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MPAA's Christopher Dodd defends SOPA's ability to eliminate internet piracy and save American jobs.

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Retiring Sen. Chris Dodd bids adieuupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 16:05:00

Outgoing Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd reflected on the three decades he spent representing Connecticut in Congress during his final speech from the Senate floor Tuesday.

Fortune: A bitterly divided Congress, fanned by the White Houseupdated: Fri Aug 20 2010 05:21:00

"This committee doesn't function well on a partisan basis, and in the 22 months that I've been chairman of it we've never acted that way." That was Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd speaking in December of 2008, when American voters had the audacity to believe a new President's promise to rise above the short-sightedness of partisan Washington and unite most Americans around solving big problems.

CNNMoney: Wall Street reform comes down to the wireupdated: Mon Jun 21 2010 11:34:00

With one week down and one week to go on negotiations melding the two Wall Street reform bills, lawmakers have a lot of tough decisions ahead.

CNNMoney: Bernanke raises concerns about swaps banupdated: Thu May 13 2010 17:02:00

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Wednesday he has concerns about a signature piece of Senate Democrats' Wall Street reform package that cracks down on complex financial products.

CNNMoney: Senate OKs 'too big to fail' bank amendmentupdated: Wed May 05 2010 17:37:00

The Senate overwhelmingly passed its first major change to the Wall Street reform package Wednesday, approving a bipartisan deal to unwind big financial firms that are considered too big to fail.

Recent controversies overshadow Chris Dodd's careerupdated: Wed May 05 2010 12:01:00

Sen. Chris Dodd's announcement that he is retiring follows an illustrious career, but one that has recently been overshadowed by controversies, political woes and personal tragedies.

Senate party shift coming?updated: Wed May 05 2010 12:01:00

CNN's Paul Steinhauser and Mark Preston discuss the possible fallout from two Senate Democrats opting to retire.

Sen. Chris Dodd announces he won't seek re-electionupdated: Wed May 05 2010 11:59:00

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, one of the most powerful Democrats on Capitol Hill, announced Wednesday that he will not seek a sixth term in November.

Dodd says he's doneupdated: Wed May 05 2010 11:59:00

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd announces he will not seek re-election.

Cafferty on financial reform legislationupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 16:14:00

Jack Cafferty asks: Why did Senate Republicans block financial reform legislation when two-thirds of Americans want it?

Obama takes Wall Street reform message to heartlandupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 16:14:00

President Obama took his message for Wall Street reforms to America's heartland for a second day on Wednesday as Senate Democrats failed for a third time to win a vote on starting public debate on the matter.

Obama to Republicans: Let Senate debate Wall Street reformupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 22:12:00

President Obama challenged Republicans to allow a debate on Wall Street reforms, telling an Iowa crowd Tuesday it's not right for the GOP to prevent a proposal from coming up in the Senate.

CNNMoney: GOP again blocks Wall Street reform debateupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 18:07:00

Senate Democrats failed Tuesday - for the second time in two days - to muster the 60 votes needed to start debating Wall Street reform.

Dems say go, GOP says not yet to finance reform debateupdated: Mon Apr 26 2010 08:42:00

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has scheduled a late afternoon vote Monday to move ahead with a Senate financial reform bill, but Republicans warn they are not prepared to launch debate on the measure.

Senate negotiators say deal close, but more talks neededupdated: Sun Apr 25 2010 12:25:00

A deal is close on a Senate financial reform bill, the leading negotiators said Sunday, but Republicans warned they are not yet prepared to launch debate on the measure.

Fortune: Does Goldman case help Chris Dodd?updated: Fri Apr 16 2010 16:09:00

Could the civil fraud case against Goldman Sachs be the break regulatory reformers have been looking for?

CNNMoney: Senate panel OKs Wall Street reformupdated: Mon Mar 22 2010 17:53:00

A key banking panel took only minutes Monday to approve a sweeping regulatory reform measure aimed at warding off future collapses in the financial system.

CNNMoney: Dodd: Time to reform Wall Street is nowupdated: Tue Mar 16 2010 04:51:00

The head of a key banking panel on Monday released a draft bill of sweeping regulatory changes aimed at warding off future collapses in the financial system.

