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Anderson Cooper reports on an ad by the Romney campaign that claims Obama wants to drop welfare work requirements.

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Why Mitt Romney is losingupdated: Thu Aug 09 2012 18:59:00

Mitt Romney spent weeks battling Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich for the Republican presidential nomination, and he faced blistering attacks from Rick Perry and other GOP rivals along the way. And now he is paying the price.

Romney blasts Obama on jobs report, says he paid taxesupdated: Fri Aug 03 2012 14:42:00

A glass half-full or emptying fast? Depends on who you listened to Friday as President Barack Obama and certain Republican nominee Mitt Romney described the July jobs report at competing public appearances.

Romney unveils simplified campaign messageupdated: Thu Aug 02 2012 17:22:00

President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney traded accusations on tax policy Thursday, with both claiming at campaign stops in battleground states that the other's strategies have failed.

House passes Republican tax-cut planupdated: Wed Aug 01 2012 20:45:00

The U.S. House on Wednesday took the opposite action on tax cuts as the Senate, rejecting a Democratic proposal championed by President Barack Obama to extend lower tax rates for middle-income Americans, and then passing a Republican plan to maintain the lower rates for everyone for a year.

Rep. Van Hollen on the Bush-era tax cutsupdated: Wed Aug 01 2012 20:45:00

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) says, the president's plan "would provide tax relief for 100% of the American people"

Obama blasts Romney tax plan in Ohioupdated: Wed Aug 01 2012 16:28:00

Bolstered by a new poll that shows him leading in Ohio and two other battleground states, President Barack Obama on Wednesday made his ninth campaign trip this year to the Buckeye State to attack Republican rival Mitt Romney's tax plan as unfair to middle-class Americans.

Why House tax vote is really about drawing battle lines for the fallupdated: Mon Jul 30 2012 08:20:00

Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are gearing up for a vote this week on a House Republican bill to extend all the current tax cuts, but the debate is really aimed at the vote that comes less than 100 days from now.

Lee: Congress should extend tax cutsupdated: Wed Jul 25 2012 17:44:00

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) says Congress should extend Bush-era tax cuts and a tax increase would hamper economic growth.

Taxmageddon is headed our wayupdated: Wed Jul 25 2012 08:59:00

Taxmaggedon is coming. Unless President Obama and Congress act, Americans will be hit with what would be in total dollars the largest tax increase in history in little more than five months.

End the Bush tax cuts and start overupdated: Thu Jul 12 2012 07:47:00

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama proposed to extend the Bush-era income tax cuts, which expire at the end of this year, for one year for people with income below $250,000. People with higher income would continue to receive all of the benefits of lower taxes on their first $250,000 of income, but the tax rate they face on income above that amount would rise.

Romney courts Obama's baseupdated: Wed Jul 11 2012 21:47:00

Mitt Romney gets booed after attacking Obamacare at NAACP convention. What is his plan to court Pres. Obama's base?

Wind industry pulled in to candidates' debate on outsourcingupdated: Wed Jul 11 2012 21:47:00

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is attempting to flip attacks on his business record by accusing the Obama administration of shipping American jobs overseas, but experts in the industry he's singling out say the truth is more complicated.

Bush tax cut fight could derail Senate small-business bill updated: Tue Jul 10 2012 21:46:00

The Senate voted Tuesday to begin debate on a bill to give tax breaks to small businesses that hire new workers or boost pay for existing workers. But the overwhelming 80-14 vote masks the broad expectation that because of an unrelated fight over the Bush tax cuts, the small business bill is unlikely to pass the chamber.

GOP: Tax increases are economic poisonupdated: Tue Jul 10 2012 12:58:00

The Bush-era tax cut extension is going to expire, causing renewed policy arguments between President Obama and the GOP.

Obama vows tax breaks for middle classupdated: Mon Jul 09 2012 16:20:00

President Obama calls for the renewal of Bush-era tax cuts for Americans who make under $250,000.

Spain looks for a bank lifelineupdated: Mon Jul 09 2012 06:23:00

Spain requests aid for its troubled banking sector, as CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Spain bows to 'bad bank' ideaupdated: Mon Jul 09 2012 06:23:00

Spain is ready to create a single "bad bank" to house the distressed assets of its teetering financial sector, as it prepares to finalise terms of an EU bailout that is dividing the eurozone and spooking markets.

