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Iraqi pleads guilty to charges involving sending arms to al Qaeda in Iraqupdated: Tue Aug 21 2012 18:52:00

An Iraqi man living in Kentucky pleaded guilty in federal court in Bowling Green on Tuesday to a series of charges involving plotting to help al Qaeda in Iraq.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for recent attacksupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 06:04:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility Tuesday for a string of attacks that killed almost 70 people and wounded more than 200.

U.S. labels leader of al Qaeda in Iraq a terroristupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 10:43:00

The United States designated the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Ibrahim 'Awwad Ibrahim' Ali al-Badri, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Tuesday, the U.S. State Department said.

Security forces hunt for escaped prisoners in Iraqupdated: Sat Sep 03 2011 10:04:00

Security forces hunted for 12 al Qaeda in Iraq members who recently broke out of jail in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, a commander told CNN Saturday.

Widow of al Qaeda leader sentenced in Iraqupdated: Sun Jun 26 2011 09:58:00

The widow of an al Qaeda in Iraq leader has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, after being convicted of involvement in terrorism.

2 Iraqis arrested in Kentucky, charged with aiding al Qaeda in Iraqupdated: Tue May 31 2011 17:20:00

Two Iraqi men living in Kentucky have been taken into custody and arraigned on a series of terrorism charges for allegedly helping al Qaeda in Iraq carry out attacks on U.S. troops, federal officials said Tuesday.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for suicide attackupdated: Fri Aug 20 2010 17:45:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on a recruitment center that killed 48 people earlier in the week.

Militant leader killed in Iraq raidupdated: Sat Jul 24 2010 10:19:00

Iraqi security forces killed a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq leader southeast of Baghdad, the U.S. military said on Saturday.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for deadly attackupdated: Fri Jul 23 2010 13:44:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility Friday for two recent suicide bombings that killed 46 people and wounded dozens more.

Al Qaeda commander: How I planned Iraq attacksupdated: Thu May 20 2010 10:01:00

A man who oversaw suicide attacks that devastated the Iraqi government said he got an order to target four ministries in the strikes, which killed and injured hundreds of citizens last year.

Al Qaeda confirms death of 2 top leadersupdated: Sun Apr 25 2010 06:23:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq has confirmed in a statement posted online that two of its two most senior leaders have been killed.

Officials: Al Qaeda in Iraq leaders killedupdated: Mon Apr 19 2010 16:44:00

The two most senior leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq have been killed in a joint Iraqi-U.S. operation, officials announced Monday.

Biden: Al-Qaeda dealt 'devastating' blowupdated: Mon Apr 19 2010 16:44:00

The White House credits Iraqi security forces with securing Iraq following the deaths of two senior al-Qaeda leaders.

At least 7 people killed in two Iraq attacksupdated: Thu Jan 07 2010 07:57:00

Bombers struck Thursday, killing seven people in two volatile locations west and north of Baghdad.

Al Qaeda in Iraq ally claims bombingsupdated: Tue Oct 27 2009 14:12:00

An umbrella group affiliated with al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility Tuesday for a pair of weekend bombings that killed 160 people in Baghdad.

8 dead as violence continues in Baghdadupdated: Tue Aug 11 2009 17:55:00

A series of explosions hit a Shiite neighborhood in southeastern Baghdad Tuesday, killing eight people and wounding dozens of others, just a day after blasts across the country killed more than 50, Iraq's Interior Ministry said.

Al Qaeda blamed for Iraq violence waveupdated: Tue Aug 11 2009 17:13:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq is trying to foment sectarian tensions by attacking and killing Iraqi civilians, a government spokesman said Monday.

Car bomb kills 9 in Baghdadupdated: Tue Apr 07 2009 08:01:00

A car bomb exploded Tuesday in northern Baghdad, killing at least nine people and wounding 18 others, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

66 suspects tied to al Qaeda captured in Iraqupdated: Thu Oct 23 2008 23:24:00

Iraqi Security Forces captured 66 people believed to be connected to al Qaeda in Iraq terror cells, the U.S. military said Thursday.

