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Passengers on an American Eagle flight arriving at Chicago's O'Hare airport got an unexpected jolt Wednesday when the right wing of a Boeing 747 cargo plane taxiing for departure clipped the tail of the commuter plane.

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Body of missing barista believed found in Alaska lakeupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 11:52:00

A body believed to be that of an 18-year-old barista who disappeared in February has been found in a lake north of Anchorage, police in Alaska said.

Anchorage breaks seasonal snowfall recordupdated: Sun Apr 08 2012 08:10:00

While winter is a distant memory for most Americans, it continues unabated in Anchorage, Alaska -- where a new bout of precipitation this weekend helped the city break its record for seasonal snowfall, at more than 133 inches (3.38 meters).

Broken toilets strand United passengers in Alaskaupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 19:47:00

If there's a contest for worst travel experience of the year, United Airlines Flight 857 might be in the running.

Broken toilets cause layover hellupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 19:47:00

A plane's broken toilets cause a two-day layover and leave passengers in a nightmare scenario.

Fans meet Iditarod mushersupdated: Tue Mar 06 2012 14:45:00

Iditarod fans had a chance to meet their favorite mushers at the annual Mushers Banquet in Anchorage.

Icebreaker, tanker near Nome; other Alaska towns buried in snowupdated: Tue Jan 10 2012 19:09:00

A Coast Guard icebreaker and a tanker carrying 1.3 million gallons of petroleum products could arrive in icebound Nome, Alaska, as early as Thursday, the Coast Guard said.

Alert raised around Alaska volcano after likely 'single explosion'updated: Fri Dec 30 2011 07:17:00

A heightened state of alert has been issued for a remote Alaskan volcano after the detection of a drifting ash cloud, the result of what's believed to have been a lone explosion. Alaska Mom Who Punished Son with Hot Sauce Gets Probationupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 13:13:00

Jessica Beagley receives three years' probation and must attend counseling with her son Alaska Mom Convicted of Child Abuse for Hot Sauce Punishmentupdated: Wed Aug 24 2011 14:52:00

Jessica Beagley forced hot sauce and a cold shower on her 7-year-old so she could get on TV

Alaskan village's mystery substance is mass of eggs, lab saysupdated: Mon Aug 08 2011 22:24:00

A mysterious orange substance that washed up on the shores of an Alaskan village last week was a mass of microscopic, invertebrate eggs, possibly those of a small crustacean, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration lab said Monday.

Mystery substance comes to shore of Alaskan villageupdated: Fri Aug 05 2011 22:27:00

State and federal scientists are trying to identify a mysterious orange substance that washed up on the shore of a village in northwestern Alaska this week.

Two planes collide in midair in Alaskaupdated: Sat Jul 30 2011 22:44:00

Two planes collided in midair Saturday afternoon, about 100 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska, killing at least two people, officials said.

Teens recovering after Alaska bear attackupdated: Mon Jul 25 2011 20:59:00

The four teenage boys who were mauled by a brown bear and her cub over the weekend deep in the Alaskan wilderness were recovering Monday.

Body of second American found in Japanupdated: Thu Apr 07 2011 15:11:00

The body of a second American has been found in Japan, the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs said Wednesday.

Iditarod begins in Alaskaupdated: Wed Mar 09 2011 11:59:00

The annual 1,000-mile-plus Iditarod has begun in Alaska.

'Conclusive evidence' that F-22 pilot did not survive crashupdated: Sat Nov 20 2010 13:56:00

Search-and-rescue teams have found "conclusive evidence" that the pilot of an F-22 aircraft that crashed while on a routine training mission in Alaska did not survive, the military said Friday.

