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We'd been in Damascus for several weeks, watching out of our windows as smoke hovered almost daily over the city's skyline.

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Syria: Violence rages around Damascusupdated: Fri Aug 24 2012 05:53:00

CNN's Jim Clancy reports on one of the deadliest days around the Syrian capital in the past week.

Al-Assad to army: Restore order to Syriaupdated: Wed Aug 01 2012 10:03:00

Syria's president exhorted his country's armed forces on Wednesday to restore stability to his nation, reeling from a growing grass-roots armed resistance.

Rebels claim big victories in Syriaupdated: Wed Aug 01 2012 10:03:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on the fight over Aleppo, and how rebel fighters took control of a military base near the city.

After the fall of the House of Assad, could Syria be worse?updated: Fri Jul 27 2012 07:51:00

Recent events have left Syria watchers near breathless: government loss of control of border crossings into Iraq and Turkey, rebels temporarily holding portions of Damascus, the unexplained movement of some of Syria's extensive arsenal of chemical weapons, and fighting spreading to the streets of the traditional Alawite stronghold of Aleppo.

Damascus hospital under fireupdated: Mon Jul 23 2012 08:58:00

A military hospital in the line of fire in Damascus as fighting spread. ITN's Alex Thomson reports.

Fighting embroils Syria; U.N. observers get more timeupdated: Fri Jul 20 2012 19:35:00

The U.N. Security Council renewed its Syrian observer mission for 30 days Friday, a small reprieve for a unit tasked with monitoring a failed peace plan.

Syrian TV shows new video of al-Assadupdated: Fri Jul 20 2012 19:35:00

Syrian TV shows new video of President Bashar al-Assad, the first since a deadly attack on top officials Wednesday.

Major blow to al-Assad regime in attackupdated: Thu Jul 19 2012 12:07:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on the significance of the blast in Damascus that killed top Syrian officials.

Syria shows al-Assad amid speculation on his whereaboutsupdated: Thu Jul 19 2012 12:07:00

Syrian TV showed video of President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday, the first images broadcast of him since a deadly attack on top officials a day earlier.

Top Syrian officials killed in major blow to al-Assad's regimeupdated: Wed Jul 18 2012 22:08:00

A deadly attack Wednesday delivered the harshest blow yet to President Bashar al-Assad's regime, taking the bloodshed into his inner circle.

Explosion kills top Syrian officialsupdated: Wed Jul 18 2012 21:15:00

CNN's Arwa Damon reports on the attack in Damascus that killed 4 key Syrian officials in Bashar al-Assad's inner circle.

Analysts: Attack loosens Syrian president's grip on powerupdated: Wed Jul 18 2012 12:45:00

The brazen attack that killed some of the most senior leaders of the Syrian government Wednesday is a profound psychological blow that could loosen President Bashar al-Assad's grip on power, several experts said.

Dark images of horror and despair smuggled out of Syriaupdated: Tue Jul 17 2012 11:57:00

The corpses lay strewn in the restive Damascus suburb of Douma, all slain in what residents there call a government-backed "massacre."

'Massacre' in a Damascus suburbupdated: Tue Jul 17 2012 11:57:00

Activists are trapped for days after sneaking into a Damascus suburb to film evidence of a massacre. (Graphic content)

Defector: 'The battle for Damascus is coming'updated: Mon Jul 16 2012 15:06:00

Increasing violence in the Syrian capital is pointing toward a major fight ahead, a rebel spokesman told CNN Monday.

Syrian regime 'attacks from the air'updated: Mon Jul 16 2012 15:06:00

According to Syria opposition activist, low-flying helicopters carried out latest attack. Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Syrian opposition to Obama: Waiting for election day to act is 'unacceptable'updated: Sun Jul 15 2012 21:10:00

The head of a prominent Syrian opposition group says U.S. President Barack Obama should take greater action on Syria and not be worried about whether the "right decision" will hurt Obama's re-election campaign.

Blasts erupt near Syrian ministry; Clinton in Russia for meetingupdated: Thu Jun 28 2012 22:21:00

On the eve of a key gathering of world diplomats, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet Friday with her Russian counterpart in a bid to find common ground on the crisis in Syria.

In Syria, shelling part of everyday lifeupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 10:53:00

CNN's exclusive footage from journalist James Foley, shot in Maaret al Nouman in Syria shows the struggle to survive.

U.N. monitors: Stench of death in air in Syrian townupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 10:53:00

United Nations observers finally entered the northwestern Syrian town of al Haffa Thursday to find it deserted after days of intense fighting.