U.S. military: Senior al Qaeda chief killed in Iraqupdated: Wed Oct 15 2008 08:53:00

The U.S. military announced Wednesday that coalition forces recently killed al Qaeda in Iraq's "charismatic" senior leader in northern Iraq.

U.S. military says al Qaeda in Iraq mastermind deadupdated: Sat Oct 04 2008 19:21:00

Coalition forces in Baghdad have killed the man believed to be the mastermind of recent bombings in the Iraqi capital, the U.S. military said.

Mistaken-fire incident leaves 6 Iraqi troops deadupdated: Wed Sep 03 2008 08:41:00

U.S. forces killed at least six Iraqi security troops after Iraqi personnel mistakenly fired on an American patrol boat north of Baghdad on Wednesday, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official said.

Suspect in Jill Carroll kidnapping caught in Iraqupdated: Sun Aug 24 2008 18:43:00

U.S.-led forces captured two men believed to be senior al Qaeda in Iraq leaders, including one suspected of planning the 2006 kidnapping of U.S. journalist Jill Carroll, a military statement said.

Seven pilgrims killed in attack in Iraqupdated: Sun Jul 27 2008 23:32:00

Seven Shiite pilgrims were gunned down Sunday in a town south of Baghdad, an Interior Ministry official said.

Questions surround deaths of Iraqi governor's kinupdated: Mon Jul 21 2008 03:23:00

U.S. forces killed two relatives of a local Iraqi governor in northern Iraq on Sunday. The dead were identified by the U.S. military as members of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Bombings kill 11 in northern Iraqupdated: Mon Jul 07 2008 21:04:00

Bombs killed 11 people Monday in northern Iraq, where U.S. and Iraqi troops continue to battle al Qaeda in Iraq militants, police said.

Civilian, police officer killed in northern Iraq violenceupdated: Sat Jul 05 2008 18:43:00

A civilian and a police officer were killed in violence Saturday in a restive northern Iraqi city, the U.S. military said.

Iraqi military to take control of Anbar provinceupdated: Tue Jun 24 2008 10:36:00

Iraq's Anbar province -- once dominated by Sunni insurgents but now a bastion of tribal opposition against the militants -- will soon be run by the Iraqi military.

Car bomb kills at least 51 Iraqis, official saysupdated: Tue Jun 17 2008 20:43:00

In one of the deadliest attacks in Baghdad in months, at least 51 Iraqis were killed and 75 were wounded Tuesday in a car bombing, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official said.

Papers give peek inside al Qaeda in Iraqupdated: Thu Jun 12 2008 22:01:00

With Christmas 2005 approaching, the princes of al Qaeda's western command were gathering. They'd been summoned for something special: to plot a three-month campaign of coordinated suicide, rocket and infantry attacks on American bases, checkpoints and Iraqi army positions.

Al Qaeda document troveupdated: Thu Jun 12 2008 22:01:00

CNN's Michael Ware obtains a document treasure trove that give insights into al Qaeda's successes and failures in Iraq.

Iraqi woman describes daughter's descent into suicide bombingupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 15:52:00

The mother's voice lacks emotion as she recalls how her daughter became a suicide bomber.

Female suicide bombersupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 15:52:00

CNN's Arwa Damon takes an exclusive look into the psyche of female suicide bombers in Iraq.

Officials: Teens trained for suicide bombings in Iraqupdated: Mon May 26 2008 16:56:00

Iraqi soldiers rounded up six teenagers in northern Iraq who were being trained, against their will, to carry out suicide bombings for al Qaeda in Iraq, the Interior Ministry said Monday.

Memorial Day in Iraqupdated: Mon May 26 2008 16:56:00

CNN's Arwa Damon looks at a U.S. company honoring five of its fallen.

