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Mexican crime reporter found killed in Sonora stateupdated: Mon May 21 2012 10:49:00

The body of a crime reporter who had been abducted Thursday in northwest Sonora State was found Friday inside a plastic bag south of Sonora, Notimex reported.

Another Honduran journalist slainupdated: Wed May 16 2012 09:14:00

A Honduran radio journalist has been found executed, authorities said -- the 22nd journalist to be killed in the nation since 2010.

Honduras overtaken by organized crimeupdated: Wed May 16 2012 09:14:00

A rise in organized crime makes Honduras one of the deadliest countries in the world, as CNN's Rafael Romo reports.

Syria cracking down on journalists, activists sayupdated: Sun Apr 01 2012 19:28:00

The Syrian government is trying to "systematically dismantle" the anti-regime "citizen journalist network" and have seized a key player in the operation, activists told CNN Saturday.

Nations watching Syria after it accepts peace planupdated: Tue Mar 27 2012 21:01:00

Key diplomats, including U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said Tuesday that the Syrian government's acceptance of a plan to forge peace and end violence must be more than lip service.

Turkey releases 4 jailed journalists pending trial's endupdated: Mon Mar 12 2012 21:15:00

Four journalists accused of being involved in an alleged plot to overthrow the Turkish government were released on Monday pending the outcome of their trial in a case that is seen as a test of press freedom in Turkey.

Swedish journalists get 11 yearsupdated: Wed Dec 28 2011 06:23:00

Ethiopia refuses to free two Swedish journalists accused of terrorism. CNN's Per Nyberg reports.

Swedish journalists receive 11 years in jailupdated: Wed Dec 28 2011 06:23:00

Two Swedish journalists who were found guilty in Ethiopia of supporting terrorism were sentenced to 11 years in jail Tuesday, the Swedish Foreign Ministry said.

Pakistan deadliest for journalists for 2nd yearupdated: Wed Dec 21 2011 10:16:00

Pakistan is the world's deadliest country to work in for journalists, a dubious distinction it has earned for the second year in a row, the Committee to Protect Journalists said in its annual report.

2 Swedish journalists await Ethiopian court's verdict on terrorism chargesupdated: Tue Dec 20 2011 21:01:00

Two Swedish journalists charged with terrorism in Ethiopia will hear their verdict Wednesday, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. If they are found guilty they could face up to 15 years in prison.

CPJ: Journalists jailed worldwide up more than 20%updated: Thu Dec 08 2011 01:38:00

The number of journalists jailed around the world increased more than 20% in 2011, mainly because of government crackdowns in the Middle East and North Africa, a nonprofit organization said Thursday.

Brazilian cameraman killed in drug raid gun battle updated: Sun Nov 06 2011 10:55:00

A Brazilian cameraman died in a Rio de Janeiro slum while covering a police raid targeting organized drug militias, police said Sunday.

How 'war on terror' unleashed a war on journalistsupdated: Fri Sep 09 2011 05:44:00

In the days following the 9/11 attacks, Attorney General John Ashcroft asserted that criticism of the Bush administration "only aids terrorists" and "gives ammunition to America's enemies." White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer warned that "all Americans ... need to watch what they say, watch what they do." Meanwhile, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told television executives they should not air videos from Osama bin Laden because these could contain coded messages.

Local journalist battles plight of Afghan womenupdated: Fri Jul 22 2011 15:09:00

In some countries, the written word brings more than just readers to those bold enough to publish.

Female Afghan journalist faces extremismupdated: Fri Jul 22 2011 15:09:00

An Afghan journalist who champions women's rights still faces extremism at home. CNN's David Ariosto reports.

Women journalists speak out on sexual attacksupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 12:20:00

Rebel soldiers gang-raped her, slapping and beating her while she was on assignment. She was a West African journalist trying to report a story that these soldiers didn't want told. Four years after the attack she still calls herself "empty" and "traumatized." She saw her doctor, but never told anyone else but me. Today, she insists on having her story reported -- with the hope that recounting her rape will help her quiet the terrors that replay in her mind.

Jailed journalist speaks his mindupdated: Tue May 24 2011 08:15:00

Ethiopian journalist Dawit Kebede talks to CNN about his controversial arrest during the 2005 Presidential election.

Jailed journalist: 'I will never hesitate from criticizing'updated: Tue May 24 2011 08:15:00

Sharing a communal cell with 350 other prisoners, Ethiopian journalist Dawit Kebede spent 21 months in a crammed jail, losing his freedom for speaking his mind.

