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Greek firefighters get respite, brace for strong windsupdated: Mon Aug 24 2009 16:04:00

The capital of Greece appeared safe from wildfires that have raged for days, firefighters said Monday, but they remained on standby in anticipation of flare-ups caused by strong winds.

High winds drive on Greek wildfiresupdated: Sun Aug 23 2009 12:30:00

Firefighters spent a third day battling a spate of blazes on the suburbs around the Greek capital Sunday amid gale-force winds that whipped on the fires. Richard Deitsch: An up close look at Vin Scully, Friday Night Lights football top Bucket Listupdated: Mon Aug 10 2009 11:29:00

1. Dodger Stadium broadcast booth

Athens: A new look for an old cityupdated: Mon May 11 2009 09:55:00

A century and a half ago, Athens was a humble, forgotten city of about 8,000 people. Today, one out of every three Greeks packs into this city of about 4 million.

Man opens fire at unemployment center in Greece, kills selfupdated: Fri Apr 10 2009 05:53:00

A man, apparently upset at the way his fellow students had been treating him, opened fire outside a training center for the unemployed in Athens on Friday, police said.

Three quit in wake of helicopter prison breakupdated: Mon Feb 23 2009 15:01:00

The director of a maximum-security prison and two of his colleagues resigned Monday after two inmates escaped by helicopter.

Greek shipping boss freed after ransom paymentupdated: Tue Jan 20 2009 07:42:00

Kidnappers released an ailing Greek shipping magnate Tuesday, eight days after abducting him at gunpoint near his home, police said.

Greek terror group: We shot policemanupdated: Thu Jan 15 2009 10:48:00

Greece's most militant terror group has claimed responsibility for shooting and critically injuring a 21-year-old policeman, according to a long statement published Thursday in a local newspaper.

Masked gunmen attack riot police in Athensupdated: Mon Jan 05 2009 10:48:00

Gunmen fired automatic weapons at Greek riot police in Athens Monday, seriously injuring a policeman in an attack police said looked like the work of one of the country's leading Marxist militant groups.

Greek protests after shooting of second teenupdated: Fri Dec 19 2008 08:50:00

Thousands of youths demonstrated in central Athens Friday as anger flared in the Greek capital following the shooting of another teenager.

Greek protests move into second weekupdated: Mon Dec 15 2008 06:37:00

Greece was bracing for more riots Monday as students angry over the police killing of a 15-year-old boy in Athens threatened to take demonstrations that have left the country in turmoil into a second week.

Athens riots hurt economyupdated: Mon Dec 15 2008 06:37:00

CNN's Phil Black reports on how the riots in Athens are hurting the local economy.

Greek protesters call for more actionupdated: Sun Dec 14 2008 05:55:00

Greek students have called for daily protests starting Monday, 10 days after the police killing of a 15-year-old boy in Athens sparked demonstrations that have thrown the country into turmoil.

Athens rocked by 7th day of clashesupdated: Fri Dec 12 2008 21:19:00

Youths smashed windows and threw rocks at police in central Athens Friday, the seventh day of clashes that erupted after a police officer killed a 15-year-old boy last Saturday.

Athens calms, but protesters vow more fightingupdated: Fri Dec 12 2008 06:12:00

Athens was mostly calm Thursday, allowing many Athenians to return to work for the first time in days, but protesters warned they were preparing themselves for street fights after nightfall.

Clashes, strike shut down Athensupdated: Thu Dec 11 2008 01:56:00

The Greek government was struggling to bring violent protests under control Wednesday, five days after they were sparked by the police killing of a teenager.

Violence flares at Greek teen's funeralupdated: Wed Dec 10 2008 00:05:00

Protesters clashed with riot police and 10,000 people marched on parliament in Greece as a 15-year-old boy killed by police was buried Tuesday.

Rioting rages in Greece for third dayupdated: Tue Dec 09 2008 01:59:00

Authorities vowed to re-impose order after demonstrators rose up across Greece Monday in a third day of rioting over Saturday's killing of a 15-year-old boy that has left dozens injured and scores of properties destroyed.

Riots continue across Greece after teen killed by policeupdated: Mon Dec 08 2008 00:54:00

Bursts of tear gas exploded in downtown Athens as police continued to battle hundreds of young self-styled anarchists rioting Sunday in major cities across Greece.