Iraqi forces move into Sadr City; violence elsewhereupdated: Tue May 20 2008 18:42:00

Attackers launched assaults across Iraq over the past 24 hours, killing 11 police recruits and six civilians, including a 7-year-old.

U.S. says al Qaeda in Iraq leader not capturedupdated: Fri May 09 2008 07:58:00

The U.S. military in Iraq denied widespread reports Friday that trumpeted the capture of a top Iraqi insurgent leader.

Who is al-Masri?updated: Fri May 09 2008 07:58:00

In a 2006 report CNN's Barbara Starr looks at the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al-Masri. (June 14, 2006)

Report: al Qaeda arrestupdated: Thu May 08 2008 18:22:00

CNN's Jaime McIntyre discusses Associated Press reports that the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq has been arrested. Iraq: al-Qaeda Blamed for Bombingsupdated: Fri May 02 2008 07:00:00

The US military blamed al-Qaeda in Iraq for a double suicide bombing that killed at least 35 people during a wedding procession in a town northeast of Baghdad

Al Qaeda planning Baghdad attacks, says U.S.updated: Sat Apr 19 2008 08:10:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq is planning suicide attacks against Iraqis in Baghdad "in the near future," the U.S. military warned Friday.

Militant's letter: Generate chaos, 'psychological conflict'updated: Wed Apr 16 2008 14:32:00

The U.S. military says a recent raid uncovered a detailed letter from an al Qaeda in Iraq militant to the group's leader about how the insurgent network should continue to generate economic chaos and "psychological conflict" and must bear down against American-backed Sunni militias. Al-Qaeda in Iraq: Not Done Yet updated: Wed Apr 16 2008 14:00:00

Captured documents and new bomb attacks reveal a strategy for renewed chaos

British journalist freedupdated: Wed Apr 16 2008 06:37:00

A CBS journalist kidnapped in Iraq more than two months ago has been freed from captivity.

In one day, bombings, battles and shooting kill 48 in Iraqupdated: Wed Mar 12 2008 03:35:00

Bombings, clashes and a shooting in Iraq Tuesday left at least 48 people dead, and another 20 bodies were found in a mass grave, police officials told CNN.

Admiral: Al Qaeda in Iraq 'killing off' former alliesupdated: Mon Feb 18 2008 16:52:00

Video provided to CNN shows an al Qaeda in Iraq firing squad executing one-time allies -- fellow Sunni extremists -- who were not loyal enough to the terror organization, coalition military analysts said.

New al Qaeda find in Iraqupdated: Mon Feb 18 2008 16:52:00

CNN's Barbara Starr reports on new documents and video from al Qaeda seized in Iraq

U.S. military: Al Qaeda in Iraq seeks female patients as bombersupdated: Fri Feb 15 2008 10:37:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq is recruiting female patients at Baghdad's two psychiatric hospitals for suicide missions -- with the help of hospital staff -- according to the U.S. military.

U.S.: Al Qaeda video shows armed boys in trainingupdated: Wed Feb 06 2008 21:27:00

The U.S. military said disturbing video that shows masked boys brandishing guns was an al Qaeda in Iraq training and recruiting tool.

Al Qaeda training kids?updated: Wed Feb 06 2008 21:27:00

The U.S. Department of Defense has released an alleged al Qaeda video that purportedly shows children training.

Couple, son killed during U.S. raid in Iraqupdated: Tue Feb 05 2008 17:47:00

A couple and their son were killed and four other people were injured Tuesday during a U.S. military raid in northern Iraq, police said.

Iraq set for new offensive in Mosulupdated: Sat Feb 02 2008 14:00:00

Iraqi political and military leaders and U.S. military commanders have traveled to the northern Iraqi city of Mosul ahead of a planned offensive on al Qaeda in Iraq loyalists, according to a senior U.S. military source.

Bodies, heads found in northern Iraqupdated: Tue Jan 29 2008 09:50:00

Violence gripped northern Iraq on Tuesday as a suicide bomber killed at least one person in Mosul and authorities found nine bodies and an additional 10 decapitated heads in Diyala province.

