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If you can't get through your day without a coffee break or two, here's good news for you: What scientists know so far suggests coffee may help you stay healthy.

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CNNMoney: Starbucks: Venti-sized stock at all-time highupdated: Thu Apr 12 2012 13:45:00

Coffee may not technically be one of the key food groups. But you wouldn't know that by looking at shares of Starbucks. Can millions of caffeine-addicted java junkies ... like yours truly ... be wrong?

Coffee may reduce women's cancer risk updated: Tue Nov 22 2011 16:19:00

That morning cup (or cups) of coffee may do more than just kick-start your day.

Does drinking coffee lower cancer risk?updated: Tue Nov 22 2011 16:19:00

Elizabeth Cohen reports on a Harvard study about coffee cutting the risk of endometrial cancer.

For women, risk of depression falls as coffee intake risesupdated: Mon Sep 26 2011 17:42:00

A few cups of coffee a day may help keep the blues at bay. According to a large new study, women who drink caffeinated coffee are less likely to become depressed -- and the more they drink, the more their risk of depression goes down.

CNNMoney: Good news, coffee lovers: Your buzz is getting cheaperupdated: Wed Aug 24 2011 16:03:00

Like a caffeine junkie on a morning buzz, the price of coffee futures began spiraling higher in late 2010 -- and coffee brands passed those higher costs on to consumers.

Farmers brew plan to make more from coffee beansupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 11:16:00

Uganda is Africa's second-largest coffee producer, but some of its farmers say they are getting a raw deal when it comes to profiting from their beans.

Uganda's coffee needs more profitupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 11:16:00

Coffee is part of our daily routines, but in Uganda, where so much coffee is grown, people don't drink much of it.

Say it ain't so for a cup o' joe: Price of coffee beans climbupdated: Wed Apr 27 2011 07:49:00

Consumers got a jolt this week with news that the price of coffee was hovering near $3 a pound, the highest price in more than three decades, forcing many coffee houses to consider raising prices or cutting services.

Cup of culture in Ethiopiaupdated: Thu Apr 07 2011 07:55:00

Inside Africa heads to the Ethiopian Highlands where coffee is king.

Ethiopia's coffee love affairupdated: Thu Apr 07 2011 07:55:00

For many in Ethiopia, it is part of their daily routine -- a steaming hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But in an area considered to be the birthplace of the coffee bean, the drink is also an important part of the economy and culture.

CNNMoney: Starbucks to come in single K-Cup versionupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 11:00:00

Starbucks said Thursday it has signed a deal for the sale of single-cup versions of its coffee and tea products to be sold for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' K-Cup system.

CNNMoney: Starbucks coming to 500,000 hotel roomsupdated: Tue Feb 15 2011 13:52:00

Starbucks said Tuesday that it will begin offering ground coffees for use in hotel room brewers as part of a plan to expand its presence in the "single-serve" market.

CNNMoney: Starbucks hints at new single-serve coffee drinkupdated: Mon Feb 14 2011 17:41:00

Starbucks confirmed Monday that it is planning to expand its presence in the market for premium single-serve coffee drinks, saying an official announcement could come in the near future.

Fortune: Three challenges to McDonald's growthupdated: Fri Jan 21 2011 14:29:00

McDonald's has long been the darling of Wall Street, posting increases in same-store sales for 30 consecutive quarters since early 2003. Even during the depths of the recession in 2008, same-store sales rose by 6.1%.

A tall Frappuccino in Mumbai? Maybe, soonupdated: Thu Jan 13 2011 15:09:00

Indians may have come a step closer to sipping venti Frappuccinos after Starbucks signed a deal Thursday with a coffee conglomerate in India, a previously untapped market.

$13 coffee worth the brew-haha?updated: Mon Jan 03 2011 14:27:00

Times are tough, which is why most Americans are taking their coffee with two tablespoons of cheap. Inexpensive coffee is being poured by the bucketload at fast food restaurants like McDonalds, with its successful McCafe line, and Burger King, which is planning a nationwide Seattle's Best roll-out this summer. Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Share Coffee - Againupdated: Wed Dec 01 2010 11:48:00

The pair get their hearts racing as they press on with a national caffeine tour

Indonesia's $50 cup of coffeeupdated: Fri Nov 26 2010 06:40:00

The world's most expensive coffee is thriving in Indonesia. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.

