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Latest Stories Stewart Mandel: Talent-rich SEC states are thin on elite quarterback prospectsupdated: Tue Jan 31 2012 13:19:00

A year ago this time, with the SEC coming off its fifth straight national championship, my colleague Andy Staples compiled some interesting data that confirmed one of the primary reasons behind the league's recent dominance: The wealth of elite defensive prospects in its backyard. Andy noted that a staggering 43 percent of NFL defensive linemen hailed from a cluster of 10 Southeastern states representing just 22 percent of the general population.

Fans will cheer both teams at Alabama's first game since tornadoupdated: Sat Sep 03 2011 16:25:00

There are college football fans. And then there are University of Alabama football fans.

BET founder to build spa resort in war-torn Liberiaupdated: Fri Jul 16 2010 11:56:00

Billionaire businessman Bob Johnson has chosen Liberia for his latest venture, the country's first top class hotel.

BET millionaire expands to Africaupdated: Fri Jul 16 2010 11:56:00

Businessman Bob Johnson is extending his empire onto the African continent with a gleaming new "first" class hotel in Liberia.

BET founder to build spa hotel in war-torn Liberiaupdated: Fri Jul 16 2010 10:48:00

Billionaire businessman Bob Johnson has chosen Liberia for his latest venture, the country's first top class hotel.

The evolution of BET networkupdated: Thu Jun 10 2010 20:04:00

When BET launched 30 years ago, they were the only kid that looked like them on the block. Hall of Famer West refutes interest in Warriors, consulting Ellisonupdated: Mon Mar 22 2010 14:32:00

The Golden State Warriors have retained Galatioto Sports Partners to sell the franchise, the team announced in a press release this morning. Allan Muir: Six things the Pens must do to surviveupdated: Mon Jun 08 2009 07:45:00

We can imagine how the late Bob Johnson might have consoled his troops after the Penguins were humiliated 5-0 by the Red Wings in Game 5. "You can lose three games and still win the series," he'd have reminded them.

Turtle hatchlings head for seaupdated: Sun Nov 02 2008 22:54:00

Thousands of turtle hatchlings begin their journey into the sea from the Puerto Arista sea turtle sanctuary in Mexico. Joe Posnanski: Hall monitors: Where's the line for getting in to Cooperstown?updated: Thu Sep 04 2008 09:41:00

In the end, it's probably self-defeating to play the "If he's in, then HE should be in" Hall of Fame Game. It's fun to play, no doubt, and it allows us Frank White fans to unleash all sorts of moral indignation because his career is virtually IDENTICAL to that of Bill Mazeroski*, and yet Maz is in the Hall while Frank never even got close. There's something unfair about it all.

Choosing to forgive -- or notupdated: Fri Aug 22 2008 09:22:00

Bob Johnson was close to his aunt growing up. But when she learned he was gay, she began making hurtful comments; eventually, they drifted apart. Then Johnson, 43, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Relatives flocked to his side -- except for his aunt.

Clinton to suspend campaign, bucking for VP bid?updated: Wed Jun 04 2008 23:29:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton on Saturday will officially suspend her campaign for the presidency and "express her support for Senator Obama and party unity," her campaign said Wednesday.

Clinton to suspend campaignupdated: Wed Jun 04 2008 23:29:00

CNN's Candy Crowley talks about Sen. Clinton's plans to suspend her campaign and what she might do next.

FSB: Create your own pension planupdated: Wed Feb 20 2008 13:05:00

Like many successful business owners, Bob Johnson, founder and CEO of Johnson Insurance & Financial in McKinney, Texas, was hungry for juicy tax breaks. He found some - more than $200,000 in just three years - in an unlikely place: the old-fashioned defined-benefit pension plan.

BET founder on Clinton, Obamaupdated: Thu Jan 17 2008 14:16:00

BET founder and Hillary Clinton supporter Bob Johnson speaks in Columbia, South Carolina, about Sens. Clinton and Obama.

BET founder apologizes to Obamaupdated: Thu Jan 17 2008 14:16:00

The founder and former CEO of Black Entertainment Television apologized Thursday to Sen. Barack Obama for what appeared to be veiled comments this week regarding the Democratic presidential hopeful's acknowledged drug use as a teenager.

Obama: We all share same goalsupdated: Tue Jan 15 2008 16:37:00

Sen. Barack Obama asks his supporters not to attack his opponents.

Obama, Clinton call for end to bitter squabbleupdated: Tue Jan 15 2008 16:37:00

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both called for an end to a bitter fight in a racially charged debate that has roiled the Democratic presidential contest over the last few days.

Readers react to Clinton-Obama tiffupdated: Mon Jan 14 2008 23:23:00

They've been tussling since they first tossed their hats in the ring -- about health care, the war in Iraq, each other's breadth of experience.

Clinton on Dr. Kingupdated: Mon Jan 14 2008 23:23:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton comments on Barack Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement.

Martin: Race not Obama's focusupdated: Mon Jan 14 2008 20:06:00

CNN's Tony Harris talks with commentator Roland Martin about what race has to do with the Democratic nomination.

Bill Clinton complains about Obama's attacksupdated: Mon Jan 14 2008 20:06:00

Former President Clinton on Monday complained about attacks from Sen. Barack Obama on Sen. Hillary Clinton in the latest back-and-forth bickering between the two rival Democratic presidential campaigns. Race Spells Trouble for the Demsupdated: Mon Jan 14 2008 12:30:00

The war of words about race between Clinton and Obama could cause the internal crack-up the party fears

Light quake rattles south Bay Areaupdated: Thu Jun 15 2006 09:43:00

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake and multiple aftershocks shook the south San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday morning.

Fortune: Johnson BETs on Wall Streetupdated: Tue Apr 25 2006 12:49:00

"My obit's already written," says Bob Johnson. "I can read it to you right now." He puts down his silverware. "Bob Johnson, the founder of BET, died yesterday. He was the first black billionaire, b...

FSB: A Billionaire's Second Actupdated: Fri Jul 01 2005 00:01:00

WHEN I SOLD BET to Viacom," says Bob Johnson (a $3 billion transaction, of which Johnson's personal cut was $1.6 billion), "I started asking myself, 'What is your second act? What do you want to do...

Fortune: Book Reviewupdated: Mon Mar 22 2004 00:01:00

The rags-to-riches rise of the nation's first black billionaire is a great story no matter how you tell it. And The Billion Dollar BET (John Wiley & Sons, $24.95), by Forbes senior editor Brett Pul...

Fortune: Uphill Battle Few companies have tried harder than Union Pacific to help employees slim down. Why isn't it working?updated: Mon Feb 03 2003 00:01:00

Union Pacific Railroad has long known that many of its 48,000 employees--mostly middle-aged men--are overweight. That can be a dangerous problem for people who ply the rails. So 16 years ago the Om...

Fortune: BET's Johnson: On the Air and in the Airupdated: Mon Jul 24 2000 00:01:00

Bob Johnson knows cable, there's no doubt about that. He started 21 years ago with nothing but borrowed money and an original idea--a cable channel for black viewers--and created one of the most va...


When his company launched its 401(k) plan almost 11 years ago, Bob Johnson saw an irresistible deal. "I invested the maximum 15% from the start," says Johnson, a 59-year-old salesman for Wace, a Ch...

Money Magazine: Different Strokes for Different Folks Whether you're looking for a Masters-level short game or just a great escape, a golf schooupdated: Sat Apr 01 1989 00:01:00

Bob Johnson has hit as many golf balls in the past five days as he's hit in his entire 2 1/2 years of playing the game. But as he stands on the practice tee at John Jacobs' Practical Golf School in...

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