Syria: Battle for the citiesupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 07:22:00

The Syrian government blamed last Friday's rebel attack on an electric power station in downtown Damascus on "armed terrorist gangs" -- the same epithet it has used to describe the protest movement that erupted in the southern border city of Daraa more than a year ago.

The Moscow-Damascus alliance: A tangled taleupdated: Mon May 28 2012 06:56:00

Many observers point to Moscow's close ties with Damascus going back to the 1950s as a reason for Russia now acting to defend the al-Assad regime in Syria against its many internal and external opponents.

Car bomb reportedly explodes near Syrian military and intelligence centerupdated: Sat May 19 2012 08:56:00

A car explosion shook the city of Deir Ezzor on Saturday, opposition activists and the Syrian regime said, adding to a spate of similar bombings in recent weeks.

Opposition: No stop to gunfire, shelling as violence spills into Lebanonupdated: Mon May 14 2012 05:43:00

Gunfire and mortar shells pierced the pre-dawn sky in cities around Syria early Monday, the latest in the months-long violence that has even begun spilling into neighboring countries.

A month after 'cease-fire,' where does Syria stand?updated: Sun May 13 2012 19:31:00

It's been a month since the "cease-fire" was due to come into effect in Syria as the first step in a U.N.-backed peace plan, with a team of U.N. monitors on the ground to observe the progress.

Syria releases journalistsupdated: Sun May 13 2012 19:31:00

Two Turkish journalists have been freed from a Syria prison. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

Video: Syria terror group claims credit for deadly Damascus blastsupdated: Sat May 12 2012 19:56:00

A video purportedly released by a shadowy, Syrian-based terrorist group claimed responsibility Saturday for dual suicide bombings that killed dozens and wounded hundreds in the country's capital this week.

Groups: Explosion heard near Baath Party office in Syrian city of Aleppoupdated: Fri May 11 2012 20:10:00

A powerful explosion rocked Aleppo, Syria's most populous city, late Friday, killing a guard at an office of President Bashar al-Assad's ruling Baath Party, opposition groups reported.

Twin explosions rock Syrian capitalupdated: Thu May 10 2012 22:58:00

Two powerful explosions kill dozens of people in the Syrian capital of Damascus. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

U.N. leader condemns Syrian bomb blastupdated: Wed May 09 2012 22:02:00

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned a bomb blast Wednesday near a convoy of U.N. observers that was entering the southern Syrian city of Daraa.

Syrian forces attack towns, killing 37, opposition activists sayupdated: Fri May 04 2012 14:51:00

Syrian government snipers and other forces stalked opponents in homes and neighborhoods Friday in a campaign of gunfire, shelling and arrests amid mass protests against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad, an opposition group said.

Explosions hit Syrian capitalupdated: Fri Apr 27 2012 23:08:00

A suicide bombing in a Damascus neighborhood killed nine people Friday -- most of them government forces -- and further unraveled an already tenuous ceasefire, Syrian state media reported.

Shelling of Syrian city intensifiesupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 19:46:00

Arwa Damon reports attacks continue across Syria despite optimism the presence of U.N. monitors would decrease violence.

Shots fired as U.N. observers visit Syria, activists sayupdated: Wed Apr 18 2012 19:31:00

Security forces fired at demonstrators in a Syrian city Wednesday while United Nations observers were visiting, activists said.

Annan 'gravely concerned' about Syria as deadline for pullout passesupdated: Tue Apr 10 2012 19:31:00

Kofi Annan, the United Nations-Arab League envoy to Syria, told the U.N. Security Council that he was "gravely concerned at the course of events" after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad failed to withdraw troops from cities and towns by Tuesday's self-imposed deadline.

U.N. Security Council plea fails to stem Syrian bloodshedupdated: Thu Mar 22 2012 21:40:00

Shelling in the besieged Syrian city of Hama continued Thursday, a day after the United Nations Security Council called for the regime to end the bloodshed.

Syrian rebels move in on key Damascus neighborhoodupdated: Mon Mar 19 2012 19:19:00

Intense fighting between Syrian rebels and government forces erupted Monday in the Damascus neighborhood of al-Mazzeh, the site of embassies, security buildings and the homes of some members of the president's inner circle, opposition activists said.

Monday begins with more explosions, gunfire across Syriaupdated: Sun Mar 18 2012 22:15:00

Fresh explosions and riveting gunfire punctuated the pre-dawn hours Monday in cities around Syria, opposition activists said, with the ongoing violence coming on the heels of yet another bloody weekend in the embattled nation.

Explosions rock Syrian capitalupdated: Sat Mar 17 2012 17:26:00

Deadly explosions rocked parts of Damascus on Saturday with some of the targets being Syrian government facilities, witnesses and state television reported.

