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Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi dies after contracting a sudden infection while undergoing medical treatment.

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Combating threats in Somaliaupdated: Wed Aug 15 2012 05:59:00

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi discusses contending with militants, extremists and pirates in Somalia.

'Gang' shoots, kills international peacekeeper in Sudan's Darfur regionupdated: Mon Aug 13 2012 05:40:00

One international peacekeeper was shot dead and another was wounded early Sunday after a "gang" attacked their police post inside a refugee camp in Sudan's embattled Darfur region, the African Union - United Nations Mission said.

Sudan: 25,000 refugees fleeingupdated: Mon Aug 13 2012 05:40:00

CNN's David McKenzie reports 25,000 refugees have fled their camp in Sudan's Darfur region amid increased violence.

25,000 people flee Darfur refugee camp amid fighting, U.N. saysupdated: Fri Aug 10 2012 10:11:00

All 25,000 people living in a refugee camp in Sudan's Darfur region have fled amid fighting between armed militia groups and Sudanese government forces, U.N. officials said Friday.

Darfur refugees in crisisupdated: Fri Aug 10 2012 10:11:00

The U.N.'s former envoy to Sudan explains why he has been prevented from visiting refugees.

Sudan, South Sudan settle oil disputeupdated: Fri Aug 03 2012 22:41:00

Negotiating teams from Sudan and South Sudan have agreed to end a dispute on oil payments to allow the resumption of southern oil exports through Sudan's territories, Sudan's state-run Ashorooq TV reported early Saturday, citing official sources.

Gadhafi's son seeks waiver of travel ban, lawyer saysupdated: Tue Jul 31 2012 07:09:00

Saadi Gadhafi, one of the late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi's sons, has asked the United Nations to let him travel outside the African nation of Niger, his lawyer says.

Clinton discusses Iran, Egypt with Israeli officialsupdated: Mon Jul 16 2012 09:30:00

The United States and Israel must work together in "smart, creative and courageous" ways to resolve vital regional issues, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday in Israel, the last stop on her two-week trip through Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Police respond to protesters with tear gas, arrests near Sudan's capitalupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 14:42:00

Sudanese took to the streets Friday in a fourth week of protests against rising prices and called for the ousting of the government.

'The Elders' seek action in Sudanupdated: Tue Jul 10 2012 10:16:00

Becky Anderson speaks to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Irish President Mary Robinson about the situation in Sudan.

South Sudanese expatriates look ahead after year of freedom and no peaceupdated: Tue Jul 10 2012 10:16:00

On the eve of South Sudan's first birthday, citizens of the young nation gather at a church in suburban Atlanta.

South Sudan's 1st birthday clouded by tensionsupdated: Mon Jul 09 2012 04:13:00

South Sudan, the world's newest nation, turned one year old on Monday, but its anniversary comes amid high tensions with its northern neighbor and economic concerns.

Tutu: End the suffering in the Sudansupdated: Sat Jul 07 2012 00:35:00

In the coming days I will be in Juba and Khartoum, the capitals of South Sudan and Sudan.

International court staff freed after detention in Libyaupdated: Mon Jul 02 2012 21:34:00

Four staff members of the International Criminal Court were freed Monday after several weeks of detention in Libya, a Libyan liaison with the court said.

Emerging Libya Jihadist threatupdated: Mon Jul 02 2012 21:34:00

CNN's Nic Robertson reports on the Islamist threat emerging in eastern Libya after an attack on a U.S. diplomatic office.

Hundreds tear gassed amid clampdown on Sudan protests updated: Sat Jun 30 2012 12:56:00

Riot police sprayed tear gas at hundreds of protesters who attempted to lead a march after Friday prayers from the two main opposition party mosques in Sudan's capital of Khartoum and its second city, Omdurman.

Understanding the protests in Sudanupdated: Sat Jun 30 2012 12:56:00

CNN's Nima Elbagir explains the causes behind continuing civil unrest in Sudan.

Sudan and South Sudan tensions escalateupdated: Fri Jun 29 2012 12:35:00

South Sudan's military gives a media tour near the front lines. CNN's Rosmary Church talks to journalist Alan Boswell.

President al-Bashir feels heat from 'Sudanese Spring' updated: Fri Jun 29 2012 12:35:00

Since 17 June Sudanese civilians have been demonstrating against the totalitarian regime that has ruled them for 23 years. Their protests against rising food and fuel prices have reportedly broadened into criticism of the corrupt National Islamic Front junta, rebranded as the National Congress Party.

