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When Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine rocked the political world with her announcement that she would not seek a fourth term in the Senate, she was forthright in expressing her frustration with "an atmosphere of polarization" in politics.

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Competing infrastructure spending measures fail in Senate updated: Thu Nov 03 2011 22:03:00

In a pair of votes aimed more at making political points than law, the Senate rejected competing Democratic and Republican proposals to boost construction of roadways and other infrastructure projects.

CNNMoney: Repeal 'onerous' IRS rule: Lawmakersupdated: Fri Jan 21 2011 05:26:00

Now that House Republicans have had their token show-vote on the health care law, Congress is turning its attention to one small provision that everyone agrees should be repealed.

DREAM act fails to move forwardupdated: Sat Dec 18 2010 13:33:00

A Senate procedural vote on Saturday failed to keep the DREAM Act from moving forward.

Procedural vote on DREAM Act fails in Senateupdated: Sat Dec 18 2010 13:33:00

A bill that offers a path to citizenship to some illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children failed a procedural vote in the Senate on Saturday.

Key Democrats split with Obama on taxesupdated: Wed Sep 08 2010 18:23:00

Despite President Obama's accusation Wednesday that Republicans are holding middle class income tax cuts "hostage" by tying them to an extension of tax cuts for wealthier Americans, the reality is several Democratic senators also oppose allowing President Bush's tax cuts for higher earners to expire.

CNNMoney: The great tax debateupdated: Fri Aug 06 2010 13:06:00

One of the certainties of life -- taxes -- suddenly is terribly uncertain, and not just for high-earners.

16-year-old suspected in stabbing death of 11-year-old girlupdated: Tue Aug 03 2010 21:58:00

Two young sisters in Littlerock, California, were stabbed Tuesday, leaving one dead and the other critically injured, police said.

CNNMoney: Jobless benefits restored for millionsupdated: Thu Jul 22 2010 19:43:00

Millions of jobless Americans are getting their unemployment benefits back.

Democrat Ben Nelson goes against his party -- againupdated: Thu Jul 22 2010 10:46:00

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson is not afraid to buck his party when it comes to fiscal issues.

Obama urges Senate to act on jobsupdated: Thu Jul 22 2010 10:46:00

President Obama says Congress must act to help people who have been unable to find jobs.

CNNMoney: GOP again blocks Wall Street reform debateupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 18:07:00

Senate Democrats failed Tuesday - for the second time in two days - to muster the 60 votes needed to start debating Wall Street reform.

CNNMoney: Senate delayed on Wall Street reformupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 10:53:00

Senate Democrats failed to muster enough votes Monday to take up Wall Street reform, with a key Democrat voting with Republicans against the push to get the debate started.

Unemployment benefit bill moves forward in Senateupdated: Wed Mar 10 2010 04:14:00

A nearly $140 billion bill to extend unemployment benefits and a host of expiring tax cuts cleared a procedural hurdle Tuesday in the Senate on a vote of 66-34.

Senate OKs jobs bill on bipartisan voteupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 10:56:00

The Senate passed a $15 billion jobs bill Wednesday on a 70-28 vote.

Dueling job billsupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 10:56:00

CNN's Christine Romans compares the jobs bill passed by the Senate with one approved by the House.

Pelosi promises health care reform winupdated: Wed Jan 27 2010 18:07:00

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted Wednesday that Congress will pass a health care reform bill, despite recent setbacks that have raised new questions about the changing political climate.

Harry Reid playing Santa with your moneyupdated: Wed Dec 23 2009 06:42:00

We are approaching the eve of Christmas and maybe in that spirit, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid morphed into Santa Claus, giving out presents to the little boys and girls who were naughty and (not so) nice this year.

Conservative Dem defends dealupdated: Tue Dec 22 2009 21:47:00

In a CNN Exclusive, Nebraska Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson explains his health care negotiations on 'State of the Union.'

Special deals, carve-outs keep health care afloatupdated: Tue Dec 22 2009 11:56:00

Democrats call it compromise. Republicans call it bribery. But both sides agree that special deals are why the Senate is on track to pass a health care bill by Christmas.

