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Smokable herbal blends marketed as "legal highs" have become increasingly popular and as easy to buy as cigarettes.

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Adults who should know better feel driven to textupdated: Fri Jul 31 2009 11:53:00

Teenagers exchange text messages while driving because, well, they're teenagers and teenagers sometimes do dumb things. But suit-wearing adults who should know better are texting behind the wheel too, driven by grown-up motivations.

Children forced into cell-like school seclusion roomsupdated: Wed Dec 17 2008 16:29:00

A few weeks before 13-year-old Jonathan King killed himself, he told his parents that his teachers had put him in "time-out." College Football Fans More Likely to Go to the Pollsupdated: Fri Oct 17 2008 16:00:00

Obama and McCain volunteers should be out in force at Saturday's games; that's where the voters are

How to grow the perfect tomatoesupdated: Thu Jul 03 2008 09:55:00

There are countless varieties of tomatoes available, each of which differs from the others in taste, the size, shape and ripening time of the fruit.

Campus mourns fire victimupdated: Wed Oct 31 2007 07:08:00

Clemson University students mourn a young woman who died in a beach house fire in North Carolina. Affiliate WYFF reports.

Beach house owner 'numb, confused' after fire kills 7 studentsupdated: Tue Oct 30 2007 15:34:00

The owner of a North Carolina beach house where seven college students died in a weekend fire said Monday that his family's "lives were just changed forever" by the tragedy.

University of South Carolina grieves updated: Mon Oct 29 2007 15:57:00

At the University of South Carolina, the campus is quiet, but students were still heading to their classes after six students were killed in a beach house fire during the weekend.

Flames engulf beach houseupdated: Mon Oct 29 2007 15:57:00

Home video shows the deadly blaze that killed seven college students in North Carolina. Affiliate WTVD has the video

Six of seven killed in house fire were from University of S. Carolinaupdated: Mon Oct 29 2007 06:24:00

Six of the seven college students killed in a massive house fire Sunday morning in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, attended the University of South Carolina, a university official said Sunday.

CNNMoney: Good habits are hard to breakupdated: Wed Mar 22 2006 09:38:00

Some people get a thrill out of spending -- the Turners are excited to save.

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