Rights groups call for release of photographer's body, investigationupdated: Sat May 21 2011 15:32:00

Rights groups are calling for the release of the body of a South African freelance photojournalist and investigation into the role Moammar Gadhafi's forces played in his death in the Libyan desert.

3 journalists freed by Libya now in Tunisiaupdated: Thu May 19 2011 14:07:00

Three journalists who were released by Libyan officials crossed into Tunisia Thursday.

Libya frees 4 journalists originally sentenced to 1 year in jailupdated: Wed May 18 2011 13:45:00

Four journalists are free weeks after they were captured by the Libyan military despite originally being sentenced to jail for a year, a Libyan government spokesman said Wednesday.

2 missing journalists turn out to have been detained by Libyaupdated: Mon Apr 25 2011 11:17:00

The whereabouts of two journalists who disappeared this month while covering the war in Libya were revealed Friday and both appear to be healthy and in custody of the government, the Committee to Protect Journalists said.

Journalists in Turkey decry crackdown on colleaguesupdated: Fri Apr 15 2011 02:23:00

Hundreds of Turkish journalists and activists staged an angry march in Istanbul in support of jailed reporters, snatched by police during the ongoing and controversial probe of an alleged plot to overthrow the government.

At least two dead in Iraq mosque attackupdated: Sun Feb 20 2011 14:37:00

At least two people died and six others were wounded Sunday when a suicide bomber drove an explosive-laden vehicle into a Sunni mosque at the conclusion of a birthday celebration for the Muslim prophet Mohammed, according to local police.

Report: Gunmen kill Iraqi journalistupdated: Fri Feb 18 2011 03:41:00

Unidentified gunmen shot and killed a freelance journalist outside his home in Mosul on Thursday, the Committee to Protect Journalists said.

Journalists have 'full freedom' in Egypt, prime minister saysupdated: Sat Feb 05 2011 13:13:00

Amid widespread criticism of Egypt for attacks on journalists, the country's prime minister on Saturday said there have been "no instructions to hinder the coverage of the media in the Tahrir area."

New generation of protesters in Egyptupdated: Thu Jan 27 2011 03:31:00

Mustapha Al Sayyid of the University of Cairo gives some perspective on the demands protesters are demanding in Egypt.

Journalism advocates lash out at Chavez movesupdated: Thu Dec 16 2010 00:49:00

Journalism advocates and the U.S. government voiced opposition Wednesday to legislative moves in Venezuela that they said could lead to draconian restrictions on the news media and further strengthen the position of President Hugo Chavez.

Second Russian journalist attackedupdated: Sat Nov 13 2010 22:25:00

A newspaper reporter was severely beaten on Monday, making him the second Russian journalist in two days to be attacked by unidentified assailants.

Moscow reporter savagely beatenupdated: Sat Nov 13 2010 22:25:00

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on the outrage fueled by the savage beating of a reporter in Moscow outside his home.

Russian paper vows to find the truth about journalist's beatingupdated: Thu Nov 11 2010 10:32:00

A Russian newspaper expressed shock Thursday over the beating of one of its journalists who police say staged his own attack.

Russian journalist in critical condition after attackupdated: Sun Nov 07 2010 05:03:00

Russian investigators are searching for clues on yet another nearly fatal attack against a journalist Saturday, and authorities believe the assault is linked to his job.

Blasts in Baghdad kill at least 64updated: Wed Nov 03 2010 15:22:00

The toll from a series of explosions across Baghdad climbed to at least 64 dead and 360 wounded Wednesday, Iraq's health minister Saleh Mahdi told state television al-Iraqiya.

Blasts in Baghdad kill at least 63updated: Tue Nov 02 2010 18:35:00

At least 63 people were killed and 285 others were wounded in a series of explosions across the capital Tuesday, police said.

Mexico journalist's death 'not related to work'updated: Thu Sep 23 2010 07:42:00

The shooting death of a Mexican journalist last week was not due to his work but was related to a "personal problem," a Chihuahua state attorney's office spokesman said Monday.

Mexican journalists shot Thursday may not have been intended targetsupdated: Fri Sep 17 2010 21:22:00

The Chihuahua attorney general's office said Friday it is investigating whether the car in which two photojournalists were shot Thursday in northern Mexico belonged to a human-rights activist who may have been the intended target.

One journalist killed, second injured in Juarez shootingupdated: Thu Sep 16 2010 19:24:00

A photographer for El Diario newspaper in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, was gunned down Thursday, the paper said on its website. A second photographer was injured in the shooting.

