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Conrad Murray wants a key piece of evidence tested which his lawyers argue could prove Michael Jackson injected himself with the drug that killed him.

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Conrad Murray invites Katherine Jackson to visit him in jailupdated: Thu Jul 26 2012 21:29:00

Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted in Michael Jackson's death, is inviting the late pop star's mother to visit him in jail to "answer any questions she might have."

Conrad Murray: 'I feel like a P.O.W.'updated: Mon Jun 18 2012 17:25:00

Seven months in the Los Angeles County jail have taken a physical toll on Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted in Michael Jackson's death, his lawyer told CNN Monday.

Conrad Murray loses request to be released on bondupdated: Fri Feb 24 2012 19:56:00

Dr. Conrad Murray, convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson, was denied bail Friday pending his appeal and ordered to continue serving his four-year sentence, a California judge ruled.

Conrad Murray requests public defenderupdated: Wed Dec 14 2011 18:02:00

Dr. Conrad Murray asked for the court to appoint and pay for an attorney to handle his appeal of last month's involuntary manslaughter conviction in the death of Michael Jackson.

Dr. Conrad Murray files appeal noticeupdated: Sat Dec 03 2011 00:13:00

Dr. Conrad Murray filed notice Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court that he will appeal his conviction last month of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Conrad Murray sentenced to four years behind barsupdated: Wed Nov 30 2011 05:46:00

Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced Tuesday to four years in the Los Angeles County jail -- the maximum sentence allowed under the law -- in the death of Michael Jackson. He may serve no more than two, however.

Murray lawyer not surprised by sentenceupdated: Wed Nov 30 2011 05:46:00

Dr. Conrad Murray's defense attorney Michael Flanagan says he's not surprised by Murray's four-year jail sentence.

Michael Jackson's mom wants doctor to get maximum timeupdated: Tue Nov 29 2011 06:29:00

Michael Jackson's mother says she's hoping Dr. Conrad Murray will get the harshest sentence possible, four years in a state prison, in the death of her son.

Expert fined for contempt in Conrad Murray trialupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 16:42:00

The defense anesthesiology expert in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor was found in contempt of court Wednesday for referring to his private talks with Dr. Conrad Murray during his testimony.

Jermaine Jackson speaks out on verdictupdated: Fri Nov 11 2011 05:50:00

Kareen Wynter talks to Jermaine Jackson about the Conrad Murray verdict and the future of Michael Jackson's children.

Dr. Murray says Michael Jackson deceived himupdated: Fri Nov 11 2011 05:50:00

Michael Jackson's last words were a plea for more propofol, "because that was the only thing" that would put him to sleep, Dr. Conrad Murray said in an interview aired on NBC's "Today" show Thursday.

Jackson executors blast MSNBC for airing Conrad Murray documentaryupdated: Thu Nov 10 2011 05:30:00

NBC and parent company Comcast are "morally culpable" for paying to air a documentary with inside access to Dr. Conrad Murray, the executors of Michael Jackson's estate said in a letter to the broadcast company Wednesday.

The danger of the solo celebrity doctorupdated: Tue Nov 08 2011 08:05:00

Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. It hardly could have been otherwise. The mere fact that Murray used a highly dangerous and difficult to manage drug, propofol, to treat Jackson's insomnia showed that he was acting in an irresponsible way. Even highly trained anesthesiologists in hospitals know they have to be extra careful with that drug.

Doctors: Practice within boundariesupdated: Tue Nov 08 2011 08:05:00

One of the big lessons all doctors should have learned from the Conrad Murray trial: "Practice within your boundaries."

Lawyer: Dr. Conrad Murray's 'confident' about appealupdated: Tue Nov 08 2011 08:03:00

Dr. Conrad Murray, found guilty Monday of causing Michael Jackson's death, begins his new life as an inmate in a section of the Los Angeles County jail where high-profile prisoners are kept, a jail official said.