Fortune: How Nespresso turned coffee pods into a high-class businessupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 12:00:00

Imagine the Rolls Royce of coffee makers, one that can steam your milk, form the perfect foam-to-liquid ratio and deliver you a pH-balanced macchiato with the push of a button. A company called Nespresso, part of the Nestlé Business Group, makes them, and they've sold well in Europe for years.

CNNMoney: Coffee prices on the riseupdated: Fri Sep 10 2010 07:55:00

You may soon find yourself paying more for your morning coffee - if you aren't already.

Coffee: Is it healthier than you think?updated: Wed Apr 28 2010 12:59:00

Elaine Murszewski is a self-proclaimed coffee addict.

Fortune: How Starbucks lost its 'fidelity'updated: Wed Sep 16 2009 12:50:00

In this adaptation from his new book, Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don't (Broadway Books), author Kevin Maney explains the tension between two key qualities and how a great brand got caught in a no-man's-land between them.

Brewing up businessupdated: Thu Jul 23 2009 18:02:00

In Money & Main Street, Stephanie Elam introduces us to a coffee lover on a quest to open her own shop.

Baristas battle for the crownupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 06:13:00

Baristas from around the world pulled espressos, cappuccinos and specialty drinks in Atlanta to compete for the 2009 World Barista Championship title.

For new World Barista title winner, a latte hard workupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 06:13:00

A Briton bested competitors from 51 other countries to win the recent World Barista Championship in Atlanta, Georgia.

High-end coffee business slows during recessionupdated: Mon Apr 20 2009 12:39:00

The high-end specialty coffee industry isn't immune to the effects of a recession, but many companies are still doing well.

Beware the perils of caffeine withdrawalupdated: Mon Apr 06 2009 10:54:00

Susan Todd loves her daily coffee fix. "I can drink four or five cups, easily, comfortably," said Todd, 59, of Clinton Township, Michigan.

Caffeine withdrawal symptomsupdated: Mon Apr 06 2009 10:54:00

If you miss your daily caffeine fix you might suffer from withdrawal symptoms, as CNN's Judy Fortin reports.

Topless coffee shop a hit in small Maine townupdated: Fri Feb 27 2009 22:47:00

It's a tough time for businesses, but one entrepreneur may have found the recipe for success.

CNNMoney: Starbucks' instant gratification for $1updated: Tue Feb 17 2009 16:06:00

Starbucks, home of the $4 latte, has introduced a new product to keep cash-strapped consumers sipping its brew.

Fortune: Starbucks instant: Will it pass the taste test?updated: Fri Feb 13 2009 12:59:00

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has been hyping a major announcement for weeks, hinting only that it would involve "innovation, competition, and value."

Trouble brewing? iReporters talk Starbucksupdated: Wed Jul 02 2008 15:14:00

In an effort to alleviate problems facing the company, Starbucks announced that it will close 600 company-run U.S. stores over the next year. Most of the stores are near another Starbucks and aren't profitable.

Moms addicted to caffeineupdated: Wed Jun 25 2008 11:31:00

Mothers are consuming more caffeine now than ever before. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

Caffeinated moms drink up to keep upupdated: Wed Jun 25 2008 11:31:00

Double latte in the morning, soda with lunch, energy drink at midday. Sound familiar? Caffeine and Pregnancy: How Risky? updated: Tue Apr 15 2008 16:00:00

Consultations: Dr. De-Kun Li of Kaiser Permanente on what pregnant women should know about caffeine

Anyone for cat coffee?updated: Thu Apr 10 2008 22:42:00

A rare, expensive coffee with delicate origins goes on sale in London. CNN's David McKenzie reports.

$100 a shot for cat dung coffeeupdated: Thu Apr 10 2008 22:42:00

A London department store has started selling coffee for $100 a shot. Starbucks' New Brew: A First Tasteupdated: Wed Apr 09 2008 20:00:00's office coffee addict takes a first sip of the new Pike Place Roast. And still longs for good old Sumatra

Barista donates kidney to save customer's lifeupdated: Thu Apr 03 2008 13:01:00

At a time when she really needed a miracle, Annamarie Ausnes found one in an unusual place. Starbucks Announces New Upgradesupdated: Wed Mar 19 2008 11:00:00

Loyal customers get free extras, freshly ground coffee brewing in-house, fancy new espresso machines and more on the Starbucks revitalizing docket

CNNMoney: Coffee break for Starbucks' 135,000 baristasupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 08:09:00

Warning to Starbucks junkies who usually get a fix on their way home from work: You're out of luck on Tuesday.

