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We've all been there. At the end of a long flight, you get to your hotel and check in, only to find that your room is right next to an ice machine that sounds like it has a severe case of whooping cough, or it's the only one on the floor not occupied by members of a high school marching band practicing through the night for a major competition.

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Business travelers opt for homier digs on the roadupdated: Tue Oct 25 2011 10:22:00

There are many luxurious amenities a business traveler enjoys while sleeping on the road: fluffy beds, room service, decked-out fitness centers and concierges.

Hotels providing newer, better club loungesupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 08:10:00

Move over, room upgrades. There's a new hotel perk in town, and it might be worth more to business travelers than a bigger bed.

Taking the stress out of business travel updated: Mon Sep 26 2011 15:05:00

Everybody likes the sound of a business trip away. But getting swept up in the idea of a few days in an exotic location can make it easy to overlook the toll that travel can take on your body, and by extension, your work performance. Thankfully, a little forethought is all that's required to streamline the process of getting from A to B, and ensure you reach your destination ready to do business.

Confessions of a frequent-flier program skepticupdated: Tue May 18 2010 12:37:00

Call me a frequent-flier program skeptic.

Fortune: Bulls vs. Bears: Continental Airlinesupdated: Tue Jun 16 2009 12:13:00

As the summer flying season begins, some analysts are getting bullish on airlines with healthy balance sheets like Continental Airlines. Jet fuel prices have declined by more than half from the same time last year -- when the company lost $585 million -- and some say the 51% drop in its stock this year is an overcorrection.

How to safeguard your data as you travelupdated: Sun May 31 2009 18:44:00

With Wi-Fi access at airports, hotels, and aboard airplanes, business travelers don't have to look very hard for a wireless Internet connection.

Why cutting business travel could be a false economyupdated: Fri May 15 2009 13:01:00

With the global economic downturn biting hard, corporations everywhere are looking around for costs to save, budgets to trim. It's thus little surprise that one area to suffer already has been business travel.

Adding vacation time to a business tripupdated: Fri May 01 2009 11:24:00

If you've got to be there for work anyway, why not live it up?

On Business Traveller in April...updated: Wed Apr 08 2009 06:39:00

In April, CNN Business Traveller examines the impact of the global economic downturn on the travel industry's efforts to go green.

Reduce, reuse, recycleupdated: Wed Apr 08 2009 06:39:00

CNN's Richard Quest previews the environment special Business Traveller show.

Part 1: Airline safetyupdated: Fri Mar 13 2009 13:15:00

CNN's Ayesha Durgahee reports on how airline safety cards and demonstrations can save your life in an emergency.

On Business Traveller in March...updated: Fri Mar 13 2009 13:15:00

Images of the mangled remains of crashed passenger planes are enough to strike fear into the hardiest of business travelers.

Coming up in February: Back to basicsupdated: Tue Jan 27 2009 13:39:00

The Economist Intelligence Unit will publish a report -- The Austere Traveller -- in February that will show that business travelers' expectations are changing.

9 essential travel strategies for 2009updated: Wed Jan 14 2009 10:54:00

We're traveling down an uncertain road next year. Buckle up.

Making a change for goodupdated: Wed Oct 01 2008 12:13:00

CNN's Richard Quest shows us how small donations on flights is helping women in Tanzania help their children to live HIV free.

Giving something backupdated: Wed Oct 01 2008 12:13:00

Making donations to charity is becoming an integral part of business travel. Airlines are bringing in vast sums through onboard donation schemes that gather unwanted foreign currency from travelers. And frequent fliers are even handing over their precious air miles to charities.

3 biggest mistakes business travelers makeupdated: Mon Sep 15 2008 13:47:00

A lot of business travelers come off as know-it-alls, moving effortlessly from their towncars to their first-class lounges to the front of the plane, where they're served mimosas, as they recline in their ergonomic leather seats.

Taking the ethical high roadupdated: Fri Sep 12 2008 05:53:00

Armed with a credit card, travel itinerary safely wedged between meeting notes, it's all too easy for business travelers to overlook the impact they -- and their firms' money -- can make on the countries they visit.