Conrad Murray found guilty in Michael Jackson trialupdated: Tue Nov 08 2011 02:25:00

A two-year legal battle over who was responsible for Michael Jackson's sudden death came to a dramatic close Monday as a California jury found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Murray defense using conspiracy angle?updated: Fri Nov 04 2011 20:10:00

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell talks to Huffington Post contributor Matt Semino about closing arguments in the Murray trial.

Key moments in Murray trialupdated: Fri Nov 04 2011 03:33:00

CNN's Randi Kaye looks back at some of the highlights and key moments from Conrad Murray's trial.

Jury deliberations start Friday in Conrad Murray trialupdated: Fri Nov 04 2011 03:33:00

The evidence is "overwhelming" and "it's abundantly clear" that Dr. Conrad Murray caused the death of Michael Jackson, the lead prosecutor told jurors in closing arguments in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Jackson's doctor Thursday.

Lawyers in Conrad Murray trial prepare closing argumentsupdated: Wed Nov 02 2011 01:27:00

Lawyers in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial will take Wednesday off from court to prepare their closing arguments, a day after the doctor declined to testify in his defense in the death of singer Michael Jackson.

Prosecution recalls its star witnessupdated: Wed Nov 02 2011 01:27:00

The prosecution recalled propofol expert Dr. Shafer back to the stand to address issues raised by Murray's defense.

Murray remains silent as testimony ends in Jackson death trial updated: Tue Nov 01 2011 15:24:00

Dr. Conrad Murray announced in court Tuesday that he will not testify in his involuntary manslaughter trial.

Dr. Conrad Murray must decide by Tuesday if he'll testifyupdated: Mon Oct 31 2011 19:55:00

Dr. Conrad Murray has until the start of court Tuesday morning to decide if he will take the stand to defend himself against the charge that he is criminally responsible for Michael Jackson's death, the judge told him at the end of Monday's court session.

Jackson death: Battle of trial expertsupdated: Mon Oct 31 2011 19:55:00

CNN's Randi Kaye reports on expert testimony in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson gave himself fatal overdose, expert saysupdated: Fri Oct 28 2011 17:23:00

Michael Jackson probably died after he rapidly injected himself with a dose of the surgical anesthetic propofol on top of a large dose of sedatives he swallowed when Dr. Conrad Murray was away, the defense's propofol expert testified Friday.

Patient: Murray very 'proactive'updated: Thu Oct 27 2011 20:31:00

A former patient of Conrad Murray's testifies about a clinic the doctor set up in a low income retirement community.

Character witnesses speak on Murray's behalfupdated: Wed Oct 26 2011 16:51:00

Tears flowed from Dr. Conrad Murray's eyes Wednesday as he listened to an elderly patient tell jurors that Murray had opened a clinic in the Acres Homes community of Houston in honor of his father, who had practiced there.

Expert: IV drip is 'only scenario' in Michael Jackson's deathupdated: Thu Oct 20 2011 19:10:00

Michael Jackson died because Dr. Conrad Murray failed to notice that his patient had stopped breathing while he was hooked up to an IV drip of the surgical anesthetic propofol, an expert anesthesiologist testified Thursday.

Shafer: Murray lacked care with Jacksonupdated: Wed Oct 19 2011 20:35:00

Dr. Steve Shafer elaborates on instances of what he says were Dr. Conrad Murray's "lack of care"with Michael Jackson.

Prince Jackson will not testify in Murray trial, grandmom saysupdated: Tue Oct 18 2011 17:49:00

With testimony on hold while Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers study a new lab test that prosecutors plan to use against him, speculation about Michael Jackson's oldest son possibly testifying has increased.

Week 3: The Conrad Murray trialupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 14:22:00

Dramatic testimony about alleged "gross negligence" highlighted the third week of the Conrad Murray trial.

New lab test forces new delay in Conrad Murray trialupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 14:22:00

Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial has been put on hold at least until Wednesday to give the defense time to study new lab test results the prosecution contends show Michael Jackson did not ingest a fatal overdose of sedatives.

