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Arctic Ocean

Edward Itta, a powerful Eskimo leader, looks out at the icy Arctic Ocean stretched out under a fuzzy orange sun that refuses to set this time of year.

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Extreme science in the Arctic Circleupdated: Thu May 26 2011 13:00:00

Catlin Ice Base: Mission critical

Cousteau talks Arctic adventureupdated: Thu May 26 2011 13:00:00

CNN special correspondent Philippe Cousteau describes his team's incredible journey to the "top of the world."

Climate scientists battle brutal Arcticupdated: Thu May 26 2011 12:57:00

Accompanied by CNN, an elite group of scientists headed to one of the coldest places on Earth to carry out vital research on global warming.

What Exxon Valdez spill can still teach usupdated: Thu Mar 24 2011 10:03:00

The Exxon Valdez catastrophe on March 24, 1989, no longer holds the distinction of being the largest oil spill ever in U.S. waters. In sheer size, it was eclipsed last April by the disastrous well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. But as the Pew Environment Group's video, "Lingering Oil," shows, the lessons of the Exxon Valdez spill are more vital than ever as we approach the first anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and contemplate drilling in the even more challenging Arctic Ocean.

Inuit lives and diets change as ice shiftsupdated: Thu Dec 30 2010 09:25:00

Climate change is altering diets and lifestyles among Inuit people, according to a scientist who has studied the human face of global warming in the Arctic.

Moscow meeting over Arcticupdated: Thu Sep 23 2010 04:35:00

CNN's Matthew Chance explains why leaders are meeting in Russia over the future of the Arctic.

Russia presents vision for Arctic wealthupdated: Thu Sep 23 2010 04:35:00

Three years after Russian divers thrust a rust-proof flag into the seabed below the North Pole, the country is again staking its claim on the Arctic region.

After 40 years of talks, Russia and Norway sign border agreementupdated: Wed Sep 15 2010 14:12:00

Russia and Norway signed a deal Wednesday that defines their maritime border, settling a long-running dispute that has affected commercial fishing and energy interests.

Passengers rescued from grounded Canadian cruise shipupdated: Mon Aug 30 2010 11:36:00

The Canadian Coast Guard finished the job of ferrying passengers Monday from a cruise ship that ran aground on an unmapped rock.

Canadian cruise ship freed by icebreakerupdated: Mon Aug 30 2010 11:36:00

CBC's Waubgeshig Rice talks to passengers who were rescued from the ship after it was grounded in ice.

Canada aids cruise ship stuck in the Arctic Oceanupdated: Mon Aug 30 2010 09:54:00

The Canadian coast guard began ferrying passengers on Sunday from a cruise ship that ran aground on an unmapped rock.

Tracking the renegade glacierupdated: Fri Aug 13 2010 05:14:00

CNN's Brian Todd tracks the glacier that broke off of Greenland.

Massive ice island breaks off Greenlandupdated: Fri Aug 13 2010 05:14:00

A piece of ice four times the size of Manhattan island has broken away from an ice shelf in Greenland, according to scientists in the U.S.

Stunning sea life under melting Arctic iceupdated: Sat Jul 10 2010 11:15:00

An expedition by environmental group Greenpeace has revealed a stunning array of sea life on the Arctic Ocean seabed.

Bright coral beneath the iceupdated: Sat Jul 10 2010 11:15:00

Underwater photographer Gavin Newman shows CNN images filmed by Greenpeace hundreds of meters below the Arctic ice.

Teen set for record-breaking Pole attemptupdated: Tue Mar 23 2010 06:14:00

A 15-year-old schoolboy is planning to make history as the youngest person to ski to the North Pole.

Trek to gauge carbon's impact on Arctic sealifeupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 04:06:00

Two teams of explorers and scientists are on their way to the Arctic for the first international project to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in water beneath the ice.

Arctic explorer prepares for icy swimupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 04:00:00

For polar explorer Ann Daniels, the worst part of this year's expedition to the Arctic won't be enduring bitterly cold temperatures or pulling a 100-kilogram (220-pound) sledge over steep jagged ridges.

Arctic ice to vanish in summer, report saysupdated: Thu Oct 15 2009 18:55:00

New data released Thursday suggests that the Arctic Ocean will be "largely ice free" during summer within a decade.