'We're on the one yard line'updated: Sun Dec 20 2009 23:40:00

Obama adviser David Axelrod tells John King that his administration is on the cusp of reforming health care.

Senate pushes to pass bill by holidayupdated: Sun Dec 20 2009 23:40:00

Senate Democrats braved the aftermath of a blizzard Sunday to continue their push to pass a sweeping health care bill before Christmas.

Health reform by Christmas?updated: Fri Dec 18 2009 21:09:00

Liberal critics rise up against reform bill. CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks with Pres. Obama's Senior Adviser David Axelrod.

GOP rips Senate health care timelineupdated: Fri Dec 18 2009 21:09:00

Partisan tensions exploded Friday as Republicans laced into Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's possible plan to unveil a revised Senate health care bill over the weekend and pass it before Christmas.

Health care debate gets heatedupdated: Fri Dec 18 2009 11:02:00

Senators Debbie Stabenow and Orrin Hatch get into a heated debate about health care

Senate Democratic leaders face potential revolt from liberals, social conservativesupdated: Fri Dec 18 2009 11:02:00

Simmering liberal angst over the Senate health care bill threatened to boil over Thursday as a critical labor union threatened a new fight over provisions that were dropped to attract more moderate supporters.

Latinas need voice in abortion debateupdated: Fri Dec 11 2009 15:31:00

When Justice Sonia Sotomayor delivered her oath last summer, many women -- and especially Latinas -- felt renewed hope as a champion of women's rights took her place on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Will health care deal hold?updated: Fri Dec 11 2009 10:29:00

CNN's Dana Bash reports on the Senate Democrats' tentative deal on health care reform.

Senate Democrats eye alternatives to public optionupdated: Mon Dec 07 2009 22:20:00

Liberal and moderate Senate Democrats said Monday they may be nearing agreement on a package of alternatives to a government-run public health insurance option in the chamber's sweeping health care bill.

Senate OKs health care amendment on mammogram accessupdated: Thu Dec 03 2009 20:43:00

The Senate took another step forward in the health care debate Thursday, casting its first votes on what is certain to be a long series of politically charged amendments.

Debate open on health care billupdated: Mon Nov 23 2009 12:04:00

The Senate narrowly votes to open debate on its version of the health care bill. Brendan Gage reports.

With dissension in the ranks, health care bill moves aheadupdated: Mon Nov 23 2009 12:04:00

Senate Democrats cleared a major hurdle this weekend by voting to move ahead with debate on health care reform, but it was hardly a unified party standing behind the bill.

Health care rhetoric heats up before key voteupdated: Sat Nov 21 2009 08:13:00

Traditional Senate decorum yielded to brass-knuckle politicking Friday in the health care debate as top Democrats sought to close party ranks before a key procedural vote this weekend.

Health care bill 'saves money'updated: Sat Nov 21 2009 08:13:00

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the health care bill will 'not add a dime' to the national deficit.

Costs may sink health care billupdated: Fri Nov 20 2009 16:22:00

CNN's team of analysts debates what Democrats will need to do to pass health care reform legislation through the Senate.

CNNMoney: Senate Dems push $848 billion health care billupdated: Thu Nov 19 2009 10:23:00

Top Senate Democrats are preparing to defend their sweeping health care reform bill Thursday, one day after unveiling the measure on a sharply polarized Capitol Hill.

Wooing moderate Nelson could be a tough task for Senate Democratsupdated: Fri Nov 13 2009 19:12:00

Sixty. It's the magic number of votes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs to move his health care reform bill to the Senate floor and tamp down filibuster threats by Republicans.

What if health care reform fails?updated: Fri Nov 13 2009 19:12:00

Wolf Blizter looks at the possible fallout if congress fails to deliver a health care reform bill.

King: Optional public option risky strategyupdated: Mon Oct 26 2009 09:49:00

To: Interested parties From: John King, CNN chief national correspondent Re: Monday Memo Washington (CNN) -- It is a busy week ahead, to say the least, and perhaps a telling one in the health care debate.

