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CNNMoney: U.S., China, Japan lead world in economic growthupdated: Tue Apr 10 2012 14:21:00

The U.S., Japanese and Chinese economies have regained their momentum and are leading the world in growth, according to the latest report Tuesday from a global monitoring group.

British consumers hunt for a bargainupdated: Fri Feb 10 2012 06:01:00

Tanzanian entrepreneur, Nadir Lalani has grown his chain of discount stores in difficult economic times in the UK.

How '99p' stores made African businessman millions updated: Fri Feb 10 2012 06:01:00

Nadir Lalani, arrived in the United Kingdom in the recession-hit 1970s from Tanzania and started a small corner shop. Since then, he has expanded his successful budget retail business '99p Stores', throughout the country.

CNNMoney: Is Obama the 'food stamp president?'updated: Tue Jan 17 2012 16:23:00

A record 44.7 million people -- or 1 in 7 Americans -- were on food stamps last year. But does that make Barack Obama the "food stamp president?"

CNNMoney: More than 1 in 5 Americans are economically insecureupdated: Mon Nov 28 2011 18:00:00

More than one in five Americans saw at least a quarter of their available household income vanish each year during the Great Recession, and they lacked a sufficient financial cushion, according to a report released Monday.

Nestle offers helping hand during crunch updated: Fri Nov 18 2011 03:33:00

Food giant Nestle, which has clocked up better than expected growth despite the economic downturn, is now extending micro credit to its suppliers to get them through the tough times.

Company size behind Nestle's growthupdated: Fri Nov 18 2011 03:33:00

Nestle S.A. CEO, Paul Bulcke talks to CNN's Marketplace Europe about maintaining growth in the current economic climate.

CNNMoney: Time for Congress to do rightupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 07:40:00

Former Sen. Byron Dorgan, a Democrat from North Dakota, served in Congress for 30 years. Former Sen. Judd Gregg, a Republican from New Hampshire, served in Congress for more than 20 years and was his state's governor for two terms. Both retired earlier this year.

CNNMoney: Unemployed risk a permanent pay cutupdated: Sat Oct 08 2011 13:28:00

It's a terrible time to be unemployed. Millions of people are out of work and finding a new job can take months, if not longer.

Trash or treasure? Sifting through ancient rubbish for archaeological goldupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 06:24:00

We may not immediately equate the activities of archaeologists to trash sifting. Or imagine that the glass-encased artifacts in museums might be one-time refuse. But quite often, this is exactly the case.

CNNMoney: Anti-baby boom: Why U.S. birth rate keeps fallingupdated: Tue Aug 16 2011 15:12:00

Right before the recession hit, the U.S. was undergoing a mini baby boom. Now, birth rates are declining fast.

European suicides spiked during economic crisisupdated: Fri Jul 08 2011 13:31:00

History shows that the suicide rate tends to rise as the economy falls, but due to a lack of solid data, researchers haven't been able to confirm whether that pattern has held during the most recent economic crisis, the worst since the Great Depression.

Fortune: Finding the value in being wrongupdated: Mon Mar 28 2011 12:22:00

Those optimistic about the nation's economic future (and count me as one) look to a litany of American characteristics that presage its revival: our comfort with risk and reinvention, a national confidence buoyed by short-term memory, even individual greed and bit of wishful thinking.

CNNMoney: Sales of luxe doomsday bunkers up 1,000%updated: Sat Mar 26 2011 20:02:00

A devastating earthquake strikes Japan. A massive tsunami kills thousands. Fears of a nuclear meltdown run rampant. Bloodshed and violence escalate in Libya.

Football clubs defy downturn as top-20 rake in record $6 billionupdated: Wed Feb 09 2011 20:29:00

Businesses may still be suffering from the effects of widespread economic downturn, but the world's leading football clubs are earning more than ever according to a new report.