Transport strike brings Greece to a haltupdated: Wed Oct 08 2008 07:11:00

Greece's air, rail and urban transport came to a grinding halt Wednesday as the country's biggest labor union staged a 24-hour nationwide strike in protest of the government's plan to sell off the state's ailing carrier Olympic Airlines.

Greek Acropolis plan draws religious backlashupdated: Mon Sep 01 2008 21:56:00

Defying police presence and a thunderous downpour, dozens of Greek pagans huddled near the Parthenon in Athens on Sunday, holding a protest prayer for a museum being built at the foot of the sacred site.

Beheading suspect hospitalizedupdated: Tue Aug 05 2008 11:10:00

A man suspected of beheading his girlfriend is hospitalized after he was shot by police.

Athens' cinematic secretupdated: Fri Aug 01 2008 13:43:00

Editor's note: Watch CNN's "The Screening Room" meet the cast of blockbuster musical "Mamma Mia!" and double Oscar-winning Greek director Constantin Costa-Gavras in Greece at the following times: Friday 25 July at 1730 and on Saturday 26 July 0730 and 1330 (all times GMT.)

The Cinema Museumupdated: Fri Aug 01 2008 13:43:00

The Screening Room visits a remarkable collection of cinematic history in Athens. James Stacey Camera/Editor Alexander Wolff: The Redeem Teamupdated: Tue Jul 22 2008 14:41:00

If Jerry Colangelo had doubts that his vision would take, they began to evaporate in the fall of 2005, shortly after Milwaukee Bucks swingman Michael Redd walked into a Chicago hotel suite for an interview with Colangelo, the man appointed to reverse the slide in the global fortunes of U.S. basketball. Dressed in sweats and with a garment bag slung over his shoulder, Redd greeted the former Phoenix Suns owner, then asked to duck into the john. Moments later he emerged -- in a suit and tie.

Worker strike turns violentupdated: Thu Mar 20 2008 10:01:00

Greek workers protesting against government pension reforms in Athens, Greece clashed with riot police Wednesday.

Coventry breaks second-oldest recordupdated: Sat Feb 16 2008 17:27:00

Zimbabwean Kirsty Coventry broke the women's 200m backstroke world record in Columbia on Saturday with a time of 2min 06.39sec at the Missouri Grand Prix long course swimming meeting.

Earthquake jolts Greeceupdated: Sun Jan 06 2008 01:38:00

A powerful earthquake measured at magnitude 6.1 and centered about 75 miles southwest of Athens startled residents of southern Greece Sunday morning, but there were no immediate reports of damage. General Strike Hits Greeceupdated: Wed Dec 12 2007 09:00:00

Tens of thousands of demonstrators jammed central Athens and the northern city of Thessaloniki on Wednesday in a general strike

Mainland Greece's top stopsupdated: Mon Nov 05 2007 13:49:00

I was in Athens, on a rooftop restaurant under a floodlit Acropolis, marveling at how a Greek salad never gets boring. It was the last day of a trip I enjoyed with my wife Anne. I was reviewing, as I always do after completing an itinerary, how effectively our time was spent. We had kept our focus more on seeing historic sights on the mainland rather than luxuriating on Aegean Islands. Given that focus, here are the top 10 stops -- in itinerary order -- that make what I consider the best two weeks Greece has to offer:

Greek revival: High style in Athensupdated: Wed Oct 24 2007 14:06:00

Since the 2004 Olympics, Greece's ancient capital, Athens, has undergone a much-needed face-lift. And with a new look drawing international attention, the city is hitting its stride.

Hydra, Greece: Magical island a world away from Athensupdated: Tue Oct 16 2007 09:55:00

The Greek island of Hydra (two hours south of Athens by hydrofoil) has one town, no real roads, no cars, not even any bikes. Zippy taxi boats whisk you from the brisk little port to isolated beaches and tavernas. Sure-footed beasts of burden climb stepped lanes -- laden with everything from sandbags and bathtubs to bottled water. Behind each mule-train toils a human pooper-scooper. I imagine picking up after your beast is required.

Official: Greek fires inch closer to Olympic cradleupdated: Mon Aug 27 2007 03:29:00

The wildfires that have scorched southern Greece, killing dozens of people, reached the ancient city of Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic games, an official said Sunday.