CNNMoney: Senate health bill will include public optionupdated: Mon Oct 26 2009 06:28:00

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is poised to proceed with plans to introduce a Senate health care bill with a public health insurance option that would allow states to opt out, a senior aide to Reid told CNN on Sunday.

Senator signals possible health care compromiseupdated: Sun Sep 06 2009 16:36:00

A moderate Senate Democrat said Sunday he could support a health-care bill that includes a provision for possibly bringing in a government-funded public health insurance option in the future.

Minnesota and health careupdated: Sun Sep 06 2009 16:36:00

CNN's John King visits the St. Paul, Minnesota state fair, to get the public's thoughts on health care.

Stimulus bill snag worked out, sources sayupdated: Wed Feb 11 2009 22:51:00

Negotiators have worked out a disagreement between the Senate and House over education funding in the economic stimulus bill, Democratic leadership sources said Wednesday evening.

CNNMoney: Deal struck on economic stimulus packageupdated: Wed Feb 11 2009 18:37:00

Democratic leadership sources say they have worked out a way around the disagreement between the Senate and House over education funding in the economic stimulus bill.

CNNMoney: Stimulus bill passes key Senate hurdleupdated: Mon Feb 09 2009 18:48:00

The Obama administration's $827 billion economic stimulus plan moved toward passage in the Senate on Monday as a compromise version of the bill cleared a key procedural hurdle.

CNNMoney: Senate stimulus bill to cost $838 billionupdated: Mon Feb 09 2009 18:40:00

The amended economic recovery bill that the Senate is expected to pass on Tuesday would increase the deficit by $838 billion over 10 years, the Congressional Budget Office estimated on Monday.

Tentative deal on stimulusupdated: Sat Feb 07 2009 09:55:00

CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviews a CNN panel on what the stimulus means after a tentative agreement on the bill.

Vote expected Tuesday on stimulus after bipartisan dealupdated: Sat Feb 07 2009 09:55:00

U.S. senators began debate on a massive economic-recovery package Friday evening, after a working coalition of Democrats and some Republicans reached a compromise that trimmed billions in spending from an earlier version.

CNNMoney: Big push for smaller stimulusupdated: Thu Feb 05 2009 21:14:00

Tens of billions smaller and more precisely targeted.

CNNMoney: Senators work to scrub $819B stimulus billupdated: Sun Feb 01 2009 14:30:00

Two senators spending the weekend trying to hammer out a stimulus bill free of unnecessary spending said Sunday they are hopeful they can develop legislation that's both bipartisan and effective.

Bipartisan stimulus planupdated: Sun Feb 01 2009 13:56:00

A Senate coalition is working on a bipartisan stimulus bill that would strip out billions. CNN's Dana Bash reports.

Senators work for bipartisan support on stimulusupdated: Sun Feb 01 2009 13:56:00

As the stimulus debate heads to the Senate, some lawmakers say the proposed economic rescue plan doesn't represent the bipartisan spirit that President Obama hoped would be behind it.

Stimulus Bill Extrasupdated: Fri Jan 30 2009 18:39:00

A closer look at some of the spending measures found in the new stimulus bill. Tom Foreman reports.

Senate bracing for a 'hard slog' on stimulus billupdated: Fri Jan 30 2009 18:39:00

Democrats admit it's going to be a tough fight to get President Obama's economic stimulus plan passed with bipartisan support, but they are optimistic it can be done.

Fortune: Time for a seismic shift in the offshore drilling debateupdated: Fri Aug 22 2008 15:44:00

President Bush may want to end the ban on offshore drilling, but you wouldn't know it from his administration's failure to obey a key directive in the 2005 Energy Act.

Congress 'ought to be working'updated: Wed Aug 06 2008 07:36:00

Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana is one Republican staging a revolt over energy policy.

Senate Cloture Vote on Immigration Reform 6/28updated: Thu Jun 28 2007 13:01:00

As compiled through Senate LIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate. Champions event refuses to go down the drainupdated: Mon May 14 2007 18:00:00

CONCORD, Mass. (AP) -- The local seniors tour event has a strategy to deal with the New England weather that could be borrowed straight from the old Boston Braves: Dig and drain and pray for no rain.