Fortune: How to craft a (toothless, reformless, too-big-to-fail-ignoring) bipartisan billupdated: Mon Mar 15 2010 15:00:00

Washington insiders are all pumped up by Sen. Chris Dodd's pending financial reform bill. They say that it seems to have a real chance to garner bipartisan support. Yippee! That sounds great on the surface, but ask yourself WHY it seems more popular than, say, Obama's health-care bill? Reason is that Dodd's dang thing's got no teeth! Sure the bill has a measure to create a consumer protection agency within the Fed, (even that's controversial) and it would ban bank execs from being on the New York Fed's board. Then there's the real torches and pitchforks stuff, but even here, the bill is fangless. The proposed bill would allow shareholders to have "advisory votes" (say what?) on executive pay.

Partisan concerns loom in Senate for Wall Street reformupdated: Fri Mar 12 2010 18:33:00

In the U.S. Senate, the progressives are restless. A handful of them are making it known that Democratic leaders shouldn't take their votes for granted when it comes to Wall Street reform.

CNNMoney: Senate panel mulls consumer protection dealupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 15:33:00

The Senate might break its impasse on financial overhaul if it moves forward with a proposal that would put a consumer financial protection watchdog inside the Federal Reserve.

Health care bills unpopularupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 09:53:00

Deputy political director Paul Steinhauser looks at new CNN polls ahead of Thursday's health care summit.

Bickering continues as health care summit nearsupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 09:53:00

The day before the White House's bipartisan summit on health care reform, there didn't appear to be much mood for compromise on Capitol Hill.

CNNMoney: Financial reform: Do-or-die timeupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 09:18:00

A second Senate effort to come up with financial reform legislation could run aground unless a deal on protecting consumers is reached.

CNNMoney: No Senate deal on consumer financial protectionupdated: Fri Feb 05 2010 15:00:00

The fate of a consumer financial protection agency was thrown in doubt Friday, as the Senate Banking Committee chief said he planned to push a bill forward without Republican support.

Why Democrats are jumping shipupdated: Fri Jan 08 2010 08:00:00

When exactly did the donkey become an endangered species?

Intriguing people for January 6, 2010updated: Wed Jan 06 2010 13:08:00

Sen. Chris Dodd The five-term Connecticut Democrat announced today that he will not seek re-election. Dodd, 65, has been winning congressional elections in his state since 1974, but he's recently been considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats seeking re-election in 2010. He has been criticized for ties to the financial industry, and several formidable challengers have been vying to challenge him in the November election.

CNNMoney: Bernanke faces fire at confirmation hearingupdated: Thu Dec 03 2009 16:05:00

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke got a rough going over from both his supporters and detractors at his Senate confirmation hearing Thursday.

CNNMoney: Credit cards: No holiday help from Congressupdated: Tue Nov 24 2009 07:59:00

A congressional effort to enact swift rules to protect credit card consumers during the holiday shopping season is all but dead.

Senate committee debates health care reformupdated: Wed Jun 17 2009 12:35:00

Congress launched a formal debate on reforming the ailing U.S. health care system Wednesday with a Senate committee considering a comprehensive bill backed by Democrats and the Obama administration.

Senate Dems propose comprehensive health reform billupdated: Tue Jun 09 2009 12:53:00

The national debate on health care entered a new arena Tuesday, with Senate Democrats proposing a comprehensive bill that will launch a heated congressional battle to determine if America adopts universal coverage.

Push to reform health careupdated: Tue Jun 09 2009 12:53:00

As the push for reform of the health care system intensifies, opponents are starting to push back. Dana Bash reports.

Fortune: Chris Dodd's loyalty testupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 12:58:00

In the U.S. Senate, seniority is all: You wait your turn. No one knows that better than Democrat Chris Dodd, the senior senator from Connecticut. "I went through 28 years of sitting next to people who either had the constitution of mules or great longevity," Dodd told Fortune late one afternoon recently in his arch-windowed office on Capitol Hill.