Conrad Murray trial may be delayed due to death in witness's familyupdated: Fri Oct 14 2011 18:05:00

The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor may not resume until Tuesday because the father of the prosecution's last witness died, it was revealed at a hearing Friday.

'Perfect storm' of drugs killed Michael Jackson, sleep expert saysupdated: Fri Oct 14 2011 06:11:00

Michael Jackson "clearly" suffered from insomnia that could have been caused by Demerol, a narcotic he was getting frequently from a doctor other than Dr. Conrad Murray, according to a sleep expert testifying Thursday in Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial.

Photograher reveals the real Michaelupdated: Fri Oct 14 2011 06:11:00

Dick Zimmerman describes Michael Jackson's playful side to Dr. Drew.

Anesthesiologist on propofol dosingupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 17:27:00

Anesthesiologist on propofol dosing

Conrad Murray didn't comfort Jackson's kids in ER, family saysupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 17:27:00

Michael Jackson's oldest son disputed Dr. Conrad Murray's claim, given in his police interview, that the doctor comforted him and his siblings in the emergency room after they learned their father was dead, according to a Jackson family member who was with the children that day.

Delay a factor in Michael Jackson's death, doctor saysupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 19:11:00

Dr. Conrad Murray's delay in calling 911 for help as soon as he realized Michael Jackson was not breathing may have cost the pop icon his life, according to a cardiologist who testified Wednesday in Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial.

Jackson propofol drip challengedupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 19:11:00

Using Murray's own statements, a cardiologist defends his claim that Jackson was given a propofol drip the day he died.

Jurors view Michael Jackson autopsy photoupdated: Tue Oct 11 2011 20:09:00

A stark photo of Michael Jackson's naked corpse lying on the autopsy table a day after he died was displayed on a large screen in front of the jury Tuesday in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Doctor testifies about Lorazepamupdated: Tue Oct 11 2011 20:09:00

Conrad Murray's defense team questions the doctor who did Jackson's autopsy about the levels of Lorazepam in his body. Michael Jackson's Mother at Hospital: 'He's Not Dead, Is He?'updated: Tue Oct 11 2011 17:09:00

Jurors hear Conrad Murray tell police how the singer's family reacted to his death

'I hurt,' Michael Jackson says 6 weeks before deathupdated: Wed Oct 05 2011 19:38:00

The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor reached another emotional peak Wednesday as jurors heard a recording of Jackson, using slow and slurred speech, telling Dr. Conrad Murray, "I hurt, you know, I hurt."

A slurring Jackson heard on recordingupdated: Wed Oct 05 2011 19:38:00

The prosecution plays a shocking Michael Jackson recording extracted by DEA examiners from Conrad Murray's cell phone.

Vegas stripper texted with Murrayupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 19:26:00

An exotic dancer testifies about voice and text communications she had with Conrad Murray the day Michael Jackson died.

Doctor's girlfriend heard 'mumbling,' 'coughing' in Michael Jackson's bedroomupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 19:26:00

One of Dr. Conrad Murray's girlfriends described Tuesday a phone call with Murray that was suddenly interrupted with the "mumbling of voices" and coughing -- a moment prosecutors suggest is when the doctor realized there was a problem with Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray on Phone with Girlfriends the Day Michael Jackson Diedupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 18:28:00

Several of the doctor's beautiful lady loves take the stand at his manslaughter trial

Doctor: Jackson was 'clinically dead'updated: Mon Oct 03 2011 19:56:00

A doctor talks about letting Conrad Murray continue resuscitation efforts although she thought Michael Jackson was dead.

Doctor at Murray trial: Jackson couldn't have been revived in ERupdated: Mon Oct 03 2011 19:56:00

The emergency room doctor who declared Michael Jackson dead testified Monday in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray that there was no way doctors could have revived the pop icon after he arrived at the hospital.

