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American climbers killed in Peru likely fell 1,000 feetupdated: Mon Jul 30 2012 20:01:00

A large, hanging and then collapsing chunk of ice is likely the reason why two American climbers died in Peru, an investigator said Monday.

Climbing mountains without a ropeupdated: Mon Jul 30 2012 11:37:00

Free solo climber Alex Honnold scales mountains with no rope, and no room for error.

Avalanche recovery efforts suspended on Mount McKinleyupdated: Sun Jun 17 2012 20:26:00

Recovery efforts on Alaska's Mount McKinley were suspended Sunday because of environmental hazards following an avalanche thought to have killed four Japanese climbers, the National Park Service said.

Four climbers feared dead after Mount McKinley avalancheupdated: Sat Jun 16 2012 21:35:00

Four Japanese climbers are feared dead following an avalanche on Alaska's Mount McKinley, according to the National Park Service.

Climber recounts descent from death zoneupdated: Tue May 22 2012 16:42:00

CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks to a man who climbed Mount Everest and he describes the journey.

Four die on Mount Everestupdated: Tue May 22 2012 16:42:00

Four people died while coming down the southern slope of the mountain during the weekend after reaching Mount Everest's 8848-meter (29,028 foot) summit, officials said.

73-year-old becomes oldest woman to climb Mount Everestupdated: Sat May 19 2012 07:19:00

A 73-year-old Japanese woman on Saturday became the oldest woman to climb Mount Everest breaking her own 10-year-old record.

Scaling Everest honors 1924 Olympic vowupdated: Wed May 09 2012 07:13:00

A British explorer is bringing an Olympic medal to the top of Mt. Everest to honor a pledge from 1924.

Choosing the right adventure outfitterupdated: Mon Oct 03 2011 10:43:00

Whether you want to leap from a helicopter onto the icy slopes below or cycle through the Italian countryside, adventure travel is filled with niche experiences for any personality. But finding one that suits your budget, fitness level, expectations and safety needs can feel overwhelming.

Safe and strategic planning tipsupdated: Mon Oct 03 2011 10:43:00

CNN's Alison Kosik offers tips to make an adventure out of your next vacation.

Only man to climb Everest, go to spaceupdated: Fri Jul 08 2011 17:47:00

Former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski is the only person to climb Mount Everest and also walk in space.

What was Weiner thinking?updated: Wed Jun 08 2011 11:57:00

It seems like a cliche -- a powerful politician undone by underpants.

What does Rep. Weiner's behavior reveal?updated: Wed Jun 08 2011 11:57:00

Attorney Paul Callan and psychologist Jeff Gardere talk Rep. Weiner's behavior and the grey area of sexting laws.

Nepalese man climbs Mount Everest for 21st timeupdated: Wed May 11 2011 06:48:00

A 52-year-old Nepalese man reached the top of Mount Everest for the 21st time on Wednesday, breaking a record he set last year for the number of ascents of the world's tallest peak, a tourism official ministry said.

Book author accused of lyingupdated: Tue Apr 19 2011 07:03:00

Peter Bergen joins others who say Greg Mortensen fabricated parts of his book including being kidnapped in Afghanistan.

First black African to conquer Everestupdated: Wed Jan 19 2011 06:07:00

CNN's African Voices meets South African adventurer Sibusiso Vilane, the first black African to climb Mount Everest.

Should 9-year-old climb Mount Everest?updated: Wed Nov 10 2010 10:54:00

This year a 13-year-old from California stunned the world when he became the youngest person to summit Mount Everest.

Search on for sherpa who has scaled Everest 19 timesupdated: Mon Oct 25 2010 00:38:00

A search is on for a missing Nepali sherpa who has summited Mount Everest 19 times.

Skier Fredrik Ericsson dies in accident on K2updated: Fri Aug 06 2010 20:31:00

Swedish mountaineer and professional skier Fredrik Ericsson died Friday while trying to summit K2 in Pakistan, his friend David Schipper told CNN in a telephone interview.