Palin's dance partner 'meets the parents'updated: Mon Sep 27 2010 19:47:00

Will Bristol Palin get more votes after bringing her "Dancing" partner home to Alaska? HLN's Showbiz panel weighs in. Dancing's Mark Ballas Visits Bristol Palin's Family in Alaskaupdated: Mon Sep 27 2010 09:10:00

The pro meets Sarah Palin and sings at an Anchorage nightclub

NTSB: Impact in Alaska crash affected emergency signalupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 10:33:00

Searchers looking for the airplane that slammed into the side of a tree-covered Alaskan mountainside earlier this month couldn't detect an emergency locator signal after the impact damaged the craft's transmitter, according to a federal report released on Wednesday.

Flying conditions of fatal Alaska flightupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 10:33:00

Fmr. Sen. Ted Stevens died in a plane crash in Alaska. A pilot talks about flying in and out of the area.

Public viewing for former Alaska Sen. Stevens set for Tuesdayupdated: Tue Aug 17 2010 02:53:00

The public will have a chance to pay their respects to former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens Tuesday -- ahead of his funeral the next day.

13-year-old survivor of plane crash released from Alaska hospitalupdated: Mon Aug 16 2010 06:37:00

The youngest survivor of a plane crash that killed former Sen. Ted Stevens last week has been released from a hospital in Alaska, according to his family.

Church plans memorial Mass for Stevens; official funeral set for later in weekupdated: Mon Aug 16 2010 06:21:00

A memorial Mass for former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens will be celebrated Monday at the Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage.

Too early to tell whether Alaska crash deaths came at impact, or laterupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 06:09:00

It's too early to say whether former Sen. Ted Stevens and the four others who died in an Alaskan plane crash initially survived but eventually succumbed while waiting to be rescued, the chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board told CNN Wednesday.

NTSB: No distress calls in Alaska crashupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 06:09:00

The NTSB says they have no record of any distress calls coming from the plane that crashed in Alaska.

Aviation family mourns for the second time in two weeksupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 18:27:00

Terry Smith decided a fishing trip might bring him some peace after his son-in-law was killed two weeks ago in plane crash outside Anchorage, Alaska.

Passengers aboard fatal flight included lobbyists, childrenupdated: Tue Aug 10 2010 21:55:00

The Alaska Department of Public Safety Tuesday released the names of those killed and injured in the airplane crash that took the life of former U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens. David Morris, spokesman for the GCI telecommunications company, explained who was aboard the plane.

Alaska man survives bear attackupdated: Tue Jun 15 2010 16:58:00

A bicyclist riding to work in Anchorage, Alaska, was attacked by a brown bear Tuesday, police said.

Four times to skip a travel agentupdated: Mon May 03 2010 14:53:00

Want to go somewhere? Book the trip yourself.

Explainer: Why ash cloud endangers aircraftupdated: Fri Apr 16 2010 14:39:00

Volcanic ash clouds are a serious hazard to aviation, reducing visibility, damaging flight controls and ultimately causing jet engines to fail.

Volcanic ash blamed for airspace closureupdated: Fri Apr 16 2010 14:39:00

Ash emanating from a volcano in Iceland has shut airspace over Norway. INSIDE STORY: The Brave Last Days of Deadliest Catch's Capt. Phil Harrisupdated: Wed Feb 17 2010 11:47:00

The TV fisherman "accomplished what he needed to get done so he could be at peace," says a friend

King: 'Going Rogue' reignites Palin divide, even in her hometownupdated: Fri Nov 13 2009 12:29:00

At Pandemonium Booksellers, the Sarah Palin 2010 calendars are hot sellers, and since the election, the traffic in political books has been decidedly to the right.

Alaska catching up with the rest of the country on recessionupdated: Fri Oct 16 2009 22:44:00

Sharon Phillips is a regular at the Anchorage Jobs Center Midtown -- grateful for the resource but a bit frustrated she has to keep coming. POLL: Who Would You Rather See Nude?updated: Fri Oct 09 2009 16:27:00

Playgirl boasts a spread with Levi Johnston while Rick Springfield is headed for a Californication cameo College basketball preseason tournamentsupdated: Mon Aug 10 2009 14:10:00

Here is the current list of the 2009 preseason basketball tournaments. It will be updated as information becomes available. UPDATE: Couple in NASA Love Triangle to Wedupdated: Thu Jul 16 2009 14:55:00

Astronauts Bill Oefelein and Colleen Shipman, now Alaskans, are also now engaged

Supreme Court denies DNA test to rapistupdated: Thu Jun 18 2009 14:08:00

A convicted rapist seeking to prove his innocence with a new DNA test lost his appeal Thursday at the Supreme Court.