Report: Polar ice vanishingupdated: Thu Oct 15 2009 18:55:00

A new report says Arctic sea ice will largely disappear in summer within a decade. CNN's Phil Black reports.

Eco-boat attempts perilous Arctic voyageupdated: Wed Jul 22 2009 07:48:00

An eco-friendly French boat is hoping to successfully cross the perilous Arctic sea passage that links the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific.

Sub joining hunt for lost hero Amundsen's planeupdated: Mon Feb 23 2009 15:30:00

Norway's navy announced on Monday that it will help search for the missing plane of 20th century explorer Roald Amundsen, more than 80 years after his death.

Climate changing 'faster, stronger, sooner'updated: Mon Oct 20 2008 12:56:00

Climate change is happening faster than previously predicted according to a new World Wildlife Fund report. Report Says Arctic Temperatures at Record Highsupdated: Thu Oct 16 2008 15:00:00

Autumn temperatures in the Arctic are at record levels, the Arctic Ocean is getting warmer and less salty as sea ice melts, and reindeer herds appear to be declining, researchers reported Thursday 19-Sq-Mile Ice Sheet Breaks Looseupdated: Wed Sep 03 2008 13:00:00

A 19-square-mile ice shelf in Canada's northern Arctic has broken away from Ellesmere Island, surprising scientists who say the floating ice shelf is another dramatic indication of how warmer temperatures are changing the polar frontier

Kayaking the Arctic Circle?updated: Fri Aug 29 2008 04:38:00

One man is kayaking the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole to highlight climate change. ITN's Phil Reay Smith reports. Arctic Sea Ice Nears Record Lowupdated: Wed Aug 27 2008 10:25:00

Arctic Ocean sea ice has melted to the second lowest minimum since satellite observations began, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center

Blair: Climate change a problemupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 16:32:00

American Morning's John Roberts talks with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair about N. Korea and the climate

North Pole could be ice-free this summer, scientists sayupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 16:32:00

The North Pole may be briefly ice-free by September as global warming melts away Arctic sea ice, according to scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Fortune: Hunting for oil beneath the iceupdated: Sat May 03 2008 16:38:00

It's 25 below outside, and the heat in the van is busted. Randy Boyer, a burly ConocoPhillips contractor in thermal coveralls, navigates the slick ice road. "This is nothing," he says, keeping his eye on the thin red line running down the center of the road. "The other week we had a whiteout, and I was stuck in my truck for 36 hours." Right now we're some 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and it's so white outside that the distant horizon appears to blend seamlessly into the blustery sky.

'Doomsday' seed vault opens in Norwayupdated: Thu Feb 28 2008 08:02:00

A vast underground vault storing millions of seeds from around the world took delivery of its first shipment Tuesday.

'Frozen Garden of Eden'updated: Thu Feb 28 2008 08:02:00

CNN's Becky Anderson is in Spitzbergen, Norway, where the 'Doomsday' seed vault is opening today.

'Doomsday' seed vault to open in Norwayupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 03:56:00

A vast underground vault storing millions of seeds from around the world is scheduled to open this week in a mountain on a remote island near the Arctic Ocean.

Far North: Love in a cold climateupdated: Thu Jan 10 2008 10:03:00

Avoiding polar bears and hanging by rope over icy crevasses isn't in an actor's job description for most movies. But then most films aren't shot in the Arctic Circle.

Arctic sea ice cover at record lowupdated: Tue Sep 11 2007 15:20:00

Ice cover in the Arctic Ocean, long held to be an early warning of a changing climate, has shattered the all-time low record this summer, according to scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder.

Russia's claim for Arctic oilupdated: Tue Aug 07 2007 08:09:00

Russia's claim for Arctic oil

Russia 'could claim Arctic region'updated: Sun Jul 01 2007 05:21:00

Scientists say Russia could lay claim to millions of square kilometers of territory under the Arctic Ocean, following their discovery of a link between a major underwater ridge and Russia's coastal shelf, Russian media reports.

Six degrees of devastationupdated: Mon Mar 19 2007 11:37:00

The reality of climate change, and mankind's causal role in the process, are facts that are now almost universally accepted.

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