Sudanese police crackdown on growing protestsupdated: Sun Jun 24 2012 13:05:00

Sudanese police fired tear gas on a hundred university students demonstrating against government austerity measures and calling for the president's ouster Sunday, a journalist in Khartoum, Sudan, reported.

What's behind Sudan protests?updated: Sat Jun 23 2012 21:15:00

University students in Khartoum are rallying against budget cuts and demanding Omar al-Bashir's ouster.

Sudanese protest government cutbacks updated: Sat Jun 23 2012 21:15:00

Sudanese police cracked down on protesters Saturday after days of demonstrations against government austerity measures and calls for the president's ouster.

Egypt announcing election results Sundayupdated: Sat Jun 23 2012 11:57:00

Egypt's election commission says it will announce election results Sunday, June 24. CNN's Jon Mann and Ian Lee report.

Tensions soar as Egypt awaits election resultsupdated: Sat Jun 23 2012 11:57:00

Tensions soared in Egypt as an entire nation awaited presidential election results that are now expected to be announced Sunday afternoon.

Turkish president on Egypt, Israelupdated: Tue Jun 19 2012 13:32:00

Turkey's President Abdullah Gul, on Syria, Egypt, the eurozone crisis & relations with Israel.

Australia's Carr visits Libya to press for release of detained lawyerupdated: Mon Jun 18 2012 22:12:00

Foreign Minister Bob Carr of Australia is visiting Libya on Monday to step up pressure on officials there to release an Australian lawyer working for the International Criminal Court who was detained after visiting the son of the late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Hundreds protest in Israel illegal immigration battleupdated: Sun Jun 10 2012 13:58:00

Several hundred Sudanese immigrants rallied Sunday on the streets of Tel Aviv, demanding refugee status.

Libya detains International Criminal Court lawyer over documentsupdated: Sat Jun 09 2012 15:30:00

The International Criminal Court demanded Saturday the immediate release of a lawyer and three other staff members who were detained while visiting the son of deposed Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Ethiopia powers on with controversial dam projectupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 06:28:00

The waters of the Blue Nile have for millennia flowed down from the Ethiopian highlands enriching the countries on its banks.

Nightmare scenario looms in South Sudan, aid groups warnupdated: Wed Jun 06 2012 23:12:00

In a few weeks, South Sudan will turn a year old. It ought to have been a joyous occasion.

Cluster bombs terrorize African villagesupdated: Thu May 31 2012 16:31:00

CNN's David McKenzie reports on allegations the Sudanese government is using cluster bombs.

New evidence shows Sudan is dropping cluster munitions onto civilian areasupdated: Thu May 31 2012 16:31:00

In the village of Angolo, in Sudan's South Kordofan state, villagers stand over a deadly and illegal weapon. Nestled in a crater, the Soviet-era cluster bomb failed to detonate. It was dropped a month ago, they say, and they don't dare get any closer.

Sudan pulls troops from disputed Abyei region, United Nations saysupdated: Wed May 30 2012 12:51:00

Sudan has withdrawn its soldiers from Abyei, a disputed border region also claimed by South Sudan, but has left police officers, the United Nations peacekeeping mission said Wednesday.

Anti-immigration protest turns violent in Tel Avivupdated: Fri May 25 2012 01:43:00

A racially charged demonstration against the Israeli government's handling of immigration from Africa turned violent Wednesday night as protesters attacked foreign workers, shattered car windows and vandalized a shop owned by a Sudanese migrant.

Egypt: Call for mass protests amid election controversyupdated: Thu May 03 2012 12:07:00

Hundreds of demonstrators extended their sit-in outside Egypt's defense ministry to a sixth day Thursday, as organizers called for mass protests following violence that killed at least 11 people.

Egypt government overhaul not happeningupdated: Thu May 03 2012 12:07:00

Egypt's ruling military council says an overhaul of the nation's civilian government will not happen. Ian Lee reports.

Libyan PM: Fair trial for Saif Gadhafiupdated: Thu May 03 2012 06:46:00

CNN's Zain Verjee speaks exclusively with interim Libyan Prime Min. Abdel Rahim al-Kib about trying Saif al-Islam Gadhafi.

Aisha Gadhafi reiterates call for probe into father's deathupdated: Thu May 03 2012 06:46:00

The daughter of deposed Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi asked international prosecutors to begin investigating her father's and brother's deaths as possible war crimes in a letter submitted Wednesday to the United Nations Security Council.

ETV reporter caught in South Sudan fightupdated: Tue May 01 2012 12:02:00

Reporter Robyn Kriel comes under fire as war planes from Sudan attack South Sudan.