Greek firesupdated: Fri Aug 17 2007 06:50:00

Greek fires

Athens wild fire under controlupdated: Fri Aug 17 2007 06:50:00

A forest fire that torched thousands of acres of pristine pine forest and dozens of homes in the northern suburbs of Athens is now under control, fire brigade officials said on Friday. Alabama Town May Vote Itself Dryupdated: Tue Aug 14 2007 11:00:00

A measure to end the sale of alcohol in Athens, Ala., is up for a citywide vote, a rare instance where voters could overturn a previous vote to allow sales Gavin Hamilton: UEFA, Liverpool point fingers in Champions fiascoupdated: Mon Jun 04 2007 04:09:00

Liverpool fans are the worst behaved in Europe. So says European governing body UEFA in a report compiled by undercover police which details some 25 incidents involving Liverpool supporters in recent years.

Lost worlds become virtual heritageupdated: Tue May 08 2007 11:28:00

Six of the seven Ancient Wonders of the World have vanished into history, like the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which crumbled into the sea after an earthquake, and the Statue of Zeus, destroyed by fire thousands of years ago. Only the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt remain on the list.

Player of the Year Gala called offupdated: Thu Nov 02 2006 09:04:00

Greece has cancelled the annual FIFPro World Player of the Year award gala, less than a week before it was to be held in Athens, officials have said.

Greek police recover stolen 700-year-old Christian icon updated: Sat Sep 23 2006 13:57:00

Greek police on Saturday retrieved one of the most sacred symbols of Greece, a 700-year-old icon of the Virgin Mary that was stolen from a remote monastery in a stunning robbery more than a month ago.

Athens explosion shakes ministryupdated: Thu Dec 22 2005 16:04:00

A small bomb exploded Thursday night in the center of Athens, Greece, near the Ministry of Development, slightly damaging nearby shops but causing no known casualties, police said.

Money Magazine: Where You'll Liveupdated: Mon Dec 12 2005 16:39:00

ese days and you'll see that the demographic landscape has changed: Seniors by the score are now mixed in among the dewy coeds, attending classes, queuing up for cultural offerings and just soaking up the energy. It shouldn't come as a surprise. For a large number of retirees, easy access to cultural events and educational opportunities has always been at least as important as year-round sunshine and well-groomed golf courses. And a collegiate environment has even more appeal in the new era of retirement, in which it's increasingly important to continue expanding your skills and knowledge base well beyond traditional retirement age. Many universities have responded by creating academic courses specifically for seniors. A decade ago, only a few dozen colleges offered such programs; today more than 300 institutions do. Other schools allow seniors to audit classes at little or no cost, fund community programs for older folks and even build housing for them. ...

Explosion rocks central Athensupdated: Mon Dec 12 2005 01:37:00

A massive explosion shook central Athens Monday morning, causing extensive damage to an area near the Finance Ministry and the central post office, a ministry spokesman said.

Greek Nov. 17 terror group appealupdated: Fri Dec 02 2005 05:32:00

An appeal has started in a Greek court for members of the November 17 terrorist group, who were convicted for their roles in a terror spree -- including murders and bombings -- spanning more than a quarter of a century.

Money Magazine: Where You'll Liveupdated: Tue Nov 01 2005 00:01:00

Until recently, anyone over 60 spotted around a university campus was presumed to be either a professor or an aging alum riding a nostalgia trip. But walk the streets of almost any college town the...

'Mayday' calls from doomed jetupdated: Mon Aug 22 2005 08:42:00

A "tired or weakened" man sent two "Mayday" calls from a Cypriot airliner before it mysteriously crashed in Greece, killing all 121 people aboard, according to a preliminary report on the accident by a Greek investigator.

Attendant's blood found in cockpitupdated: Sat Aug 20 2005 16:04:00

Authorities on Saturday verified that blood found in the cockpit of the Cypriot airliner that crashed near Athens, Greece, this week was that of a flight attendant, according to a source close to the investigation.

'Freeze' message from jet was hoaxupdated: Tue Aug 16 2005 07:31:00

A text message reportedly sent to a relative by a "freezing" passenger onboard the Cypriot airliner that crashed in Greece, killing all 121 people onboard, was a hoax and the sender has been arrested, the airline says.

Pilot 'alive when plane crashed'updated: Tue Aug 16 2005 04:08:00

The co-pilot of a Cyprus airliner that crashed killing all 121 on board was alive when the plane went down, according to the chief coroner of the investigation.

Victims may have died before crashupdated: Mon Aug 15 2005 03:07:00

The flight recorders from the Cypriot airliner that crashed near Athens will be sent to France for examination to determine why it went down, possibly with all 121 people on board already dead.

