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CNNMoney: Pickups powered by natural gas and gasolineupdated: Mon Mar 05 2012 13:40:00

General Motors and Chrysler Group are about to start selling full-size pickups that can seamlessly switch back and forth between natural gas and gasoline.

CNNMoney: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles join the Armyupdated: Thu Feb 23 2012 08:33:00

The United States Army is looking at hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, hoping that sometime in the near future they'll play some important military roles, maybe even on the battlefield.

Gas-guzzling Gulf cities bid to go greenerupdated: Tue Aug 09 2011 07:31:00

With the world's highest per capita ecological footprint, the United Arab Emirates is not an obvious green hub.

Raising environmental awarenessupdated: Tue Aug 09 2011 07:31:00

Dubai-based filmmaker Areeba Hanif talks about her film which she hopes will help young people become more environmentally aware.

Fortune: Mercedes-Benz tilts towards the Eastupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 13:40:00

For General Motors, the change came last year -- China passed the U.S. as the automaker's single largest market. For Mercedes, that time is fast approaching -- and when it does, it will be far more consequential.

Fortune: Oil is up. Where's the demand for electric cars?updated: Fri Mar 18 2011 10:55:00

Anyone who's been behind the wheel of a car in the last few months has experienced a sharp pain when it came time to pay the gas tab. Prices ranging from $3.75 to $4.00 per gallon are not uncommon these days. And according to the United States Department of Energy, consumer fuel prices on average in the U.S. are up 21.8% from one year ago.

Study says greener military isn't better military, DoD disagreesupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 15:39:00

The Department of Defense has put a lot of money and effort into finding alternative fuels to replace petroleum-based fuels it uses now, but a new study concludes the military will not benefit from alternative energy research.

Can biofuels beat drugs crops and save lives in Afghanistan?updated: Sun Sep 19 2010 22:27:00

Among environmentalists, biofuels are almost as divisive an issue as NATO military operations in Afghanistan are in wider public discussions.

CNNMoney: Tesla to build electric Toyota Rav4updated: Wed Jul 21 2010 10:39:00

Tesla Motors will produce electric Rav4 crossover SUVs for Toyota Motor Co. beginning in 2012, the two companies announced Friday.

CNNMoney: Tesla: Toyota electric prototypes coming soonupdated: Sat Jul 10 2010 13:05:00

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors will deliver two prototypes to Toyota Motor Co. by the end of the month, a Tesla executive said Saturday.

CNNMoney: Toyota working on Tesla-based electric carupdated: Fri Jul 09 2010 15:05:00

Moving ahead with a partnership announced in May, Toyota is working on a potential new electric car with California's Tesla Motors, a source at the Japanese automaker said.

Fortune: The hydrogen car fights backupdated: Wed Oct 14 2009 08:59:00

The "Valley of Death," in auto-industry-speak, is a metaphorical desert where emerging technologies reside while car executives figure out which of the experiments ought to make their way into actual cars.

UK's new hydrogen carupdated: Tue Jun 16 2009 22:26:00

A prototype hydrogen-powered 'urban car' promises to be one of the most environmentally-friendly cars.

City aims for zero wasteupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 10:39:00

CNN photojournalist William Walker takes us the city that many hope will one day have zero waste.

Downtown Atlanta recycles self into a Zero Waste Zoneupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 10:39:00

Last year, downtown Atlanta lost a convention to another Southern city because the visiting group perceived the other city as "greener" than Atlanta. The loss propelled Holly Elmore into action.

Obama announces plan to lease federal waters for clean energyupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 21:01:00

President Obama marked Earth Day Wednesday by announcing a new initiative to lease federal waters for the purpose of generating electricity from wind and ocean currents.

The cars of the future are here nowupdated: Mon Jan 05 2009 08:17:00

For a century the gasoline engine has remained largely unchallenged, seeing off all pretenders to its crown. But with concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and a host of new contenders looming large in the rear view mirror, is the gasoline-fueled automobile due to be overtaken by a fleet of cleaner, leaner rivals?