Sudan president declares state of emergency along southern borderupdated: Tue May 01 2012 12:02:00

The president of Sudan declared a state of emergency Sunday for cities along the hotly contested border with South Sudan, where Sudanese fighter jets launched at least one attack against their neighbor's ground forces.

Libyan official: Gadhafi son to be triedupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 05:36:00

Libya's Interior Minister talks to Nic Robertson about violence among militias and the trial of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi.

This week on Marketplace Middle Eastupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 07:40:00

FACETIME: Moncef Marzouki, Tunisian president

South Africa's ANC expels youth leaderupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 17:51:00

South Africa's ruling African National Congress denied Tuesday the appeal of its youth leader, Julius Malema, expelling him.

ANC to rule on Julius Malema's appealupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 17:51:00

CNN's Nkepile Mabuse takes a look at the career of South Africa's controversial politician, Julius Malema.

Witness: Sudanese warplanes strike at South Sudan border townsupdated: Mon Apr 23 2012 19:57:00

Sudanese warplanes crossed a disputed border region to strike Monday in South Sudan, escalating fighting that threatens to return the neighboring African countries to full-scale war, a witness said.

Sudan teeters on the edge of warupdated: Mon Apr 23 2012 19:57:00

An airstrike killed several civilians in South Sudan sparking renewed fears of war. CNN's David McKenzie reports.

South Sudan accuses Sudan of aerial, ground attacksupdated: Sun Apr 22 2012 16:20:00

South Sudan accused Sudan of launching ground and aerial attacks inside South Sudan's territory Sunday.

Sudan president vows to 'punish' South Sudan updated: Fri Apr 20 2012 06:16:00

The Sudanese president has vowed to "never give up" a disputed oil-rich region that has escalated tensions with South Sudan and sparked fears of the two neighbors' return to war.

Libya has 'great evidence' against Gadhafi's son, ICC prosecutor saysupdated: Thu Apr 19 2012 19:30:00

Libyan prosecutors have gathered "great evidence" against the son of former dictator Moammar Gadhafi, International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said Thursday, reopening the controversial question of where Saif al-Islam Gadhafi will be tried.

Official: 5 killed, 5 wounded in aerial attack in South Sudanupdated: Wed Apr 18 2012 10:49:00

Five people were killed and five others wounded after an airplane dropped bombs Saturday on a town in South Sudan, a military spokesman in that fledgling country said -- though a Sudanese military spokesman denied any such attack.

Air strike escalates Sudan tensionsupdated: Wed Apr 18 2012 10:49:00

Fears of a wider war between Sudan and South Sudan are growing following a deadly air strike. CNN's Isha Sesay reports.

U.N. demands end to Sudan clashesupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 08:24:00

The U.N. demands Sudan and South Sudan stop fighting over a disputed oil-rich border region. David McKenzie reports.

U.N. demands end to Sudan, South Sudan clashesupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 08:24:00

The U.N. Security Council has called for an immediate end to the escalating conflict between Sudan and South Sudan over a disputed oil-rich border region.

Libya appeals ICC order to hand over Saif Gadhafiupdated: Tue Apr 10 2012 12:50:00

Libya's government on Tuesday appealed a request from the International Criminal Court to hand over Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, saying it should be given more time to make its own case.

Hand over Saif Gadhafi, court tells Libyaupdated: Thu Apr 05 2012 18:17:00

Libya must make arrangements to hand over Saif al-Islam Gadhafi to the International Criminal Court immediately, court officials said Thursday, complaining that the son of Libya's deposed leader has been mistreated and "physically attacked" since he was captured last year.

Drought affecting millions in Africaupdated: Thu Apr 05 2012 07:17:00

CNN's David McKenzie reports from Africa's Sahel region where U.N. says drought threatens lives of one million children.

Sudan denies report that South Sudan downed its fighter jetupdated: Thu Apr 05 2012 06:08:00

Sudan is denying that the South Sudanese military shot down a Sudanese fighter jet.

South Sudan says it shot down Sudanese fighter jet as tensions escalateupdated: Thu Apr 05 2012 01:20:00

In a dangerous escalation of border violence, South Sudan accused rival Sudan of war mongering Wednesday and said it had shot down a fighter jet sent to bomb the oil-rich Pan Akuac region.

ANC bans youth leader Malema over criticismupdated: Wed Apr 04 2012 12:57:00

South Africa's ruling party banned its controversial youth leader Julius Malema from taking part in any party activities Wednesday, after he gave a speech that was critical of President Jacob Zuma.