Fortune: Is this finally the economic collapse?updated: Wed Aug 11 2010 14:07:00

The Great Depression. Wall Street in 1987. Japan in 1997. Points of economic collapse are generally crystal clear in the rear-view mirror. Professional politicians in Japan have been telling stories for 20 years as to why they can prevent economic stagnation. In the US, the storytelling started in 2007. All the while, stock market and real-estate prices have repeatedly rallied to lower-highs, then collapsed again, to lower-lows.

Study: More than half of Americans feel negative financial impacts from recessionupdated: Wed Jun 30 2010 08:50:00

Before the economic recession hit in 2007, Lana Melnik was a college counselor at Northeastern University in Massachusetts guiding hundreds of students towards employment.

CNNMoney: Bonds ring economic alarm bellsupdated: Sun May 23 2010 16:45:00

Economists generally aren't worried about the U.S. or global economy falling into another recession. Looking at the bond market, many investors don't agree.

CNNMoney: Toyota swings to profit despite recall woesupdated: Tue May 11 2010 11:14:00

Toyota returned to profit for the fiscal year ending in March, despite the continuing economic downturn and a series of recalls that rattled consumer confidence in the United States, the Japanese automaker said Tuesday.

Toyota's credit rating cutupdated: Tue May 11 2010 04:00:00

Embattled automaker Toyota sees its credit rating downgraded by ratings agency Moody's. CNN's Kyung Lah explains.

Toyota reports a return to profitsupdated: Tue May 11 2010 04:00:00

Toyota returned to profits for the fiscal year ending in March, despite the continuing economic downturn and a series of recalls that rattled consumer confidence in the United States, the Japanese automaker said Tuesday.

Obama pushes wind power in Iowa visitupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 17:08:00

President Obama took his renewable energy push to the heartland Tuesday, trumpeting the merits of wind power during a visit to the state that launched him on the road to the White House a little over two years ago.

Fewer unauthorized immigrants in U.S. in 2009, government saysupdated: Wed Feb 10 2010 11:31:00

The number of unauthorized immigrants in the United States decreased by 800,000 from 2008 to 2009, the Department of Homeland Security said in a report released Wednesday.

Indian migrant workers victims of economic downturn in Dubaiupdated: Mon Dec 14 2009 06:19:00

Sajid was one of thousands of workers from India that traveled to Dubai for dreams of a better job and more money.

Alcohol takes its toll on Russians' healthupdated: Mon Nov 30 2009 10:13:00

In Russia, where the government has designated alcoholism a "national disaster," men have an average life expectancy of just 60 years -- one of the lowest in Europe.

Russia battles alcoholupdated: Mon Nov 30 2009 10:13:00

Vital Signs travels to Russia where in some parts of the country alcohol is killing half the population.

Fortune: Big changes in the cast at Disneyupdated: Fri Nov 13 2009 03:58:00

If you work at Walt Disney, you are not just an employee, you are a "castmember"-- and Thursday, the company boldly swapped the roles of two of its most senior executives.

China's 'godmother' sentenced to 18 years, state media saysupdated: Tue Nov 03 2009 20:28:00

A court sentenced a Chinese crime boss known as the "godmother of the underworld" to 18 years in prison Tuesday, state-run media reported.

China's underworld on trialupdated: Tue Nov 03 2009 20:28:00

CNN's John Vause reports on the trial of the crime bosses and triads rounded up and on trial.

Amid economic downturn, recent grads turn to national serviceupdated: Thu Oct 22 2009 12:15:00

Kelley Mulfinger thought she would be making a six-figure salary in marketing by her second year out of school. Instead, the University of Virginia alum is teaching a classroom of first-graders how to spell words like "care."

Study points to benefits from Great Depressionupdated: Tue Sep 29 2009 23:46:00

Americans appear to actually thrive on adversity, according to a study published this week that reached the conclusion after researching the nation's biggest economic downturn.

Are business training programs worth the money?updated: Tue Aug 11 2009 11:19:00

Interest in business training programs is at record levels, as the economic downturn sends students flocking back to school.

