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Aerobics and Cardio Training

For hours at a time, Ronaldo Marcelo Wanderlei da Silva pedals on a stationary bike for a cause. But it is not an ordinary bike, nor an ordinary cause.

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Fitness trends for the new yearupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 11:57:00

Stretch out your core, cue the music and get ready to follow the beats. Zumba and other dance workouts are debuting on the list of the top 20 predicted fitness trends for 2012.

What's healthy eating for a diabetic?updated: Fri Oct 14 2011 20:42:00

Being a type 2 diabetic, I have too many different ideas coming at me. Do you have any advice on what diet to follow?

Choosing the right adventure outfitterupdated: Mon Oct 03 2011 10:43:00

Whether you want to leap from a helicopter onto the icy slopes below or cycle through the Italian countryside, adventure travel is filled with niche experiences for any personality. But finding one that suits your budget, fitness level, expectations and safety needs can feel overwhelming.

Safe and strategic planning tipsupdated: Mon Oct 03 2011 10:43:00

CNN's Alison Kosik offers tips to make an adventure out of your next vacation.

Which burns more calories, walking or running?updated: Fri Sep 23 2011 10:48:00

I have read and heard from other people that running and walking a mile burns the same number of calories. I have compared the two on a treadmill and the difference is astounding! Walking = 92, running = 158. I understand that treadmills don't show an accurate count of calories burned, but these numbers are so different. Is this true?

How much weight is needed to strengthen my bones?updated: Fri Jul 08 2011 08:10:00

I am 39 years old and petite (5 feet and weigh about 94 pounds). My doctor recommended that I work out with weights to increase my bone density, since my small size puts me at greater risk for osteoporosis as I get older.

She used 4 easy tips to lose weightupdated: Fri Apr 22 2011 14:31:00

Anita Mills was sitting in the doctor's office with her diabetic mother in Lexington, Kentucky, in 2009.

The little black dress of fitnessupdated: Fri Apr 01 2011 11:49:00

It's 7:20 a.m. and Carl Daikeler hasn't worked out yet. Not a big deal for the 49% of Americans who don't exercise regularly, but it's going to bother him all day.

Weights plus walking equals more fit in less timeupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 17:02:00

Walkers who squeeze a bit of light weight training into their workout get more bang for their buck in terms of being fit and trim without increasing their total workout time, according to a new study of sedentary people with type 2 diabetes.

Increase your flexibility and improve your lifeupdated: Sat Aug 21 2010 09:04:00

You've managed to make it to spinning class (for the second time this week!), but as soon as the instructor starts the cooldown, you head for the door. Hold it right there. Turns out, stretching is just as important as getting on the bike in the first place. Drew Carey: How I Lost 80 Lbs.updated: Thu Jul 29 2010 17:31:00

The Price is Right host dropped the weight because it "sucks being fat"

Pedal power is fueling green awarenessupdated: Thu Apr 22 2010 08:14:00

From Detroit to Denmark, the power of the pedal is generating electricity and energy conservation awareness.

What exercise is safe during pregnancy?updated: Fri Mar 26 2010 09:27:00

What kinds of exercises are safest to do while pregnant? How much is too much, especially early in the pregnancy vs. later on?

How can I get cardio exercise if my knees are damaged?updated: Fri Dec 25 2009 09:23:00

I have torn meniscus in each knee and it gives me pain when I exert myself. I have been through physical therapy three times and several doctors. They just keep referring me to physical therapy. It doesn't seem to help. How can I get 30-60 minutes of cardio every day with greatly limited use of my knees?

Does tamoxifen affect the patient's weight?updated: Wed Nov 18 2009 09:16:00

How does tamoxifen affect weight? Can one expect weight loss after the prescription is over? Thanks.

Replenish your energy with the right carbohydratesupdated: Wed Nov 11 2009 11:43:00

Everyone needs carbohydrates, the body's preferred energy source. If you get regular cardiovascular exercise or train for an endurance sport, you need more daily carbs to fuel your workouts and replenish your energy stores.

