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Pianist Van Cliburn diagnosed with bone cancerupdated: Tue Aug 28 2012 13:12:00

Van Cliburn, the classical pianist honored by a New York ticker-tape parade for winning a major Moscow competition in 1958, suffers from advanced bone cancer, his representative said Tuesday. Inside Story: Canadian Woman Cut in Half to Save Her Lifeupdated: Fri Sep 24 2010 16:49:00

Janis Ollson, who was diagnosed with cancer, is the first person in medical history to be split in half on the operating table

Free prom provides respite for teens with life-threatening illnessesupdated: Thu Aug 19 2010 15:38:00

Anna Rahm spent her senior year of high school enduring chemotherapy sessions, blood and platelet transfusions and multiple surgeries, including the amputation of her right leg in October.

CNN Hero: Fred Scarfupdated: Thu Aug 19 2010 15:38:00

Fred Scarf's foundation organizes a free prom every year for teens living with life-threatening illnesses.

Dad asks pals to care for kidsupdated: Sat Jun 19 2010 11:04:00

When he learned he had cancer, Bruce Feiler enlisted the help of his friends to be father figures to his twin daughters.

If I die, who will teach my daughters?updated: Sat Jun 19 2010 11:04:00

Bruce Feiler remembers how he felt in May 2008. "I was a healthy person," and he was on the top of the world. Happily married, father to twin girls and a best-selling author. His book "Walking the Bible" was celebrated, and it gave him the nickname, "The Walking Guy." He made a living exploring the world, literally walking in other people's shoes.

Did Navy poison Americans?updated: Tue Feb 02 2010 12:33:00

Could Navy tests on a small Caribbean island have made more than 7,000 people sick? CNN's Abbie Boudreau investigates.

Lance Armstrong Foundation boss on beating cancer three timesupdated: Thu Oct 29 2009 10:43:00

At 32 years old Doug Ulman is president of cancer-support charity the Lance Armstrong Foundation. He has also survived three separate cases of cancer. Jon Wertheim: Cancer survivor Ashley Hendrick draws strength from tennisupdated: Wed Aug 05 2009 09:02:00

About a year ago, I wrote a column for Tennis magazine about Ashley Hendrick, then a top high school player in Grand Rapids, Mich. In the summer of 2006, she struggled with her game because of a sharp pain in her leg. She figured it was the result of overplaying. In fact, she was suffering from osteosarcoma, a potentially fatal form of bone cancer.

Fortune: Amgen's DMab scores in trialsupdated: Thu Jul 09 2009 12:46:00

An Amgen trial drug -- called denosumab -- reached a new milestone on July 7 when the biotechnology company announced results from the latest clinical trial of the drug for bone cancer. The trial of more than 2,000 patients showed DMab -- which works to slow bone destruction, a primary concern for people with advanced cancer and the cause of a myriad of complications, including fractures -- delayed the time it took for damage to occur when compared to rival drug Zometa, which is made by Novartis. Amgen has already submitted DMab to the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for osteoporosis.

Empowered Patientupdated: Thu Dec 18 2008 12:38:00

Elizabeth Cohen offers advice to parents with children who are seriously ill.

'Honey, you're really sick'updated: Thu Dec 18 2008 12:38:00

When her mother and father called her into the den, 9-year-old Gigi Pasley thought they were going to tell her a big surprise, "a good surprise" she said, one she'd be delighted to hear.

Dying for lack of insuranceupdated: Fri Apr 25 2008 12:50:00

Mark Windsor looks exhausted. For a week he's been undergoing radiation treatment on a cancerous tumor in his neck. A metal rod fused to his spine keeps his head stable. His muscles there are gone, the result of multiple failed surgeries to rid him of his disease. He can't turn his head sideways or look up or down. So his look stays fixed, despite his fatigue.

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