Mexican immigration to U.S. off 40 percent, study findsupdated: Wed Jul 22 2009 09:41:00

Mexican immigration to the United States has dropped sharply since 2005, but the flow of migrants returning to Mexico remains steady, according to a study released Wednesday by the Pew Hispanic Center. Heat hit by economic downturn, announce layoffsupdated: Thu May 14 2009 16:21:00

MIAMI (AP) -- The Miami Heat have laid off employees as the national economic downturn has hit the AmericanAirlines Arena.

Is the worst of the economic downturn over?updated: Mon May 11 2009 09:12:00

The worst troughs of the global economic downturn could be over, although there remain risks ahead, according to the man who spearheaded perhaps the most complete study yet of the genesis of the current financial crisis.

CNNMoney: Microsoft closes in on 5,000 job cutsupdated: Tue May 05 2009 14:26:00

Microsoft said Tuesday that it is moving forward with a second wave of mass layoffs, getting the company closer to its target of 5,000 job cuts by mid 2010, according to an e-mail Chief Executive Steve Ballmer sent employees.

Cheapskate has tips for saving $20,000 a yearupdated: Mon Apr 13 2009 12:14:00

Jeff Yeager says the economic downturn is an opportunity for people to simplify their lives and be content with less.

How to save $20,000updated: Mon Apr 13 2009 12:14:00

"The Ultimate Cheapskate" Jeff Yeager offers tips on five ways to save $20,000 a year.

Crunch-hit tycoon loses bid to cut divorce payoutupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 09:07:00

A British court Wednesday told a business financier he would still have to pay a $13.6 million divorce settlement despite losing a fortune in the credit crunch.

Tesla rolls out new sedanupdated: Mon Mar 30 2009 11:53:00

While automakers lay off staff and shut down plants in response to the economic downturn, one automaker announced Thursday that it will open a manufacturing plant in the United States, potentially creating hundreds of jobs in the area eventually chosen.

Commentary: Emotions key to economic recoveryupdated: Mon Mar 23 2009 14:48:00

President Obama's National Economic Council head Lawrence Summers noted in his speech March 13 that the economic crisis has led to an "excess of fear" that must be reversed.

Republicans critical of $410 billion FY2009 spending billupdated: Thu Feb 26 2009 05:51:00

The House of Representatives passed a $410 billion spending bill Wednesday to keep the federal government operating for the remainder of fiscal year 2009, which ends September 30.

All-American team to join F1 grid next yearupdated: Wed Feb 25 2009 14:21:00

An all-American team is set to enter Formula One in 2010 -- bucking the global economic downturn which has forced motorsport's elite category to introduce a series of cost-cutting measures.

Clinton on stimulus: 'It's quite a good bill'updated: Wed Feb 18 2009 02:34:00

CNN's Larry King talked with former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday night at the William Jefferson Clinton Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

LKL: Bill Clintonupdated: Wed Feb 18 2009 02:34:00

Larry talks with former President Bill Clinton about a number of topics, including the stimulus bill and President Barack Obama.

Economy's effect on toysupdated: Fri Jan 09 2009 01:42:00

CNN's Eunice Yoon reports on the ailing Asian toy market.

Struggling Chinese toymakers eye emerging marketsupdated: Fri Jan 09 2009 01:42:00

Toymakers struggling to survive the global economic downturn are turning to emerging markets and niche products in an effort to make up for lost revenue, industry experts and manufacturers said during the Hong Kong Toys and Game Fair.

