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CNNMoney: What's for dinner in 2006updated: Tue Jan 10 2006 08:26:00

Now that the Atkins diet craze is dead -- the low-carb craze creator Atkins Nutritionals filed for bankruptcy in 2005 -- what'll be the next fad for food companies to jump on?

Fortune: Diet stocks for the post-Atkins age updated: Mon Oct 31 2005 00:01:00

The bankruptcy filing of Atkins Nutritionals in late July signaled the twilight of America's latest diet obsession, as carb counters realized, to their amazement, that man cannot live on pork rinds...

Business 2.0: Can Atkins Exploit Success?updated: Mon Mar 01 2004 00:01:00

These should be fat times for Atkins Nutritionals. As growing numbers of overweight Americans embrace reduced-carbohydrate foods, they're fueling a diet craze estimated to be worth $10 billion this...

Money Magazine: Makin' Baconupdated: Sun Feb 01 2004 00:01:00

Face it, you can't escape Atkins. Some 32 million Americans are on some version of the high-protein, low-carb diet. But what we want to know is, can you profit from this mania?

Fortune: Atkins World When did carbs replace fat as nutritional enemy No. 1? What does it mean for the pork-rind industry? Is Wonder Breaupdated: Mon Jan 12 2004 00:01:00

The Lexus RX-300--license plate EGGMAN1--barrels west on Route 30 in Pennsylvania's York County. We're on the road to Wellsville, a farm community blanketed in December's first snowfall. At the whe...

Business 2.0: Dr. Atkins Is Getting Fat It's not his waistline that's growing--it's his wallet. Here's how Atkins Nutritionals turned the dietupdated: Tue Apr 01 2003 00:01:00

Robert Atkins doesn't want dessert. "I've got to lose 3 pounds," says the famed diet doctor, sitting in a French restaurant near his home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He passes on the creme...

Business 2.0: Dieting for Dollars These are boom times for the weight-loss industry. Can the big food companies be far behind?updated: Tue Apr 01 2003 00:01:00

Americans have never been bigger--and neither has the diet industry.

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