Senate passes stem-cell funding billupdated: Wed Apr 11 2007 19:47:00

The Senate approved a measure that would roll back President Bush's 2001 limits on embryonic stem-cell research Wednesday afternoon, but the margin was short of the two-thirds needed to override a promised veto.

Tornadoes kill at least 19 in Floridaupdated: Fri Feb 02 2007 06:45:00

At least 19 people were killed in one county Friday as catastrophic storms packing tornadoes raked across central Florida.

Alberto losing steam over South Carolinaupdated: Wed Jun 14 2006 03:03:00

Alberto -- the first named storm of the Atlantic's 2006 hurricane season -- weakened to a tropical depression over South Carolina early Wednesday.

Weakened Alberto heading to South Carolinaupdated: Tue Jun 13 2006 02:44:00

Tropical Storm Alberto blew across south Georgia on Tuesday evening with winds of 40 mph as it made its way to South Carolina, leaving heavy rains in its wake but only a portion of the havoc that coastal residents had expected.

Divided Senate passes budget blueprintupdated: Thu Mar 16 2006 21:24:00

The Senate on Thursday narrowly passed a $2.8 trillion budget blueprint for 2007 after disputes between moderate and conservative Republicans over spending nearly scuttled its passage.

Single Democrat defects on Alito voteupdated: Wed Jan 18 2006 16:34:00

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito has the confirmation vote of at least one Senate Democrat but several other Democrats said Wednesday they had lingering questions about the nominee and will vote against him.

Bush disappointed by Alito hearings scheduleupdated: Fri Nov 04 2005 11:26:00

President Bush -- who had wanted an up-or-down vote on his Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito, by the end of the year -- said Friday he was disappointed that hearings on his nominee will not begin until January.

Alito hearings to begin in Januaryupdated: Thu Nov 03 2005 17:09:00

Confirmation hearings are to begin in January for Samuel Alito, President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court seat held by retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Thursday.

Tropical storm hits northeast Floridaupdated: Wed Oct 05 2005 07:49:00

Tropical Storm Tammy came ashore just south of the Georgia-Florida border Wednesday evening, hours after popping up off Florida's northeast coast, the National Hurricane Center said.

Southeast Florida braces for Katrinaupdated: Wed Aug 24 2005 07:50:00

Officials warned millions of people living in southeast Florida to prepare for Tropical Storm Katrina, which forecasters said could strike the coast as a minimal hurricane late Thursday or early Friday.

'Gang of 14' members cast doubt on court stalemateupdated: Thu Jul 21 2005 05:22:00

Three members of the Senate's "Gang of 14" are downplaying the possibility of a Democratic filibuster to block the nomination of Judge John Roberts Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Moderates cast doubt on court stalemateupdated: Wed Jul 20 2005 04:04:00

President Bush's pick for the Supreme Court made a round of courtesy calls to top lawmakers Wednesday, with a key group of moderates casting doubt on the possibility of a stalemate in the Senate.

Clock ticking for Senate compromise updated: Sun May 22 2005 16:35:00

Senators attempting to reach a deal on judicial filibusters said Sunday they would continue working toward a compromise with a crucial vote set for Tuesday.

Showdown looms on Senate filibusterupdated: Mon May 16 2005 04:41:00

Leading senators gathered Sunday evening at Majority Leader Bill Frist's home for what his Democratic counterpart described as a social occasion -- a get-together held in the shadow of a looming showdown over President Bush's judicial nominees.

Sources: Dem approached for agriculture postupdated: Wed Nov 17 2004 19:34:00

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska has been approached about becoming agriculture secretary in the Bush administration, according to two sources.

Senators seek demolition of Iraqi prisonupdated: Wed May 05 2004 20:41:00

A bipartisan group of senators is urging the Pentagon to demolish the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in order to exorcise a symbol of both Saddam Hussein's torture chambers and an embarrassing episode for the U.S. military.

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