Money Magazine: Is it all over for stocks?updated: Fri Dec 19 2008 10:41:00

If you haven't second-guessed yourself yet, maybe you just aren't paying attention. Tom Bowles: Petty Enterprises to merge with Gillettupdated: Fri Dec 05 2008 07:25:00 has learned that Petty Enterprises two-car team will not return in 2009. The sole remaining organization from NASCAR's inaugural Cup season in 1949 will instead merge with fellow Dodge owner George Gillett. The No. 43 car once driven by "King" Richard in all but three of his 200 Sprint Cup victories will be added to the Gillett stable as a fourth car, while the No. 45 car once driven by second- and third-generation drivers Kyle and Adam Petty will cease to exist. Official word of the move is pending and could come as early as this evening.

Fortune: 'Hedge funds will be decimated'updated: Thu Nov 13 2008 17:14:00

A Congressional panel grilled five of the world's richest and most powerful hedge fund managers Thursday as lawmakers sought to understand how much blame they could assign the little-understood hedge fund industry for the global economic collapse.

Daughtry performs classicupdated: Fri Oct 31 2008 07:50:00

Daughtry performs the Foreigner classic "Feels Like the First Time" for the League of First Time Voters.

Battling for votes: Students weigh economics, ethicsupdated: Fri Oct 31 2008 07:50:00

BOULDER, Colorado: 'Fearful to go into our future' Unemployment: The Problem That May Lingerupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 20:00:00

The sense of recession deepens as jobless numbers rise. Expect them to climb toward the record, seen more than a quarter-century ago

Fortune: Betting on climate changeupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 16:48:00

With markets whipsawing day to day, and former blue chip companies in tatters, what investors want is a safe haven for their money. Ironically, climate change, that global environmental trend that could bring about the end of not just the stock market but civilization as we know it, may be that haven, suggests a just-released report by Deutsche Asset Management, the asset management arm of Deutsche Bank. Soccer America: USSF chief Gulati on the economy's effect on soccerupdated: Fri Oct 24 2008 14:44:00

Soccer America spoke with U.S. Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati -- who also teaches economics at Columbia University -- about how the global economic crisis may affect the soccer world.

CNNMoney: Apple's Jobs: Forecast uncertainupdated: Tue Oct 21 2008 18:32:00

Apple, Inc. said Tuesday its fiscal fourth-quarter profit beat the street, but revenue missed expectations. The electronics and computer maker also issued an outlook that fell short of Wall Street's forecast. Restaurants Face Lean Times in the Economic Downturn updated: Fri Oct 10 2008 16:00:00

Fast-casual eateries will be the soup kitchens of this economic downturn, as the table-service restaurant industry takes a hit UN Food Program Finds Hunger in Rural Zimbabweupdated: Thu Oct 09 2008 15:00:00

Some rural Zimbabweans facing one of the hungriest years they could remember have been forced to live on a meal a day and in some cases only on wild fruits, the U.N. food aid agency said Thursday

CNNMoney: Big drop predicted for global auto salesupdated: Thu Oct 09 2008 13:35:00

As the economic downturn continues to hit consumers' wallets, market analysis firm J.D. Power is predicting even bigger drops in U.S. and global auto sales than it had previously thought.

CNNMoney: A half-year of job lossesupdated: Thu Jul 03 2008 10:30:00

Employers trimmed jobs from their payrolls in June for the sixth straight month, as the government's closely watched report Thursday showed continued weakness in the labor market. The New President's Economy Problemupdated: Thu May 15 2008 02:00:00

Your paycheck is shrinking, gas costs $4 a gallon, and your house is losing value. Here's what can be done

CNNMoney: Forced to put retirement on holdupdated: Tue May 13 2008 09:58:00

The economic downturn is hitting middle-aged and older American workers hard, forcing more than one in four to postpone retirement, according to a survey released Tuesday by the AARP.

CNNMoney: Bush calls out Congress on economyupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 14:37:00

President Bush addressed Americans' anxiety about the effects that the U.S. economic downturn has taken on their wallets Tuesday, calling on Congress to pass legislation that will help reduce energy and food costs, keep people in their homes, and make student loans more available.

CNNMoney: As income gap widens, recession fears growupdated: Wed Apr 09 2008 04:42:00

Poor and middle-class families are entering the recession in a precarious situation due in part to declining or stagnant income growth, a study released Wednesday has found.

