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CNNMoney: 'Go big' advocates to debt committee: Don't wimp outupdated: Tue Nov 01 2011 18:15:00

The congressional debt committee, three weeks from its deadline and reportedly deadlocked, got a polite earful on Tuesday from four of the most passionate proponents of a big, balanced and bipartisan deficit-reduction plan.

CNNMoney: National debt panel urged to 'go big'updated: Mon Sep 12 2011 16:29:00

When it comes to cutting deficits, don't play small ball.

The debt rhetoric: How we got hereupdated: Wed Aug 03 2011 08:45:00

Since the issue arose in January until now, we take a look back at key moments in the U.S. debt debate.

Debt deal a timid baby stepupdated: Wed Aug 03 2011 08:45:00

The mountain roared and gave birth to a mouse. Even after taking the country to the brink of economic disaster, our leaders in Washington still could not forge a broad, bipartisan consensus on a plan to stabilize the debt. As I predicted here last week, Congress found a way to muddle through the current debt limit crisis by promising to deal with the debt later.

CNNMoney: What's wrong with the debt ceiling dealupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 15:32:00

The debt ceiling deal President Obama enacted Tuesday cuts deficits and lets the country avert default. But it is getting very muted applause from serious fiscal experts -- the ones who actually understand the federal budget.

Fortune: How to build the political will for budget cutsupdated: Thu Apr 14 2011 09:38:00

Our nation faces the most predictable economic crisis in its history. Spending is rising rapidly, and revenues are failing to keep pace. As a result, the federal government is forced to borrow huge sums each year to make up the difference. If not addressed, burgeoning deficits will eventually lead to a fiscal crisis, at which point the world's financial markets will force decisions upon us.

CNNMoney: Bye, bye tax breaks. Hello lower ratesupdated: Wed Apr 13 2011 17:15:00

President Obama on Wednesday officially threw his weight behind an idea to revamp the way Americans currently pay their individual tax bills, getting rid of popular breaks to lower all income brackets.

CNNMoney: Stiglitz: Budget plan a 'near suicide pact'updated: Mon Mar 28 2011 17:28:00

Nobel economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz issued a harsh indictment of the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction proposal Monday, arguing the plan would slow economic growth and lead to a weaker America.

CNNMoney: National debt: 'Time for gridlock is over'updated: Wed Mar 09 2011 10:54:00

As lawmakers continued to butt heads over how much spending should be cut over the next seven months, a few senators on Tuesday were trying to keep the focus where they think it belongs -- the next several decades.

CNNMoney: Debt deal: 'History will condemn us' if U.S. puntsupdated: Wed Feb 16 2011 13:17:00

Talk about not mincing words. Democrat Kent Conrad, the Senate budget chairman, laid bare his extreme frustration with President Obama's 2012 budget request this week.

CNNMoney: Obama's budget: What cuts are on the table?updated: Wed Feb 09 2011 12:39:00

President Obama will release his proposed budget in less than a week, and clues are starting to surface about what programs will be sacrificed to the gods of deficit reduction.

CNNMoney: A debt fix to believe inupdated: Tue Dec 07 2010 11:34:00

Commentary: Maya MacGuineas is the director of the fiscal policy program at the New America Foundation.

CNNMoney: Debt plan draws bipartisan supportupdated: Fri Dec 03 2010 17:59:00

Defying expectations, more than 60% of President Obama's debt commission voted Friday in favor of the group's final recommendations for reducing the country's long-term debt.

Fortune: Corporate America shrugs off deficit planupdated: Thu Dec 02 2010 14:00:00

The deficit reduction plan that President Obama's bipartisan commission will vote on tomorrow is drawing sharp fire from ideological groups on both the left and the right. To bring federal spending in line with revenues, the proposal released by co-chairmen Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles inflames liberals by slashing spending on social programs and conservatives by raising taxes.

CNNMoney: Slash the deficit! (But cut the payroll tax)updated: Wed Dec 01 2010 16:12:00

Tucked in among the controversial spending cuts proposed by President Obama's debt commission Wednesday, was a little piece of stimulus -- a tax break that could benefit workers.

CNNMoney: Obama debt panel delays final voteupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 17:12:00

The leaders of President Obama's debt commission said Tuesday that they would delay a vote on final recommendations until Friday.