Obama, where is the recovery?updated: Fri Jun 22 2012 07:57:00

Two years ago this week, the Obama administration hailed the advent of the "Summer of Economic Recovery." The president's stimulus bill had passed a Democratic-controlled Congress just over a year before, accompanied by rosy predictions on job creation from the administration.

Rescue plan for Spain?updated: Sat Jun 09 2012 10:42:00

CNN's Al Goodman takes a look at whether Spain will ask for help in their financial crisis.

CNNMoney: Was Romney a tax cutter or a tax hiker?updated: Thu May 31 2012 16:07:00

Mitt Romney has portrayed himself as a tax cutter when he served as governor of Massachusetts -- slashing taxes 19 times.

Gingrich: Romney 'earned' the nominationupdated: Mon May 07 2012 07:48:00

Former Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich says Mitt Romney has "earned the right to represent the Republican Party."

Romney caves to far rightupdated: Mon May 07 2012 07:48:00

There is something tragic in the unfolding of Mitt Romney's campaign for president.

CNNMoney: Fiscal cliff: What should Congress do?updated: Tue May 01 2012 15:41:00

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke didn't mince words in warning Congress last week that the Fed won't be able to undo the damage to the economy that would occur if lawmakers mismanage the so-called fiscal cliff.

CNNMoney: The $7 trillion fiscal cliffupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 07:14:00

Congress has invented a new extreme sport: Skating on the edge of a $7 trillion fiscal cliff.

Why America needs a tax reformationupdated: Tue Apr 17 2012 09:12:00

Tuesday is tax day, and the only thing more frustrating than paying taxes is Washington's refusal to fix the tax code.

Let's kill the progressive tax rate systemupdated: Tue Apr 17 2012 07:43:00

Last week we learned that Barack and Michelle Obama's effective tax rate for 2011 was 20.5%. They had adjusted gross income of $789,674. We also learned that their tax rate was slightly lower than President Obama's secretary, who had about $95,000 of income.

Why tax reform talk a dead endupdated: Tue Apr 17 2012 00:39:00

It turns out that Richard Nixon was a hippie.

CNNMoney: Buffett Rule: Not ready for prime timeupdated: Mon Apr 16 2012 13:32:00

The Buffett Rule makes for great stump speeches in an election year. But as tax policy it leaves much to be desired.

CNNMoney: Watchdog blasts housing program for 'hardest hit'updated: Thu Apr 12 2012 05:38:00

A federal-state program aimed at helping homeowners in states hardest hit by the mortgage crisis is falling far short of its goals, a federal watchdog said in a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Health reform's tax biteupdated: Fri Mar 30 2012 06:20:00

No one knows for sure what the Supreme Court will do with health care reform. But unless it strikes down the whole law, millions of wealthy families can expect a tax increase come January.

CNNMoney: The dollar is mighty once moreupdated: Mon Mar 12 2012 13:25:00

The U.S. economy appears to be gradually improving -- and the dollar is coming along for the ride. Imagine that.

CNNMoney: Wealthy would cash in under Romney tax planupdated: Thu Mar 01 2012 17:31:00

Mitt Romney's new tax plan would mean lower taxes for most Americans. But some would benefit more than others.

CNNMoney: Taxing the rich is not enoughupdated: Thu Mar 01 2012 15:56:00

Is it possible to solve the nation's debt woes just by hiking taxes on the rich?

CNNMoney: New Romney tax cuts would cost $3.4 trillionupdated: Wed Feb 29 2012 19:25:00

Mitt Romney made two big changes to his tax plan last week, and according to a new analysis, they will be very expensive.

CNNMoney: California expected to reap Facebook windfallupdated: Tue Feb 28 2012 18:00:00

Facebook's upcoming IPO could be a golden egg for the Golden State.

Romney throws his economic plan overboardupdated: Mon Feb 27 2012 09:10:00

Compare and contrast the economic plan Mitt Romney released in September with the speech he delivered Friday in Detroit.

Gov. Jan Brewer: Romney is the right manupdated: Mon Feb 27 2012 09:10:00

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer explains why she is endorsing Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential candidate.

President: 'Congress listened to America'updated: Wed Feb 22 2012 22:39:00

During a speech at the Boeing facility in Washington, Pres. Obama commends Congress for extending the payroll tax cut.

CNNMoney: Obama: Slash corporate tax breaks and ratesupdated: Wed Feb 22 2012 14:51:00

After more than a year in the making, the Obama administration on Wednesday released its plan to overhaul the corporate tax code.