We cannot fail the women of Arab Springupdated: Tue Apr 03 2012 08:25:00

Last month, a delegation of members from the U.S. House of Representatives, which I was honored to lead, met with inspiring women of North Africa who are helping to change the world.

March on Jerusalem turns violentupdated: Fri Mar 30 2012 19:05:00

Protests marking "Land Day" turn violent at the Israel-West Bank border. CNN's Matthew Chance reports

Israeli forces clash with Palestinian protesters marking Land Day updated: Fri Mar 30 2012 19:05:00

One man died and dozens more were injured Friday as Israeli forces and Palestinian demonstrators clashed in Gaza and the West Bank during protests to mark Land Day, Palestinian medical sources said.

Sudan and South Sudan may slide back to war, world powers warnupdated: Wed Mar 28 2012 13:08:00

Sudan and South Sudan may be sliding back toward war, the United States and other international powers are warning, amid reports that Sudan is bombing its newly independent neighbor.

Clooney: How Sudan crisis affects your $updated: Wed Mar 28 2012 13:08:00

Hollywood star George Clooney was arrested this morning in Washington. Why? It's the crisis in Sudan.

Day of action to support people of Sudanupdated: Mon Mar 26 2012 21:58:00

Groups are calling for a day of action to bring attention to Sudan where hundreds of thousands face starvation

Border clashes erupt as Sudan peace talks approachupdated: Mon Mar 26 2012 21:58:00

Clashes erupted Monday on the volatile border between Sudan and South Sudan in the run-up to a planned meeting between the nations' presidents as part of a troubled peace process.

Wanted Sudanese leader to attend Arab summit in Iraq updated: Sun Mar 25 2012 09:17:00

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes and genocide, will attend this week's Arab Summit in Baghdad, Iraqi state television reported Sunday.

Zimbabwe activists fined for watching Arab Spring videosupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 15:53:00

A judge fined six Zimbabwean human rights activists $500 each on Wednesday for watching footage of the Arab Spring protests and threatened to send them to prison for 10 months if they fail to pay up by Monday.

Zimbabwean PM responds to verdictupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 15:53:00

CNN's Zain Verjee talks to Zimbabwe's PM about the conviction of six people allegedly plotting to unseat Mugabe.

George Clooney arrested at Sudan protestupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 01:29:00

George Clooney and his father were arrested for committing an act of civil disobedience in protest of the Sudanese govt.

George Clooney arrested in Sudan protestupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 01:29:00

Police arrested actor George Clooney and others Friday during a protest at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington.

Sentencing delayed for 6 Zimbabweans convicted of watching Arab Spring videos updated: Tue Mar 20 2012 13:19:00

Sentencing has been delayed for six Zimbabweans convicted of conspiracy to commit public violence after they were caught watching footage of Arab Spring protests.

Zimbabweans guilty in Arab Spring caseupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 13:19:00

Two Zimbabweans describe the treatment they received after watching Arab Spring protest videos.

Zimbabweans found guilty of watching Arab Spring videosupdated: Mon Mar 19 2012 19:00:00

Six Zimbabweans arrested last year for watching footage of the Arab Spring protests were found guilty Monday of conspiracy to commit public violence.

Libya moves for Gadhafi spy chief's extraditionupdated: Mon Mar 19 2012 12:38:00

Interpol issued a Red Notice alert for Libya's former spy chief, who was arrested in Mauritania last week and is wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

George Clooney's Sudan focus should be ours, tooupdated: Fri Mar 16 2012 16:07:00

The slaughter of civilians in Sudan goes on with too little attention.

Clooney testifies on 'constant drip of fear' in Sudanupdated: Wed Mar 14 2012 15:38:00

Actor and director George Clooney testified before Congress on Wednesday about "a campaign of murder" under way in Sudan, where villagers run for the hills to hide from bombings on a daily basis.

Clooney: Sudanese still living in fearupdated: Wed Mar 14 2012 15:38:00

George Clooney says satellite images and personal accounts still show South Sudanese endure "war crimes."

Sudan's defense minister wanted for war crimesupdated: Thu Mar 01 2012 20:49:00

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Sudan's defense minister for 41 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes allegedly committed in the Darfur region.

Dates set for Egyptian presidential voteupdated: Wed Feb 29 2012 14:09:00

Egypt's first presidential election since the ouster last year of Hosni Mubarak will take place on May 23-24, with final results expected June 21, the head of the election commission announced Wednesday.