Cypriot jet crashes in Greece; 121 deadupdated: Sun Aug 14 2005 05:49:00

A Cypriot plane with "no sign of life" in its cockpit while approaching Athens crashed into a mountain near Marathon on Sunday, Greek officials said. They said all 121 people aboard died.

Athens anarchists release hostagesupdated: Tue May 10 2005 22:13:00

A group of anarchists took 150 hostages in a six-hour standoff with police after they were angered by the sight of private security guards' cars illegally parked at a university in central Athens, a government official said Wednesday.

British celebrate more track gloryupdated: Mon Mar 28 2005 08:23:00

Robert Hayes and Mark Cavendish won the men's madison on the final day of the world track cycling championships for Britain's fourth gold medal.

Greek bus hijacking ends peacefullyupdated: Wed Dec 15 2004 00:30:00

Two armed hijackers who had threatened to blow up a commuter bus in Greece released all of their remaining captives early Thursday and surrendered to authorities.

Germany could lose equestrian goldupdated: Thu Nov 11 2004 12:54:00

Germany, stripped of two equestrian golds in Athens, will almost certainly lose a third title after two of its show jumping horses failed dope tests.

Shaheen breaks steeplechase recordupdated: Fri Sep 03 2004 15:35:00

Saif Saeed Shaheen shattered the world steeplechase record at the Brussels Golden League meeting.

China takes the Olympic limelightupdated: Mon Aug 30 2004 02:57:00

The Olympic Games as we know them are over. From legend to legend the baton has been passed.

Beijing gears up for 2008updated: Sun Aug 29 2004 22:48:00

Although the Beijing Olympics is still four years away, the Chinese capital is already gearing up to host the event.

Athens bids farewell to the Gamesupdated: Sun Aug 29 2004 14:20:00

The Athens Games came to a close, as they started, with a spectacular ceremony in front of a crowd of 75,000 at the Olympic Stadium.

Powell pulls out of Athens visitupdated: Sat Aug 28 2004 04:46:00

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has pulled out of a visit to Athens to attend Sunday's closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games, U.S. officials said.

Brazilian Grael claims fifth medalupdated: Thu Aug 26 2004 12:16:00

Brazilian Torben Grael has made history by becoming the first sailor to win five Olympic medals.

CNNMoney: Going for the (ad) goldupdated: Thu Aug 26 2004 11:38:00

Dozens of U.S. athletes won gold medals at the Olympics that wrapped up Sunday in Athens. But only a fraction of those winners are likely to strike advertising gold after the games.

Big bag of surprises at Athensupdated: Mon Aug 23 2004 05:03:00

If it is surprise you were after, Athens 2004 is delivering them by the bucket load.

Athens warms to Olympic spiritupdated: Mon Aug 23 2004 04:25:00

The Athens Games were off to a bumpy start.

Soldier shot dead at biking venueupdated: Mon Aug 23 2004 04:09:00

A Greek soldier has been shot dead while on patrol at the Olympic mountain bike course near Athens.

Tutu man sentenced to five monthsupdated: Wed Aug 18 2004 11:07:00

Canadian Ron Bensinhom, who caused a security alert by jumping off the three-meter board at the Olympic diving venue dressed in a tutu, has been sentenced to five months in prison, an Athens police spokeswoman told CNN.

CNNMoney: Athens battles ghost of Sydneyupdated: Tue Aug 17 2004 11:20:00

American swimmer Michael Phelps and NBC have something in common: With expectations high, both got off to a shaky start at the Olympics, but both are now showing signs that things have turned around.

Story Archive -- Athens 2004 updated: Mon Aug 16 2004 07:38:00

The Olympic Games returned to their birthplace in Greece after 108 years. This is an archive of all related stories on

Athens struggles to fill stadiumsupdated: Mon Aug 16 2004 04:48:00

Athens 2004 may have seen some world records tumble in the sporting arena but so far records are not broken when it comes to box office sales.

Greek sprinters in criminal probeupdated: Mon Aug 16 2004 04:28:00

Greek sprinters Costas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou face a criminal investigation over missed drugs tests and a motorcycle accident, judicial sources say.

Du Li claims first gold in Athensupdated: Sat Aug 14 2004 04:53:00

China's Du Li claimed the first gold medal of the 28th Olympic Games in Athens, with a victory in the women's 10-meter air rifle event.

