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A lightning strike damaged runways at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut on Thursday as a line of thunderstorms snarled power lines and air traffic in the Northeast.

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Video appears to show employee abusing resident at group homeupdated: Wed Jul 11 2012 23:00:00

A Connecticut group home employee has been put on administrative leave without pay after a video that appears to show her abusing a woman resident with an intellectual disorder was sent to the operators of the group home, the state and CNN affiliate WFSB.

School records for most twins reflect dramatic rise in multiple birthsupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 21:02:00

For Luke Foreman, seeing double has always been the norm.

Connecticut priest helps Latinosupdated: Tue May 08 2012 05:38:00

CNN's Susan Candiotti profiles an East Haven, Connecticut, priest who fights discrimination against Latinos.

Connecticut becomes 17th state to abolish death penaltyupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 17:41:00

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy signed a bill into law Wednesday that abolishes the death penalty, making his state the 17th in the nation to abandon capital punishment and the fifth in five years to usher in a repeal.

Connecticut lawmakers vote to repeal death penalty updated: Thu Apr 12 2012 05:37:00

Connecticut's governor says he will sign a bill abolishing the death penalty, making it the 17th state to abandon capital punishment.

Connecticut lawmakers to vote on death penalty repealupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 13:06:00

Lawmakers in Connecticut's House of Representatives are expected to vote Wednesday on a bill that would abolish the state's death penalty, one week after the bill passed the state Senate.

Connecticut may be latest state to repeal death penaltyupdated: Thu Apr 05 2012 08:44:00

The Connecticut Senate on Thursday voted to repeal the death penalty, setting the stage for Connecticut to join several states that have recently abolished capital punishment.

Connecticut lawmakers to vote on death penaltyupdated: Wed Apr 04 2012 19:21:00

Lawmakers in Connecticut are grappling with a bill that would do away with the death penalty and make their state the fifth in five years to abolish capital punishment.

At least 2 people reported shot at Connecticut hospitalupdated: Wed Feb 22 2012 21:23:00

At least two people were shot Wednesday night at an acute care hospital in New Britain, Connecticut, the city's mayor said. Their conditions are not yet known.

Connecticut utility company unprepared for storm, report says updated: Fri Dec 02 2011 15:11:00

Connecticut's primary utility company was largely unprepared for an October snowstorm that left more than a million residents in the dark, according to a new report.

Connecticut utility pushes back deadline to restore powerupdated: Mon Nov 07 2011 22:14:00

Having missed its first self-imposed deadline to restore power to Connecticut residents, the state's largest utility has set another one for Wednesday -- though the state's irked governor was skeptical, saying the company has "failed."

Connecticut utility will not meet deadline to restore power to 99% of customers updated: Sun Nov 06 2011 18:58:00

Connecticut's largest utility pushed back a self-declared deadline to restore power to 99% of its customers by midnight Sunday, more than a week after a crippling early blizzard.

Connecticut battles downed power linesupdated: Sun Nov 06 2011 18:58:00

CNN's Susan Candiotti looks at the struggle to restore power in Connecticut after a freak snowstorm.

Connecticut governor unhappy with storm responseupdated: Sat Nov 05 2011 18:42:00

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said Saturday he is "increasingly skeptical" that the state's main electric utility will be able to meet a midnight Sunday deadline to restore power to 99% of its customers -- a week after a freak fall snowstorm left hundreds of thousands in the dark.

Connecticut utility chief insists company did 'a very good job' after stormupdated: Fri Nov 04 2011 20:44:00

The head of an embattled Connecticut power company defended his utility's response to a freak fall snowstorm that -- six days after it hit -- continues to leave hundreds of thousands without electricity.

JetBlue refunding passengers stranded on Connecticut tarmacupdated: Fri Nov 04 2011 05:42:00

JetBlue has begun refunding the passengers of five flights who were stranded on the tarmac of a Connecticut airport for as long as eight hours on Saturday, a spokeswoman for the airline told CNN on Thursday.

Plane's pilot, passengers tell of 8-hour wait at Connecticut airportupdated: Mon Oct 31 2011 21:57:00

A JetBlue pilot isn't happy with his employer after being stuck on the tarmac of a Connecticut airport for some eight hours on Saturday. Neither are many of his passengers.