CNNMoney: Americans on economy: This hurtsupdated: Sat Mar 22 2008 08:38:00

Some economists say the United States is not in a recession, but don't tell that to the majority of American consumers. Hollywood to Recession: Bring It!updated: Fri Mar 21 2008 19:35:00

History shows us that people still go to the movies when the economy is weak. Indiana Jones and Batman are hoping the trend holds this time around

China's fashionupdated: Mon Nov 26 2007 10:09:00

CNN's Monita Rajpal is at the Great Wall in China for a fashion show to remember.

China: Wealth, Lifestyle and Cultureupdated: Mon Nov 26 2007 10:09:00

This month Art of Life goes East.

Australia ready for electionupdated: Sun Oct 14 2007 23:13:00

Australian Prime Minister John Howard sets a federal election date. He will run against labor party leader Kevin Rudd.

Sale of 'world's most valuable car' postponedupdated: Fri Feb 09 2007 14:11:00

The auction of a rare 1939 German race car, which had been expected to command the highest price ever paid for any automobile at auction, has been postponed, the Christie's auction house said Friday.

Hitler-era race car could fetch $12 millionupdated: Tue Jan 30 2007 09:55:00

A rare 1939 German race car, expected to command the highest price ever paid for any automobile at auction, will hit the block in Paris in February.

CNNMoney: Inflation fear: Pushing the buttonupdated: Thu May 18 2006 13:00:00

Quick, can you identify the object pictured below to the right?

Dobbs: Hu's visit shows who's in chargeupdated: Wed Apr 19 2006 16:44:00

Chinese President Hu Jintao meets with President Bush in the nation's capital Thursday after a cross-country trip for Hu that follows his state dinner with billionaire Bill Gates.

Food shortage still grips Northupdated: Thu Feb 10 2005 19:49:00

As North Korea threatens to bolster its nuclear arsenal, millions of its undernourished citizens are barely subsisting because of severe food shortages, according to the U.N. food agency.

CNNMoney: If the bubble bursts...updated: Thu Dec 16 2004 10:09:00

Real estate: If it is a bubble, and it bursts, how at risk are you?

Business 2.0: The Dismal Science Measures The Meaning of Lifeupdated: Tue Jun 01 2004 00:01:00

Does Money Really Buy Happiness? Not In Japan, Apparently. Even the United States, the alleged capital of materialism, is not nearly as happy as its per capita income suggests it should be. Colombi...

Money Magazine: He's No.1 And He's Not Happy WITH HIS PRUDENT BEAR FUND AT THE TOP OF THE CHARTS, DAVID TICE IS TRIUMPHANT. BUT updated: Sun Dec 01 2002 00:01:00

Imagine, for a moment, that it all happened in reverse. Starting in 1996, a savage bear market began wiping out your stocks. You lost money year after year; you were the laughingstock of the world....

Fortune: What Could Go Right? It's scary. It's a downer. But the slowdown won't last forever. In fact, it may even be ending now.updated: Mon Mar 05 2001 00:01:00

The U.S. economy has ground to a halt. That's certainly not news to anyone at this point. What you and the rest of the world are dying to know is just when America--that powerful, high-tech, and us...

Fortune: Paul Deninger "The next five years will bring a shakeout in broadband access."updated: Mon Oct 09 2000 00:01:00

Paul Deninger is chairman and CEO of Broadview Holdings, a technology investment bank and private-equity investor. He was interviewed by FORTUNE's Julie Creswell.

Fortune: Is This 1970 Again? UNBRIDLED GROWTH, SOARING STOCKSupdated: Mon Feb 21 2000 00:01:00

This month the U.S. entered the longest economic expansion in history--a record that has stood since the groovy boom of the 1960s. It should be time to celebrate; instead, the specter of history pr...

