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All indicators suggest Apple will unveil the iPad 3 during the first week of March. That's less than a month away, and sources at The Next Web say Apple is in "crunch mode," working hard to line up apps that show off the unique features of the next-gen tablet.

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A new 'indie' genre: iPhone 4 filmmakingupdated: Tue Aug 10 2010 08:06:00

Ryan Gonzalez really wanted to make a music video for his first solo album -- but like many independent artists, he had no budget.

Review: Sony Handycam overpriced for what it deliversupdated: Thu May 24 2007 13:05:00

Though most digital cameras produced today have sufficient resolution to make the spec itself almost a nonissue, the same can't be said about camcorders.

Business 2.0: Apple finds new enemiesupdated: Wed Jan 11 2006 14:50:00

Macworld Expo is no ordinary trade show. For Apple fans, it's a yearly chance to gird for battle.

Fortune: Plug In, Turn On, Tune Up GarageBand, Apple's new home recording studio software, transforms the Mac into a updated: Mon Feb 23 2004 00:01:00

When Apple introduced the world to desktop publishing nearly 20 years ago, suddenly anyone with a Macintosh, a LaserWriter printer, and a copy of Aldus PageMaker could create professional-quality p...

Fortune: Apple's Bumper Crop Steve Jobs brought out a bushel of cool new stuff at Macworld--if Apple keeps this up, its core business migupdated: Mon Feb 03 2003 00:01:00

A couple of weeks ago Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs bounded onstage at the Macworld trade show in San Francisco to engage once again in his unique brand of performance art--the keynote speech. This...

Money Magazine: The Best Of The New Electronics SIGHTS, SOUNDS, SENSATIONS: WE COVET THESE TECHNOLOGICAL MARVELS BECAUSE THEY'RE SO, WELL, MARVEupdated: Mon Oct 01 2001 00:01:00

Best new TV. If $10 movie tickets have you weighing the merits of home theater, consider this 166-pound option: Philips' 34-inch digital widescreen TV/HDTV monitor (model No. 34PW9817). Sensors adj...

Fortune: Bytes! Camera! Action! With the right PC, software, and digital videocam, consumers can pursue big-screen dreams updated: Mon Mar 19 2001 00:01:00

FADE IN: This month's Academy Awards will celebrate the magic of moviemaking. Shortly thereafter, barring an unexpected settlement, the film industry will shout "Cut!" as actors and writers go on s...

Money Magazine: Remote Control A software program that lets friends and family share computer expertise from afarupdated: Thu Feb 01 2001 00:01:00

If your family is anything like mine, chances are there's at least one relative whom everyone calls when their computers freeze or they can't open the latest e-mailed photo of their nephew in his n...

Money Magazine: Tech Video editing made easy, digital TV and moreupdated: Mon Jan 01 2001 00:01:00

Thumbs-up for movie editing

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