1 killed in Connecticut plane crashupdated: Wed Oct 19 2011 22:34:00

A single engine plane crashed into a field in Connecticut on Sunday, killing the pilot, authorities said.

Amazing journey: Wild mountain lion trekked across Americaupdated: Wed Jul 27 2011 13:52:00

He was one cool cat, trekking halfway across America before meeting an untimely death by car on a Connecticut parkway.

Connecticut legislators first to pass paid sick leave billupdated: Sat Jun 04 2011 17:13:00

Connecticut legislators approved a bill that will require most employers in the service sector to provide paid sick days to their workers, making the state the first in the country to pass such legislation.

CNNMoney: Tax hikes on the way for Connecticut residentsupdated: Fri May 06 2011 15:39:00

Connecticut residents: Get ready to pay more taxes!

Connecticut man allegedly threatens legislator over ammo billupdated: Sat Apr 02 2011 09:40:00

A Connecticut man arrested and charged with harassment after allegedly making threatening phone calls to a state representative is free on $1,000 bond, according to a press release from the State Capitol Police Department.

CNNMoney: States revive sappy tourism adsupdated: Fri Feb 18 2011 15:37:00

At a time when states are slashing spending to deal with their staggering budget shortfalls, there's one area they're not cutting from: their state tourism ads.

CNNMoney: Connecticut governor proposes sweeping tax hikesupdated: Fri Feb 18 2011 14:25:00

Facing an enormous budget shortfall, Connecticut's governor is proposing hiking taxes on everything from incomes to cigarettes to pedicures.

2 firefighters die in Connecticut house fireupdated: Sat Jul 24 2010 23:17:00

Two firefighters in Bridgeport, Connecticut, were killed Saturday while fighting a house fire, the mayor's office said.

Weather service confirms Connecticut storm was tornadoupdated: Fri Jun 25 2010 13:44:00

An EF1-scale tornado briefly touched down Thursday in Bridgeport, Connecticut, knocking out windows and ripping signs and awnings off buildings, the National Weather Service confirmed Friday.

Connecticut bishops fight sex abuse billupdated: Sun Apr 11 2010 22:30:00

A bill in Connecticut's legislature that would remove the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases has sparked a fervent response from the state's Roman Catholic bishops, who released a letter to parishioners Saturday imploring them to oppose the measure.

Inquiry finds large gas release before deadly explosionupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 12:05:00

Enough natural gas to fill a professional basketball arena was released into a "congested area" before an explosion this month at a power plant under construction in central Connecticut, federal investigators said Thursday.

States rethink 'adult time for adult crime'updated: Fri Jan 15 2010 07:37:00

A year ago, Maydellyn Lamourt watched her 16-year-old son's dreams fall apart.

Connecticut police say they've caught female bank robberupdated: Mon Sep 28 2009 23:09:00

Police in Connecticut say they have arrested a woman suspected of robbing at least six banks in the past week.

Connecticut Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriageupdated: Fri Oct 10 2008 17:20:00

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Friday that gay and lesbian couples have the right to get married. Mass. Senate Votes Pro Out-of-State Gay Marriageupdated: Wed Jul 16 2008 16:00:00

Gay couples from across the country are one step closer to a Massachusetts wedding

FSB: Merchants cheer Sunday booze sales as blue laws fallupdated: Tue Jul 01 2008 13:42:00

On Sundays, Jeanne McEvoy sits in the office of her Loveland, Colo., liquor store and turns away customers. Feds OK Gas Terminal Near NY, Conn.updated: Thu Mar 20 2008 20:05:00

Federal energy regulators on Thursday approved a $700 million liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for Long Island Sound, a facility opposed by critics who say it would damage the environment and be vulnerable to a terrorist attack Richard Deitsch: Greensboro Regional breakdownupdated: Tue Mar 18 2008 16:52:00

Underrated: George Washington. They've outscored opponents by an average of 12.3 points. They've won 20-of-23 games. And they have senior guards: Kimberly Beck (13.6 points, 6.3 assists) and Sarah Jo Lawrence (whose 3.85 GPA is more impressive than her 13.2 points). Add to that wins over tournament darling Texas A&M and Auburn (their first-round opponent). Traveling across the country -- the Colonials play at Stanford's Maples Pavilion -- won't be easy, but this is a veteran team with tournament success. Last year, George Washington advanced to the Sweet 16.