Fortune: Deficit reduction pleas fall on deaf earsupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 12:49:00

Twenty years ago last month, a new breed of Republicans was asserting itself in Congress. President George H.W. Bush thought he had bipartisan support for a budget deal to tackle the deficit through steep spending cuts and some tax increases.

Fortune: Is bipartisan debt-reduction for real?updated: Fri Nov 19 2010 05:43:00

The Republicans' midterm surge has given the federal debt-reduction commission -- whose recommendations are due Dec. 1 -- a chance to stand up and be counted. The panel is bipartisan, but as long as Democrats were able to have their way ultimately in both houses of Congress, Republican members had little clout. Now that the balance of power has shifted, the ideas of the panel's deficit hawks, such as Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), may get a bit more respect. Co-chairs Erskine Bowles (chief of staff for Bill Clinton) and Alan Simpson (former GOP senator from Wyoming) have offered a proposal, but it's only a draft. We'll know the commission blew its opportunity ...

CNNMoney: 10 ways to cut Uncle Sam's budgetupdated: Wed Nov 17 2010 07:44:00

Cut the budget! That was the rallying cry for many candidates of both parties, but if you listened closely, you heard little in the way of specifics.

CNNMoney: Stop whining about Bowles-Simpson. Let's make it betterupdated: Mon Nov 15 2010 07:10:00

Commentary: Maya MacGuineas is the director of the fiscal policy program at the New America Foundation.

The time for fiscal action is nowupdated: Fri Nov 12 2010 08:13:00

This week, co-chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson issued their joint proposal for consideration by the full National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Their joint proposal represents a commendable, comprehensive, aggressive and good faith effort to address our nation's structural deficit. It recognizes the need for economic recovery now while addressing the structural deficits that represent the real threat to our collective future.

What to cut? Who pays more?updated: Fri Nov 12 2010 08:13:00

CNN's John King discusses the tough decisions behind cutting the deficit.

CNNMoney: Blowing up the tax codeupdated: Fri Nov 12 2010 07:57:00

So much to love. So much to hate.

Draft deficit plan launches likely grueling political battleupdated: Thu Nov 11 2010 06:28:00

The release Wednesday of a draft proposal for reducing the federal deficit made clear how hard it will be to devise a sustainable plan that can win the necessary political support.

CNNMoney: $4 trillion in deficit cuts proposedupdated: Wed Nov 10 2010 18:01:00

In a surprise move Wednesday, the co-chairmen of President Obama's fiscal commission released their preliminary proposals to curb growth in U.S. debt.

Tough calls ahead for deficit commissionupdated: Tue Jul 13 2010 09:54:00

Just when we are exhausted from hard times, we have to brace ourselves for more of them around the corner.

CNNMoney: Debt panel: The playersupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 08:18:00

Here's a list of the names and affiliations of the 18 members sitting on President Obama's Bipartisan National Commission of Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

CNNMoney: President orders debt panel, names chairmenupdated: Thu Feb 18 2010 11:57:00

President Obama issued an executive order on Thursday that formally creates a bipartisan fiscal commission, a first step to forcing painful decisions needed to get the U.S. debt load under control.

An acute shortage in Washingtonupdated: Mon Oct 10 2005 10:53:00

Washington in the fall of 2005 suffers from an acute shortage of humor, especially of the self-deprecating variety.

Blair under party's Iraq spotlightupdated: Mon Sep 27 2004 04:06:00

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is once again being dogged by events in Iraq as he faces the last conference of his Labour Party before next spring's expected national elections.


Promising to cut the federal budget has become one of the regrettable rituals of autumn in America. In almost every year since Ronald Reagan incited the modern revolt against "waste, fraud, and abu...

Fortune: NOW HEAR THIS updated: Mon Dec 30 1991 00:01:00

ALAN SIMPSON, 60, U.S. Senator (R-Wyoming), on the crime bill: ''I come from a state where gun control is just how steady you hold your weapon.''

Fortune: Moving pianos in the Grand Canyon, Betting on an astronaut, Target practice in Pittsburgh. THE VEEPSTAKESupdated: Mon Jul 04 1988 00:01:00

Your correspondent was approached the other day by a Time Inc. senior statesman who, it emerged, was not interested in chitchat but was instead hustling a certain election bet. His proposition, ins...

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