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Research In Motion has begun manufacturing "beta" or test units of its next generation BlackBerry 10 devices, signalling that the Canadian manufacturer of the BlackBerry family of smartphones is on track to begin sales of the new handsets early next year.

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RIM has a case of the BlackBerry bluesupdated: Wed Aug 15 2012 05:52:00

Kristie Lu Stout examines RIM's potentially grim future with Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Geller.

CNNMoney: Research in Motion: Just call it the BleakBerryupdated: Mon May 07 2012 15:51:00

It's hard to find a stock that is hated more on Wall Street -- and, for that matter, on Bay Street in Toronto -- than Research in Motion.

Opinion: The challenges facing BlackBerry maker, RIMupdated: Fri Mar 30 2012 11:45:00

Research In Motion has a battle on its hands if it is to win back the hearts and minds of the smartphone-buying public. Earnings are down, sales are down, and now the company is battling rumors that it is pulling out of the consumer market altogether.

BlackBerry in your car and in your handsupdated: Fri Mar 30 2012 11:45:00

CNN's Jim Boulden talks to Rory O'Neill with RIM about the future of their brand and where the technology is going.

BlackBerry says outage restoredupdated: Mon Jan 23 2012 06:17:00

RIM says BlackBerry service has been restored globally. CNN's Dan Simon reports.

BlackBerry maker shakes up boardupdated: Mon Jan 23 2012 06:17:00

Research In Motion's joint chairmen and chief executives, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, have resigned as part of a long-awaited shake-up at the embattled Canadian maker of the BlackBerry smartphone.

A social-media addict tries to disconnectupdated: Wed Dec 28 2011 11:42:00

I'm a tweeting fiend. Whether it's quoting Herman Cain or issuing citations for the fashion police -- clear heels to work, really? -- I'm always thumb-typing away.

CNNMoney: Looks like 'game over' for BlackBerryupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 12:49:00

The best time to buy a stock and make a lot of money off of it is often when the company is universally hated. When so many investors think a company is doomed, it doesn't take much to move the stock higher again.

CNNMoney: RIM delays BlackBerry 10 until late 2012updated: Thu Dec 15 2011 17:43:00

As expected, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion said Thursday that it had a miserable past three months, reporting a quarterly profit that got squeezed by slumping sales and service outages.

CNNMoney: RIM to miss forecasts due to poor PlayBook salesupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 10:34:00

The bad news just keeps piling up for BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, as the company said Friday that worse-than-expected sales of its PlayBook tablet will cause the company to fall short of its own financial estimates for the latest quarter.

CNNMoney: New BlackBerry tool to support iPhone and Androidupdated: Thu Dec 01 2011 14:31:00

As a growing number of people bring their iPhones, iPads and Android devices to work, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion wants to make sure it still has a place in the office technology landscape.

BlackBerry set to offer free apps for outageupdated: Wed Oct 19 2011 02:24:00

Starting Wednesday, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion will make available the first of a dozen apps free to customers slammed by last week's global outage.

CNNMoney: RIM debuts its new BlackBerry OS: BBXupdated: Tue Oct 18 2011 15:41:00

Research in Motion spent about 120 seconds of its developer conference discussing last week's worldwide outage -- and then made it clear that the company is moving on.

BlackBerry users offered apps, not cash, for outageupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 10:56:00

BlackBerry customers slammed by last week's global outage are being offered free apps, not cash, as payback for their troubles.

For BlackBerry addicts, RIM is 'chipping away our faith'updated: Fri Oct 14 2011 16:53:00

The love affair between BlackBerry devotees and their mobile communicators is becoming strained, and some of them made the quarrel very public this week after a service outage.

Why Android and iPhone won't go down like BlackBerryupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 16:37:00

Here's a little secret BlackBerry doesn't want you to know:

Millions of BlackBerry users lose serviceupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 15:08:00

Millions of BlackBerry users remained without service on Wednesday as a three-day outage spread to North America.