Glittering opening for Olympicsupdated: Fri Aug 13 2004 01:31:00

The Olympic Games returned to their birthplace in Greece on Friday after 108 years with a glittering ceremony set to put to memory thoughts of construction delays and doping scandals.

Money Magazine: A Procrastinator's Guide To The Games There's still time to book a trip to the Athens Olympics. You may even be glad you waitedupdated: Sun Aug 01 2004 00:01:00

Athletes have dedicated years, even decades, to practicing and training, inching their way, one competition after another, closer to next month's Olympic Games in Athens. You, on the other hand, ca...

Business 2.0: Why Beijing Is Running Rings Around Athensupdated: Sun Aug 01 2004 00:01:00

The 2004 Olympics are only a hop, skip, and long jump away. But just when corporate sponsors should begin cashing in on the Games' historic return to their birthplace, they're instead looking beyon...

Athens' smog may be hurdle for Olympic athletesupdated: Fri Jul 30 2004 10:30:00

Olympic runner Ryan Tolbert-Jackson is familiar with the effects of smog. She has asthma, which was triggered after she competed at the 1997 World Championships in Athens.

Ecstatic homecoming for Greeceupdated: Mon Jul 05 2004 12:07:00

Tens of thousands of Greeks praised their footballing heroes at the country's Panathinaiko stadium -- home of the modern Olympics.

CNNMoney: Olympics: sky-high prices are fallingupdated: Mon Jun 14 2004 17:04:00

The Olympic torch arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday on its journey to Athens. Back in the Greek capital, nearly every hotel has hiked its room rates for the Games, some to breathtaking heights.

Athens falls short for green Gamesupdated: Thu Jun 03 2004 10:40:00

Athens, host of this year's Olympics opening on August 13, has fallen short of organisers' promises for a green Games, the U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) said.

Transsexual athletes OK for Athensupdated: Mon May 17 2004 23:55:00

Transsexuals will be allowed to compete in the Olympics for the first time in a ruling that will go into effect at this year's games in Athens.

IOC: No doubts over Athens Gamesupdated: Wed May 12 2004 04:04:00

The International Olympic Committee says it no longer doubts whether Athens will be ready to host this year's Summer Games.

Athens increases security budgetupdated: Tue May 11 2004 09:51:00

The security budget for this year's Athens Olympic Games could reach one million euros ($1.2 billion), Greece's Public Order Minister Yiorgos Voulgarakis said on Tuesday.

Athens' Olympic roof rises at lastupdated: Mon May 10 2004 13:35:00

Organizers of this summer's Olympic Games in Athens have breathed a sigh of relief after the main stadium's roof began its long-awaited slide into position.

Athens launches 100-day countdownupdated: Wed May 05 2004 04:01:00

Ceremonies planned to mark the 100-day countdown to the Athens Olympic Games have been overshadowed by three bomb blasts in the Greek capital.

Attack sparks new Olympic fearsupdated: Wed May 05 2004 00:01:00

Three bomb blasts outside an Athens police station have raised new security concerns about the city's hosting of the Olympic Games.

Athens' Olympic roof delayed againupdated: Tue May 04 2004 05:45:00

Athens Olympic organizers have again delayed beginning work on a spectacular dome that is intended to be the architectural centerpiece of this summer's Games.

Time running out for Athens' roofupdated: Mon Apr 26 2004 09:23:00

Athens Olympic organizers have just one day left to begin work on a spectacular dome that is intended to be the architectural centerpiece of this summer's Games.

Olympic warning to Greek strikersupdated: Wed Mar 31 2004 03:55:00

A strike by two million Greek workers has prompted Olympic organisers to warn Athens that any more action could threaten the Games in August.

Athens in race against timeupdated: Thu Mar 25 2004 07:43:00

The heat is on for Athens to be ready for the Olympic Games this August.

Athens still has a long way to goupdated: Wed Mar 17 2004 04:43:00

It's almost standard practice for the president of the International Olympic Committee to close each games by praising them as the "best ever."

Fortune: Death By Psychobabbleupdated: Mon Oct 11 1999 00:01:00

Why They Kill: The Discoveries of a Maverick Criminologist by Richard Rhodes Knopf, 371 pages

Fortune: A LESSON FROM 431 B.C. The idea that corporate culture can help you win dates back to ancient Greece. And it's still true.updated: Mon Oct 13 1986 00:01:00

Unless you've been off exploring Antarctica the past couple of years, you are well aware that managers are spending a great deal of time these days pondering corporate culture. Among management fad...

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