Iraq sends troops for 'decisive' battle with al Qaedaupdated: Fri Jan 25 2008 13:14:00

Iraq is sending troops for a "decisive" battle with al Qaeda in Iraq militants in Mosul -- one of the cities where the fighters remain strong -- Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Friday.

Iraq's wild westupdated: Fri Jan 25 2008 13:14:00

CNN's Michael Holmes visits an area west of Mosul where the U.S. military says anything can and has happened.

Blasts kill at least 17 across northern Iraqupdated: Wed Jan 23 2008 12:38:00

Conflict flared up Wednesday in an area of northern Iraq where U.S. and Iraqi troops have been taking on al Qaeda in Iraq and other militants.

Iraq official: 3 suicide bombers at large in Anbar after blastupdated: Mon Jan 21 2008 04:15:00

U.S. planes bombarded al Qaeda in Iraq safe havens on the southern outskirts of Baghdad on Sunday, hours after a suicide bomber carrying explosives in a candy box killed six people in Anbar province.

Violence in Iraqupdated: Mon Jan 21 2008 04:15:00

Relative calm returns after fierce sectarian fighting left dozens dead in Basra and Nasiriya. CNN's Cal Perry reports.

U.S. bombs al-Qaeda in Iraqupdated: Thu Jan 10 2008 22:17:00

CNN's Arwa Damon reports on a new offensive against an al-Qaeda "safe haven" in Iraq.

U.S. bombs 'safe haven' for al Qaeda in Iraqupdated: Thu Jan 10 2008 22:17:00

American warplanes Thursday pounded a region of Iraq considered a "safe haven" for al Qaeda in Iraq, dropping 38 bombs in the first 10 minutes of the attack, the U.S. military said.

Iraqi Awakening Council members kidnapped, killedupdated: Tue Jan 08 2008 11:08:00

Insurgents have kidnapped eight Awakening Council members and killed 14 other people in Baghdad attacks, said an Iraqi Interior Ministry official on Tuesday.

Anti-al Qaeda leader among 15 killed in Baghdad blastsupdated: Mon Jan 07 2008 05:39:00

A well-respected Sunni leader who was key in helping reduce violence in his northern Baghdad neighborhood was among at least 15 people killed in three separate suicide bombings Monday, officials said. Exit Al-Qaeda. Enter the Militias?updated: Tue Jan 01 2008 18:40:00

The U.S. can look back with content on 2007 as the year it put al-Qaeda on the run in Iraq. But Shi'ite militias have consolidated their power and may be a bigger long-term threat

Insurgent medical facility found next to torture complexupdated: Wed Dec 26 2007 13:28:00

Troops in Iraq have found a medical facility next to the torture complex discovered last week near the Diyala province city of Muqdadiya, according to the top U.S. general in Iraq.

Suicide car bombings in Iraqupdated: Wed Dec 26 2007 13:28:00

In Iraq, two separate suicide bombings north of Baghdad on Tuesday kill at least 35 people and wound scores more.

Kirkuk referendum delayedupdated: Thu Dec 13 2007 08:15:00

Kirkuk's future is critical to Iraq. CNN's Morgan Neill reports.

Troops discover mass grave in Iraqupdated: Thu Dec 13 2007 08:15:00

Iraqi soldiers have found a mass grave of mutilated bodies in a restive region north of Baghdad, a local security official told CNN Thursday.

Commander: Citizens, extra troops help 'crush' al Qaeda in Iraqupdated: Mon Nov 26 2007 14:09:00

Attacks are down 75 percent in recent months in a perilous stretch of neighborhoods in northeastern Baghdad, prompting a U.S. military officer to proclaim Monday that security there is "dramatically improving."

Bombings in Baghdad, Mosul claim 22 lives updated: Sun Nov 25 2007 03:37:00

A suicide car bomb slammed an Iraqi police patrol in Mosul, Iraq, on Friday afternoon, killing nine people and wounding 21, according to a police official.