Commentary: Is the American dream dead?updated: Tue Mar 24 2009 15:15:00

There is a chill wind blowing across this land of ours.

AIG and the administrationupdated: Sat Mar 21 2009 23:03:00

Sen. Chris Dodd says the Obama administration asked him to add the language that allowed AIG to hand out bonuses.

AIG dispute dogging Dodd may bite at election timeupdated: Sat Mar 21 2009 10:33:00

Fallout from anger over AIG's bonuses is following Sen. Chris Dodd from Washington back home to Connecticut.

Dodd accused of AIG 'flip-flop'updated: Sat Mar 21 2009 10:33:00

CNN's Mary Snow looks at how the AIG fallout is playing back home for Senator Chris Dodd.

Connecticut, 19 other states launch AIG investigationsupdated: Fri Mar 20 2009 21:36:00

Twenty state attorneys general announced investigations Friday into the $165 million bonuses paid by insurance giant AIG last week, with Connecticut's top lawyer issuing subpoenas to CEO Edward Liddy and 11 other executives.

Dodd defends actions as an AIG exec returns $6 million bonusupdated: Fri Mar 20 2009 16:29:00

A defiant Sen. Chris Dodd defended his actions on bonuses for AIG executives Friday as news surfaced that a senior company executive was returning his $6 million bonus.

Obama: I'll take responsibilityupdated: Thu Mar 19 2009 22:05:00

President Obama says that while he didn't draft the AIG contracts, he'll take the responsibility for fixing it.

Geithner: I should have known about bonus problems soonerupdated: Thu Mar 19 2009 22:05:00

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner confirmed Thursday that the department did talk to Sen. Chris Dodd about a clause he put forth in the stimulus legislation that would have strictly limited executive bonuses.

Dodd: Administration pushed for language protecting bonusesupdated: Thu Mar 19 2009 01:40:00

Senate Banking committee Chairman Christopher Dodd told CNN Wednesday that he was responsible for language added to the federal stimulus bill to make sure that already-existing contracts for bonuses at companies receiving federal bailout money were honored.

Fortune: Chris Dodd wants to scrap your bonusupdated: Fri Mar 06 2009 09:19:00

When Senator Chris Dodd, (D-Connecticut) crammed what he dubbed "tough new limits" on "lavish Wall Street bonuses" into the stimulus package, he may have created a bigger problem for the economy than the one he was trying to solve. The reason? His plan inadvertently rewards nonperformance and will drive talented financiers away from the companies that need them most.

Stimulus amendment puts tough limits on executive payupdated: Sat Feb 14 2009 18:24:00

An amendment in the $787 billion economic stimulus package passed by Congress Friday would severely restrict bonuses and other forms of compensation for top executives at companies receiving federal bailout money.

Credit buys loveupdated: Thu Dec 18 2008 00:29:00

CNN's Carol Costello reports on credit card companies trying to win back customers' love.

Credit card holders livid about 'rate-jacking'updated: Thu Dec 18 2008 00:29:00

It arrived in Rich Stevens' mailbox a few weeks ago: the notice that Citibank had "rate-jacked" the Visa cards belonging to him and his wife.

Fortune: Why Chris Dodd is gunning for the banksupdated: Wed Dec 10 2008 13:55:00

If and when Detroit's automakers actually get their taxpayer-funded lifelines, Senator Christopher Dodd will be remembered for his tough-guy demand that General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner be shown the nearest exit.

CNNMoney: Heated debate over auto bailoutupdated: Wed Nov 26 2008 11:21:00

The case for a bailout of U.S. automakers came under sharp scrutiny on Tuesday at a congressional hearing that portrayed the Big Three as both short-sighted in their business strategies and central to the economy.

Dems plan vote on aid to automakers despite oppositionupdated: Fri Nov 14 2008 13:50:00

Senate Democrats on Friday said they plan to vote on a bill meant to aid struggling automakers despite vocal opposition from Republicans.

Auto industry wants helpupdated: Fri Nov 14 2008 13:50:00

The auto industry is clamoring for government help, but is it worth the money? CNN's Allan Chernoff reports.