A Syrian woman's year of love and fearupdated: Wed Mar 14 2012 20:00:00

When Firas Fayyad failed to arrive at the Dubai airport from Damascus in November, Ellesar Hasan shivered with fear and sensed the worst: The regime of Bashar al-Assad had either jailed or killed her new husband.

Al-Assad, Annan talk candidly in Damascus amid fresh violenceupdated: Sat Mar 10 2012 20:01:00

In what he described as a candid and comprehensive conversation, Kofi Annan, the special United Nations envoy to Syria, laid out proposals Saturday to President Bashar al-Assad that were aimed at halting the relentless carnage.

Annan to meet with Syrian president Saturdayupdated: Fri Mar 09 2012 20:25:00

Kofi Annan, the joint special envoy to Syria for the United Nations and the Arab League, will meet Saturday in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "to seek an urgent end to all violence and human rights violations and to initiate efforts to promote a peaceful solution" to the violence that has wracked the country for nearly a year, his spokesman said Friday.

Red Cross: Syrian cease-fire needed to deliver aidupdated: Fri Mar 02 2012 17:14:00

The International Committee of the Red Cross is trying to negotiate a cease-fire between Syrian authorities and the opposition so the humanitarian agency can deliver food and medical supplies to the besieged city of Homs and other locations, a spokesman said Monday.

Syrian town held by oppositionupdated: Fri Feb 17 2012 20:49:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports from inside Syria on his visit to a town held by the opposition.

Syrian residents say they're bracing for full-blown warupdated: Tue Feb 14 2012 21:13:00

Syrian opposition activists spoke Tuesday of being past the point of no return in their struggle against the al-Assad regime, which stepped up its siege on the city of Homs and reportedly launched fresh attacks across the country.

Report: Syrian general gunned down in Damascusupdated: Sat Feb 11 2012 18:46:00

A Syrian general was gunned down in the heart of the capital on Saturday, according to state media, as fresh violence flared in several cities and world powers mulled a way to halt the government's bloody offensive against civilians.

World seeks next step on Syria as deaths mountupdated: Mon Feb 06 2012 22:25:00

Syrian artillery fire echoed throughout the embattled city of Homs on Monday, with a human rights group reporting nearly 100 more civilians killed around the country.

Al-Assad missed chance to reform Syriaupdated: Mon Feb 06 2012 14:33:00

The Syrian regime under President Bashar al-Assad approached the outset of the Arab awakening in Tunisia and Egypt in a state of politico-psychological denial.

U.S. closes embassy in Syria over security concernsupdated: Mon Feb 06 2012 11:08:00

The United States shuttered its embassy in Syria and pulled out its remaining staff Monday after the government refused to address its security concerns, the State Department said.

Arab League suspends Syria mission amid violenceupdated: Sun Jan 29 2012 22:34:00

At least 64 people were killed in Syria on Sunday, according to an opposition activist group, as the Arab League suspended a monitoring mission designed to protect Syrian civilians from government-sponsored violence.

U.S. considers closing its embassy in Syria as protests persistupdated: Sat Jan 21 2012 07:14:00

The United States is considering closing its embassy in Damascus, Syria, because of security concerns, the State Department said Friday.

Syrian opposition group, rebel army join forcesupdated: Fri Jan 13 2012 21:55:00

A Syrian opposition group demanding the end of President Bashar al-Assad's reign announced Friday that it has begun coordinating with the rebel Free Syria Army and anti-government protesters took to the streets to support the breakaway force.

Syria tense as families mourn suicide bomb deathsupdated: Sat Jan 07 2012 13:35:00

Syria was tense Saturday as the families of the victims of a suicide bombing in the capital and lethal clashes elsewhere buried their dead, and as Syria's Christians celebrate Orthodox Christmas.

After Damascus attack, Syria vows to strike with 'iron fist'updated: Fri Jan 06 2012 18:40:00

The embattled Syrian regime, reacting after a suicide bombing in the capital and continued violence in several anti-government bastions, vowed Friday to confront its foes with stern resolve as more than 60 deaths were counted across the nation.

Suicide car bombs kill at least 44 in Damascusupdated: Fri Dec 23 2011 23:34:00

Two powerful suicide car bombs shook the seat of Syrian power Friday in a strike the government blamed on terrorists, and opposition forces called the work of the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Syrian refugees flee to Libyaupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 03:04:00

The U.N. refugee agency details the plight of thousands of Syrians who are fleeing to Libya to escape the violence.

Syria: U.N. resolution 'unjust'updated: Sat Dec 03 2011 16:09:00

Syria on Saturday slammed the U.N. Human Rights Council's stinging condemnation of its security crackdown, calling the resolution "unjust and blatantly politicized."