Worker sets himself afire in job protestupdated: Wed Feb 29 2012 14:09:00

A man suffered minor burns after setting himself on fire outside Egypt's parliament during a protest.

Official: 'Intense' talks in Egypt over NGO standoffupdated: Sat Feb 25 2012 18:44:00

The United States is having "intense discussions" with the Egyptian government to resolve the case of 16 American overseas aid workers facing charges as part of a crackdown on nongovernmental organizations, a senior administration official said Saturday.

Gadhafi son under house arrest in Niger, Libya saysupdated: Mon Feb 13 2012 12:03:00

One of ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's surviving sons has had his phone cut off and been placed under house arrest in Niger after warning of a revolt against Libya's new government, authorities in Tripoli said Sunday.

Nine dead as Egypt protests continueupdated: Sun Feb 05 2012 15:54:00

Protests continue in Egypt after a riot at a soccer match leaves 79 dead. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

Saif al-Islam Gadhafi capturedupdated: Sun Feb 05 2012 11:55:00

Libyan military commanders say that Saif al-Islam Gadhafi has been captured.

U.S. accuses Sudan of bombing civiliansupdated: Fri Feb 03 2012 22:30:00

The United States accused Sudan of targeting civilians in recent airstrikes, including one that destroyed a Bible school in South Kordofan, an oil-rich Sudanese province that borders the newly-created independent country of South Sudan.

Libya: Aisha Gadhafi offers information to help protect brother Saifupdated: Tue Jan 31 2012 15:54:00

Aisha Gadhafi, the daughter of Libya's deposed strongman Moammar Gadhafi, asked the International Criminal Court Tuesday to accept "concrete information" she believes may help her brother.

Nigeria on edge as Islamist group extends campaign of violence updated: Mon Jan 30 2012 08:50:00

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has suddenly shifted his attitude toward the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram, as violence spreads across northern Nigeria.

Nigerian police battle new attacksupdated: Mon Jan 30 2012 08:50:00

CNN's Nima Elbagir reports on Boko Haram militant threats and attacks on police and civilians in Nigeria.

Sudan: Rebels kidnap 70 workers, including Chinese nationals updated: Sun Jan 29 2012 23:24:00

Militants captured 70 construction workers, including Chinese nationals, in Sudan's volatile South Kordofan state, military officials said Sunday.

U.N. chief, Libyan PM meet at summit, discuss detainee treatmentupdated: Sun Jan 29 2012 11:17:00

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday met with Libya's prime minister during the African Union summit, and expressed "support for the interim government's work," according to a U.N. statement.

Kenyan leaders to stand trial on human rights violationsupdated: Mon Jan 23 2012 13:41:00

Four Kenyan officials, including Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, will stand trial on human rights violations that are alleged to have occurred after the 2007 election, the International Criminal Court ruled Monday.

Trial plans uncertain months after capture of Gadhafi's sonupdated: Mon Jan 23 2012 09:40:00

Conflicting reports emerged Monday about whether the son of Libya's deposed leader would be tried there.

Boko Haram's terrorizing of Nigeriaupdated: Thu Jan 19 2012 07:06:00

CNN's Nima Elbagir reports on the deteriorating situation in Nigeria amid attacks by Boko Haram.

Report: Rebels cleared in plane crash that sparked Rwandan genocideupdated: Wed Jan 11 2012 12:04:00

The missile that brought down the plane carrying the president of Rwanda more than 17 years ago was fired from a camp controlled by his own ethnic group and not by Tutsi rebels, attorneys for the rebels said Wednesday.

Gadhafi Son Capturedupdated: Tue Jan 10 2012 11:04:00

CNN's Jomana Karadsheh reports Libyan rebels got their most wanted man - Saif Al-Islam , Gadhafi's son.

Libya granted more time on Gadhafi questionupdated: Tue Jan 10 2012 11:04:00

Libyan authorities were granted more time Tuesday by the International Criminal Court to say whether they plan to hand over the deposed leader's son, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi.

Nigeria's government squeezed by subsidy protests, militant movementsupdated: Tue Jan 10 2012 09:37:00

Nigeria's government is facing rising religious violence in the north, a long-simmering separatist movement in the oil-rich south and now a nationwide strike fueled by widespread anger over the end of fuel subsidies seen by many as one of the few benefits of living in the largely impoverished state.

ANC marks 100th anniversaryupdated: Tue Jan 10 2012 07:35:00

Robyn Curnow talks with Tokyo Sexwale, a senior ANC executive member, ahead of the 100th anniversary celebration.

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