Tips for ethical tourismupdated: Fri Sep 12 2008 05:53:00

CNN's Richard Quest offers some essential tips on how to be an ethical traveler.

September's show: traveling with a conscienceupdated: Thu Sep 11 2008 09:30:00

This month we examine the ethics of travel and charity. Business travelers cross continents and see cities more than most; their stays may be brief, but the business traveler still gets a sense of the core culture of the countries they visit.

Business class (almost) all the wayupdated: Thu Aug 07 2008 08:44:00

Anita Fancon and her husband want to fly from Tucson, Arizona, to Bordeaux, France in business class. They have the miles they need, and they've already cashed them in. But do they have the seats? American Airlines says they do, except on the flight from Dallas to London. Is there anything Fancon can do to secure the seats she's already paid 180,000 miles for?

What next for all-business class? updated: Fri May 30 2008 08:27:00

First it was Maxjet. Then, last month came news of Eos' departure from the all-business airline club due to bankruptcy.

Battle for the business-class travelerupdated: Mon Apr 28 2008 14:28:00

Will Allen III, a management consultant from Raleigh, North Carolina, is a platinum member on a handful of airlines, but his loyalty is waning.

Boom for budget bedsupdated: Thu Jan 31 2008 11:13:00

First it was the airlines, now it's the turn of hotels to take the budget concept into the mainstream. Demand is surging for cheaper hotel rooms, not just from thrifty tourists but also from business travelers in search of value. And budget brands are responding to the demand with ambitious expansion plans.

Review of 2007: Business travelupdated: Fri Dec 21 2007 22:38:00

It has been a year of promising news for the globe-trotting business traveler. Yes, there have been all the woes of increased airport security, packed planes, heaving hotels and bursting business-class lounges, but some of the headlines have brought encouragement for a better future.

Perking up business travelupdated: Sat Dec 08 2007 11:21:00

How do you make a good travel experience out of a business trip? There may be times when quick and efficient transfers and check-ins are what is most important from a excursion, but with the holiday season almost upon us, even the most hardened road warriors will be forgiven for thinking more about winding down for the year than business.

Any room in first class?updated: Fri Nov 30 2007 10:21:00

For years it seemed as though first-class air travel was dying a slow death. As perks such as flat beds migrated from the front of the plane backwards, few were willing to pay the 20 percent premium.

First to fly on the Superjumboupdated: Fri Nov 16 2007 07:44:00

Two years overdue and billions of dollars over budget, this is the moment the aviation industry has been waiting for - the world's largest passenger aircraft's first commercial flight, from Singapore to Sydney.

Review: Targus Corporate Traveler a great bag for road warriors updated: Mon Oct 22 2007 13:30:00

The $90 Targus Corporate Traveler means serious business. The ballistic-nylon, briefcase-style case looks ready to survive the bumps and knocks of even the most aggressive travel schedule, which isn't to say that the bag is all utility with no style.

Slow business travelupdated: Wed Sep 26 2007 12:13:00

While holiday makers are embracing the slow travel movement, the business community is being left in their wake. But is it a contradiction to talk about go-slow business travel? It may not be feasible to take a slow boat to your next business meeting but there are other ways to embrace the movement, like eating in locally-owned restaurants, carbon offsetting and being a responsible traveler.

Five ways to stay fit on business tripsupdated: Mon Sep 10 2007 15:49:00

Squeezing regular workouts in between client meetings and business dinners can be a challenge, especially when you're operating out of a hotel in an unfamiliar city.

Latest Travel Newsupdated: Sun Aug 26 2007 23:34:00


Latest Business Travel Newsupdated: Sun Aug 26 2007 23:02:00


Open skies for businessupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 06:52:00

The negotiations are over. The treaty has been signed. The skies across the Atlantic are now open for free movement of flights between European and U.S. cities. Now the battle commences between airlines as they prepare for their new-found commercial freedom when the Open Skies agreement comes into action in March 2008.

High-flying women of the worldupdated: Mon Aug 13 2007 23:43:00

It's no longer a niche market. Nearly half of business travelers are women, and the early lip service of an odd nail file in vanity bags and hotel doors with security peepholes, are no longer enough to give businesses an edge.