FSB: Jazzy relaxation: A lawyer and his office pianoupdated: Mon Feb 18 2008 11:36:00

I took up piano when I was 8 years old, after my father suggested that I use my spare time for music lessons instead of a paper route. By junior high I was joining bands. I kept at it, playing throughout college, in law school - and now in my Ridgefield, Conn., law office.

FSB: Bear Naked ambition: The inside start-up storyupdated: Wed Feb 06 2008 08:45:00

A casual shopper might think that the last thing the world needs is another snack food company, but that didn't stop Kelly Flatley and Brendan Synnott, two high school friends who wanted to redefine the natural-foods market with their homemade nutty granola.

FSB: Ways to work remotely on multiple PCsupdated: Tue Jan 22 2008 12:37:00

Dear FSB: I have a business in two states, Connecticut and Florida. When I am in one office, I always need to access files in the other office. How can I access my other computer remotely to work on files and applications in the other office? P.S. I can't break the bank. Year's First Nor'easter Hitsupdated: Mon Jan 14 2008 11:00:00

New England's first major winter storm of 2008 snarled the Monday morning commute with heavy snow and closed hundreds of schools

Connecticut high schools to offer online classesupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:15:00

Connecticut public high schools will begin offering online courses to students next month, according to Gov. M. Jodi Rell. Nation Prepares for Nor'easterupdated: Thu Dec 13 2007 16:00:00

A deadly winter storm brought snow and sleet to the Northeast on Thursday, while crews in the Plains and Midwest worked to restore power to hundreds of thousands

Autumn excursions in Connecticutupdated: Mon Sep 03 2007 22:38:00

Looking for some offbeat ways to spend a day in New England as the final weeks of summer give way to the golden days of autumn?

CNNMoney: Bonds dip in profit takingupdated: Wed Aug 01 2007 04:32:00

Bonds dipped Wednesday as profit taking from a recent rally overshadowed the release of soft economic reports. The dollar gained slightly against the euro and the yen.

Robotic trio wins 'Super Bowl of Smarts'updated: Sat Apr 14 2007 21:27:00

After six weeks of strategy and sweat, a coalition of high school teams from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Nevada took the top prize at the FIRST Robotics competition, otherwise known as the "Superbowl of Smarts." Closer Look: LSU-UConnupdated: Tue Mar 27 2007 01:34:00

In an interview with SI a few weeks ago, Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma sang the praises of his well-balanced, no-star team. "I like the fact that they don't look at anyone other than themselves to try to do it for them," he said. "For the whole season, I think that is a great way to go. But come tournament time, I still like the idea of having one person in the huddle that you know on any given night, on any given possession, can get you whatever you need. That would be my only concern going forward." Closer Look: UConn-N.C. Stateupdated: Sun Mar 25 2007 01:35:00

On Friday, Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma was asked about the challenges of playing against N.C. State, a senior-led team that was getting extra motivation from the valiant battle its coach, Kay Yow, was fighting against Stage 4 breast cancer. "Their season is going to end sometime," he said. "If not tomorrow, then Monday or next weekend." A long, strange tripupdated: Wed Feb 14 2007 11:02:00

Five years ago Gillian Goring was one of the most sought-after women's basketball recruits in the country. A 6-foot-7 center with rare agility and an array of post moves, she could run the floor, shoot the three and catch any pass that came anywhere close to her. Some compared her to Lisa Leslie or Dikembe Mutombo, while Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma, who desperately wanted to sign her, called her "the female Olajuwon." The coach who did get her signature could pencil in double-doubles most nights, All-America awards every year and three or four national titles.

CNNMoney: Biggest income tax burdens: Top 10 placesupdated: Mon Feb 12 2007 16:50:00

Manhattan and the metropolitan area of Stamford/Norwalk, Conn. have the highest paying taxpayers among U.S. counties and cities.

Your e-mails: Fighting off credit card debtupdated: Wed Jan 17 2007 12:04:00

Americans commonly use credit cards as part of their family finances. Sometimes the reliance on credit cards leads to an unhealthy amount of debt. asked readers how they deal with credit card debt and asked them to share their stories. Here is a selection of responses, some of which have been edited. The contendersupdated: Mon Jan 08 2007 12:34:00

The top teams continue to show they're ready to contend for the national title. Candace Parker and her Tennessee teammates certainly looked primed for the postseason in Saturday's win over Connecticut.

