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Atchafalaya River

Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, has felt the full force of Isaac. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports on rescue efforts.

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Boat tour of Mississippi floodingupdated: Tue May 17 2011 21:45:00

CNN's Martin Savidge takes a boat tour of the flooding in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Resilience and memories run strong in Louisiana flood zoneupdated: Thu May 12 2011 09:04:00

Resilience got Louisianans through what's known as the Flood of 1973, and it will again, says everyone from the governor to local residents once again facing the threat of floods.

Residents' fate rests in spillwayupdated: Wed May 11 2011 12:30:00

Baton Rouge braces for a massive flood if a spillway opens. WBRZ reports.

Mississippi floods beating control systemupdated: Wed May 11 2011 12:30:00

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Monday opened the Bonnet Carré Spillway for the 10th time since 1932. This 7,000-foot structure of gates on the east bank of the Mississippi River, 30 miles above New Orleans, relieves pressure on levees protecting the city by shunting river water into nearby Lake Pontchartrain.

Worries wash through Cajun country as Mississippi floods move southupdated: Tue May 10 2011 20:51:00

Residents of the Atchafalaya Basin in south-central Louisiana are as diverse as the unique waterways that course through the heart of Cajun country.

Jindal tours Louisiana as waters riseupdated: Tue May 10 2011 20:51:00

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tells residents not to panic as rivers swell.

Cleanup work continues in Louisiana city after tornadoupdated: Sun Mar 06 2011 12:49:00

Utility companies will return Sunday to restore power in parts of Rayne, Louisiana, after a tornado pummelled the region, killing at least one person.

Tornado wreaks havoc in Louisianaupdated: Sun Mar 06 2011 12:49:00

A powerful storm sweeps across Louisiana, bringing at least one tornado and wreaking havoc on Mardi Gras festivities.

Mother killed protecting daughter during tornado, mayor saysupdated: Sat Mar 05 2011 23:02:00

A mother died trying to protect her daughter when a tornado hit her home, a Louisiana mayor said, one of at least two twisters tied to a weather system that's caused major damage in the state and wreaked havoc on Mardi Gras festivities.

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