depression. All of their triumphs and failures can teach us a thing or two about our own careers.

Could Bill Clinton beat Abe Lincoln?updated: Mon Aug 16 2004 15:03:00

Say campaign to a computer-game addict, and he's more likely to think Alien vs. Predator than Kerry vs. Bush.

Review: Book on Lincoln's death unconvincingupdated: Tue May 18 2004 14:44:00

Given the world's fondness for conspiracies nowadays, it is easy to overlook a real conspiracy. Even one that resulted in the death of a president.

Fortune: Not So Stodgy Anymore, Dun & Bradstreet Is a 'Buy' JAZZED-UP CREDIT DATA FOR THE INFO AGEupdated: Mon Mar 01 1999 00:01:00

How could investors fail to notice a company that once employed Abraham Lincoln--once owned such classic names as A.C. Nielsen, Thomas Cook, and R.H. Donnelley--and is now growing earnings at bette...


When did big government begin? Conservatives of all ages tend to think federal spending went out of control around their tenth birthday. Commentators who have a little more historical perspective t...

Money Magazine: CAN I AFFORD A $24,000 CAR ON MY $22,000 SALARY?updated: Mon Jul 01 1991 00:01:00

Q I'm a 20-year-old college junior. After graduating, I plan to take an entry- level job paying about $22,000 a year and live with my grandmother, so my main expenses will be $500-a-month payments ...

Money Magazine: ''THEY FORGOT TO SEND ME A BILL. CAN I FORGET TO PAY THEM?''updated: Sun Jan 01 1989 00:01:00

MORTGAGES Q. The people at my national bank recently sent me a letter saying that they had forgotten to notify me about a rate increase on my mortgage a year ago and that I now owe $3,667.08 in bac...

Fortune: BOOKS BOSSES READ Chiefs' choices reveal strong passions and surprising eccentricities. Favorites range from Taoism to the Bibleupdated: Mon Apr 27 1987 00:01:00

AFTER A CHIEF EXECUTIVE finishes the giant helping of reading he is required to consume, it seems remarkable that he would have any appetite left. But as FORTUNE found in an informal survey, many C...

Fortune: Tedium Time on the Campus, Harassment Without Sex, Brokaw's Nose and Other Features, and Other Matters. This Is Boringupdated: Mon Jan 05 1987 00:01:00

''Instantly procure us a copy of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1986, Vol. 51, No. 5, 968-975,'' stentoriously demanded Keeping Up's senior policy analyst the other day, ''as thi...

Fortune: NOW HEAR THISupdated: Mon Jun 10 1985 00:01:00

''I had one lady in mind, but then she died.'' -FRED L. HARTLEY, 68, chairman of Unocal, explaining his company's all-male board of directors. ''We feel we have to find a way to present the good si...

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