BlackBerry: 'We've now restored full services'updated: Thu Oct 13 2011 15:08:00

All BlackBerry service has been restored following the largest network outage in that smartphone's history, Research in Motion executives said in a conference call on Thursday morning.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry service restored after worst outage everupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 14:10:00

RIM's BlackBerry service was fully restored around the world early Thursday morning after what the company called its largest-ever network disruption.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry outage is another black eye for RIMupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 21:41:00

Research in Motion is suffering on all fronts. Its sales are flagging, investors are agitating for a management shakeup, the stock is down almost 60% this year, and now its BlackBerry service is down -- again.

BlackBerry outage spreadsupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 16:57:00

Millions of BlackBerry users worldwide are without some services because of an outage.

BlackBerry outage blamed on 'extremely critical' network failureupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 16:57:00

Millions of BlackBerry users remained without service on Wednesday as a three-day network outage spread to North America, causing massive frustrations for people who rely on these smartphones for business and personal communications.

Millions reportedly without BlackBerry serviceupdated: Mon Oct 10 2011 13:52:00

Millions of BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa were reportedly without Web and texting service Monday because of an outage that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion said it was investigating.

CNNMoney: RIM shares drop as sales and profit plungeupdated: Fri Sep 16 2011 12:35:00

Research in Motion was once the king of the smartphone market. Now, it's looking like the next Palm -- a pioneer that fell hopelessly behind in a market it invented.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry readies streaming music serviceupdated: Thu Aug 25 2011 17:45:00

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is jumping into the streaming-music market with BBM Music, an upcoming service it unveiled on Thursday.

AT&T to simplify texting plansupdated: Fri Aug 19 2011 07:57:00

AT&T confirmed today that it will slim down its text-messaging service plans, offering customers either unlimited messages for a flat monthly fee, or a pay-per-text service.

CNNMoney: RIM's new BlackBerry: Too little too late?updated: Wed Aug 03 2011 15:07:00

It's another tough day on Wall Street, yet Research in Motion shares are up more than 5% after the company said it would launch a new series of smartphones operating on its BlackBerry 7 OS.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry maker RIM lays off 10% of workforceupdated: Mon Jul 25 2011 08:49:00

Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry devices, said Monday that it would cut more than 2,000 jobs as part of a previously announced cost-cutting effort.

CNNMoney: Research in Motion shares sink 21%updated: Fri Jun 17 2011 12:10:00

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion believes its white knight is coming. But while it waits, the company is drastically lowering its financial outlook and handing out pink slips.

CNNMoney: Smartphone talk lighting up StockTwitsupdated: Fri Jun 17 2011 12:05:00

A disappointing earnings report and grim guidance from BlackBerry maker Research in Motion prompted plenty of chatter about the increasingly competitive smartphone market on StockTwits.

CNNMoney: RIM cuts profit forecast on weak BlackBerry salesupdated: Thu Apr 28 2011 18:29:00

Research in Motion on Thursday slashed its earnings forecast for the current quarter, citing sluggish BlackBerry sales.

Why are electronics makers serving up half-baked gadgets?updated: Tue Apr 19 2011 11:29:00

In their rush to get products into the marketplace, electronics makers are selling gadgets that may have been yanked out of the oven too soon.

CNNMoney: RIM stock slumps on critical PlayBook reviewsupdated: Thu Apr 14 2011 17:49:00

The early reviews are in for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and the results are tepid at best -- which sent Research in Motion's stock lower Thursday.

Review: BlackBerry PlayBook tablet lacks all the right movesupdated: Thu Apr 14 2011 07:48:00

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is a good-looking piece of hardware.

CNNMoney: Mass BlackBerry confusion in looming shutdownupdated: Fri Apr 08 2011 17:27:00

What happens when you apply an 1884 law to BlackBerries? Mass confusion.

