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I had Kawasaki syndrome when I was young. My question is, can you outgrow Kawasaki syndrome? I have always wondered about it, and no one has been able to tell me yes or no.

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Is my chest pain related to heart disease?updated: Wed Oct 27 2010 12:54:00

I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy about four years ago. Recently I noticed that when I am lying down flat on my back I experience chest pain/tightness and difficulty breathing. Is this related to my heart disease? Jeff Pearlman: The best sports book of 2010updated: Fri Oct 01 2010 21:43:00

The best sports book of 2010 isn't really a sports book. Generally speaking, sports books concern tackles and home runs and sub-four-minute miles. They delve into the psyches of athletes and the souls of teams. From Howard Bryant's brilliant The Last Hero: The Life of Henry Aaron to Peter Richmond's riveting Badasses: The Legend of Snake, Foo, Dr. Death and John Madden's Oakland Raiders, the past nine months have brought us some marvelous reads.

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