Florida airport tests hydrogen enginesupdated: Wed Dec 31 2008 13:12:00

Some Florida amusement park visitors may enjoy space-themed roller-coasters, but the first vehicle they board at Orlando International Airport may be the most futuristic ride of their vacation.

Fortune: GM: Death of an American dreamupdated: Tue Nov 25 2008 16:32:00

Back in 2004, when it was still relatively flush, General Motors invited automotive journalists to the South of France for a three-day "global product seminar." The idea was that writers like me would drive new cars, consume loads of free food and wine, pal around with executives, and develop favorable opinions about GM.

Natural gas: The next alternative fuel?updated: Fri Sep 26 2008 14:04:00

Regular readers of AOL Autos know that we have done a series of stories on the development and increasing popularity of cars that run -- or will eventually run -- on alternative fuels. Consumers to Test Hydrogen Car Prototypesupdated: Wed Aug 27 2008 18:00:00

Automakers such as GM, Honda Motor Co. and BMW AG are putting several hundred hydrogen vehicles into suburban garages, in cities and on the highway to see how they fare in day-to-day drivin

Biofuel road trip caught on tapeupdated: Mon Aug 11 2008 13:38:00 producer Cody McCloy and co-pilot Brian Hardy set out on a two-week cross-country road trip in a 30-year-old truck, which they intended to fuel using only biodiesel.

My biofuel road trip: Hot as hell, eco-friendlyupdated: Mon Aug 11 2008 13:01:00

I was stranded in the Arizona desert in my broken-down truck wondering if I had made a big mistake: Our biofuel road trip seemed doomed to fail.

Cody's Big Biofuel Adventureupdated: Mon Aug 11 2008 13:01:00

Cody's trip cross-country in a biofuel diesel Scout comes to an end.

Jatropha fruit a dream fuel?updated: Mon Aug 11 2008 10:15:00

CNN's Susan Candiotti checks out a promising biodiesel fuel from a golf-ball sized fruit whose oil runs diesel engines.

Farmer turns to fruit tree to power tractorsupdated: Mon Aug 11 2008 10:15:00

Bryan Beer, a citrus grower in southwestern Florida, sees himself as a bit of a pioneer. He's not digging for gold. It's more like he's planting for oil.

Can biofuels solve America's oil crunch?updated: Wed Aug 06 2008 11:44:00

A summer with budget-busting gasoline prices seems like the worst time to launch a cross-country road trip from California to Georgia, but this one is different: We're road-testing alternative fuel that might help reduce pollution and break the nation's reliance on foreign oil.

What is biodiesel?updated: Fri Aug 01 2008 17:02:00

Rob Del Bueno of Atlanta's Refuel Biodiesel explains how biodiesel is made, and the environmental benefits of using it.

Prince Charles' car runs on wineupdated: Wed Jul 02 2008 01:25:00

Britain's Prince Charles has converted his 38-year-old Aston Martin to run on biofuel made from surplus wine, his office revealed Tuesday.

Alternatives to 'distilled dinosaur juice'updated: Wed May 28 2008 12:35:00

At the dawn of the automobile age, gasoline was the up-and-coming "alternative fuel" -- vying with electric batteries and steam power.

CNNMoney: Top tips: stimulus check, credit score and gasupdated: Fri Apr 25 2008 17:15:00

Gerri Willis answers reader's questions.

Fortune: The next big thing in energy: Pond scum?updated: Tue Apr 22 2008 05:56:00

Sandwiched between two nondescript commercial buildings in a vacant lot squats what looks like a long, plastic-shrouded greenhouse. Hanging nearby is a cluster of five-foot-long plastic sacks bulging with green slime that resemble intravenous drip bags for the Jolly Green Giant. It doesn't look like groundbreaking technology, but these scum bags in Cambridge, Mass., just might help save the planet.

Fill 'er up -- with pond scumupdated: Mon Apr 14 2008 00:07:00

An entrepreneur says pond scum could be a great alternative to oil. CNN's Miles O'Brien reports.

All about algae: Can pond scum power our future?updated: Mon Apr 14 2008 00:07:00

Thirty years ago, the last time the world faced an oil crisis, the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) launched a program to analyze the potential algae had as a renewable fuel. It didn't take it long to realize algae was a godsend.

