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Supreme Court declines fresh review of Guantanamo detainee issueupdated: Mon Jun 11 2012 14:35:00

Appeals from seven detainees at the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba, contesting their open-ended custody, were turned aside by the Supreme Court on Monday.

WikiLeaks founder wants classified access to U.S. military proceedingsupdated: Wed Dec 21 2011 17:41:00

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been 4,000 miles away from the military courtroom where Army prosecutors have rolled out their espionage case against Pfc. Bradley Manning. But Assange's name has come up repeatedly and his lawyers have been in the third row of the spectator pews in the Fort Meade, Maryland, courthouse, listening to as much as they can and fighting to gain additional access.

Why there should be a case against George W. Bush under torture lawupdated: Sat Feb 19 2011 09:58:00

There was widespread support among scores of human rights groups and many others for recent efforts to have Switzerland open a preliminary investigation for torture against former President George W. Bush during his planned (and now canceled) visit to Geneva.

Judge throws out assassination lawsuitupdated: Tue Dec 07 2010 15:30:00

A judge threw a "unique and extraordinary" lawsuit out of court Tuesday, leaving open the question of whether the U.S. government can legally target American citizens for death abroad without a trial.

Does White House have the CIA's back?updated: Thu Sep 16 2010 12:53:00

Amidst the very public and emotional debates over the locations of mosques and the burning of holy books, last week's anniversary of the 9/11 attacks also saw quiet commentary on the powerful continuities between the 43rd and 44th presidents when it comes to fighting al Qaeda.

Government grants license to challenge targeting of U.S. terroristsupdated: Wed Aug 04 2010 20:24:00

Federal authorities Wednesday granted two civil liberties groups a license they need in challenging the government's authority to use lethal force against U.S. citizens designated as terrorists.

Groups file suit over government power to kill American terroristsupdated: Wed Aug 04 2010 07:15:00

Two major civil liberties groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the government's asserted authority to kill U.S. citizens living abroad who are designated as terrorists.

Court blocks release of 17 Chinese Guantanamo detaineesupdated: Thu Oct 09 2008 10:56:00

A federal appeals court Wednesday blocked the planned release of 17 Chinese Muslims from the U.S. military facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, granting the government more time to argue against the plan.

Guantanamo detainee says CIA tortured himupdated: Sat Dec 08 2007 21:33:00

Attorneys for a "high-value" terror suspect who says he was tortured while being held at secret CIA prisons have requested that a judge bar the agency from destroying evidence of the alleged torture.

Two groups sue over NSA wiretap programupdated: Tue Jan 17 2006 07:34:00

Two lawsuits were filed Tuesday against the National Security Agency over its no-warrant wiretapping program, claiming the domestic eavesdropping is unconstitutional and that President Bush exceeded his authority by authorizing it.

Military panels to review Gitmo detainees updated: Fri Jul 16 2004 17:09:00

Military officers next week will begin meeting with the more than 600 prisoners being held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to determine the legality of their detentions, Pentagon officials said Friday.

Panels to review Gunatanamo detentionsupdated: Wed Jul 07 2004 20:19:00

Review panels will decide on a case-by-case basis whether detainees at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are being held legally, Pentagon officials said Wednesday.

U.S. indicts CIA contractor in Afghanistan prison deathupdated: Thu Jun 17 2004 12:30:00

A contractor working for the CIA has been indicted on charges stemming from the death of a prisoner at a prison in Afghanistan, Justice Department officials said.

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