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High court roundup: murder cases, ballot disputeupdated: Tue Oct 11 2011 13:54:00

An Arkansas man charged with murder will get a hearing before the Supreme Court over whether he can be retried on that charge after the trial jury's failure to reach unanimous verdicts on other charges.

Human rights group protests imminent execution of Georgia manupdated: Thu Sep 15 2011 05:39:00

The human rights group Amnesty International renewed its call for clemency Wednesday for a man on Georgia's death row, citing continued doubts about his guilt.

Supporters make last push to save Davisupdated: Thu Sep 15 2011 05:39:00

The Vatican and former president Jimmy Carter are among those fighting to get clemency for the Georgia death row inmate.

Lawyer: Duvalier wants U.S. entity to disburse frozen fundsupdated: Mon Jan 24 2011 06:26:00

An American attorney representing Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier said Saturday that the former dictator returned to Haiti in hopes of recovering millions frozen in Swiss bank accounts and channeling them through a U.S. intermediary to help rebuild his troubled homeland.

'Baby Doc' Duvalier speaksupdated: Mon Jan 24 2011 06:26:00

Former Haitian dictator "Baby Doc" Duvalier is speaking out for the first time since his unexpected return to Haiti.

Bob Barr: Choose to 'opt out'updated: Wed Nov 24 2010 05:35:00

Bob Barr talks about his involvement in the opt-out alliance. Barr says TSA security measures are "unconstitutional."

Court turns aside Georgia death row inmate's appealupdated: Fri Nov 05 2010 20:44:00

A federal appeals court panel deflected a condemned Georgia inmate's appeal of a ruling that denied him a new trial in a decades-old murder case, saying Friday that the appeal should have gone to the U.S. Supreme Court instead.

Justices delay death row inmate's appealupdated: Mon Jun 29 2009 16:04:00

The U.S. Supreme Court delayed a decision on whether to accept an appeal from a Georgia death row inmate who has gained international support for his claims of innocence in the the murder of a Savannah police officer two decades ago.

Fighting for a new trialupdated: Mon Jun 29 2009 16:04:00

CNN's T.J. Holmes talks with the sister of convicted cop killer Troy Davis; his case is on appeal to the Supreme Court. Could Third-Party Candidates Be Spoilers? updated: Mon Nov 03 2008 21:40:00

What started out as a season of unusual opportunity for third-party candidates is coming to a dispiriting close

McCain, Obama deadlocked in presidential raceupdated: Mon Sep 08 2008 15:38:00

A new national poll taken entirely after the end of the Republican convention suggests the race for the White House between John McCain and Barack Obama is dead even.

McCain/Palin hit the Westupdated: Mon Sep 08 2008 15:38:00

Mary Snow reports on McCain and Palin's sweep through the West and how they are trying to make the case for change.

Commentary: Still looking for a candidate I can supportupdated: Thu Jul 31 2008 11:36:00

I believe this election has put a lot of people in a strange place. It's a place that I've never personally been before. Put simply, I couldn't care more, and I couldn't care less.

McKinney running for president as Green candidateupdated: Sat Jul 12 2008 19:11:00

The liberal environmentalist Green Party nominated former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as its presidential candidate Saturday.

Obama looks to turn Georgia blueupdated: Wed Jul 09 2008 07:50:00

Sen. Barack Obama on Tuesday campaigned in Georgia, a Republican-leaning state that his campaign hopes to turn blue.

Obama's red state pushupdated: Wed Jul 09 2008 07:50:00

Barack Obama has been campaigning in traditionally red states. Will he be able to turn them blue? Tom Foreman reports.

CNN poll: Obama, McCain in a statistical dead heatupdated: Tue Jul 01 2008 19:19:00

With the dust having finally settled after the prolonged Democratic presidential primary, a new poll shows Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama locked in a statistical dead heat in the race for the White House.

Preston on Politics: Bob Barrupdated: Mon Jun 30 2008 11:36:00

CNN Political Editor Mark Preston speaks with Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr.

Preston on Politics: Barr says he's no Naderupdated: Mon Jun 30 2008 11:36:00

Bob Barr was once a loyal soldier in the Republican Party --­ a lawmaker GOP leaders could count on to return home each weekend and echo their talking points at local political events, town hall meetings and civic lunches.

Poll finds electorate split between Obama, McCainupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 20:31:00

The general election season opens with a neck-and-neck race between Barack Obama and John McCain, with more than one in five voters acknowledging that they might change their minds between now and November.

Obama, McCain neck-and-neckupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 20:31:00

Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider's report on a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll.

Ex-congressman becomes Libertarian '08 candidateupdated: Sun May 25 2008 19:02:00

Former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr was officially nominated Sunday as the Libertarian candidate for president. Can the Libertarians Go Mainstream? updated: Wed May 21 2008 17:25:00

Heading to the party's convention, its leaders must decide if principle is more important than popularity

Porter Goss resigns as CIA chiefupdated: Fri May 05 2006 22:09:00

CIA Director Porter Goss is resigning, President Bush announced Friday.

Tyrrell: Goodbye MSM... and good riddance!updated: Thu Mar 02 2006 14:22:00

So we hear this week that President George W. Bush is taking delight in the spread of the "alternative press" (read conservatives on the internet, in talk radio, in print, and at Fox) and the gentle detumesence of "mainstream media" (read liberal media, or more precisely, Democratic media). Well I join him in his satisfaction.

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