CNNMoney: College grads see big income boostupdated: Wed Oct 25 2006 14:16:00

Four more years in the classroom should be looking pretty good to high school graduates if future salary is important to them, according to new Census data released Thursday.

Fortune: Hedge hunting season in Connecticutupdated: Wed Oct 04 2006 06:41:00

In September, when Amaranth Advisors cratered after losing billions on bad natural-gas bets and Pirate Capital became the subject of an SEC investigation, other Connecticut hedge fund managers grew...

Money Magazine: How Much Would You Spend?updated: Fri Sep 01 2006 00:01:00


Money Magazine: The Answer Guyupdated: Thu Jun 01 2006 00:01:00

Q Around the watercooler at work, people have been talking about "covered calls." Are covered calls a safe investment? Are they even something the average investor should be thinking about? --Dave ...

FSB: Hire Educationupdated: Fri Jan 20 2006 10:01:00

I've long believed that 90% of coaching is hiring. If you start with good people, they will do good work and accomplish more, with less supervision.

Connecticut courthouses evacuated after threatupdated: Fri Dec 02 2005 12:55:00

Several courthouses in Connecticut were shut down and evacuated Friday after authorities received threats directed toward state and county courthouses and "state facilities," the state police said.

CNNMoney: Save for retirement or for a first home?updated: Tue Nov 22 2005 11:05:00

I recently graduated from college and am working at my first full-time job. I'm trying to save for retirement and a down payment for a house.

Spellings: No Child Left Behind lawsuit a 'red herring' updated: Thu Aug 25 2005 09:36:00

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings on Wednesday called claims that the No Child Left Behind Act isn't fully funded "a red herring," and suggested states that are balking may simply fear seeing the test results.

CNNMoney: Learning a painful lessonupdated: Tue Aug 16 2005 11:17:00

I'm 25 years old, have about $30,000 in my 401(k) and carry a $3,500 balance on my credit cards. I'm thinking about stopping my 401(k) contributions to pay off my credit-card debt. What do you think?

Connecticut serial killer put to deathupdated: Fri May 13 2005 04:03:00

In New England's first execution in 45 years, the state of Connecticut put serial killer Michael Ross to death early Friday.

Business 2.0: Three Days, Two Nights, and One 1040updated: Fri Apr 01 2005 00:01:00

Staring at the dreaded 2004 tax handbook with a sense of impending doom? Maybe you should crack open the Yellow Pages--not for an accountant, but for a travel agent. Your destination: the Dutch Iri...

CNNMoney: Merrill fined millions, brokers firedupdated: Tue Mar 08 2005 11:39:00

Merrill Lynch agreed Tuesday to pay $13.5 million in fines to New Jersey and Connecticut for failing to supervise a group of brokers who engaged in improper market timing of mutual funds.

Tsunami charity scamsupdated: Thu Jan 06 2005 17:54:00

At a time of unprecedented giving, the FBI warns that Internet scams are emerging.

CNNMoney: Anthem gets Connecticut subpoenaupdated: Tue Oct 26 2004 10:00:00

Health insurer Anthem Inc. said Tuesday it has received a subpoena from the Connecticut attorney general probing the company's dealings with its brokers.

Fortune: KILLING TIME IN GUN VALLEY updated: Mon Oct 04 2004 00:01:00

IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE EXPIRATION of the Clinton era "assault weapons" ban on Sept. 14, L.A. police chief Bill Bratton warned of "carnage," while the NRA talked of a "monumental accomplishment." Ca...

Prosecutors take on attorney-client privilege updated: Tue Sep 21 2004 14:20:00

Over the past 15 years, federal prosecutors in Connecticut have indicted four mayors, taken down the state treasurer, put palm-greasing bankers behind bars and won a guilty plea from a top aide to the governor. But in the past four months, their corruption probe of former Gov. John G. Rowland's administration has taken a particularly aggressive turn.

Arrests in string of Connecticut shootingsupdated: Sat Jul 17 2004 08:49:00

Three men have been arrested in New Haven, Connecticut, for the apparently random shootings earlier this week that wounded five people, police announced Friday.