CNNMoney: Dodd: Auto bailout lacks GOP supportupdated: Thu Nov 13 2008 20:44:00

The top Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee said Thursday there is not enough support among Republicans to pass a proposed bailout package for the auto industry.

CNNMoney: Banks must start lending: Senate panelupdated: Thu Nov 13 2008 15:58:00

Lawmakers pressed bank executives on Thursday to explain how they were using the billions of dollars they've received from the federal government as part of the $700 billion bailout.

Dodd: 'I have a lot of reservations' about bailout planupdated: Tue Sep 23 2008 10:34:00

At a hearing Tuesday before the Senate Banking Committee, federal officials said a bailout is needed immediately for the health of the U.S. economy.

Paulson the powerfulupdated: Tue Sep 23 2008 10:34:00

Congressional approval of the bailout package would give Henry Paulson unprecedented power. CNN's Allan Chernoff reports.

CNNMoney: Lawmakers aim at credit card companiesupdated: Wed Apr 30 2008 16:26:00

A group of Democratic lawmakers unveiled sweeping legislation Wednesday that promises to shield consumers from harmful, and in some instances predatory practices, by the credit card industry.

CNNMoney: Student loan turmoil stresses familiesupdated: Tue Apr 15 2008 17:08:00

Paying for college is rarely easy, but this year parents and students could have a tougher time securing the necessary financing.

CNNMoney: Bank regulators: 'Asleep at the switch'updated: Tue Mar 04 2008 17:33:00

Lawmakers grilled bank regulators Tuesday about why they didn't intervene as lax lending standards led to a meltdown in the mortgage market and a credit crunch that threaten the economy.

Dodd endorses Obamaupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 13:54:00

Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Chris Dodd on Tuesday endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president, calling on fellow Democrats "to come together, to get behind this candidacy."

Dodd endorses Obamaupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 13:54:00

Former presidential candidate Sen. Chris Dodd announces he will endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president.

CNNMoney: New $20B subprime bailout on the tableupdated: Thu Jan 31 2008 17:44:00

A proposal to bail out subprime mortgage borrowers who are at risk of foreclosure was floated at a Senate Banking Committee hearing Thursday. Democracy, Without Browniesupdated: Fri Jan 04 2008 02:00:00

In search of the perfect caucus, Joel Stein joined Iowans in their bead-throwing, rule-morphing festival

Second-tier Dems brave single-digit Iowa weather, long oddsupdated: Wed Jan 02 2008 13:23:00

While the front-runners slugged it out in the days before Thursday's Iowa caucuses, second-tier Democratic presidential candidates spent the final hours before the big event plugging away in hope of staging an upset. The Tone-Deaf Democratsupdated: Wed Nov 21 2007 00:50:00

Too many of them -- in Congress and the presidential campaign -- still don't get national security

Petraeus politicsupdated: Wed Sep 12 2007 03:49:00

CNN's Candy Crowley takes a look at the implications of the Petraeus Senate hearing in the 2008 presidential race.

Democrats debate on Univisionupdated: Sun Sep 09 2007 23:49:00

The 2008 Democratic presidential candidates debate on Univision from Coral Gables, Florida. (In Spanish)

Immigration top issue at debate on Spanish-language TVupdated: Sun Sep 09 2007 23:49:00

Questions about immigration dominated a forum for Democratic presidential candidates put on Sunday by the Spanish-language television network Univision.

CNNMoney: Stocks set to open higherupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 04:53:00

U.S. stocks are likely to open higher Wednesday after improved sentiment helped stem a massive flight to quality and yields on shorter-dated Treasurys rebounded.

CNNMoney: Bonds prices close down on stock strengthupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 04:19:00

Bond prices declined across the board Wednesday as the Federal Reserve pumped more money into the banking system to ease rate pressures.

CNNMoney: Dodd: Fed to use 'all tools available'updated: Tue Aug 21 2007 06:23:00

A key U.S. lawmaker said on Tuesday that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke pledged to use all tools necessary to calm turbulent financial markets, but he expressed skepticism that the U.S. Treasury appreciated the urgency of the U.S. housing finance crisis.