Mobile users more vulnerable to e-mail phishing scamsupdated: Wed Apr 06 2011 18:32:00

Last week the news broke that the world's largest permissions-based e-mail marketing company, Epsilon, had been hacked -- compromising the security of an unknown number of e-mail addresses and names. Major companies with millions of customers, such as JP Morgan Chase and Target, sent e-mail notices alerting customers of the breach.

BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet may face uphill battleupdated: Mon Mar 28 2011 14:42:00

Once the most popular smartphone, the BlackBerry has been losing ground in the past year to iPhone and Android models. So Research in Motion is trying to carve out a new market with the PlayBook (the upcoming BlackBerry tablet) due to hit stores in the U.S. and Canada on April 19. Prices start at $499, same as for the iPad 2.

CNNMoney: RIM shares plunge on weak outlookupdated: Thu Mar 24 2011 17:51:00

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion disappointed investors Thursday with revenue that rose 36% compared to last year but still fell short of expectations.

BlackBerry removing DUI checkpoint apps, senators sayupdated: Wed Mar 23 2011 17:42:00

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has agreed to pull smartphone apps that help users avoid drunken-driving checkpoints, a group of U.S. senators announced Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Android passes BlackBerry as No. 1 on smartphonesupdated: Mon Mar 07 2011 16:49:00

Android is now the most-used smartphone operating system in the United States -- a stunning race to the top from a platform that didn't exist just 27 months ago.

It's the holidays, so let your work e-mail goupdated: Wed Dec 22 2010 08:09:00

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a computer mouse. 'Cause y'all are checking your work e-mail on your BlackBerrys under the dining room table.

Happy Information Overload Day!updated: Wed Oct 20 2010 12:41:00

Put the BlackBerry on mute. Don't check your e-mail every time the pop-up box appears on your computer screen.

UAE reverses plan to ban BlackBerryupdated: Sun Oct 10 2010 10:02:00

The United Arab Emirates will not implement a planned ban on all BlackBerry services that was to have gone into effect next week, the state news agency said Friday.

Motorola's Droid Pro takes on BlackBerryupdated: Wed Oct 06 2010 14:17:00

Motorola is taking on Research In Motion, the maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone, with its new Droid Pro.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry unveils PlayBook tabletupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 11:18:00

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion unveiled the PlayBook, a tablet computer, at a developer conference Monday.

RIM makes bold play for the tablet marketupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 09:16:00

RIM put the rest of the world on notice that it's not just a boring, yet eminently reliable, buttoned-up smartphone maker anymore.

Is a BlackBerry tablet coming next week?updated: Wed Sep 22 2010 11:11:00

The much-discussed BlackBerry tablet may finally come to fruition as soon as next week.

CNNMoney: Research in Motion: Not dead yetupdated: Thu Sep 16 2010 18:59:00

Despite widespread speculation that the BlackBerry is past its prime, Research in Motion on Thursday reported quarterly profits that beat analysts' expectations and issued an upbeat forecast.

BlackBerry ban in India delayedupdated: Tue Aug 31 2010 09:09:00

India's ban on BlackBerry services, which was expected to begin Tuesday, has been delayed pending a 60-day security test.

CNNMoney: RIM avoids BlackBerry ban in India - for nowupdated: Mon Aug 30 2010 16:37:00

India will delay banning BlackBerry services pending a 60-day security test, the country's home affairs department said Monday.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry crumble: Why RIM is in troubleupdated: Tue Aug 24 2010 09:05:00

In many businesses, it's not the worst thing in the world to be second or even third biggest.

BlackBerry facing woes in India's booming marketupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 04:05:00

Indian businessman Paramjit Saluja battles two money-munching time wasters in his auto exports business: New Delhi's trademark traffic jams and the myriad time zones of his clients.

What happens to your smartphone data -- and is it safe?updated: Fri Aug 06 2010 09:14:00

This week, news out of the Middle East saw BlackBerry, the handheld communication device of choice in the corporate world, assailed on multiple fronts over a security problem.

Why people still use BlackBerrysupdated: Thu Aug 05 2010 14:07:00

It's the smartphone everyone owns -- and no one seems to like.