CNNMoney: Bonds or bond fundsupdated: Tue Jun 29 2004 11:41:00

I'm 53 and thinking of semi-retiring in a year or so. Do you think I'd be better off buying individual corporate bonds or bond funds?

Snowstorm skirts Northeastupdated: Wed Feb 18 2004 07:36:00

A snowstorm passed over the Northeast on Wednesday morning, but most of the precipitation fell offshore, according to the National Weather Service.

Storm pounds NYC, spares New Englandupdated: Wed Jan 28 2004 13:26:00

A fast moving snowstorm failed to reach New England as predicted, but squatted over New Jersey and New York, dumping more than a foot of flakes in one area.

Money Magazine: Perp walk of fameupdated: Wed Jan 01 2003 00:01:00

Another crook in the ranks of corporate execs? Yes, but this is different: Connecticut-based Trilegiant, which sells credit-monitoring products, recently hired Frank Abagnale because of his crimina...

Fortune: Divorceupdated: Mon Oct 14 2002 00:01:00

Jack Welch must be cursing the day he moved to Connecticut. His wife Jane's take in the divorce proceedings (which recently began after she passed on an offer of $20 million of his estimated $900 m...

Fortune: Divorceupdated: Mon Apr 15 2002 00:01:00

They're the latest must-have divorce accessory. No, not high-powered attorneys or prenups with expiration dates, but specially trained certified divorce planners. The relatively new field has explo...

Fortune: DYMO Stamford, Conn.updated: Mon Mar 18 2002 00:01:00

What handy five- by seven-inch contraption has the ability to fend off bad guys yet isn't endorsed by the NRA? A desktop label-printer. After Sept. 11, offices and trade shows have had to rethink h...

Fortune: Peanut Butter Bans Are Sticky Situationsupdated: Mon Oct 16 2000 00:01:00

With armed guards and metal detectors in some schools, peanut butter might seem a low-level threat. But many school districts aren't treating the creamy lunchtime staple that way. An increasing num...

Fortune: FORTUNE 5 Hundred Largest U.S. Corporationsupdated: Mon Apr 17 2000 00:01:00

[Complete text not available--table also provides market value March 14 2000, rank by market value, profits as percent of revenues (percentage and rank), profits as percent of assets (percentage an...

Money Magazine: You're Not Really Shopping, It Just Seems That Way Despite the much heralded consumer spending boom, the average household stillupdated: Tue Jun 01 1999 00:01:00


Money Magazine: Forget Football, Try Lobbyingupdated: Thu Apr 01 1999 00:01:00

When Connecticut officials dangled $375 million to lure the New England Patriots from Massachusetts to downtown Hartford last year, it seemed that this kind of corporate welfare had at last peaked....

Fortune: FORTUNE 5 Hundred Largest U.S. Corporationsupdated: Mon Apr 27 1998 00:01:00

[Complete text not available--table also provides profits, rank by profits, percent change in profits from 1996, assets, rank by assets, stockholder's equity, rank by stockholders' equity, market v...

Fortune: GOOD TIMES: EXECUTIVES ARE IN DEMANDupdated: Mon Nov 24 1997 00:01:00

Reflecting today's sunny economic news, the market for managerial talent has been hot recently. The charts below, prepared by the Connecticut-based research organization Exec-U-Net, were derived fr...

Fortune: HOW SMART IS YOUR CITY?updated: Mon Sep 29 1997 00:01:00

When FORTUNE asked the question two issues ago, we unfortunately gave the wrong answers, due to incorrect data supplied by Moran Stahl & Boyer, a consulting firm specializing in business-location s...

Money Magazine: HOW TO AVOID THESE FOUR COSTLY CELLULAR-PHONE TRAPSupdated: Fri Aug 01 1997 00:01:00

Cell-phone connections can be fuzzy; so can their payment plans and bills. About 17% of Americans use cell phones, according to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, paying an avera...

Money Magazine: SELL HIGH FLIERS AND BUY LOWLY VALUE STOCKS TO WIN IN THIS MARKETupdated: Thu May 01 1997 00:01:00

The generals are leading, but the troops aren't following. No, I'm not talking about a mutiny in the military; I'm referring to the mutiny in the stock market. Since mid-1996, a small number of gro...