CNNMoney: Nasdaq gains, Dow wanesupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 05:49:00

The Nasdaq composite and S&P 500 index rose Tuesday, as investors welcomed a meeting among Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, Senator Dodd and Treasury Secretary Paulson on the problems in the financial markets.

CNNMoney: Nasdaq jumps, Dow hangs onupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 03:46:00

Stocks stabilized Tuesday afternoon as investors took comfort in falling oil prices and a meeting among Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, Senator Dodd and Treasury Secretary Paulson on the problems in the financial markets.

CNNMoney: Bond buying frenzy takes a breatherupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 03:33:00

Investors again sought the safety of the government bond market Tuesday but reversed their purchases of the shortest-dated, safest securities in a sign that investors are a bit less nervous about the freeze-up in the credit markets.

CNNMoney: Wall Street finds stabilityupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 02:42:00

Stocks stabilized Tuesday afternoon, as investors took comfort in falling oil prices and a meeting among Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, Senator Dodd and Treasury Secretary Paulson on the problems in the financial markets.

CNNMoney: Stocks stage recoveryupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 02:33:00

Stocks recovered near midday Tuesday, on initial positive reports about the meeting between Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Senator Dodd regarding the problems in the financial markets.

CNNMoney: Stocks slip on credit woesupdated: Mon Aug 20 2007 22:47:00

Stocks slipped Tuesday morning as investors mulled ongoing problems in the credit and mortgage markets and opted to put their money in the relatively safer haven of bonds.

CNNMoney: Lawmakers to discuss market volatilityupdated: Mon Aug 20 2007 04:49:00

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd sought Monday an unusual meeting with two top U.S. economic policy-makers, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, to discuss the recent financial market volatility.

CNNMoney: Senator pushes for ratings agency reviewupdated: Sun Aug 19 2007 22:08:00

U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd on Friday called for an examination of the credit rating agencies' role in valuing the subprime mortgage securities market.

CNNMoney: Dems take on mortgage meltdownupdated: Mon Aug 13 2007 02:51:00

In the wake of the subprime mess, Democratic presidential candidates are grabbing hold of the issue and offering their own solutions. And the problem, according to many of them, lies with the mortgage broker.

Fortune: Democrats: We hate the rich, we love the richupdated: Fri Aug 03 2007 00:25:00

More and more Wall Streeters - especially those new-money hedge fund and private equity managers with net worths stretching toward and beyond the billion-dollar mark - are throwing their considerable moneyed weight behind Democratic candidates. So far, presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have managed to charm these masters of Manhattan with their policy smarts and scent of potential victory, even while decrying the country's "highest concentration of wealth...since 1929," as Clinton puts it.

CNNMoney: Subprime loans get new standardsupdated: Fri Jun 29 2007 05:02:00

U.S. bank regulators Friday tightened standards for mortgage lending in a bid to curtail risky practices that have been blamed for a record level of foreclosures.

CNNMoney: Senator faults regulators in subprime messupdated: Mon Mar 26 2007 14:52:00

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd said Monday that federal regulators have been "asleep at the switch" and must start exercising their authority to stop the hemorrhaging of the subprime mortgage market.

Still brutish Senateupdated: Mon May 30 2005 10:29:00

The lavishly acclaimed new era of good feelings in the Senate lasted less than four days.

Why Dodd fights Boltonupdated: Thu Apr 14 2005 12:38:00

Why did Monday's Democratic assault on John Bolton at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have so little to do with how he would perform as U.S. ambassador at the United Nations and so much about Cuban biological warfare?

Fortune: In the Corporate Jungle, Size Mattersupdated: Mon Jul 09 2001 00:01:00

The 800-pound gorilla has long been a metaphor for corporate power. After all, a hefty primate is a much more evocative symbol of size than a huge market cap. But now that good old-fashioned accura...


Ordinary Americans are prohibited from climbing Mount Rushmore, where the faces of four great Presidents are carved in granite. But this September, just before the Senate began debating campaign fi...

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