Law enforcement's greener sideupdated: Mon Feb 25 2008 02:57:00

Police in Thailand turn to biofuel to fight crime and climate change. CNN's Andrew Stevens reports

Biofuels: 'Green gold' or problems untold?updated: Mon Feb 25 2008 02:57:00

No subject appears to divide as many people in the climate change arena as biofuels. Their potential to positively impact greenhouse gas emissions is undoubtedly enormous. The Trouble With Biofuelsupdated: Thu Feb 14 2008 14:00:00

Two new studies show that biofuels aren't the solution to global warming -- and may even exacerbate the problem

Gas guzzlers get new lives -- as tire-smoking hybridsupdated: Tue Nov 20 2007 14:56:00

On a beautiful, crisp late fall afternoon, rock icon Neil Young took his 1959 Lincoln Continental for one last spin before a team of mechanics ripped out its gas-guzzling engine to make way for an electric motor.

Tire-smoking hybrid turn headsupdated: Tue Nov 20 2007 14:56:00

CNN's Sean Callebs takes a look at what happens when a gear head goes green.

CNNMoney: Willie Nelson's biofueled busupdated: Wed Sep 26 2007 22:47:00

To country legend Willie Nelson, the sweet smell of success may no longer be a great critical review or best-selling album. It might be the smell of french fries.

Business 2.0: Biodiesel boom heading toward Wall Streetupdated: Tue Sep 25 2007 21:52:00

Way back in 2006, John "Bish" Neuhauser was the poster child of the biodiesel business. The shaggy-looking snow groomer for the Canyons ski area near Park City, Utah, starred in the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival documentary on global warming, "Everything's Cool," in which he made his own biodiesel out of restaurant grease and converted all of the resort's vehicles to run on it. In 2007, however, Neuhauser no longer has to brew his own fuel - he just drives to nearby Salt Lake City, where manufactured soybean biodiesel is now available at seven pumps. "Making it is fun and liberating," he says, "but I'm just too busy."

Fortune: BP's answer to food-based ethanolupdated: Fri Sep 07 2007 06:02:00

Can a poisonous plant become a biodiesel hero and help African economies in the process?

CNNMoney: Archer Daniels Midland profit soarsupdated: Sun Jul 29 2007 22:03:00

Archer Daniels Midland Co. said Monday its quarterly profit more than doubled, largely due to one-time gains of more than $600 million, though its processing businesses were hurt by a drop in ethanol sales volume and declining margins in some lines.

Hydrogen-bombing down the trackupdated: Mon Jul 09 2007 00:28:00

There's something disconcerting about driving a high-speed oval for the first time, and it's easy to identify: As you approach either of the steeply banked turns, you don't slow down.

Fortune: Here comes the sunupdated: Fri Jul 06 2007 00:45:00

Three months ago, Kevin Wall sold his Mercedes. He still misses it. "It was a brand-new, unbelievable car," Wall says. "I had to take a financial hit to get rid of it."

GM takes step toward fuel-cell carupdated: Fri Jun 15 2007 07:37:00

General Motors is shifting about 500 engineers within the company with the aim of having the first fuel-cell-powered car on the market as soon as 2010, according to published reports.

Haulage goes greenupdated: Fri May 04 2007 04:25:00

The drive towards more eco-friendly vehicles isn't the preserve of the manufacturers of passenger cars.

FSB: Will green play in Peoria?updated: Mon Apr 09 2007 06:36:00

For a company poised to revolutionize an industry, Firefly Energy is pretty hard to find. It's temporarily headquartered in a former mental-health facility that's now part of a community college, a...

FSB: Soybeans in your gas tankupdated: Tue Mar 20 2007 11:20:00

After ten years of flying jets for Northwest Airlines, John Plaza decided during a long, cold layover that he wanted to change the world. "I was flying cargo planes from Anchorage to Tokyo," says P...