As business travel increases, so do costs and headachesupdated: Fri Jun 29 2007 23:29:00

Dave Malone is a traveling man. He makes at least 40 trips a year for business, and has done so for some 30 years.

CNN photojournalist shares travel secretsupdated: Fri Jun 15 2007 14:16:00

Whether driving over fallen trees on highways to uncover the devastating effects of a hurricane or getting on a flight at a moment's notice to keep up with a breaking story, Chris Davis, a veteran photojournalist, is not the average business traveler.

Travel with environment in mindupdated: Mon May 21 2007 06:59:00

The cost of executive travel includes more than just the money paid out for an air ticket or a taxi ride; business trips also have an environmental price tag.

Forget the babysitter, more parents taking kids on business tripsupdated: Mon May 07 2007 11:53:00

On a recent business trip to San Diego, California, Kurt Barrett took his family to Sea World.

May shows: 21st century travelupdated: Mon May 07 2007 06:16:00

We're looking into the future this month on CNN Business Traveller 21st Century.

Fortune: The traveler's bill of rightsupdated: Wed Apr 18 2007 16:01:00

I know this is kind of counterintuitive right now, but I think JetBlue is onto something.

March show: Best of the bestupdated: Mon Mar 05 2007 05:49:00

This month on Business Traveller we're taking another look at some of the stories and issues you wanted to see again.

Money Magazine: 7 amazing travel secrets - revealed!updated: Wed Dec 20 2006 14:18:00

See the travel secrets gallery

Eos aim to fill luxury nicheupdated: Mon Dec 11 2006 07:19:00

Budget airlines have revolutionized the airline industry in the past five years, and now specialist all business class airlines are hoping to transform the high-end of air travel in the same way.

Perks of the jobupdated: Wed Nov 01 2006 11:09:00

The foibles and vices of frequent flyers has been revealed by a survey carried out by website

No privacy for laptopsupdated: Wed Oct 25 2006 13:00:00

Is looking inside a laptop the same as opening up a suitcase? In the eyes of U.S. federal law they are.

November show: Connectivityupdated: Fri Oct 20 2006 12:17:00

In November, CNN Business Traveller is all about connectivity -- connecting people and places with new technology and experiences.

Business 2.0: The Road Warrior's Guide to America's Best Airportsupdated: Mon Oct 02 2006 11:41:00

To airline industry insiders, the hours spent idling in airport terminals because of delays or extended layovers are known as "dwell time." To millions of time-constrained business travelers, the e...

CNNMoney: Judge blocks strike at Northwestupdated: Fri Aug 25 2006 15:15:00

A federal judge blocked flight attendants from a strike at Northwest Airlines Friday afternoon, just hours before the union had said it would start to disrupt operations at the nation's No. 5 carrier.

Business 2.0: The 5 best airports for business travelersupdated: Thu Aug 24 2006 15:57:00

To airline industry insiders, the hours spent idling in airport terminals because of delays or extended layovers are known as "dwell time." To millions of time-constrained business travelers, the experience is more commonly known as "hell."

September show: New era for air travelupdated: Wed Aug 23 2006 06:41:00

This month's Business Traveller show comes during one of the most turbulent times in aviation history.

Damaged laptops may be coveredupdated: Tue Aug 15 2006 07:41:00

Business travelers who were forced to check in their laptops and other electronic devices while strict hand luggage rules were in place may be able to claim on their travel insurance for any damage caused.

Best of Business Travellerupdated: Tue Jul 25 2006 11:38:00

In August, from the Farnborough Airshow in England, CNN Business Traveller takes a trip down memory lane with the best features from the past year.

Quest's blog: Can pay, but don't want toupdated: Mon Jul 17 2006 04:19:00

Posted: July 17, 2006 Forum: read comments

Nice reward or a hassle to use?updated: Tue Jul 11 2006 05:14:00

Some travelers complain they are difficult to redeem, but most road warriors will accumulate their fair share of air miles while traveling for work. Here's what some of you have to say about the issue.

Doha airport creates no-queue solutionupdated: Tue Jun 06 2006 08:40:00

Few would disagree that airports and queuing now go hand in hand, with passengers facing long lines for security checks even if they are flying in business class.