Alaskan takes top prize at beard & moustache festupdated: Tue Jun 09 2009 08:51:00

An Alaskan beat out 300 hirsute competitors from around the globe to take the top honor at the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships on Saturday.

Hometown hero wins hirsute honorsupdated: Tue Jun 09 2009 08:51:00

Alaskan David Traver on Saturday took the top honor at the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Money Magazine: The morality of the free market systemupdated: Tue Jun 09 2009 05:44:00

Question: Do you think it's morally fair for a bank or mortgage company to make profits from the interest on a home mortgage when all people are trying do is provide a home for themselves and their family? --Herbert K., Anchorage, Alaska

Commentary: War on drugs is insaneupdated: Sat Apr 04 2009 19:34:00

Here's something to think about:

More ash shoots from Alaska volcanoupdated: Mon Mar 30 2009 20:00:00

Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano shot ash thousands of feet into the air Monday, the latest in a series of emissions that has dusted the state's largest city, Anchorage, and disrupted operations at Anchorage's airport.

Alaska's Mount Redoubt erupts againupdated: Sat Mar 28 2009 23:06:00

Mount Redoubt volcano in southern Alaska has erupted again, shooting ash as high as 45,000 feet in the air on Saturday, experts said.

Alaska volcano erupts 4 times on Fridayupdated: Sat Mar 28 2009 06:42:00

Mount Redoubt volcano in southern Alaska erupted four times on Friday, shooting ash as high as 51,000 feet, scientists said.

FSB: How Chef Nobu built his sushi empireupdated: Thu Mar 26 2009 09:58:00

As a young boy growing up in Japan, Nobu Matsuhisa dreamed of becoming a sushi chef in a restaurant where he could create his own menu. It took more than 30 years of experimentation, failure and incompatible business partners to reach his goal, as he worked his way from dishwasher in Tokyo to co-owner of a small sushi establishment in Lima, Peru.

Alaskans don masks as once-sleepy volcano spews ashupdated: Tue Mar 24 2009 15:01:00

A volcano in southern Alaska erupted anew Monday, the fifth eruption since coming back to life Sunday night.

Rapist's case could set standard for post-conviction DNA testsupdated: Mon Mar 02 2009 16:49:00

A lawyer for a convicted rapist asked the Supreme Court on Monday for a chance to prove his client's innocence with a new DNA test, a request met with skepticism from some justices. Sarah Palin's 'Secret' Pregnancy - & How Family Found Outupdated: Tue Feb 17 2009 11:08:00

New book reveals Palin thought that not disclosing her condition would prevent unwanted attention

Will volcano blow? Expert waits, watches, ready to warnupdated: Tue Feb 03 2009 09:33:00

It's 3 degrees and snowing outside the Alaska Volcano Observatory in Anchorage, but inside the operations center, things are heating up.

Alaska volcano 'more energetic,' scientists sayupdated: Fri Jan 30 2009 08:44:00

Mount Redoubt, the Alaskan volcano expected to erupt at any time, is getting a bit more edgy.

Alaska volcano expected to erupt soonupdated: Thu Jan 29 2009 16:02:00

In the shadows of Mount Redoubt, Alaskans are calmly waiting for the volcano to erupt -- an event that could occur at any time.