Bombing at Baghdad pet market kills 13updated: Fri Nov 23 2007 07:58:00

A bomb tore through a pet market in central Baghdad on Friday, killing 13 people and wounding 58 others, Iraq's Interior Ministry said.

U.S. holding Iraqi lawmaker after raid on suspected insurgentsupdated: Fri Oct 05 2007 21:46:00

A Sunni member of Iraq's parliament is in custody after his arrest during a U.S.-Iraqi military raid on a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq gathering, U.S. military and Iraqi officials said Friday.

U.S. says major al Qaeda in Iraq leader killedupdated: Fri Sep 28 2007 18:16:00

A U.S. military commander Friday reported the death of a senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader, a Tunisian who was considered the "emir of foreign terrorists in Iraq." The Betrayal of Sheik Sattarupdated: Mon Sep 24 2007 15:00:00

Was America's best ally in Anbar province given up by his chief of security, prodded by al-Qaeda?

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for U.S. ally deathupdated: Sat Sep 15 2007 01:55:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility Friday for the assassination of a Sunni sheik who had united with U.S. forces to fight the terrorist group in Anbar province.

NIE: Intelligence community has tepid faith in Iraqi leadersupdated: Thu Aug 23 2007 05:14:00

Civilian casualties remain high, sectarian groups can't get along, al Qaeda in Iraq is still pulling off high-profile attacks and "to date, Iraqi leaders remain unable to govern effectively," said the declassified version of the National Intelligence Estimate released Thursday.

Al Qaeda in Iraq's roleupdated: Tue Jul 24 2007 23:21:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq's role

Bush defends Iraq war, details threat from al Qaedaupdated: Tue Jul 24 2007 23:21:00

Responding to critics who say that al Qaeda in Iraq is not the same group that attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush on Tuesday shared intelligence information he said links the two. US Says al-Qaeda Leader Arrested in Iraqupdated: Wed Jul 18 2007 19:05:00

The U.S. command announced the arrest of an al-Qaeda leader it said served as the link between the organization's command in Iraq and Osama bin Laden's inner circle

U.S.: Senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader heldupdated: Wed Jul 18 2007 04:14:00

The U.S. military on Wednesday announced the arrest of a senior leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, an insurgent who, the military said, is casting himself as a "conduit" between the top leaders of al Qaeda and al Qaeda in Iraq.

Al Qaeda arrest in Iraqupdated: Wed Jul 18 2007 04:14:00

Al Qaeda arrest in Iraq

Six die in attack on U.S.-run Camp Bucca prisonupdated: Sat Jun 09 2007 09:18:00

Six civilian detainees were killed and at least 50 more were wounded in an attack on the U.S.-run Camp Bucca prison in southern Iraq on Saturday.

U.S. unable to determine if al Qaeda in Iraq leader killedupdated: Wed May 02 2007 09:28:00

A U.S. military spokesman Wednesday said the status of al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri is unclear following reports that he was killed in fighting on Tuesday.

Is al Qaeda in Iraq fighting a Sunni backlash? updated: Tue May 01 2007 09:39:00

Reports of fighting between al Qaeda in Iraq and Sunni militants surfaced Tuesday, the latest hints of rising tensions between the two allied groups.

Fighters claim they killed leader of al Qaeda in Iraq updated: Tue May 01 2007 05:19:00

The Anbar Salvation Council claims it killed al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri in fighting Tuesday.

U.S.: Al Qaeda in Iraq 'probably' tied to bombingupdated: Fri Apr 13 2007 04:18:00

A U.S. Army commander on Friday said authorities still can't verify who bombed the Iraqi parliament complex on Thursday, but al Qaeda in Iraq probably was involved.

General: Insurgents used kids as cover, then killed themupdated: Tue Mar 20 2007 03:51:00

Iraqi insurgents used two children as cover to get through a checkpoint in Baghdad and then blew up the car while the kids were still inside, a U.S. general said Tuesday.