FSB: Office nomads unite in 'coworking' spacesupdated: Thu Jan 24 2008 11:51:00

As a sole proprietor who works primarily online, every day I face a painful decision: work from home or go to a coffeehouse? Brewing Battle: Starbucks vs. McDonald'supdated: Thu Jan 10 2008 12:00:00

McDonald's has begun serving up lattes and chai at its new McCafÉ, while Starbucks is now selling sausage, egg and cheese breakfasts. Is this a turf war?

Starbuck factsupdated: Fri Dec 28 2007 03:51:00

Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world, with more than 6,000 retail locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

You want fried latte with your cobbler on a stick?updated: Mon Aug 27 2007 05:54:00

The entries in this year's Big Tex Choice Awards could entice State Fair visitors back to the deep fryer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Portland bewitches travelers, rain or shineupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 23:03:00

In the winter, the residents of this Pacific Northwest city hunker down for the gray rain that drills the city sidewalks for days on end. Locals drink loads of strong coffee, read books and take up knitting with zeal reserved in other parts of the nation for church going or clubbing.

CNNMoney: Stealing Starbucks' buzzupdated: Mon Jul 30 2007 21:33:00

As dairy prices rise, forcing Starbucks customers to shell out more for a grande decaf no-whip mocha, some small coffee stores are finding a way to outbrew the cappuccino king.

CNNMoney: McDonald's ready to bean Starbucksupdated: Tue Jul 24 2007 02:01:00

Watch out Starbucks. McDonald's is eager to steal customers of your pricey frothy lattes.

Fortune: A reason to skip Starbucksupdated: Tue Jun 12 2007 11:25:00

Despite the ubiquity of Starbucks, only about one out of six Americans drink specialty coffee on a daily basis, according to the National Coffee Association. To Patrick O'Dea, that smells like opportunity. For the past five years, the former Pringles salesman has run Peet's Coffee & Tea, a brand revered by coffee snobs but unknown in large swaths of the country.

FSB: Getting buzzed in Hawaiiupdated: Fri Apr 27 2007 17:02:00

I didn't plan to go to the Hilo Coffee Mill. In fact, on my tour of Big Island farms, I intend to skip coffee entirely. Not that there was any shortage of Kona coffee tourist experiences - they are some of the only agritourism operations with the marketing sophistication to, say, leave brochures in hotel lobbies - but I was looking for the more unusual crops.

Business 2.0: Grinding Out Success Next to Starbucksupdated: Thu Mar 15 2007 13:06:00

When Dr. Evil plotted to take over the world in 1999's Austin Powers sequel, his headquarters was the Seattle Space Needle emblazoned with a Starbucks logo. As a symbol of global domination, the im...

Business 2.0: Roadshow Retreatsupdated: Thu Mar 15 2007 12:50:00

You've finally managed to hit up enough angels, family, and friends to amass your first round of seed funding. Now it's time to take your idea on the road to woo customers, pitch VCs, and rub elbow...

Fortune: Starbucks vs. Ethiopiaupdated: Mon Feb 26 2007 05:56:00

To produce a pound of organic sun-dried coffee, farmers in the southern Ethiopian village of Fero spread six pounds of ripe, red coffee cherries onto pallets near their fields. They sun the fruit f...

CNNMoney: Starbucks sued for trying to sink competitionupdated: Tue Sep 26 2006 09:19:00

An independent coffee shop owner filed a lawsuit against Starbucks Corp. Monday, charging the coffee house giant with using anti-competitive tactics to rid itself of competition.

Money Magazine: Daily Grindupdated: Wed Mar 01 2006 00:01:00

Making a pot of coffee has never really been that much of a chore. Except that you have to clean out the coffee grounds (which always seem to get everywhere), and you rarely finish a whole pot, and...