Sex offender wins $500,000 Alaska lotteryupdated: Tue Jan 13 2009 09:11:00

An Alaska lottery held to raise money for a group that helps sexual abuse victims had a surprise winner: a convicted sex offender. Alaska's Stevens Vows to Appeal Convictionsupdated: Thu Oct 30 2008 18:00:00

A defiant Sen. Ted Stevens returned to his home state Wednesday a convicted felon, telling supporters that he's innocent and vowing he will be vindicated Four Rescued as Boat Disappears Off Alaskaupdated: Thu Oct 23 2008 08:00:00

Four crew members of a fishing boat were plucked alive from a life raft in frigid, stormy seas

Palin's husband will answer questions in firing investigationupdated: Mon Oct 06 2008 21:54:00

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's husband has agreed to answer written questions in the state Legislature's investigation into the firing of her public safety commissioner, campaign officials said Monday. Todd Palin Plans Troopergate Interviewupdated: Sun Oct 05 2008 03:00:00

Gov. Sarah Palin's husband is planning to speak to an investigator looking into abuse-of-power allegations against the governor

CNNMoney: Mad as hell - taxpayers lash outupdated: Sun Sep 21 2008 17:28:00

"NO NO NO. Not just no, but HELL NO," writes Richard, a reader from Anchorage, Alaska. Todd Palin (Among Others) a No-Show at Troopergate Hearingupdated: Fri Sep 19 2008 17:00:00

Sarah Palin's husband won't testify, but the committee says it will still issue a report on the scandal on Oct. 10

Palin allies sue to halt trooper probeupdated: Wed Sep 17 2008 02:08:00

Allies of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stepped up attacks on state lawmakers investigating the firing of her public service commissioner Tuesday, calling it a "McCarthyistic" inquisition and asking judges to block the probe. Subpoenas Coming in Palin Probeupdated: Sat Sep 06 2008 01:00:00

Alaska State Sen. Hollis French said Friday that seven witnesses told the Legislature's investigator they will refuse depositions; he said the Legislature will issue subpoenas instead Call Of the Wildupdated: Thu Sep 04 2008 04:00:00

Plucked from obscurity by John McCain, Sarah Palin has scrambled the presidential race. An intimate look at how a frontier mom learned to play the political game Wounded Eagle Gets New Beakupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 11:00:00

More than three years after a poacher shot off her upper beak, a bald eagle named Beauty can finally live up to her name -- with the help of volunteers Should Doctors Get Bonuses?updated: Wed Jun 04 2008 17:00:00

Many insurers are using pay-for-performance bonus programs, rewarding doctors who provide better quality of care Report: Wildlife Refuges Underfundedupdated: Fri May 23 2008 10:00:00

America's wildlife refuges are so short of money that one-third have no staff, property is in disrepair, and drug dealers are using them for illicit purposes, a study says

Fortune: Hunting for oil beneath the iceupdated: Sat May 03 2008 16:38:00

It's 25 below outside, and the heat in the van is busted. Randy Boyer, a burly ConocoPhillips contractor in thermal coveralls, navigates the slick ice road. "This is nothing," he says, keeping his eye on the thin red line running down the center of the road. "The other week we had a whiteout, and I was stuck in my truck for 36 hours." Right now we're some 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and it's so white outside that the distant horizon appears to blend seamlessly into the blustery sky.

Why am I alone? Oops, wrong questionupdated: Tue Apr 08 2008 09:19:00

When I lived in the country one summer an ad for a local dating service would come on the radio every time I drove around. Groups to Sue for Polar Bear Protectionupdated: Thu Jan 10 2008 09:00:00

Three conservation groups notified the federal government Wednesday they intend to sue to get polar bears listed as a threatened species due to global warming

FBI searches U.S. senator's home amid corruption probeupdated: Mon Jul 30 2007 22:36:00

FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents searched the Alaska home of longtime Sen. Ted Stevens on Monday amid a corruption probe that already has snared two oil-company executives and a state lobbyist.

Fly like a seagullupdated: Wed Jun 27 2007 10:18:00

The thrill of a seaplane isn't just in the water landing. Here's what you'll see on North American flights.