U.S. doubts police wounded al Qaeda in Iraq leader updated: Fri Feb 16 2007 06:34:00

The U.S. military on Friday cast doubt on a report from the Iraqi government that al Qaeda in Iraq chief Abu Ayyub al-Masri was wounded in clashes with police.

Al Qaeda in Iraq followers told to kill 'at least one American'updated: Thu Sep 07 2006 03:45:00

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq urged his followers to kill at least one American in the next two weeks using a sniper rifle, explosive or "whatever the battle may require," according to an audiotape that aired Thursday on Al-Jazeera.

U.S. reveals face of alleged new terror chiefupdated: Thu Jun 15 2006 04:23:00

The U.S. military on Thursday revealed for the first time a photo of the man said to be the new leader of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Web posting: Al Qaeda in Iraq leader to target Sunni leadersupdated: Tue Jun 13 2006 15:22:00

The newly named leader of al Qaeda in Iraq threatens to attack Sunni government officials in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, according to a statement published Tuesday on a Web site often used by insurgents.

Al Qaeda in Iraq vows to 'shake the enemy'updated: Sun Jun 11 2006 08:35:00

In a statement posted on an Islamist Web site on Sunday, al Qaeda in Iraq threatened "large-scale operations that will shake the enemy and rob them of sleep."

Al Qaeda claims Israel attack linkupdated: Thu Dec 29 2005 15:37:00

In what may be a sign that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's terror group is expanding its operations, Al Qaeda in Iraq has posted a statement claiming responsibility for firing missiles from Lebanon into northern Israel earlier this week.

Furious Jordanians take to streetsupdated: Thu Nov 10 2005 02:43:00

Calling the al Qaeda in Iraq leader a "lowlife," Jordanians on Thursday flooded the nation's capital in bitter protest of the triple suicide bombings that shook the city a day earlier and killed at least 56 people, most of Arab descent.

Officials: Iraqi police killed in checkpoint battleupdated: Fri Nov 04 2005 07:04:00

Six Iraqi police officers were killed and 12 others wounded Friday in a gunbattle at a checkpoint north of Baghdad, police and hospital officials said.

Al Qaeda 'propagandist caught'updated: Sun Oct 16 2005 05:28:00

A propaganda cell leader for Al Qaeda in Iraq was captured in a raid on a suspected terrorist safe house in Karabilah last month, Multi-National Forces said in a statement issued Sunday.

Al Qaeda in Iraq: Letter to al-Zarqawi a fakeupdated: Thu Oct 13 2005 14:53:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq said Thursday a letter purportedly from Osama bin Laden's top lieutenant to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is a fake, according to a statement on several Islamist Web sites.

On the frontlines against al Qaeda in Iraqupdated: Wed Sep 28 2005 11:13:00

A blue sign with yellow writing stands along the highway leading into Qaim, in Iraq's western desert, warning citizens not to cooperate with the Americans. It is signed by al Qaeda in Iraq. Marines remove it.

Al Qaeda to residents: 'Leave or die' updated: Tue Sep 27 2005 21:31:00

U.S. Marines took down a sign warning Iraqi citizens not to cooperate with the Americans. The blue sign with yellow writing bears the signature of al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It stood along Iraq's desert highway leading into Qaim, near the Syrian border.

Al Qaeda in Iraq issues virulent manifestoupdated: Fri Aug 26 2005 16:56:00

Laying out its ideology in a broad manifesto, the group al Qaeda in Iraq -- which has been behind many of the worst attacks, beheadings and kidnappings in Iraq -- says the insurgency is in better shape than the United States acknowledges and vows to continue the insurgency and "destroy the American empire."

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for rocket attackupdated: Tue Aug 23 2005 07:23:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq has issued a claim of responsibility for a rocket attack in Jordan just hours after Jordanian authorities said they had arrested the "prime suspect" in the attack on two U.S. warships that left a Jordanian soldier dead.

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