The downhill battle: Ski slopes in perilupdated: Mon Mar 19 2007 10:21:00

When the aspen Ski Company launched its environment division -- a kind of green management team, think tank and consultancy -- it was the first of its kind in the ski industry: an in-house watchdog to prevent the resort from gorging on energy and trampling its fragile ecosystem. Ten years later, the division's director, Auden Schendler, spends at least as much time thinking about saving Aspen as he does about saving its environment. Both, it turns out, are highly vulnerable to climate change.

GM: The new green carmaker?updated: Fri Dec 01 2006 12:24:00

The belief that General Motors has all the environmental sensitivity of a panda fur wholesaler has been widespread for a long time.

GM: Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid comingupdated: Wed Nov 29 2006 10:10:00

General Motors is working on a plug-in hybrid version of its redesigned Saturn Vue SUV, the company's CEO announced today at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

CNNMoney: Make your own gasupdated: Tue Nov 21 2006 17:17:00

Sick and tired of soaring gas prices? Now you can build your own alternative fuel plant and set your own limits.

Your e-mails: If I were president updated: Tue Nov 07 2006 11:04:00

So, what would you do if you were elected president?

Business 2.0: BMW steps on (the hydrogen) gasupdated: Wed Oct 25 2006 18:39:00

It would be so easy to disparage the BMW Hydrogen 7, the world's first production-ready hydrogen car and a guaranteed showstopper when it's unveiled next month at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

Fortune: The outsiderupdated: Thu Oct 19 2006 12:11:00

Auto-racing legend Mario Andretti has met his share of corporate bigwigs over the years - though none, he says, quite as memorable as Patricia Woertz. The suits usually ask him the same questions a...

Business 2.0: Planet Startupupdated: Fri Sep 29 2006 16:01:00

International borders used to be the biggest barrier to entry for Americans interested in starting a business overseas. But today, as more nations ease trade regulations and restrictions on foreign...

Fortune: Patricia Woertz, the Outsiderupdated: Fri Sep 29 2006 15:30:00

Auto-racing legend Mario Andretti has met his share of corporate bigwigs over the years - though none, he says, quite as memorable as Patricia Woertz. The suits usually ask him the same questions as the fans: What was your scariest wreck? What's it like to be one of only two drivers to win both the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500? And just how frustrating were all those losses at Le Mans?

CNNMoney: Ethanol rush running out of gasupdated: Thu Sep 21 2006 08:35:00

Ethanol producer Hawkeye Holdings postponed its initial public offering this week, the latest setback for makers of the alternative fuel and a sign more tough times may be ahead.

Fortune: The new fuel thingupdated: Wed Sep 20 2006 05:49:00

Stop. Reboot. Roll! In the future, that might be the most common advice from your friendly neighborhood gas jockey. Except he would be pumping hydrogen, not gas. And while your future car would loo...

CNNMoney: Coming soon: Hydrogen-powered BMWupdated: Tue Sep 12 2006 09:00:00

BMW has announced that it will produce a limited number of hydrogen-powered luxury performance cars in 2007.

Fortune: Driving in different directionsupdated: Thu Sep 07 2006 14:24:00

When auto sales were totaled up for July, a pair of historic shifts took place.

Business 2.0: Soybeans that give you gasupdated: Mon Jul 31 2006 10:43:00

Argentina is a prime market for making and selling renewable biodiesel fuel thanks to cheap land and labor, as well as bumper crops of soybeans.

Your e-mails: Fueling Americaupdated: Wed Jul 19 2006 16:18:00 asked users for their ideas on the best way to fuel America and break the country's dependence on fossil fuels, especially from foreign sources. Here is a sampling of the responses, some of which have been edited:

Your solutions: Easing pain at the pumpupdated: Fri Apr 28 2006 09:52:00

As gas prices keep soaring, Washington has rolled out a number of proposals to ease the pain at the pump: a $100 rebate check, delaying deposits to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, increased fuel efficiency, alternative fuel research and more.

CNNMoney: VC firms are seeing green in energyupdated: Wed Apr 26 2006 13:13:00

Venture capital investors are flocking to clean energy technologies, a market expected to grow to $167 billion worldwide in the next decade, but some in the sector worry about too much money chasing too few deals.