A smart way to start the dayupdated: Wed Jan 11 2006 10:02:00

Coffee makes many people feel alert, energized and even more cheerful, but can that steaming espresso, latte or cappuccino make you smarter?

CNNMoney: Report: Coke, Pepsi faceoff brewingupdated: Tue Dec 06 2005 08:50:00

Coke has brewed up a plan to take on Pepsi and Starbucks in the ready-to-drink coffee market, according to a report Tuesday.

Business 2.0: Business Gets a Nervous Systemupdated: Sat Oct 01 2005 00:01:00

It's 2008, and a tattooed barista is sitting in the back room at Starbucks tapping on her laptop. Live video feeds from high-res webcams spread around the store are carried on a secure Wi-Fi networ...

FSB: Here Comes the Sunupdated: Fri Jul 01 2005 00:01:00

From October through June, Seattle impersonates London—dark and drizzly, with a climate that's good for field-testing Gore-Tex but not much else. Visit in late summer, though, and the city shakes o...

Martha Stewart freedupdated: Fri Mar 04 2005 17:05:00

With cameras watching her, helicopters overhead, perhaps Martha summed up her situation best as she set out to make lemonade out of lemons.

FSB: The Not-So-Simple Lifeupdated: Tue Mar 01 2005 00:01:00

I am, as people who meet me quickly conclude, the simplest of people. Plop me in front of Eight Simple Rules, and I am a happy boy. Stick me in the corner with a copy of Real Simple, FSB's sister m...

CNNMoney: Starbucks: A passage to Indiaupdated: Thu Oct 28 2004 07:58:00

Who says coffee isn't everybody's cup of tea? Just ask Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz.

A tale of two shops in Canton, Ohioupdated: Fri Sep 03 2004 10:14:00

They are really nothing more than just two shops. A sandwich shop and a specialty coffee shop. Next door to each other in downtown Canton, in buildings that have been restored to resemble something of the city center's former glory.

Money Magazine: Five Things We'd Give up Before We'd Give up Lattesupdated: Thu Apr 01 2004 00:01:00

Are Americans really drowning in a sea of double-shot mocha lattes? Professional skinflint David Bach seems to think so. At the heart of his best-selling The Automatic Millionaire is a seductive no...

Fortune: Face Offupdated: Mon Mar 22 2004 00:01:00

Dunkin' Donuts has mastered the art of drip coffee, but can it compete when it comes to espresso? The doughnut chain launched a line of lattes, espresso shots, and flavored "swirl" beverages recent...

Fortune: Hot Starbucks To Go It's a new American institution. Its stores are everywhere. Doubters say it can't get much updated: Mon Jan 26 2004 00:01:00

I'm in Seattle, talking with the father of the richest man in the world, who is speaking eloquently about a remarkably successful younger man who lives right here in his hometown. Yes, the speaker ...

CNNMoney: The price of latte in Lucerneupdated: Fri Jan 16 2004 10:14:00

BEND, ORE. (CNN/Money) - Starbucks debuted in Paris in January, marking its first entrée into France.

FSB: The Three-Peat A Vermont coffee wholesaler is one of only four companies that have made the list three years in a roupdated: Tue Jul 01 2003 00:01:00


Fortune: Mr. Coffee The man behind the $4.75 Frappuccino makes the 500.updated: Mon Apr 14 2003 00:01:00

Howard Schultz is blushing. Having just heard that Starbucks, the coffee empire he built, is making its debut on the FORTUNE 500 list this year, the normally unflappable Schultz grins, his eyes dar...

Fortune: The God Shot The search is over: Nicholas Stein has found the world's best cup of coffee.updated: Mon Jan 20 2003 00:01:00

One hundred miles east of Venice, the sleepy port of Trieste is home to much of Italy's coffee trade--including gourmet roaster Illy, which sells beans to cafes and restaurants around the globe. Bu...

Fortune: Crisis in a Coffee Cup The price of beans has crashed. Growers around the world are starving. And the quupdated: Mon Dec 09 2002 00:01:00

Nestled among the rugged hills of Vietnam's Central Highlands, 200 miles north of Ho Chi Minh City, Buon Ma Thuot is a remote and isolated village in a remote and isolated land. The only road in an...