FSB: An Alaskan hockey team skates toward successupdated: Wed May 09 2007 13:53:00

While minor-league baseball has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in recent years, farm-club hockey has sunk into the doldrums. The West Coast Hockey League, a group of seven minor-league teams struggling to contain workers' comp costs and put enough teams on ice to maintain a competitive environment, ceased operation in 2002 and was forced to merge into the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL).

FSB: Old Dogs, New Tricksupdated: Fri Apr 27 2007 16:39:00

Warren Buffett famously remarked that when brilliant management tackles an industry with terrible economics, it's usually the reputation of the industry that remains intact. His insight helps expla...

Fortune: Expense This!updated: Mon Mar 06 2006 00:01:00

SEVERAL YEARS AGO I attended a convention in Pasadena, which is a very nice place, by the way. Good weather. Nice houses. The Ritz hotel we were imprisoned in was lovely as well, although the guest...

Fortune: Why FedEx Is Flying High ighupdated: Mon Nov 01 2004 00:01:00

If you ever find yourself up in Anchorage, make a right turn off Minnesota Drive onto Northern Lights Boulevard as you leave downtown. The road dips and twists for two miles, skirting Lake Hood and...

Business 2.0: KringleTech Worldwide Restates Earnings Existence of CEO Still in Doubt as Key Holiday Season Approachesupdated: Sun Dec 01 2002 00:01:00

GODTHAB, Greenland--KringleTech Worldwide, the North Pole corporation formerly known as St. Nicholas LLC, announced after yesterday's market close that it would restate its financial results for th...

Business 2.0: The Persuaders It's no picnic moving the merchandise in this tight economy. But we've found five salespeople who, even these dayupdated: Fri Nov 01 2002 00:01:00

Economists tell us the only thing keeping the world economy afloat these days is the heroic spending of the American consumer. The average wage-earner's willingness to go ever deeper into debt to o...

Money Magazine: Can My 401(k) Account Be Locked Up Due To Fees Owed By My Ex-Employer?updated: Mon Apr 01 2002 00:01:00

Q. My employer closed its doors in August, and the company is planning to file for bankruptcy. Not only did I lose my job, but the firm that administers our 401(k) plan refuses to release any funds...

Fortune: FOR THE FILTHY-RICH EXHIBITIONISTupdated: Mon Sep 08 1997 00:01:00

Cruising through the streets of Manhattan in a $339,000 Bentley Azure convertible, the world's most expensive car for the 1998 model year, you get a little taste of what it's like to be famous. Eve...

Fortune: WON'T HELP YOUR BANK SHOT, BUT IT SURE LOOKS NICEupdated: Mon Dec 23 1996 00:01:00

Unless you're a loan shark, you wouldn't normally associate shooting pool with diamonds, rubies, and six-figure stacks of money. But the traditionally seedy sport has entered the realm of conspicuo...

Money Magazine: HOT STUFF Finding the fairest fares this summer Take off with anytime, everyday low air faresupdated: Fri Jul 01 1994 00:01:00

The very model of a modern airline, superprofitable Southwest built its 23- year success with low daily fares on every flight -- few frills, no Saturday night stay, no three-week advance-purchase r...

Fortune: SOME LETTER! updated: Mon Jul 18 1988 00:01:00

Sam Krogstad, who operates an Anchorage shipping business, found a postal loophole intended for less weighty items that permitted him to mail cement blocks to a hard-to-reach construction site acro...

Fortune: The Politics of Dogs, A Comma That Counted, Losing a Double-Header, and Other Matters. Only in America (cont'd)updated: Mon Oct 12 1987 00:01:00

When the Crazy Horse saloon in Anchorage, Alaska, kicked out Anthony Tait last year for refusing to take off his official Hell's Angel jacket, . . . Mr. Tait . . . filed a civil rights suit. Last m...

Fortune: Some reservations about an alien billupdated: Mon Nov 10 1986 00:01:00

Nobody knows if Congress's multi-tentacled bill will actually curb illegal immigration, but it will surely confuse and complicate hiring for U.S. companies. Says labor lobbyist Virginia Lamp of the...

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