Attackers kill journalist in Ugandaupdated: Thu Sep 16 2010 04:24:00

A Ugandan news anchor and opposition political activist was beaten and killed this week, while on his way to work, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported Wednesday.

Watchdog: Attacks on journalists in Mexico threaten press freedomupdated: Wed Sep 08 2010 18:59:00

Violence against journalists in Mexico continues with impunity and has resulted in self-censorship that threatens Mexicans' right of freedom of expression, the Committee to Protect Journalists said in a report released Wednesday.

Rwandan president sworn in for second termupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 07:51:00

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has been sworn in for a second seven-year term.

Car bombs explode near Mexico TV station, transit officeupdated: Fri Aug 27 2010 15:17:00

At least two car bombs exploded Friday near the television studios of Televisa in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas state in northeastern Mexico, authorities said.

Honduran journalist killing makes 8 for the yearupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 20:29:00

A Honduran reporter was found shot to death Tuesday in the city of San Pedro Sula, making him at least the eighth journalist killed in the country this year.

Veteran Somali journalist killed in Mogadishu fightingupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 11:09:00

An experienced radio journalist was killed during crossfire between Islamist rebels and government forces in Somalia's capital, a journalist rights group said.

Four journalists held hostage in Mexicoupdated: Wed Jul 28 2010 22:25:00

The Committee to Protect Journalists appealed Wednesday to the Mexican government to do all it can to bring about the release of four journalists abducted Monday.

Horrific violence in Mexicoupdated: Wed Jul 28 2010 22:25:00

A discovery near Durango, Mexico underscores the growing violence among rival drug gangs. CNN's Rafael Romo reports.

Honduran journalists killed with impunity, report saysupdated: Tue Jul 27 2010 19:51:00

The killings of seven journalists in Honduras so far this year have not been seriously investigated by authorities, creating an atmosphere lawlessness and impunity, concluded a report by the Committee to Protect Journalists released Tuesday.

Group flags nations where journalists' killings are unsolvedupdated: Tue Apr 20 2010 20:39:00

The Committee to Protect Journalists has placed 12 countries on its Impunity Index, a list of countries where journalists have been killed and their killers have not been found.

Groups condemn killings of journalists in Hondurasupdated: Fri Apr 02 2010 07:00:00

Honduras suffered nine months of political turmoil after a military-led coup removed the elected president. Now, it joins Mexico, riddled with drug violence, as the deadliest place for journalists working in the Western hemisphere.

U.S. criticizes Ethiopia for jamming VOA broadcastsupdated: Sun Mar 21 2010 03:16:00

American officials have condemned plans by the Ethiopian prime minister to block U.S.-funded Voice of America broadcasts in Amharic, the main local language.

Shutdown of Colombian magazine raises questionsupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 22:33:00

Colombia lost one of its best-known independent magazines this month when the parent company of Cambio suddenly announced it was ceasing publication.

Colombia media censorship?updated: Tue Feb 23 2010 22:33:00

The closing of an influential magazine in Colombia is seen by many as censorship. The former managing editor talked to CNN.

For Mexico's journalists, story assignment can be a date with deathupdated: Thu Feb 04 2010 00:06:00

In most places, when 16 people are gunned down, the local media reports the incident without missing a beat.

Protests continue in Venezuela following 2 deathsupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 22:54:00

Protests over media freedom continued in Venezuela Tuesday, a day after two student protesters were killed in separate clashes.

Rights group: Iran jails most journalistsupdated: Wed Jan 06 2010 15:14:00

Iran once again has more journalists in jail than any other country, the press freedom group Reporters Without Borders announced Wednesday.

Reporters targeted in Pakistan suicide blastupdated: Wed Dec 23 2009 01:17:00

A suicide attacker detonated a bomb at a club for journalists in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, killing at least four people Tuesday and injuring 17 others, a hospital official said.

Group: Philippines most dangerous country for journalistsupdated: Thu Nov 26 2009 01:09:00

The Philippines this year has been the world's most dangerous country for journalists, an official of the advocacy group the Committee to Protect Journalists told CNN's "Amanpour" program Wednesday.

Two journalists released in Somaliaupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 22:18:00

Two international journalists were released Wednesday after more than a year in captivity in Somalia.

Covering Mexico's cartel wars puts journalists in the line of fireupdated: Thu Nov 19 2009 11:49:00

Lucio Soria is a recorder of the dead in Ciudad Juarez's drug cartel war.