FSB: To Serve & Protect Compared to the typical entrepreneur, Jay Sorensen seems an unlikely candidate for updated: Thu Nov 01 2001 00:01:00

As "eureka!" moments go, the precise instant of Jay Sorensen's Big Idea is closer to a Sad Sack comic than an Edison-style epiphany. One morning in the spring of 1991, Sorensen dropped his daughter...

Fortune: Remedies For An Economic Hangover The slowdown is giving corporate America a headache. These four companies are getting relief bupdated: Mon Jun 25 2001 00:01:00

If you've been to a Starbucks lately (and 15 million of you went last week), you may be surprised that just two short years ago Chairman Howard Schultz declared that the coffee merchant was going t...

Fortune: Still Perking After All These Years The skeptics say that Starbucks has run out of room to grow. The chain's surging stock priceupdated: Mon May 24 1999 00:01:00

At home, in an antique mahogany desk where Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz often works in the hours before dawn, a bundle of clippings is piling up. Although the charismatic Schultz gets his shar...

Money Magazine: Grinders, Keepers As espresso makers grow in popularity, your choices in machines multiply too. Here's how to separate what's esupdated: Tue Sep 01 1998 00:01:00

Apparently, a Starbucks on every corner is not enough. Americans want espresso, and they want it at home. One in 10 households has an espresso maker, according to a recent survey by the National Co...


As Americans, we have grown up thinking of coffee primarily as a hot, tan liquid dispensed from fairly automatic appliances, then "doctored" as needed to make it drinkable. We open the three-pound ...

Money Magazine: GREAT DATES FOR LESS THAN $1OOupdated: Wed May 01 1996 00:01:00

You probably never realized how pampered college life was until you got out and tried to date on a real-life paycheck. Dinner and a movie? You can break $100 without breaking a sweat. And at $100 t...

Fortune: COFFEE CHAINS ARE GETTING THE JITTERSupdated: Mon Nov 27 1995 00:01:00

A shakeout in the $950 million coffee-bar business is brewing as fast as you can say tall skinny decaf. The Specialty Coffee Association of America figures the number of coffee bars will more than ...

Money Magazine: WISE UP Facts about high-priced coffee Wake up and smell the $5 French roastupdated: Tue Nov 01 1994 00:01:00

Your 50 cents cuppa Joe has now turned so chic, it's perked a lingo all its own. Coast to coast, java-hungry hordes are bellying up to coffee bars, ordering things like, "A short-shot latte, double...

Fortune: NESTLE'S BRAND BUILDING MACHINE The Swiss powerhouse is racing across the developing world building brands, roads, farms, factorupdated: Mon Sep 19 1994 00:01:00

PRICE CHECK, Aisle Four! Frozen squid tentacles and Nescafe Cappuccino." If selling in the developing world sounds like a job for a man and a donkey, it's time to have a look at what's happening at...

Fortune: COMPANIES TO WATCHupdated: Mon Aug 24 1992 00:01:00

STARBUCKS CORP. Even a first-time customer strolling into a Starbucks espresso bar is bound to guess he'll get no ordinary cup of joe. Polished hardwood gleams, the fixtures are postmodern trendy, ...

Fortune: CAN ANYONE WIN THE COFFEE WAR? The lesson from the endless, almost comic, battle between Philip Morris's Maxwell House and P&ampupdated: Mon May 21 1990 00:01:00

WHAT HAPPENS when two extremely large, highly capable, well-financed corporations fight it out for preeminence in a commodity business like coffee? Think of two large men competing to see who can k...

Money Magazine: A $10 MILLION TURNAROUND BASED ON A POT FULL OF COFFEE NERVEupdated: Sat Nov 01 1986 00:01:00

''I drink 20 cups of coffee a day,'' boasts Phil Johnson, 43. Maybe it's all that caffeine that has been stimulating his string of entrepreneurial ideas. The first of them came to him in 1980 when ...

Money Magazine: TEPID REVIEWS FOR DECAF BREWSupdated: Fri Aug 01 1986 00:01:00

Decaffeinated coffees may let you sleep at night, but they won't wake up your taste buds. That was the conclusion of the seven experts Money assembled to sample 10 varieties of decaf -- seven canne...


When drinkers of decaffeinated coffee ordered the beverage in a restaurant just a few years ago, they were served a cup of hot water, a packet of instant brew -- and often a disdainful look. No lon...

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