Quest's blog: on the roadupdated: Wed May 31 2006 10:20:00

Posted: May 31, 2006 Forum: read comments

Survey: Biz trips a hassle, not a perkupdated: Wed May 24 2006 07:06:00

Once considered one of the perks of the job, business travel is now seen as more of a nuisance by most road warriors, according to a new survey.

Sales least likely reason for work tripsupdated: Mon Apr 24 2006 10:53:00

Gone are the days of the traveling salesman, according to an Australian study into the key reasons behind business travel.

Fortune: Styling at 40,000 feetupdated: Wed Apr 19 2006 14:31:00

No matter where you're headed this summer, getting there by plane will be far from a vacation. Thanks to cost-cutting efforts by struggling American carriers, the number of flights within the United States is down by some 5 percent this year.

Gender gap still wide in business travelupdated: Tue Apr 18 2006 08:39:00

Men travel for their work twice the weekly distance of women, but the imbalance looks set to change, according to a British study of business travelers.

New business class airline to launchupdated: Mon Apr 10 2006 09:09:00

British and American business travelers will soon have a new low-cost airline to choose from for flights between London and New York.

CNNMoney: Delta pilots authorize strikeupdated: Tue Apr 04 2006 11:16:00

Pilots at Delta Air Lines voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike against the nation's No. 2 airline, the union announced Tuesday, though no date was set for a walkout.

Bad reception awaits in-flight phonesupdated: Mon Jan 30 2006 10:48:00

From crying babies to low-quality catering, flying is full of irritations, but these may all soon be eclipsed by the introduction of in-flight cell phones.

Hotel gets ahead with hat designerupdated: Mon Jan 23 2006 12:43:00

In a bygone era, high-class hotels could be austere affairs, relying on sniffy concierges, scary gothic architecture and wallet-worrying prices to prove their upper-crust credentials.

BA no-frills move cuts business seatsupdated: Tue Jan 10 2006 10:31:00

In a shake-up likely to have a major impact on business travelers, British Airways is to restructure its European operations to launch a direct challenge to low-cost carriers.

Just the business?updated: Fri Dec 23 2005 10:31:00

Concorde may have made its last take-off, but now there's a new luxury standard for trans-Atlantic flight.

December's show: 2006 wish listsupdated: Mon Nov 28 2005 07:28:00

What is on your 2006 wish list when it comes to business travel?

Air industry embraces the Easy lifeupdated: Mon Nov 21 2005 09:28:00

Ten years ago this month, low-cost carrier easyJet waved off its first commercial flight from Britain's Luton airport, sparking an air industry revolution that has had a major impact on the business travel sector.

Death of the travel salesman?updated: Wed Nov 02 2005 08:44:00

A good travel agent was once a valuable friend to the business traveler, finding last minute plane seats, comfortable hotels and making the frantic calls needed when plans suddenly change.

CNNMoney: Businesses brace for bird fluupdated: Tue Nov 01 2005 12:19:00

Bob Goldberg flies more than 150,000 miles a year on business, but his flight from Chicago to Singapore this Friday has him more nervous than most. The reason -- the threat of bird flu.

Fortune: New kids in classupdated: Mon Oct 31 2005 00:01:00

DAVID SPURLOCK, THE FOUNDER OF EOS Airlines, is beaming as he scans the cabin of his pride-and-joy Boeing 757. "All babies are beautiful, right?" he says, opening his arms to show off Eos, his all-...

November's show: Sleeping into actionupdated: Wed Oct 26 2005 05:19:00

The high performance, hectic schedules and late nights demanded of jet-lagged business travelers are a recipe for poor sleep.

October's show: The best in business travelupdated: Mon Sep 19 2005 06:23:00

Forget the thousands of polls that turn out the obvious information on destinations, airlines and lounges. This month's CNN Business Traveller finds the top surveys that reveal the not so obvious.

Eco-travel talk: have your sayupdated: Fri Sep 16 2005 08:56:00

Travel always provides a lot of experiences, but it can also produce a lot of carbon emissions as well.

New biz airline to fly trans-Atlanticupdated: Thu Sep 01 2005 06:27:00

A new airline will soon be plying the fiercely contested trans-Atlantic route, with a finely tuned product focused on the business traveler.