Why care about cholesterol?updated: Mon Oct 05 2009 12:36:00

Who should care about their cholesterol levels? Everyone, especially women. CNN's Melissa Long explains.

Knowing cholesterol numbers could ward off heart diseaseupdated: Mon Oct 05 2009 12:36:00

When 48-year-old Erin Peiffer, of Eldersburg, Maryland, learned that she had high cholesterol in her 20s, she never thought it would pose a problem. Kathy Griffin: Plastic Surgery and Diet Pill Confessionsupdated: Wed Sep 02 2009 12:47:00

In her new memoir, the actress talks about going under the knife - and finally learning to love her body

Know your blood pressure and protect your heartupdated: Mon Aug 10 2009 14:34:00

High blood pressure is truly a silent killer. In fact, a heart attack or stroke may be the first sign that you even have a problem. That's why it's so important to get your blood pressure checked every time you go to the doctor -- especially if you're a woman.

Gym shooter posted video monologues onlineupdated: Thu Aug 06 2009 13:04:00

The man who shot three women dead in a Pennsylvania gym before killing himself this week posted at least two videos on YouTube last year, apparently referring to a desire for a girlfriend in both.

Killer may have targeted womanupdated: Wed Aug 05 2009 21:56:00

A gunman walked into a gym, turned off the lights and fired off 50 rounds, killing three women before killing himself.

Police: Gym shooter 'had a lot of hatred' for women, societyupdated: Wed Aug 05 2009 21:56:00

A Pennsylvania man who walked into a gym aerobics class and opened fire, killing three women and wounding nine before turning the gun on himself, "had a lot of hatred in him," police said Wednesday.

There's more to fab abs than just exerciseupdated: Mon Jun 08 2009 15:01:00

As the summer months creep ever closer, trying to achieve the perfect set of abs can seem like a lost cause.

How to get fab absupdated: Mon Jun 08 2009 15:01:00

Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports it's more than situps. You need to eat healthy for fab abs.

How can someone with arthritis work out?updated: Fri Mar 27 2009 10:13:00

My wife thinks she is fat. I disagree. I would consider her chubby at most. She has self-esteem issues and confidence issues because of her weight. I would like to help her lose weight to make herself feel better, but the only problem is she has arthritis in her wrists and ankles. So is there any type of workout that will help my wife lose weight but not mess with her arthritis in the process? Thank you.

Is a shorter but harder workout better?updated: Mon Mar 09 2009 16:00:00

No one has been able to answer this question for me. Is it better to exercise hard for a short period of time, or is it better to exercise moderately for a longer period of time? For example, let's say you can exercise hard for 10 minutes before your body makes you stop, but you can exercise moderately for 30 minutes or more. Which is better?

Zumba workoutupdated: Mon Sep 22 2008 10:13:00

Part dance class, part aerobics, Zumba is the latest fitness craze hitting the U.S. as CNN's Judy Fortin reports.

Zumba zooms to the top of the exercise worldupdated: Mon Sep 22 2008 10:13:00

Latin music pulses from the stereo as 40 women jump, shimmy and sway to the beat.

How to walk off the belly fatupdated: Fri Aug 29 2008 09:11:00

Sure, you know walking is good exercise. But here's some­thing you might not realize: You can give your waistline (and other body parts) a serious trimming by tweaking that walk around the block. Runners' High: Joggers Live Longer updated: Tue Aug 12 2008 16:00:00

A new study suggests that avid runners enjoy better health than non-exercisers -- and that the benefits endure for years

Quitting can be good for youupdated: Wed Mar 12 2008 09:14:00

I call my friend Betsy "Besty" for two reasons: first, because she's one of the best-beloved people in my life, and second, because anything she tries, she does better than anyone else in the world. Larry the Cable Guy on Weight Loss: 'I'm Down an Olsen'updated: Thu Feb 21 2008 21:24:00

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who shed 50 lbs. since last year, jokes he's lost so much weight "I'm down an Olsen!"