UAE may ban BlackBerryupdated: Thu Aug 05 2010 14:07:00

The UAE says encryption on BlackBerry is too secure and causes a security threat. CNN's Lisa Sylvester reports.

Experts: BlackBerry ban could affect privacy everywhereupdated: Wed Aug 04 2010 06:42:00

Smartphone users in countries all over the world could lose some privacy if threats and promises by foreign nations to shut down BlackBerry services goes through, analysts say.

BlackBerry founder on Torchupdated: Wed Aug 04 2010 01:29:00

BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis talks to CNN's Maggie Lake about its new phone and the growing smartphone wars.

UAE defends BlackBerry suspensionupdated: Wed Aug 04 2010 01:29:00

The United Arab Emirates defended its decision to suspend BlackBerry internet service on Monday, with its ambassador in Washington arguing the United States requires the same "regulatory compliance" for national security reasons.

Saudis to block BlackBerry serviceupdated: Tue Aug 03 2010 18:50:00

The Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission asked mobile communications companies in Saudi Arabia to halt BlackBerry service in the kingdom beginning August 5, the official Saudi Press Agency reported Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Saudis to halt BlackBerry serviceupdated: Tue Aug 03 2010 18:29:00

The Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission asked mobile communications companies in Saudi Arabia to halt BlackBerry service in the kingdom beginning August 5, the official Saudi Press Agency reported Tuesday.

CNNMoney: RIM unveils new BlackBerry Torchupdated: Tue Aug 03 2010 16:48:00

Research In Motion unveiled the much-hyped BlackBerry Torch 9800 on Tuesday, a new touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone with a pull-out keyboard and a significantly updated operating system that is designed to compete with the likes of the iPhone and Android smartphones.

CNNMoney: A new BlackBerry: RIM's last shotupdated: Tue Aug 03 2010 04:02:00

Momentum in the smartphone market has shifted in favor of Apple and Google, but BlackBerry maker Research In Motion hopes it can still reverse course before it's too late.

UAE to suspend internet-based BlackBerry services in Octoberupdated: Mon Aug 02 2010 21:30:00

The United Arab Emirates has decided to ban the web operations of more than half a million BlackBerry users until security issues can be hashed out, the state news agency reported.

CNNMoney: United Arab Emirates to suspend BlackBerry serviceupdated: Sun Aug 01 2010 16:10:00

The United Arab Emirates has decided to ban the web operations of more than half a million BlackBerry users until security issues can be hashed out, the state news agency reported.

CNNMoney: RIM stock rises 4% on new phone speculationupdated: Wed Jul 28 2010 16:22:00

Research in Motion shares jumped 4% Wednesday on speculation that the BlackBerry maker will unveil a new smartphone next week.

U.S. government launches 17 mobile appsupdated: Tue Jul 06 2010 16:37:00 has unveiled a slew of free mobile apps that provide information about product recalls, most-wanted criminals and other federal government information and services.

Report: RIM testing new BlackBerry, tabletupdated: Tue Jun 15 2010 11:50:00

While Apple and Google have been getting the lion's share of attention in the smartphone world of late, Research In Motion isn't going quietly, according to a report.

BlackBerry OS 6.0 will target consumersupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 09:37:00

RIM has announced a substantial upgrade to the operating system powering BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry OS 6.0 is intended to bolster BlackBerry's appeal to consumers, with web browsing in particular a focus. The new OS will be released in the third quarter of this year.

CNNMoney: RIM profit climbs but misses expectationsupdated: Wed Mar 31 2010 18:53:00

Research in Motion posted a fiscal fourth-quarter profit and revenue that missed Wall Street expectations, but the BlackBerry maker's forecast for the current quarter easily topped analysts' estimates.

BlackBerry rolling out Twitter applicationupdated: Fri Feb 12 2010 09:48:00

BlackBerry has introduced its official Twitter application, offering users of the most popular smartphone brand a feature on the rival iPhone that they now can only covet.