Your e-mails: Diesel, scooters, lifestyle changes among the ideasupdated: Thu Apr 20 2006 11:33:00

Gas prices are soaring. The average price of a gallon of regular gas, $2.83, is 27 percent higher than last year, according to the motorists' organization AAA, and the peak vacation driving season is still ahead.

Fortune: Wanna Make a Bet on Biofuels? updated: Mon Feb 06 2006 00:01:00

Trying to invest in ethanol and biofuels today is a bit like Internet investing in the '90s. Most of the publicly traded companies are pint-sized crapshoots, and it's not yet clear whether the early-to-the-game blue chips are pursuing the best strategies. So there are going to be many, many more pets.coms than eBays in agrifuels. More Time Warners than Microsofts. Indeed, many of the venture capitalists bankrolling tomorrow's ethanol IPOs (see "How to Beat the High Cost of Gasoline Forever!") are the same folks who funded the '90s dot-com debacle.

CNNMoney: Wanna make a bet on biofuels?updated: Mon Jan 30 2006 16:38:00

Trying to invest in ethanol and biofuels today is a bit like Internet investing in the '90s. Most of the publicly traded companies are pint-sized crapshoots, and it's not yet clear whether the early-to-the-game blue chips are pursuing the best strategies.

Fortune: Fill 'Er Up, Willieupdated: Mon Jan 30 2006 11:25:00

FORGET "WHISKEY RIVER." WILLIE NELSON has a new fuel of choice. He is rollin' toward California "about an hour west of Large Bird, N.M.," on his tour bus. That's apropos, actually, because he's talking about biodiesel, a mix of regular diesel and refined vegetable oil that happens to be the fuel in the bus. Nelson is America's foremost proponent of biodiesel, most visibly as the marketer of a brand called BioWillie. It's for sale at 12 gas stations, the majority in Texas, including his own truck stop, Carl's Corner in Hillsboro, south of Dallas.

Business 2.0: Whole Fuelsupdated: Thu Dec 01 2005 00:01:00

The days of filling your pickup with unleaded while munching shrink-wrapped beef jerky may be numbered if Ottawa-based Topia Energy has its way. In September the company, Canada's largest producer ...

CNNMoney: Test-driving the hydrogen futureupdated: Tue Nov 29 2005 15:38:00

The stubby Honda two-door cut through Manhattan traffic like a skateboard. It accelerated smoothly, braked quietly, and-best of all-consumed no gasoline and generated no greenhouse gases. Sticker price: upwards of $1 million.

CNNMoney: Driving the car of the future?updated: Wed Nov 02 2005 07:51:00

A lot may be riding on the compact Honda being leased by the Spallino family of Redondo Beach, Calif., for $500 a month.

CNNMoney: Debate over clean-car technologyupdated: Thu Oct 20 2005 11:39:00

The debate over the best medium-term solution for cleaner cars looks set to lengthen as auto executives in Japan for the Tokyo auto show this week discussed more, not fewer, options for weaning cars off oil.

Business 2.0: Tomorrow: A Sneak Previewupdated: Mon Aug 01 2005 00:01:00

Where are the best places to see how tomorrow's cutting-edge technologies will change the world? That depends on what technology you hope to see. Thanks to globalization, outsourcing, and digital t...

Green breakthrough for 'biodiesel'updated: Tue Jun 07 2005 13:18:00

New research published by American scientists may have brought the prospect of filling up your tank with green gas a little bit closer.

House Resources chairman disses key provision of energy billupdated: Thu Apr 21 2005 13:44:00

Shortly before the House began debate Wednesday on an energy bill aimed primarily at making the country less dependent on overseas oil, a House committee chairman involved in the legislation bluntly dismissed a key provision to boost the use of hydrogen fuels.

FSB: Hydrogen Bomb?updated: Tue Feb 01 2005 00:01:00

Despite President Bush's inclusion of a $1.5 billion investment in hydrogen fuel for cars in the 2004 tax bill, widespread use is probably 50 years away because of high costs and difficulties in co...

Fortune: CLEAN FUEL THE BMW WAY updated: Mon Nov 01 2004 00:01:00

AS IF IT DIDN'T HAVE enough to do on its quest for bigness, BMW has also decided to reinvent the internal-combustion engine. For chairman Panke it is more than a diverting engineering exercise. He ...