Obama to offer corporate tax reform planupdated: Wed Feb 22 2012 09:53:00

The Treasury Department will unveil President Barack Obama's corporate tax reform plan Wednesday -- a framework that would reduce the overall rate paid by corporations, a senior administration official told CNN.

Obama: Speak up until I sign tax cutupdated: Tue Feb 21 2012 12:22:00

President Obama urges Americans to pressure Congress to extend a payroll tax cut.

Tentative payroll tax cut deal reached, GOP legislators sayupdated: Tue Feb 21 2012 12:22:00

Congressional negotiators reached a tentative deal Tuesday to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits while avoiding a fee cut for Medicare doctors, according to Republican legislators and aides.

Congress reaches payroll tax agreementupdated: Fri Feb 17 2012 15:11:00

A House-Senate conference committee negotiated a compromise on a payroll tax cut extension.

Congress passes payroll tax cut dealupdated: Fri Feb 17 2012 15:11:00

The Senate and the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan deal Friday extending the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits while also avoiding a Medicare fee cut for doctors for the rest of the year.

CNNMoney: Business tax breaks booted from payroll dealupdated: Fri Feb 17 2012 12:54:00

The last legislative freight train has left the station, and a set of expired business tax breaks that regularly get extended was left on the platform.

CNNMoney: Election 2012: How the candidates' tax plans stack upupdated: Fri Feb 17 2012 05:25:00

Pretty much everyone in Washington agrees that the tax code is complicated, inefficient and -- in general -- a major drag.

Boehner defends payroll tax dealupdated: Wed Feb 15 2012 17:52:00

House Speaker John Boehner says a payroll tax agreement with Democrats was the only way to prevent a tax hike.

Boehner defends payroll tax dealupdated: Wed Feb 15 2012 17:52:00

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, defended Wednesday the decision to move forward with a roughly $100 billion payroll tax cut extension that is not paid for, arguing that it was the only way to prevent a tax hike.

CNNMoney: Obama budget: Tax plans aim at richupdated: Mon Feb 13 2012 13:58:00

Raise taxes on those making more than $250,000. Limit deductions for the wealthy. Make an expanded college tax credit permanent.

CNNMoney: Will Congress mess up your paycheck?updated: Mon Feb 13 2012 05:29:00

You heard about the "do nothing" Congress? The "make work" Congress may be more accurate.

CNNMoney: Facebook's Zuckerberg may face $2 billion tax billupdated: Tue Feb 07 2012 17:59:00

Facebook's upcoming IPO will make founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire -- but it will also stick him with an eye-popping tax bill that could reach as high as $2 billion.

CNNMoney: Obama's tax recordupdated: Mon Jan 30 2012 11:39:00

Republicans portray President Obama as the tax-hiker-in-chief.

CNNMoney: Obama's 30% millionaire taxupdated: Thu Jan 26 2012 08:26:00

President Obama this week defined what he believes should be the minimum "fair share" for millionaires and billionaires to pay in taxes. His answer: At least 30% of their income.

CNNMoney: Obama created more jobs than Steve Jobs' Appleupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 15:07:00

There's no doubt that Apple is doing far better than the U.S. economy as a whole. But that doesn't mean Steve Jobs had a better jobs record than Barack Obama.

The campaign trailupdated: Tue Jan 24 2012 18:26:00

President Obama got very vocal on the campaign trail..Candy has some guesses why.

Obama will challenge Congress in ambitious State of the Unionupdated: Tue Jan 24 2012 18:26:00

If history is any guide, President Barack Obama will reach for the stars during his State of the Union address Tuesday night. But in the end, reality will bring his plans back down to Earth.

Romney's returns show progressive taxes are dead for the superrichupdated: Tue Jan 24 2012 17:05:00

For a century, the bedrock principle of our tax code has been progressivity: The rich pay a larger share of income than the middle class and poor. Yet Mitt Romney's revelation that he paid 14% in federal income taxes on more than $40 million in income in 2010 and 2011 reveals an increasingly open secret: Progressivity is dead for the superrich.

CNNMoney: CEOs paid well at bailed-out banks - watchdogupdated: Tue Jan 24 2012 14:59:00

When Congress bailed out big banks, it also limited the pay of CEOs at those banks -- one of the main reasons why banks wanted out of the bailout program.