Should BlackBerry owners power down?updated: Fri Jan 22 2010 16:18:00

We've all seen them on the train or the bus. Chins glued to their chest, thumbs hovering and their eyes locked in a digitally-induced trance.

BlackBerry boom in Indonesiaupdated: Mon Dec 28 2009 23:43:00

The BlackBerry is king... in Indonesia, anyway.

BlackBerry boom in Indonesiaupdated: Mon Dec 28 2009 23:43:00

It's hard to go anywhere in Jakarta, Indonesia, without seeing someone using a BlackBerry smart phone.

BlackBerry users hit by eight-hour outageupdated: Wed Dec 23 2009 03:32:00

BlackBerry customers throughout North America were without e-mail and Internet services for more than eight hours after a widespread outage that lasted until early Wednesday.

BlackBerry users hit by e-mail outagesupdated: Thu Dec 17 2009 14:16:00

Users of BlackBerry phones in North America reported widespread interruptions in sending and receiving e-mail Thursday.

Apps of the week: Getting the best read on your smartphoneupdated: Wed Oct 28 2009 08:24:00

The e-reader market is diversifying, and people who want devices to display digital books now have several choices: Amazon's Kindle, Sony's Reader and, as of last week, Barnes & Noble's Nook.

Calling all spies: Has cell phone spy tech got your number?updated: Wed Aug 26 2009 14:26:00

When BlackBerry users in the United Arab Emirates received a text message from their service provider on July 8 instructing them to install an upgrade on their handsets, they had no idea the application also contained software that, according to BlackBerry's maker, would enable third parties to peek at private information on their phones.

Drop that BlackBerry! Multitasking may be harmfulupdated: Tue Aug 25 2009 23:04:00

Ever find yourself chatting via instant messaging while checking your e-mail and surfing the Web? Well, don't pat yourself on the back for your super-productive behavior.

Fortune: Smartphone wars - BlackBerry's plan to winupdated: Mon Aug 17 2009 09:54:00

For two Canadian guys who've spent the past 17 years together building one of the world's most important tech companies, Research in Motion co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have surprisingly little in common.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry maker sales outlook disappointsupdated: Thu Jun 18 2009 18:28:00

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. said Thursday that its quarterly profit rose on strong smartphone sales, but a disappointing revenue outlook sent the company's stock lower in after-hours trading.

CNNMoney: New BlackBerry Tour joins smartphone frayupdated: Wed Jun 17 2009 17:49:00

The smartphone wars are heating up with recent launches of the Apple iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, and Research In Motion is determined to stay in the game.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry is still leader of the packupdated: Wed Jun 17 2009 10:09:00

Apple's iPhone 3GS and Palm's Pre has captured a lot of hype but don't count out Research in Motion's BlackBerry just yet, say experts.

BlackBerry users experience e-mail outageupdated: Tue Apr 14 2009 13:23:00

BlackBerry users around the country were without e-mail for about 3 hours in a nationwide outage that affected users on all major wireless networks.

Fortune: BlackBerry maker battles backupdated: Fri Nov 14 2008 08:00:00

As the first snow of the season dusts the Research in Motion campus next to the University of Waterloo, an hour southwest of Toronto, Mike Lazaridis polishes a tiny BlackBerry screen, places it on the table, and sends it whipping foosball-style through a sea of smartphone components. The company's co-founder and co-CEO then pulls out a circuitboard and points to an encased chip the size of a Scrabble tile. BlackBerry Storm Preview: What the iPhone Will Envyupdated: Wed Oct 08 2008 01:50:00

The BlackBerry Storm, which goes on sale next month, has one really cool, novel feature: the entire screen doubles as giant, clickable button Study: Work E-Mail Use Creeps Into Off-Hoursupdated: Wed Sep 24 2008 17:00:00

A study shows that workers in general have mixed feelings about the increased use of e-mail and the Internet in the last few years

CNNMoney: BlackBerry maker's sales and profits doubleupdated: Thu Apr 03 2008 10:15:00

Research in Motion, the maker of the popular BlackBerry wireless device, said fourth-quarter profits and sales both doubled over the same quarter last year, thanks to strong gains in subscribers.