Searchers find body of climber on towering Grand Tetonupdated: Thu Jul 22 2010 20:48:00

The body of a missing climber was found on towering Grand Teton mountain in Wyoming Thursday, a day after 16 other climbers were rescued.

'Bookworm' turns mountain conquerorupdated: Fri Jul 09 2010 04:14:00

When one meets a woman who says she had just climbed Mt. Everest, you get curious.

Everest climber, 13: Kids should follow meupdated: Fri May 28 2010 01:49:00

The youngest person to climb the world's highest mountain has said age is no bar to following one's dreams and that he would encourage children even younger than himself to scale Everest.

Climbing mountain in hiker's memoryupdated: Mon May 24 2010 12:56:00

CNN's Patrick Oppmann climbs with the family and friends of a hiker who died on Mount St. Helens.

Climbing Mount St. Helens to honor a brave lifeupdated: Mon May 24 2010 12:56:00

Dinnertime at the Bohlig home is standing room only as the house fills with friends and family, some of whom have driven hundreds of miles to be here.

American boy, 13, breaks Everest recordupdated: Sat May 22 2010 20:06:00

A 13-year-old American became the youngest climber to ever summit Mount Everest on Saturday. 13-Year-Old Seeks to Be Youngest to Scale Mt. Everestupdated: Fri May 21 2010 14:55:00

"I'm more stoked than nervous," says Jordan Romero, who's making the trek with family members

Boy determined to summit Everestupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 11:26:00

A 13-year-old climbing Mount Everest calls his experience "physically and technically hard."

Teen begins ascent of Mount Everestupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 11:26:00

Even from more than 21,000 feet up the world's tallest mountain, 13-year-old Jordan Romero couldn't resist the opportunity to greet his mother in a live television broadcast Monday.

California teen to attempt Everest summitupdated: Fri Apr 09 2010 13:23:00

Thirteen-year-old Jordan Romero is climbing Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, not only for himself but to inspire more young people to get outdoors.

Teen climber plans to conquer Everestupdated: Fri Apr 09 2010 13:23:00

Thirteen-year-old Jordan Romero wants to be the youngest climber to scale Mount Everest. CNN's Isha Sesay reports. Proud Dad Talks About Teen Son Who Climbed Seven Summitsupdated: Sat Jan 23 2010 22:36:00

Johnny Collinson, 17, conquered the highest mountains on seven continents PHOTOS: Jessica Biel & Emile Hirsch's Mountain-Climbing Expeditionupdated: Wed Jan 13 2010 17:24:00

In six days and through a blizzard, the Summit on the Summit group scale Mt. Kilimanjaro for a worthy cause

Oldest Everest climber finally gets recognitionupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 18:15:00

For Min Bahadur Sherchan, being recognized as the oldest person to climb the Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak, was the realization of a half-century old dream. Tim Layden: Boston Marathon tops Bucket Listupdated: Mon Aug 10 2009 11:28:00

1. Boston Marathon I was once a good runner. Not Olympic/NCAA good, but better-than-most-road racers good. I ran 32:50 for 10K and 50:59 for 15K and several times tried training for a marathon, but on each occasion got injured. This was 25 years ago. Now I have arthritis in one knee and can't run much, so I ride a bike. I have covered many Boston Marathons, but never ran it. I wish I had. I wish I had just sucked it up, qualified, and run it once relatively slowly, even in the years long after my prime.

Job club fights on with laughter, songupdated: Thu Jun 18 2009 10:26:00

"Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's get it on!" screams the guy at the podium. It feels like fight night, and while this isn't a boxing match, people aren't pulling punches, either.

Coffee and careersupdated: Thu Jun 18 2009 10:26:00

Landing a job is the aim of the Long Island Breakfast Club but its approach is unconventional. Christine Romans reports.

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