Newpaper editor cleared for mailing childbirth imagesupdated: Wed Nov 18 2009 05:56:00

A court in Zambia has acquitted a newspaper editor who was tried on obscenity charges for mailing photographs of a woman giving birth.

Argentine Senate passes controversial media billupdated: Sat Oct 10 2009 04:47:00

After 16 hours of debate, Argentina's Senate passed a controversial reform law Saturday that critics say targets media outlets critical of the government.

Jail sentence for dissident Sri Lankan reporter condemnedupdated: Tue Sep 01 2009 09:06:00

Two journalism groups have announced plans to honor a Sri Lankan reporter who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for articles that criticized the military.

Troops move to secure southern Afghanistan before voteupdated: Wed Aug 12 2009 08:50:00

Hundreds of U.S. Marines and Afghan soldiers have moved into southern Afghanistan to protect citizens during upcoming elections, military officials said.

Ukraine general arrested in decapitation caseupdated: Wed Jul 22 2009 16:46:00

A Ukrainian general has been arrested in connection with the murder of a journalist nearly nine years ago, the country's president said Wednesday.

Journalist's release prompts praise from Washingtonupdated: Mon May 11 2009 18:22:00

An imprisoned Iranian-American journalist accused of spying for the United States was freed Monday, ending a four-month ordeal that became a focal point of tension between Washington and Tehran.

Iranian appeals court to rule on case of jailed U.S. journalistupdated: Sun May 10 2009 09:10:00

The lawyer for imprisoned Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi said Sunday that the court will issue its verdict on her appeal next week.

Iranian court to hear journalist's appeal, father saysupdated: Sat May 09 2009 07:28:00

An Iranian court will hear the appeal Sunday of a U.S. journalist imprisoned in Iran, the woman's father told CNN on Saturday.

Imprisoned U.S. journalist ends hunger strikeupdated: Wed May 06 2009 05:30:00

A U.S. journalist imprisoned in Iran has stopped her hunger strike after more than two weeks, her father said Wednesday.

U.S. journalist on hunger strike treated at prison hospitalupdated: Tue May 05 2009 14:21:00

A U.S. journalist imprisoned for spying in Iran and in the midst of a hunger strike was admitted to the prison hospital to receive nourishment, her father said Tuesday.

Myanmar tops list of worst places to be a bloggerupdated: Tue May 05 2009 04:50:00

Bloggers in Myanmar, Iran and Syria work under some of the most repressive conditions in the world, facing tactics such as regulation, intimidation and even imprisonment, according to a report from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Journalist arrests not rare, advocates sayupdated: Mon Apr 20 2009 23:46:00

A journalist in Iran and two others in North Korea represent a tiny percentage of journalists worldwide who have been arrested for their work, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, an advocacy group.

Iran sentences U.S. journalist to 8 yearsupdated: Mon Apr 20 2009 21:12:00

A U.S. journalist in Iran was sentenced to eight years in prison for espionage, her father, lawyer and news reports said Saturday -- a sentence that prompted denunciation from the United States.

International Correspondents blogupdated: Wed Mar 18 2009 11:37:00

This month on International Correspondents, model, muse and famous war photographer, the glamourous Lee Miller was one of the only female photojournalists documenting World War Two.

Father: Lawyer meets with U.S. journalist detained in Iranupdated: Mon Mar 09 2009 21:34:00

An American journalist detained in Iran has received a visit from an attorney, her father said on Monday.

Plight of Civiliansupdated: Thu Feb 05 2009 00:41:00

CNN's Ram Ramgopal has a rare look at the plight of civilians in Sri Lanka, trapped between rebels and the army.

Analysis: Sri Lanka's media faces growing pressureupdated: Thu Feb 05 2009 00:41:00

Journalists in Sri Lanka have come under a growing number of attacks and intimidation, with some fleeing the country or losing their lives, media analysts and rights groups say.

Sri Lankan journalist predicted own executionupdated: Fri Jan 16 2009 20:29:00

A crusading Sri Lankan journalist shot dead last week knew he would be killed -- he said so in a dramatic, posthumously published column touching a raw nerve in his war-torn island nation.

Sri Lankan journalist missingupdated: Fri Jan 16 2009 20:29:00

Sri Lanka's foreign minister discusses press freedom and comments on the missing journalist who spoke to CNN.