Jobs that keep you in shapeupdated: Mon Feb 11 2008 09:19:00

Over the years, countless magazine articles have promised you could "lose weight at work" or "tone up in 10 minutes at your desk."

Decade-by-decade guide to exerciseupdated: Fri Nov 02 2007 14:44:00

If there's a magic pill for staying youthful, it may be one that's hard to swallow: exercise. Daily doses have been proven to thwart a number of aging factors -- stress, obesity, heart disease, diabetes -- and the longer you're physically active, the less you'll notice getting older. Study: The Best Exercise for Diabetesupdated: Mon Sep 17 2007 19:20:00

Sometimes less is more. But when it comes to exercise for diabetics, researchers find, the more you do, the better it is

Who's to blame for obese kids?updated: Mon Jul 30 2007 03:29:00

Who's to blame for obese kids?

The benefits of: Swimmingupdated: Fri May 11 2007 12:46:00

On a Saturday morning, if the sun was out, I'd take a newspaper and a book down to Icebergs pool at Bondi Beach -- read and then do a few lazy laps while the Pacific Ocean churned just outside the lap lane sometimes delivering a walloping wave that would send swimmers sailing into lane ropes.

Fortune: Guacamole and green teaupdated: Wed Dec 20 2006 09:24:00

They say you can't judge a book by its cover. All too often, you can't judge a food by its label, either.

Gupta: Excess belly fat is not your friendupdated: Thu Sep 14 2006 17:20:00

We recently asked for your questions about how to live a healthy lifestyle to CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Lobbyist sheds pounds in pursuit of ambitious goalsupdated: Wed Sep 06 2006 16:23:00

Frank Purcell says he hopes to fit more workouts into his life as a Washington lobbyist.

Twenty-three pounds down, 52 to goupdated: Tue Mar 07 2006 09:14:00

Frank Purcell says he hopes to fit more workouts into his life as a Washington lobbyist.

Partner won't let lobbyist stray from dietupdated: Tue Feb 21 2006 08:50:00

Frank Purcell says he hopes to fit more workouts into his life as a Washington lobbyist.

Cutting smoking, dropping a dress sizeupdated: Tue Feb 21 2006 08:48:00

A lobbyist assistant in Washington, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt says she hopes to give up fatty foods and quit smoking.

Potato chips a major stumbling blockupdated: Tue Feb 14 2006 08:25:00

Frank Purcell says he hopes to fit more workouts into his life as a Washington lobbyist.

When grandmother speaks, this woman listensupdated: Tue Feb 14 2006 08:23:00

A lobbyist assistant in Washington, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt says she hopes to give up fatty foods and quit smoking.

Lobbyist one-third of way to weight-loss goalupdated: Tue Feb 07 2006 08:38:00

Frank Purcell says he hopes to fit more workouts into his life as a Washington lobbyist.

Quitting smoking may be top priorityupdated: Tue Feb 07 2006 08:37:00

A lobbyist assistant in Washington, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt says she hopes to give up fatty foods and quit smoking.

Lobbyist eyes life without potato chipsupdated: Tue Jan 31 2006 07:44:00

Frank Purcell says he hopes to fit more workouts into his life as a Washington lobbyist.

Going slow on quitting smokingupdated: Tue Jan 31 2006 07:41:00

A lobbyist assistant in Washington, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt says she hopes to give up fatty foods and quit smoking.

Lobbyist trying to live without potato chipsupdated: Tue Jan 24 2006 08:10:00

Frank Purcell hopes to fit more workouts into his life as a lobbyist in Washington.

Lobbyist trying to live without potato chipsupdated: Tue Jan 17 2006 08:46:00

Frank Purcell hopes to fit more workouts into his life as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

Going slow on quitting smokingupdated: Tue Jan 17 2006 08:44:00

A lobbyist assistant in Washington, D.C., Donna Watts-Brighthaupt hopes to persuade herself to give up fatty foods and quit smoking.