London's big red buses go greenupdated: Mon Aug 30 2004 05:53:00

London may be well known for its big red buses, but things are turning green on the city's streets.

Fortune: How to Kick the Oil Habit Gas prices are soaring, pipelines are burning, oil supplies are tight. Here are four updated: Mon Aug 23 2004 00:01:00

Every day brings another culprit. On Aug. 5 it was word that crude exports from Russia's massive Yukos Oil might be in jeopardy, as authorities there said they were once again freezing the company'...

Business 2.0: The CTO In A GTO Don't like your car? In the future, says General Motors's Tony Scott, you'll just download a new onupdated: Thu Jul 01 2004 00:01:00

Tony Scott has a simple message for people who make hardware and software: Listen to your customers or risk losing them. As both carrot and stick, General Motors's affable chief technology officer ...

Talk at A&M on gas prices and electionupdated: Thu Jun 17 2004 06:28:00

Sen. John Kerry's accusations that President Bush's policies favor the oil industry, contributing to the high cost of gasoline, won't affect how many Texas A&M students will vote in the presidential election.


On a rotating stage bathed in blue light, the vehicle looked otherworldly, like something from far in the future. It was called the Autonomy, and vaguely resembled a giant skateboard. The only feat...

Business 2.0: Mary Tolan's Modest Proposal A rising star at Accenture is advising Big Oil and the auto industry that they can revitalize the eupdated: Sun Jun 01 2003 00:01:00

As the luncheon at the swank Miami resort begins, Mary Tolan takes a seat and braces herself. After weeks of frantic preparation, Tolan, a superstar at the big consulting firm Accenture, has just u...


Every job I ever had, people always seemed to want to think small," says Geoffrey Ballard by way of explaining why he went into business for himself. The 70-year-old Canadian engineer--whose effort...

Fortune: Dude, Where's My Hybrid? Detroit is joining Toyota and Honda in the hybrid-vehicle market. It's trendy, but is it a business?updated: Mon Apr 28 2003 00:01:00

Now here's a social dilemma: Say Cameron Diaz calls to ask if she can come over to your house right after the post-Oscars parties. You're tickled, of course. Then you realize in a panic that you do...

Fortune: Gm Rethinks The Car--Completely GM doesn't merely want to build a clean, green car. It aims to make one that you'll actually wanupdated: Mon Apr 15 2002 00:01:00

If you're willing to set aside for a moment the gigantic chicken-and-egg problem of where to get the hydrogen to run a new generation of efficient, nonpolluting hydrogen-powered cars, General Motor...

Fortune: A Wild Vision for Fuel-Cell Vehiclesupdated: Mon Apr 01 2002 00:01:00

If you're willing to set aside the gigantic chicken-and-egg problem of where to get the hydrogen for a new generation of hydrogen-powered cars, then GM has a hell of a story to tell. The automaker ...

Fortune: The Coming Hydrogen Economy Fuel cells powered by hydrogen are about to hit the market. In time, they'll let us kiss the sheikhsupdated: Mon Nov 12 2001 00:01:00

As far back as Jules Verne, visionaries have predicted that society will someday be utterly transformed by energy based on hydrogen. The lightweight gas, the most abundant element in the universe, ...

Fortune: Reinventing the Wheel The cars of tomorrow--hybrids, natural gas-powered sports cars, and fuel cells--are here today.updated: Mon Oct 25 1999 00:01:00

Maybe you think driving a car that runs on anything other than gas is as preposterous as the idea of an underpowered Ferrari or a nonsmoking supermodel. But if you don't believe we are at a scienti...

Fortune: The Automakers Big-Time Bet On Fuel Cells They're putting more than $1 billion into a promising power system. Daimler-Benz wantsupdated: Mon Mar 30 1998 00:01:00

Bright-eyed, his silver hair a little wild at the fringes, Dr. Ferdinand Panik, 56, clearly relishes piloting a very special Mercedes vehicle briskly past the apple orchards on the outskirts of Nab...

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