Journalist freed after 146 days in captivityupdated: Fri Jan 16 2009 11:26:00

A freelance photographer has been freed after 146 days in captivity in Somalia, a journalists' organization said Friday.

Gunmen attack Mexico TV station with grenadeupdated: Wed Jan 07 2009 12:29:00

The Televisa TV station in Monterrey, Mexico, came under attack Tuesday night from hooded gunmen who launched a grenade and fired at least one high-power weapon at it, federal authorities said.

Two kidnapped journalists reported freed in Somaliaupdated: Sun Jan 04 2009 13:30:00

Two journalists -- one British and one Spanish -- who were kidnapped in Somalia in November have been released, according to a Somali press group.

Reporter killed in Somali shootoutupdated: Thu Jan 01 2009 07:48:00

A reporter for Somalia's Shabelle Radio was shot and killed Thursday during a gun battle south of Mogadishu, the network reported.

Covering Iraq is deadliest job for reporters, againupdated: Thu Dec 18 2008 21:38:00

Iraq proved to be the deadliest beat in the world for reporters for the sixth year in a row, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Thursday.

Western journalists kidnapped in Somaliaupdated: Thu Nov 27 2008 06:37:00

Four journalists have been kidnapped in the Somali port city of Bosasso, officials and an international press freedom group say.

Second Russian journalist in three days killedupdated: Wed Sep 03 2008 12:51:00

A Russian journalist died Wednesday from gunshot wounds sustained the night before -- the second Russian journalist fatally gunned down this week.

Zimbabwe jails three drivers linked to Sky Newsupdated: Tue Jun 10 2008 19:22:00

British broadcaster Sky News Wednesday criticized the jail sentences given to three of its drivers in Zimbabwe, where a court found them guilty of possessing broadcast equipment without authorization.

Journalist on a missionupdated: Thu Feb 28 2008 10:08:00

A female journalist in Saudi Arabia is campaigning for change and making a difference. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

No freedom for 'dean of Saudi bloggers'updated: Thu Feb 28 2008 10:08:00

A top Saudi blogger who was jailed late last year remains in prison more than two months later for unspecified, non-security matters -- and there are few signs that he will be freed anytime soon.

China frees journalistupdated: Tue Feb 05 2008 19:23:00

China frees a Hong Kong journalist accused of spying for Taiwan. CNN's Hugh Riminton reports.

Aid workers, journalist killed in Somalia blastupdated: Mon Jan 28 2008 20:04:00

A mine exploded Monday on a road in southern Somalia, killing four people -- three members of the medical humanitarian group Medecins Sans Frontieres and a journalist.

Somali radio station under fireupdated: Wed Sep 19 2007 08:09:00

Journalist groups rushed to the defense of Somalia's Shabelle Media Network after its Mogadishu facilities came under fire, reportedly from government forces.

Laura Bush condemns killing of Afghan journalistupdated: Sun Jun 10 2007 20:45:00

U.S. First Lady Laura Bush on Sunday issued a statement condemning last week's killing of the woman director of Peace Radio in Afghanistan, citing the slaying represents the threat terrorism poses to the dignity of women in that country.

'Desperate' fears on BBC reporterupdated: Mon Apr 16 2007 06:03:00

The parents of BBC reporter Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped last month in Gaza, have appealed for news of his condition after an unknown militant group said it had killed him.

BBC concerned but calls claim of reporter's death 'rumor'updated: Sun Apr 15 2007 13:16:00

The BBC said Sunday it is "deeply concerned" about an unknown militant group's claim that it has killed a BBC reporter kidnapped last month in Gaza, but is treating the statement as a "rumor with no independent verification."

BBC plea on missing Gaza reporterupdated: Mon Mar 19 2007 08:13:00

The BBC has appealed for any information about Alan Johnston, the network's correspondent in Gaza who is believed to have been kidnapped in the Palestinian territory a week ago.

BBC fears its Gaza correspondent abductedupdated: Mon Mar 12 2007 13:09:00

The British Broadcasting Corporation said Monday it believes its correspondent in Gaza may have been kidnapped.

Gunmen kill 9 at Sunni TV station in Baghdadupdated: Thu Oct 12 2006 05:17:00

Seventeen people died Thursday in scattered attacks across Baghdad, including nine at a Sunni satellite TV station, police said.

Dozier 'doing as well as expected'updated: Tue May 30 2006 03:44:00

CBS correspondent Kimberly Dozier was "doing as well as can be expected" a day after being critically wounded in a roadside bomb attack that killed two colleagues, according to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

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