Pro-Assad Damascus demo after sanctionsupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 22:33:00

ITN's Jonathan Miller reports from Damascus, Syria, under Syrian government restrictions.

Syrian deserters strike military target updated: Thu Nov 17 2011 06:25:00

A fledgling force of Syrian military deserters said it struck an important government security complex on the outskirts of the capital overnight, a bold strike reflecting the resolve and confidence of the regime's opposition.

"They are targeting innocent people"updated: Tue Nov 15 2011 13:45:00

A member of the activist network working to disseminate what goes on inside Syria speaks to CNN's Rima Maktabi via Skype.

Syrian opposition group calls for U.N. peacekeepersupdated: Tue Nov 15 2011 13:45:00

A leading Syrian opposition group called Tuesday for the introduction of U.N. peacekeepers in Syria after talks with Russian government officials, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

Syrian protesters call for no-fly zone as death toll risesupdated: Fri Oct 28 2011 22:33:00

Braving gunfire and security checkpoints, Syrian protesters marched Friday against the government and in support of opposition calls for an internationally enforced no-fly zone, opposition groups said.

17 reported dead in Syria clashesupdated: Wed Oct 26 2011 19:11:00

Seventeen people were reported dead in Syria Wednesday as a result of continued clashes between government and opposition forces, a leading opposition group said.

Chorus of voices to end Syrian violenceupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 20:49:00

CNN's Ralitsa Vassileva reports on the nations calling for the end of the Syrian violence.

Syria cracks down on demonstrations, opposition saysupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 20:49:00

Syrian security forces cracked down on anti-government demonstrations in cities around the country Tuesday, as prayers marking the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr turned into protests, opposition sources said.

Middle East allies call for Syrian government to reformupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 08:46:00

A growing number of Syria's Middle Eastern neighbors, including its closest allies Iran and Hezbollah, are calling on the embattled and defiant Damascus regime to implement reforms.

International protection for Syria?updated: Tue Aug 30 2011 08:46:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on the request by Syrian demonstrators for international help.

More deaths in Syria on day of 'patience and determination'updated: Fri Aug 26 2011 22:14:00

Security forces surrounding the Rifaie Mosque in the Damascus suburb of Kafr Sousa fired tear gas early Saturday on thousands of worshipers as they ended their prayers and tried to leave the building, the Local Coordination Committees of Syria (LCC) reported.

Jordan, Turkey join calls for Syria to end the violenceupdated: Mon Aug 15 2011 16:05:00

Two of Syria's neighbors joined growing international calls Monday for Damascus to halt its violent crackdown on anti-government protesters -- calls that came even as the violence itself continued.

Ban calls for an end to use of force on Syrian civiliansupdated: Sat Aug 06 2011 22:26:00

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to halt the use of force on civilians "immediately."

Syrian violence ramps up despite Ramadanupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 21:34:00

Even with the start of Ramadan, violence continues to escalate in Syria. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

Security Council ends Tuesday's meeting on Syria without actingupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 21:34:00

The 15 members of the U.N. Security Council ended a second day of private discussion Tuesday without deciding how to respond to Syria's violent crackdown on protesters.

Activists cite 23 deaths Friday in Syria violenceupdated: Fri Jul 29 2011 22:50:00

At least 23 people died Friday when demonstrations across the country were met by a fierce government crackdown, activists told CNN.

Syrian protesters cry for regime change, despite 'reforms'updated: Mon Jul 25 2011 12:22:00

Syrian opposition voices spoke out Monday against a proposed law that would allow for new political parties, calling it little more than a publicity stunt.

Activists: In Syria, another round of Friday protestsupdated: Fri Jul 22 2011 10:59:00

Perhaps as many as six protesters died in Syria Friday as demonstrators took to the streets across the country, according to activist reports.

Residents: Syrian forces move into border city, detain dozensupdated: Mon Jul 18 2011 11:55:00

Syrian forces moved into a city near the Lebanese border Sunday, detaining dozens of people, residents said.

Violence erupts during another round of protests around Syriaupdated: Fri Jul 15 2011 19:16:00

Violence erupted yet again during nationwide protests Friday in Syria, with an activist reporting at least 21 civilians and one soldier killed.

Syria's 'secret doctors' risk their own livesupdated: Mon Jul 11 2011 03:04:00

Hands twisting anxiously, the young doctor says: "I am always scared, everyone is scared."

Diplomatic kerfuffle between Washington and Damascusupdated: Fri Jul 08 2011 21:17:00

Diplomatic feathers were bristling in Washington and Damascus Friday, with U.S. and Syrian officials expressing displeasure over their respective counterparts.