Fortune: Vouchers: Schools Need Competitionupdated: Mon Jun 07 1999 00:01:00

Long the pet of free-market theorists, the idea of using vouchers to make schools compete has gone mainstream. In New York City, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is advocating the use of public funds for vou...

Fortune: What In The World Happened To Economics? Economists are all finally speaking the same language, but they still can't answer the updated: Mon Mar 15 1999 00:01:00

Economists rule the world. This is not a new phenomenon. "The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly un...

Fortune: Read It and Weep: A Global Crisis Short Listupdated: Mon Nov 23 1998 00:01:00

The great books about the current economic crisis have yet to be written, but FORTUNE asked a group of well-known market analysts and economists to recommend some titles that would help readers get...

Money Magazine: What Fidelity Sees in Charts A way to capture market history--and impress potential clientsupdated: Sun Nov 01 1998 00:01:00

Why does Fidelity--the supposed bastion of fundamental stock research--maintain a state-of-the-art chart room staffed by 10 technical analysts? "One knock you always hear against Fidelity is that w...

Fortune: Market Panics Build Character The Let-It-Burn School Of Crisis Managementupdated: Mon Jun 08 1998 00:01:00

For decades, the only thing anybody had to know about forest fires was that they were bad--and that Smokey the Bear wanted us to prevent them. Then naturalists began pointing out that the success o...


Ever get a sneaking suspicion that the only difference between you and an economic pundit is that the pundit has all the facts and figures, and you don't? Like maybe the world economy could be your...

Fortune: THE SMITH-SLOAN MYSTICAL BOND updated: Mon Oct 17 1994 00:01:00

Ask Jack Smith if there are any GM CEOs he identifies with, and he replies, "We're focused in on Sloan. He came in when the place was upside down and got it straightened out." That's an understatem...

Fortune: BIG DREAMERS AND WILD SCHEMERS Ted Turner (superstar), cold fusion (superhype), Skadden (superlawyers), China (superpower), and updated: Mon Dec 13 1993 00:01:00

Of course not. But after reading Lost Prophets (Harvard Business School Press, $27.95), you could be forgiven for thinking they're a pretty accident-prone bunch, theoretically speaking. In the intr...

Money Magazine: YOU WANT HIGH-LIVING GOVERNORS TO COME BACK DOWN TO EARTH updated: Wed Dec 01 1993 00:01:00

Thanks so much for October's investigation of the lavish lifestyle of governors, "Stately Splendor: How Our Governors Live It Up." Why should a governor have access to two cars, two planes and hund...

Fortune: GETTING AMERICA TO SAVE MORE The profligacy of the past has seriously damaged competitiveness and living standards. Strengtheninupdated: Mon Dec 16 1991 00:01:00

JUST WHEN EVERYONE from car dealers to home sellers to your neighborhood ( clothier is trying to get you to spend, spend, spend for the sake of economic recovery, why should anyone worry that Ameri...

Fortune: SHOULD YOU WORRY ABOUT THE DEFICIT? Chicken Littles haven't talked the sky into falling. But look what's happening. If the debt'updated: Mon Oct 07 1991 00:01:00

IS THERE an economic phenomenon more frustrating than the federal budget deficit? For a decade it has mocked us, defying all efforts to eliminate it -- from the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act of 1985, w...

Fortune: GRADING GREENSPANupdated: Mon Sep 09 1991 00:01:00

In The Politics of Money: The Fed Under Alan Greenspan (Simon & Schuster, $24.95), David M. Jones critiques the performance of the chairman of the Federal Reserve system -- recently reappointed to ...

Money Magazine: Investments for a Soggy Economy Whether a business slowdown or an outright recession lies ahead, here are 10 safe places for youupdated: Fri Jan 01 1988 00:01:00

There's a whiff of recession in the air. Those with a pessimistic outlook, such as Irwin Kellner, chief economist at Manufacturers Hanover, believe it may be here already. Less dour seers, such as ...

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