Fortune: VULTURE MARKETING HEY, IT'S A TOUGH BUSINESSupdated: Mon Feb 17 1997 00:01:00

Oh, those entrepreneurs! Chris Zane, owner of a Branford, Connecticut, bicycle shop, didn't waste much time on sentiment when one of his nearby competitors folded. He quickly bought its yellow page...

Money Magazine: INSURED RETAIL DEPOSIT NOTES TOP CDS BY PAYING 7%. BUT ARE THEY A GOOD DEAL?updated: Sat Feb 01 1997 00:01:00

Q. A broker from Merrill Lynch offered me a new product called retail deposit notes. He said they're issued by banks, so they're federally insured, and are similar to certificates of deposit. He ad...

Money Magazine: PAIN RELIEVER HYPE GIVE YOU A HEADACHE? HERE'S HOW TO CHOOSEupdated: Mon Apr 01 1996 00:01:00

AS RECENTLY AS THE 1950S, MOST PEOPLE had just two choices when they wanted headache relief: They could take an aspirin, or they could take two aspirin. Today, however, the shelves of drugstores pr...

Fortune: CITIES CASHING IN ON RELOCATION BATTLESupdated: Mon Sep 18 1995 00:01:00

A renewed turf war has broken out between New York City and towns in Connecticut and New Jersey intent on siphoning off its jobs. It's symptomatic of unceasing job relocation auctions nationwide.


Look at your company's budget: Add up all you spend for accounting, advertising, brochures, catalogues, communications, computers, conventions, faxing, newsletters, networks, overheads, research, s...

Fortune: MORE AMERICANS ARE GOING NATIVEupdated: Mon Jun 26 1995 00:01:00

What ethnic group in the U.S. has grown fastest--without the help of immigration? Native Americans, whose numbers soared 137%, to about two million, from 1970 to 1990.

Money Magazine: One of the top 10 ways to toss away money: Speedingupdated: Wed Jun 01 1994 00:01:00

If you tend to drive above the speed limit, hit the brakes before you get hit in the wallet this summer. Speeding fines are accelerating at a frightening pace. Just ask all-American talk-show host ...

Fortune: RANKED WITHIN STATES updated: Mon Apr 18 1994 00:01:00

The migration of America's industrial leaders to the South and West continues. Some are older companies, lured by cheap land, low taxes, good weather, and right-to-work laws. Others are newcomers, ...

Money Magazine: CAN I STOP THE HOSPITAL FROM PADDING A BILL FOR OUR BABY?updated: Fri Apr 01 1994 00:01:00

Q Last June, my wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl. The obstetrician called the birth precipitous because we arrived at the delivery room only four minutes before Karen was born. It was a w...

Money Magazine: HERE'S ONE GOOD REASON TO TAKE YOUR ATM SLIPupdated: Sun Aug 01 1993 00:01:00

High-tech thieves are getting better at defrauding users of ATMs -- meaning you need to be more vigilant than ever about guarding the privacy of your transactions. In the latest case, the Secret Se...

Money Magazine: How to Beat the Biggest Tax Hike Ever Contrary to most reports, the new taxes from Clinton and Congress won't sock only the wealupdated: Sun Aug 01 1993 00:01:00

Taxpayers have been tense and testy for months. The mood emerged not long after President Clinton announced his economic plan in February. Then, as the "deficit reduction" bills worked their way th...

Fortune: BUY A PIECE OF ACID RAIN ACTIONupdated: Mon May 31 1993 00:01:00

Thanks to the free market, people who love clean air can now put their money where their breath is. You can buy the rights to disgorge SO2 -- or sulfur dioxide, a component of acid rain -- then sit...

Money Magazine: Here is what you said about education A CALL FOR HIGHER STANDARDS AND STRICTER DISCIPLINE IN SCHOOLS updated: Sat May 01 1993 00:01:00

More discipline and higher standards. It sounds like a recipe for military reform, but respondents to MONEY's March Readers' Poll believe it is also the answer to the question we posed: How would y...

Money Magazine: STOCK OF THE MONTH THIS JUNK MAILER HAS FIRST-CLASS PROFITSupdated: Thu Apr 01 1993 00:01:00

You've probably never heard of Advo, but the Windsor, Conn. firm (estimated 1993 revenues: $845 million) has almost certainly heard of you. Each week, Advo, the nation's leading direct marketer, fl...

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