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Colorectal Cancer

"Today I will fight again. This disease will not own me or define me."

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Musician battles stage IV colon cancer updated: Thu Mar 22 2012 06:59:00

He thought the bleeding was a hemorrhoid, brought on by a strenuous weightlifting session at the gym.

Coming clean about my first colonoscopy updated: Tue Mar 06 2012 10:15:00

In my 20s, after my doctor performed a laparoscopy to examine my uterus and ovaries, he gave me a videotape of the procedure. I dubbed it "Madame Ovary," threw a party and screened it for my friends.

Should I get screened for that?updated: Mon Oct 10 2011 10:42:00

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently announced that it is no longer recommending prostate cancer screening for men.

Dr. Oz: 'Everyone needs to be screened'updated: Fri Jul 08 2011 09:31:00

2010: Dr. Mehmet Oz talks to CNN's Larry King about his colon cancer scare and the need to screen for the disease.

Colon cancer death rates falling faster in Northeast than in Southupdated: Fri Jul 08 2011 09:31:00

Stepped-up colon-cancer screening has helped slash death rates from the disease across the U.S. in recent years, but not all regions of the country have benefited equally.

Blogger announces own death after battle with cancerupdated: Mon May 09 2011 12:44:00

A Canadian man who blogged about his battle with cancer has died, but not without leaving a post-mortem message.

What are the stages of cancer?updated: Wed Dec 22 2010 12:09:00

How many stages are there in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma? Dr. Oz Shares the Moment He Receives a Scary Diagnosisupdated: Thu Sep 09 2010 09:08:00

Three weeks after learning he was at high risk for colon cancer, he televises his colonoscopy How Oprah Reacted to News of Dr. Oz's Colon Cancer Scareupdated: Thu Sep 02 2010 16:13:00

The doctor tells PEOPLE Winfrey was prompted to get a colonoscopy - right away Dr. Oz Has Colon Cancer Scareupdated: Wed Sep 01 2010 15:47:00

"This was a shakeup," he tells PEOPLE after a routine examination finds a precancerous polyp

Coffee: Is it healthier than you think?updated: Wed Apr 28 2010 12:59:00

Elaine Murszewski is a self-proclaimed coffee addict.

Does my orientation boost my risk for rectal cancer?updated: Wed Nov 25 2009 12:53:00

I am at risk of rectal cancer because of my orientation and not able to find reliable info. Where can I go to actually get the true information about this? And where can I go to get free publications? Any info would be great, as I am hearing that this is on the rise.

Basketball great Abdul-Jabbar has cancerupdated: Tue Nov 10 2009 11:35:00

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of the greatest college and professional basketball players of all time, says he has been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer.

Abdul-Jabbar battles cancerupdated: Tue Nov 10 2009 11:35:00

Basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is going public with his fight against a rare form of leukemia.

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