CNNMoney: Is Romney a tax cutter?updated: Mon Jan 23 2012 05:10:00

Mitt Romney has portrayed himself as a tax cutter when he served as governor of Massachusetts -- slashing taxes 19 times.

Romney surprisingly ill-prepared on tax issueupdated: Fri Jan 20 2012 10:12:00

One of the lessons of modern American presidential history is that there is nothing more devastating than turning a candidate's supposed strength into a weakness. Karl Rove masterfully made John Kerry's distinguished military service a liability through a series of Swift Boat attacks in the 2004 campaign.

Romney: I'll release my returns in Aprilupdated: Fri Jan 20 2012 10:12:00

Mitt Romney says he pays full taxes and he's honest in his dealings; Gingrich and Santorum respond, talk about their taxes.

CNNMoney: Rick Santorum's plan to slash taxesupdated: Wed Jan 18 2012 17:48:00

You can add Rick Santorum to the list of Republican presidential candidates with plans to cut taxes for most Americans, while possibly adding billions to the federal deficit.

CNNMoney: Mitt Romney's 'timid' tax planupdated: Thu Jan 05 2012 16:41:00

If Republican primary voters are inclined to reward candidates who have big, bold, game-changing plans for the tax code, Mitt Romney might be in trouble.

CNNMoney: QE3 in 2012? 'Only as a last resort'updated: Thu Jan 05 2012 11:44:00

Debate over whether the Federal Reserve would pull the trigger on QE3 started even before QE2 ended last summer.

Money Magazine: Are we the next Japan?updated: Wed Jan 04 2012 18:19:00

There's no shortage of debate as to whether the Obama administration and Congress have done the right things in attempting to avert a debt crisis and revive the stalled economy.

CNNMoney: The 2012 tax and spending warsupdated: Sat Dec 24 2011 06:38:00

Congress couldn't agree how to pay for a year-long extension of the payroll tax cut, federal unemployment benefits and an adjustment in Medicare physician pay.

Obama signs payroll tax cut extensionupdated: Sat Dec 24 2011 04:19:00

President Barack Obama signed a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut Friday, ending what had been a heated political stalemate and sealing a hard-fought win for Democrats on an issue -- taxes -- that has historically favored the GOP.

Obama comments on tax cut extensionupdated: Sat Dec 24 2011 04:19:00

After signing the payroll tax cut extension, President Obama thanks Americans for their patience and persistence.

Who's to blame for Washington gridlock? updated: Fri Dec 23 2011 09:24:00

A last minute deal may have ended the standoff between Democrats and Republicans, but it is still hard to know whether to laugh or cry over this latest adventure in political theater.

House GOP relents on payroll tax cut deal updated: Thu Dec 22 2011 21:34:00

A compromise measure to extend the payroll tax cut for two months comes before the House and Senate on Friday after Speaker John Boehner dropped his opposition under mounting pressure from the White House, congressional Democrats and fellow Republicans.

CNNMoney: White House: Congress inaction threatens economyupdated: Wed Dec 21 2011 13:09:00

A top White House economic adviser said on Wednesday that congressional deadlock on extending payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance benefits could threaten the U.S. economy.

CNNMoney: Payroll tax deadlock could hobble economyupdated: Wed Dec 21 2011 11:37:00

If Congress fails to pass an extension of the payroll tax holiday, it would put a serious dent into economic growth in 2012 and could even help tip the U.S. back into a recession, according to economists.

CNNMoney: Countdown to tax hikeupdated: Wed Dec 21 2011 10:44:00

House Republicans on Tuesday rejected the the two-month payroll tax extension passed by the Senate. But they did so indirectly.

CNNMoney: State tax changes on the way in 2012updated: Wed Dec 21 2011 06:05:00

While the fate of the payroll tax extension is still uncertain on Capitol Hill this week, at least some Americans can look forward to tax breaks at the state level when 2012 rolls around.

CNNMoney: Payroll tax cut: What's at stakeupdated: Tue Dec 20 2011 07:03:00

In two weeks, the payroll tax cut that has saved workers an average of $1,000 this year will expire -- unless lawmakers in the next few days do what both parties swear they want to do and extend it.

CNNMoney: Congress = Uncertainty Inc.updated: Mon Dec 19 2011 21:26:00

House Republicans say the two-month payroll tax cut extension passed overwhelmingly by the Senate would inject uncertainty into the economy.