CNNMoney: Don't get suckered on exercise gearupdated: Mon Jan 09 2006 13:40:00

Every new year we make the same promise to shed some pounds. If you're not the gym type, Five Tips is going to tell you what you'll want to know before investing in exercise equipment.

CNNMoney: Let's get physicalupdated: Fri Apr 01 2005 09:19:00

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Like a lot of Americans, regular, daily exercise is a concept I just can't quite wrap my brain around.

Business 2.0: A Healthier Kind of Room Serviceupdated: Fri Apr 01 2005 00:01:00

All too often, hotel fitness centers are small and crowded, closed when you want to use them, or outfitted with obsolete equipment. But that's no reason to flop on the bed and order a burger and fr...

Money Magazine: Gym Dandyupdated: Tue Feb 01 2005 00:01:00

Physical fitness, as a walk down any busy street will show you, is of varying importance to people. There are gym rats, who have their own locker at the local club and always look maddeningly fit. ...

Harald Fricker's journalupdated: Thu Jan 27 2005 11:02:00

Like his four fellow "New You Revolution" participants, Harald Fricker is recording regular journal entries documenting his efforts to break bad habits over the program's eight-week run.

Sandra Garth's journalupdated: Thu Jan 27 2005 10:34:00

Like her four fellow "New You Revolution" participants, Sandra Garth is recording regular journal entries documenting her efforts to break bad habits over the program's eight-week run.

Get the jump on fitnessupdated: Fri Apr 30 2004 09:51:00

If you're looking to improve your tennis or basketball game, you may want to consider adding some plyometrics to your off-court training.

Study disputes an exercise beliefupdated: Fri Jan 09 2004 08:57:00

How many of us have heard that lifting weights helps to burn more calories in hours "after" we've left the gym?

FSB: The New Workout In these gyms, firefighter fitness is just one surprise.updated: Fri Sep 01 2000 00:01:00

Dressed in fishnet stockings, a platinum-blond wig, and platform sneakers, Anthony Truly struts around the room, lifting a pair of patent-leather stiletto heels as if they were free weights. "A wor...

Money Magazine: Blood, Sweat and Gears Our reporter gives the latest exercise gizmos a real workout.updated: Tue Dec 01 1998 00:01:00

Dear Santa: Since you forgot last year, here is my Christmas list again: 1) a large, cedar-lined dressing room in my apartment; 2) a wraparound terrace with southern exposure; 3) a home gym that ne...

Money Magazine: THE NEW SPA STYLE: GO FOR THE BURN, RETURN WITH A GLOWupdated: Tue Apr 01 1997 00:01:00

It was dark. Five-thirty-in-the-morning dark. But instead of slumbering in my Manhattan apartment, I was hustling out of my warm bed at the famed Rancho La Puerta spa for a 3 1/2-mile hike up a mou...

Fortune: PRODUCTS TO WATCHupdated: Mon Nov 15 1993 00:01:00

A NUMBING EXPERIENCE For many fearful dental patients, that shot of painkiller can be almost as bad as the drill. 3M's Dental Electronic Anesthesia system uses a tiny electric current to control pa...

Money Magazine: THE HOME GYM: GET A WORKOUT WITHOUT STRAINING YOUR WALLETupdated: Fri Oct 01 1993 00:01:00

WHETHER IT'S telecommuting, fax forwarding or shopping by video, today's status symbol is the freedom to stay at home. Small wonder, then, that in 1992 health- and fitness-club membership ran flat ...

Money Magazine: SNAPSHOTupdated: Wed May 15 1991 00:01:00

JUDI SHEPPARD MISSETT, 47 President, Jazzercise Inc. (est. 1977) 1990 revenues: $45 million

Fortune: COMPANIES TO WATCHupdated: Mon Apr 10 1989 00:01:00

TOWN & COUNTRY Some people like to collect jewelry; this company likes to collect jewelry manufacturers. Last November, Town & Country acquired L.G. Balfour Co., which manufactures class and champi...

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