Syrian dissidents allowed to meet in Damascusupdated: Mon Jul 04 2011 11:50:00

Syria's embattled government allowed about 200 activists and intellectuals, including some it had previously jailed, to hold a conference on democratic reform Monday at a Damascus hotel.

At least 9 dead in Syrian protestsupdated: Fri Jul 01 2011 14:26:00

At least nine people were killed in an angry day of protests across Syria on Friday, six in the restive western city of Homs and three others in the outskirts of the capital Damascus.

Syrian protest survivor tells storyupdated: Fri Jul 01 2011 14:26:00

CNN's Matthew Chance talks to a man who escaped to Turkey after he was shot three times during a protest in Syria.

A tale of two Syriasupdated: Fri Jun 24 2011 21:05:00

CNN's Arwa Damon reports that while things are calm in the Syrian capital, chaos continues in other parts of the country.

Activist group cites 10 dead in Friday's demonstrations in Syriaupdated: Fri Jun 24 2011 21:05:00

Demonstrators took to the streets Friday after Muslim prayers, as they have on past Fridays in recent weeks in a number of Syrian cities, resulting in 10 deaths, according to an activist group.

Damascus streets contrast sharply with border chaosupdated: Thu Jun 23 2011 19:42:00

The scene inside Syria's capital Thursday contrasted sharply with the scene in recent days on the Turkish side of the border, where some 10,000 refugees have sought shelter and safety as unrest continues to shake the country.

At least 15 killed in Syrian protestsupdated: Fri Jun 10 2011 20:24:00

At least 15 people were killed Friday across Syria in widespread anti-government demonstrations, according to reports.

Syria's revolution of loveupdated: Fri May 13 2011 11:04:00

Missing from mainstream coverage of Syria's uprising: love, hope and the gleam in the eyes of Syrian people awake as never before. Easily dismissed as quixotic by the jaded, this incredible florescence will see the revolution through.

Report: Syrian military on the moveupdated: Fri May 06 2011 19:12:00

Syrian State TV reports the military has began pulling out of Daraa. CNN's Rima Maktabi reports.

Syrian security forces arrest prominent opposition figureupdated: Fri May 06 2011 19:12:00

A prominent Syrian opposition figure was arrested in a suburb of Damascus on Friday, according to witnesses and his wife, and protests sweeping across the country left at least 21 civilians and 10 security officers dead.

At least 3 dead as security forces open fire on Syrian protestersupdated: Sun Apr 24 2011 15:47:00

At least three protesters were killed Sunday when security forces and secret police raided the town of Jableh on Syria's western coast and fired at demonstrators without warning, according to an eyewitness and demonstrator.

Another day of Syrian violence: 10 deadupdated: Sat Apr 23 2011 12:47:00

At least 10 people died Saturday after Syrian security forces opened fire on protesters who turned out across the country to mourn dozens of demonstrators slain the day before, eyewitnesses told CNN.

Syrian marchers: Free our menupdated: Wed Apr 13 2011 08:14:00

Women and children from a Syrian village rallied Wednesday for the release of their husbands and fathers snatched up by security forces the day before, an eyewitness told CNN.

Rights group: Scores of anti-government activists arrested in Syriaupdated: Tue Apr 12 2011 11:59:00

Syrian authorities have arrested at least 117 activists, intellectuals and anti-government supporters since early Monday, a human rights group said.

Syrian death toll rises as clashes continueupdated: Sun Apr 10 2011 20:50:00

At least four people died and 17 others were injured by sniper shots as Syrian army and security forces gathered in the northwestern city of Banias, an eyewitness said Sunday, the same day state news reported an ambush on an armed forces unit that killed nine.

Syria vows stiff response to civil unrestupdated: Sun Apr 10 2011 09:50:00

A day after demonstrations across Syria reportedly led to the deaths of more than three dozen protesters, the government in Damascus declared its intentions on Saturday to crack down hard on what it describes as unrest provoked by outside instigators.

Syrians talk of a country held back by fearupdated: Sun Apr 03 2011 21:37:00

Yazan, 23, shuffles into a cafe in the Old City of Damascus. "Sorry I'm late," he says, quickly ordering a Smirnoff and a toshka, a sandwich of meat and cheese. "But I was arguing with all my friends who've joined pro-Bashar [al-Assad] Facebook groups. They always tell me to be quiet. I'm the crazy old man in the corner that no one listens to."

Who is Bashar al-Assad?updated: Sun Apr 03 2011 21:37:00

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was never supposed to ascend to power, but his brother's death changed all that.

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