Testimony: Paris Jackson screamed 'Daddy!' when she saw her dying fatherupdated: Thu Sep 29 2011 19:40:00

Michael Jackson's chef Thursday defended her decision not to alert a security guard that Dr. Conrad Murray needed help in Jackson's bedroom after Murray frantically asked her to do so. Michael Jackson Caused His Own Death, Says Defenseupdated: Wed Sep 28 2011 08:48:00

The entertainer took a lethal dose of propofol when his doctor wasn't looking, says an attorney

First witnesses testify in trial of Michael Jackson's doctorupdated: Tue Sep 27 2011 22:15:00

Jurors in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Tuesday heard dramatic opening statements and a startling recording of the pop singer, his words slow and slurred as he talks about his planned comeback concerts.

Murray defense: 'He's not guilty'updated: Tue Sep 27 2011 22:15:00

Conrad Murray's defense team previews the medical evidence they will present in Michael Jackson's death trial.

The case against Conrad Murrayupdated: Mon Sep 26 2011 16:12:00

CNN's Ted Rowlands gives a preview of the Conrad Murray trial.

Jury picked in Conrad Murray's manslaughter trialupdated: Fri Sep 23 2011 20:19:00

A jury of seven men and five women was chosen Friday in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray, the doctor accused of having a role in singer Michael Jackson's death.

Conrad Murray jury selection winds downupdated: Fri Sep 23 2011 12:55:00

Lawyers will have only 20 minutes to question potential jurors. Selection process should be complete by end of day.

Final step in jury selection under way for Conrad Murray trialupdated: Fri Sep 23 2011 12:55:00

Face-to-face questioning of potential jurors to hear the case against Michael Jackson's doctor began in a packed Los Angeles courtroom Friday morning, four days ahead of the opening statements and testimony.

Lawyers in Murray trial using Facebook, Twitter to screen jurorsupdated: Wed Sep 21 2011 08:24:00

After approximately a week of poring over 145 jury questionnaires, lawyers in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor are due in court Wednesday to discuss removing jurors whose answers they believe should disqualify them from hearing the case.

Judge Seidlin: 'Murray is in trouble'updated: Wed Sep 21 2011 08:09:00

HLN's Dr. Drew talks to Judge Larry Seidlin about the Michael Jackson death trial.

Dr. Murray defended by a patientupdated: Fri Sep 16 2011 05:41:00

HLN's Dr. Drew talks to a former patient of Dr. Conrad Murray and to Judge Greg Mathis about Murray's upcoming trial.

Plea deal never considered in Michael Jackson's death, lawyer saysupdated: Fri Sep 09 2011 18:51:00

Dr. Conrad Murray never considered a plea deal to resolve the involuntary manslaughter charge against him in the death of Michael Jackson, his lawyer said.

Judge questions prosecution evidence in Conrad Murray trialupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 16:45:00

Evidence intended to prove Michael Jackson could not have caused his own death might not be allowed in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the judge said Wednesday.

Judge warns Conrad Murray to keep quiet about his rulingsupdated: Tue Sep 06 2011 15:40:00

The judge in the trial of the physician charged with causing Michael Jackson's death warned Dr. Conrad Murray and his lawyers on Tuesday to keep their mouths shut in public when they disagree with his rulings.

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's doctor seek delay in trialupdated: Sat Sep 03 2011 05:44:00

Conrad Murray, the physician who is charged with causing Michael Jackson's death, is urging a judge to delay his upcoming trial so that lawyers can revisit the issue of sequestering the jury.

Jackson molestation evidence ruled irrelevant to Conrad Murray trialupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 09:39:00

Michael Jackson's sexual molestation trial is "no-go territory" for defense lawyers in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, a judge ruled Monday.

Judge denies Conrad Murray's request to sequester juryupdated: Thu Aug 25 2011 23:16:00

A Los Angeles County judge on Thursday denied the defense's request to sequester the jury for the coming trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician accused in Michael Jackson's death.