Six signs your new job is lousyupdated: Mon Feb 18 2008 10:11:00

You put your best foot forward during your job interview. You wear a pressed suit and arrive 20 minutes early. Once you've been working at a place for a while, though, you get a little more comfortable. Maybe you scrounge through the hamper to find a shirt that's not too wrinkled and you slide into your chair just as the clock strikes eight.

Widespread BlackBerry outageupdated: Tue Feb 12 2008 12:08:00

CNN's Veronica De La Cruz talks about Monday's BlackBerry outage and how to get around it if it happens again.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry email service goes downupdated: Mon Feb 11 2008 19:21:00

BlackBerry email service went down Monday afternoon, according to Research in Motion, maker of the smartphone.

Generation Y: Too demanding at work?updated: Wed Dec 26 2007 08:56:00

Not too long ago, the generation gap meant parents didn't understand why ripped jeans cost twice as much as regular ones or why every other word coming out of their child's mouth was "like."

CNNMoney: Wall Street keeps riding highupdated: Fri Dec 21 2007 12:14:00

Stocks maintained their early gains Friday as Wall Street enjoyed a wave of encouraging corporate news, including impressive earnings from BlackBerry maker Research in Motion and a report that banking giant Merrill Lynch may sell a stake to a foreign fund.

CNNMoney: Stocks keep climbingupdated: Fri Dec 21 2007 10:47:00

Stocks moved steadily higher Friday encouraged by a report that banking giant Merrill Lynch may sell a stake in itself to a foreign fund and impressive earnings from BlackBerry maker Research in Motion.

CNNMoney: Stocks surge at the startupdated: Fri Dec 21 2007 09:54:00

Stocks soared at the start of Friday's session as investors cheered impressive earnings from BlackBerry maker Research in Motion and reports that banking giant Merrill Lynch may sell a stake to a foreign state-owned investment fund. BlackBerrys on a Planeupdated: Fri Dec 07 2007 13:00:00

JetBlue is about to become the first US airline to offer passengers free e-mail at 35,000 feet

CNNMoney: BlackBerry users hit with shutdown, delaysupdated: Fri Sep 07 2007 23:28:00

A software glitch shut down e-mail service for some BlackBerry users Friday, and delays were still being felt hours after the problem was fixed.

Fortune: Friends on CrackBerry? Miss Manners' adviceupdated: Thu Sep 06 2007 06:57:00

Dear Annie: I am a recent law-school graduate and, though I'm not yet working at a law firm, I have friends who are. I understand that things in international firms happen 24/7, 365 days a year, and I want to be as supportive of my friends' careers as I expect them to be of mine. My question is, to what degree in social settings, on a regular basis, should friends be checking their BlackBerrys, and at what point should I say something? What's rude and what's truly necessary? -Bored in BlackBerryLand

FSB: Business in a backpackupdated: Thu Sep 06 2007 03:40:00

I'm the founder of Cheetah Learning, which offers project-management training courses worldwide ( We teach our business clients how to meet goals such as developing a product, launching a website, or reaching a sales quota. I also run a corporate retreat in Haines, Alaska, and sell kayak-making kits that can be used for team building at our Haines facility or the customer's site. Our clients include Blue Cross Blue Shield, IBM, and Pepsi, and we posted sales of about $9 million in 2006.

FSB: Destination bike tours go wirelessupdated: Thu Sep 06 2007 02:32:00

After racing bicycles professionally for two years and realizing that I was no Lance Armstrong, I found another way to make a living on a bike. I had spent 20 years organizing bike treks with friends through the Alps, the hills of Tuscany and the countryside of Provence. Noticing a growing appetite for such trips, I founded Destination Cycling ( in 2002. I now run tours on my bike 70 days a year.

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