The risk of traveling for businessupdated: Wed Aug 31 2005 05:40:00

CNN spoke to Steve Park, a UK-based security consultant about the risks associated with business travel and what people can do to avoid the obvious scams, and the less expected ones that can affect executives on the road.

Upcoming show: Risky businessupdated: Tue May 17 2005 06:04:00

Business Traveller this month prepares you for those destinations that can be a little more troublesome.

Upcoming show: Food on the roadupdated: Fri Apr 22 2005 09:06:00

Business Traveller is in Lyon, France -- the gastronomic capital of the country. It is an appropriate place for this month's show, which focuses on food.

New heights for in-flight Internet updated: Thu Mar 31 2005 06:31:00

The Internet has changed the way many business travelers book their flights, and now it looks set to change the culture within the cabin.

The sky-high comfort race updated: Wed Mar 23 2005 05:49:00

In a bid to retain and attract business travelers, many airlines are refining their services including beds, bars and business centers.

Helping out with your safety overseasupdated: Mon Feb 28 2005 13:15:00

Safety overseas has always been an issue for business travelers, especially those touching down at unfamiliar and dangerous destinations. Now private firms are helping out.

Tech trims down business travelupdated: Thu Feb 17 2005 09:59:00

Business travelers are spending less time away from home and the latest technology is allowing them to do it, according to a recent UK survey.

What irritates business travelersupdated: Thu Jan 27 2005 09:22:00

When it comes to annoying business travelers, a number of topics top the list, including those who stuff oversized pieces of luggage into overhead lockers and the long lines for airport security.

CNNMoney: It's a flyer's market, for someupdated: Fri Jan 07 2005 16:19:00

Business travelers could find themselves in a flyer's market as airlines rush to match Delta Air Lines reduced walk-up fares, but vacationers may find themselves no better off.

Flying above business classupdated: Wed Jan 05 2005 11:13:00

Time-poor corporate fliers fed up with the hassle of long lines at check-in desks and sluggish security checks are finding alternatives.

CNN Business Traveller wins awardsupdated: Mon Nov 29 2004 10:35:00

In recognition of its international services to the business travel industry, CNN has been given a special award for its monthly show "CNN Business Traveller."

More travelers, more holiday delayupdated: Tue Nov 09 2004 12:48:00

Crowded airports, busy airline desks and long delays for security checks are all in a day's travel for the executive during the upcoming holiday season.

Getting real deals for travelupdated: Wed Oct 27 2004 11:20:00

Roger Collis, author of "The survivor's guide to business travel", talks to CNN about how to make the most of your business travel budget, as well as helping you save time and money.

Business 2.0: A Man Who's Going Placesupdated: Fri Oct 01 2004 00:01:00

Within Barry Diller's online empire, InterActiveCorp, there's no business more vital than IAC Travel—which makes Erik Blachford his most important lieutenant. Overseeing Expedia,, Hotwir...

Swift screening saves timeupdated: Fri Jul 30 2004 11:03:00

Some business travelers have it easy and breezy at the airports this summer.

Expenses gap still yawnsupdated: Tue Jul 27 2004 21:34:00

When it comes to claiming corporate travel expenses there is still a gap between the sexes.

Battle of the sexes over travel expensesupdated: Sun Jul 25 2004 03:02:00

When it comes to claiming corporate travel expenses there is still a gap between the sexes.

Achieving a life-travel balanceupdated: Sat Jul 10 2004 13:23:00

Late mealtimes, missed sports days and weekends away; business travel is a reality for many executives who have families, and often the cause of bristly relations.

Registered traveler program to begin testingupdated: Wed Jun 16 2004 14:05:00

The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday it will launch an experimental program this month to speed frequent travelers through airport security checkpoints.

Away on business: Get organizedupdated: Wed Jun 16 2004 08:18:00

Getting through a business trip can be a hassle for many executives.

Business 2.0: Security Expressupdated: Tue Jun 01 2004 00:01:00

Hoping to speed business travelers through airport screening more quickly, the Transportation Security Administration will launch a pilot version of its "registered traveler" program in late June. ...

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