Dr. Conrad Murray: 'I'm an innocent man'updated: Fri Jun 17 2011 06:07:00

Dr. Conrad Murray pleads not guilty on the charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Trial of Michael Jackson's doctor delayed until Septemberupdated: Mon May 02 2011 13:25:00

The involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, charged in the death of Michael Jackson, will be delayed until September, a judge decided Monday.

Jury can see Michael Jackson autopsy photos in his doctor's trialupdated: Thu Apr 21 2011 21:54:00

California Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor ruled Thursday that two autopsy photos of Michael Jackson can be submitted as evidence during the upcoming trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, a person inside the courtroom told CNN.

Prosecutors try to bar 2 expert witnesses for Conrad Murray's defenseupdated: Tue Apr 19 2011 06:29:00

Prosecutors filed a motion Monday that could prevent two expert defense witnesses from testifying in the upcoming trial of the doctor accused of fatally drugging pop star Michael Jackson.

Judge gets details of online 'bogus' scoop in Michael Jackson caseupdated: Thu Mar 24 2011 19:40:00

The judge overseeing the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray -- Michael Jackson's doctor -- pulled back the curtain a bit Thursday on the sometimes surprising ability of celebrity news website TMZ to publish confidential court documents.

Prosecutor wants Conrad Murray's 'speedy trial' delayedupdated: Thu Feb 24 2011 19:34:00

A prosecutor in the involuntary manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray asked the judge Thursday to delay the trial, which is set to begin in a month.

Dr. Conrad Murray hires new lawyerupdated: Tue Feb 15 2011 06:35:00

Dr. Conrad Murray, whose involuntary manslaughter trial starts next month, has hired a new lawyer for his legal team.

Judge rules trial of Michael Jackson's doctor can be televisedupdated: Tue Feb 08 2011 06:10:00

Jury selection in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, accused in the death of pop star Michael Jackson, will begin March 24, a judge ordered Monday.

Dr. Conrad Murray demands a speedy trial in Michael Jackson caseupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 17:52:00

Dr. Conrad Murray invoked his right to a speedy trial on an involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson, requiring the case to begin by March 28.

Testimony continues in pre-trial hearing of Michael Jackson's doctorupdated: Thu Jan 06 2011 06:45:00

A third day of testimony gets underway in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday as a judge decides whether Dr. Conrad Murray will face trial for involuntary manslaughter in the death of singer Michael Jackson.

A look back at MJ's death as trial nearsupdated: Tue Jan 04 2011 05:48:00

CNN's Randi Kaye looks back at the events surrounding Michael Jackson's death and charges against Dr. Conrad Murray.

Dr. Conrad Murray a 'fall guy'?updated: Wed Dec 01 2010 06:20:00

In June, Jermaine Jackson said his family believed Michael Jackson was murdered. INSIDE STORY: A Chilling New Version of Michael Jackson's Final Daysupdated: Mon Sep 20 2010 07:08:00

The singer was a sick, shivering, drugged-up mess being muscled by greedy promoters, a lawsuit alleges

Michael Jackson's mom sues production company AEG Live for son's deathupdated: Thu Sep 16 2010 18:07:00

Michael Jackson's mother filed a lawsuit Wednesday accusing AEG Live of causing her son's death by pushing him to rehearse for his comeback concerts despite poor health.

Preliminary hearing for doctor charged in Michael Jackson case delayedupdated: Mon Aug 23 2010 16:12:00

A judge has delayed the preliminary hearing for Dr. Conrad Murray, charged in Michael Jackson's death, until early next year because more investigation is being done and some prosecution witnesses won't be available until then.

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer hints at defense strategyupdated: Fri Jun 25 2010 09:34:00

Michael Jackson's last physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, wasn't the one who gave the pop star a fatal overdose of propofol, according to Murray's attorney, hinting at the defense strategy in the involuntary manslaughter case against his client.

Judge rules Dr. Conrad Murray can treat patientsupdated: Mon Jun 14 2010 17:51:00

A Los Angeles, California, judge refused Monday to ban Dr. Conrad Murray, charged with involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death, from practicing medicine in the state.

Patients speak out for Jackson's doctor on eve of license hearingupdated: Sun Jun 13 2010 23:05:00

A California judge is slated to hear arguments Monday on a motion to suspend Dr. Conrad Murray's medical license while he faces criminal charges in the death of Michael Jackson.

Lawyer: Dr. Murray 'hanging on by a thread' financiallyupdated: Fri Apr 02 2010 13:17:00

Dr. Conrad Murray is "hanging on by a thread" financially and could not afford to defend himself against charges in Michael Jackson's death if he loses his medical license, according to his lawyer.

Report: Jackson's doctor stopped CPR to pick up drug vialsupdated: Tue Mar 23 2010 12:57:00

Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team accused prosecutors Monday of leaking a police report to a reporter to force the team to reveal their defense strategy in the involuntary manslaughter case stemming from Michael Jackson's death.

Is your doctor a criminal?updated: Thu Feb 11 2010 11:08:00

You've probably heard of Dr. Conrad Murray, who stands accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop star Michael Jackson, but you may not have heard of Dr. Khristine Eroshevich or Dr. Sandeep Kapoor or Dr. Phil Astin or Dr. James Graves.

Murray pleads not guiltyupdated: Wed Feb 10 2010 14:06:00

Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with Michael Jackon's death.

Joe Jackson: Dr. Murray 'a fall guy' in Michael's deathupdated: Tue Feb 09 2010 11:10:00

Michael Jackson's father suspects his son was murdered and that Dr. Conrad Murray is "just a fall guy" in a conspiracy. Michael Jackson's Family Reacts with Outrage to Chargeupdated: Tue Feb 09 2010 07:47:00

His mother calls Dr. Conrad Murray a "monster," while his father says the physician got a "slap on the wrist" Lawyer: Conrad Murray to Enter Not Guilty Plea if Chargedupdated: Thu Feb 04 2010 15:49:00

Michael Jackson's former physician is expected to surrender to authorities Friday

Intriguing people for February 3, 2010updated: Wed Feb 03 2010 12:01:00

Dr. Conrad Murray: CNN has confirmed that the physician at the center of the homicide investigation into singer Michael Jackson's death is expected to surrender within the next 24-48 hours. Lead defense attorney Ed Chernoff said Murray is "more than ready to surrender and answer to any charges."

Lawyer: Michael Jackson's doctor to surrenderupdated: Wed Feb 03 2010 09:48:00

Dr. Conrad Murray expects to surrender to Los Angeles authorities this week on charges relating to the death of Michael Jackson, his lawyer said Tuesday. Michael Jackson's Doctor Prepares for Charges This Weekupdated: Wed Feb 03 2010 06:50:00

With a court date looming as early as Wednesday, Conrad Murray "will be available," his lawyer tells PEOPLE Michael Jackson's Final Hoursupdated: Tue Aug 25 2009 10:26:00

Unsealed court documents detail a slew of drugs administered by Jackson's doctor - who defends himself in a new statement VIDEO: Michael Jackson's Physician Breaks His Silenceupdated: Wed Aug 19 2009 10:49:00

"Please don't worry," Dr. Conrad Murray tells supporters in a taped message. "I will be fine. I have done all I could do. I told the truth"

Michael Jackson doctor: 'I told the truth'updated: Tue Aug 18 2009 21:46:00

Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician under investigation in the death of singer Michael Jackson, said in a video posted online Tuesday that he has "faith the truth will prevail."

Lawyer: Jackson's 'unusual problems' surprised doctorupdated: Thu Aug 13 2009 18:36:00

Michael Jackson had "some very unusual problems" that Dr. Conrad Murray did not know about when he was hired as Jackson's personal physician as the singer prepared for comeback concerts, Murray's lawyer says. INSIDE STORY: The Two Sides of Dr. Conrad Murrayupdated: Mon Aug 03 2009 08:27:00

Supporters say Michael Jackson's physician is no Dr. Feelgood, but a beloved, selfless caregiver

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