House leader rejects Senate payroll tax planupdated: Sun Dec 18 2011 17:33:00

House Speaker John Boehner said Sunday that he opposed a temporary extension of a payroll tax cut, saying the two-month plan passed by the Senate "is just kicking the can down the road."

Thune: We'll be back 'in two months'updated: Sun Dec 18 2011 10:38:00

On Erin Burnett OutFront, Sen. John Thune announced a deal that extends payroll tax cuts for two months.

Sources: Agreement reached to prevent shutdownupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 05:30:00

Congressional negotiators have come to an agreement they believe will prevent a government shutdown, according to several Democratic sources.

White House: Confident about payroll taxupdated: Wed Dec 14 2011 05:27:00

Jay Carney said that President Obama will insist Congress remain in session until the payroll tax cut is extended.

House passes payroll tax plan opposed by Obamaupdated: Wed Dec 14 2011 05:27:00

Another Washington political showdown took shape Tuesday as the House of Representatives passed a Republican plan that would extend the payroll tax cut and speed the process for government approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

CNNMoney: Newt Gingrich's 'mind boggling' tax planupdated: Tue Dec 13 2011 18:32:00

Every Republican presidential hopeful has a plan to cut taxes.

White House challenges Republican payroll tax planupdated: Mon Dec 12 2011 21:54:00

Republicans demanding specific ideological provisions as part of a deal to extend the payroll tax cut appear to be going against their party's anti-tax orthodoxy, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday.

Obama urges payroll tax cut extensionupdated: Mon Dec 12 2011 21:54:00

President Obama calls on Congress to do what's right for the American people by extending the payroll tax cut.

Senate GOP leader predicts a payroll tax dealupdated: Sun Dec 11 2011 17:13:00

Congress will agree to extend the payroll tax cut before it expires at the end of the year, two leading conservative Senate Republicans said Sunday.

Carney: Tax cuts won't hurt job creatorsupdated: Sat Dec 10 2011 07:09:00

White House press secretary Jay Carney says payroll tax cuts would negatively impact less than 1% of small businesses.

House Republicans to offer payroll tax planupdated: Thu Dec 08 2011 18:35:00

Setting up a showdown with the White House and Senate Democrats, House Republican leaders Thursday proceeded with plans to vote next week on a proposal to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits while easing the path for approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

A bipartisan payroll tax plan?updated: Thu Dec 08 2011 18:35:00

Senators Collins and McCaskill propose bipartisan payroll tax cut plan

Impasse over payroll tax cut continuesupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 19:18:00

All kinds of ideas are flying around Capitol Hill about how to extend the payroll tax cut set to expire at the end of the year, but a long-standing battle over tax increases and divisions among congressional Republicans have prevented any from gaining traction so far.

CNNMoney: Billionaires with 1% tax ratesupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 05:13:00

In case you haven't heard, President Obama wants the wealthiest to pay more in taxes.

Congress should act on payroll tax cutsupdated: Mon Dec 05 2011 16:27:00

President Obama urged Congress to act on the payroll tax cut before the Christmas recess.

Democrats offer payroll tax cut compromiseupdated: Mon Dec 05 2011 16:27:00

Senate Democrats on Monday offered a new proposal to extend the payroll tax cut before it expires at the end of the year, and President Barack Obama quickly urged Congress to help middle-class Americans by passing it.

House GOP leaders outline plan for extending payroll tax cut, jobless aidupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 18:50:00

After competing Republican and Democratic proposals to extend the payroll tax cut failed in the Senate on Thursday night, House Republican leaders assembled their own proposal to extend that tax cut aimed at the middle class and wrap other year-end policy proposals into one bill paid for with a series of spending cuts. But they faced opposition from conservative Republicans.

Senate blocks payroll tax dealupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 13:31:00

The Senate blocked competing Democratic and Republican proposals for a payroll tax cut extension.

Republican leaders shifting stance on payroll tax cutupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 13:31:00

A top Republican leader agreed Thursday with President Barack Obama and Democrats that extending the payroll tax cut would help the economy, but the parties remained divided over how to pay for the move.

CNNMoney: Payroll tax cut: What's at stakeupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 10:04:00

Come January, will 160 million American workers owe a) more than; b) less than; c) the same as they've been paying in payroll taxes this year?

End welfare for the wealthyupdated: Thu Dec 01 2011 14:10:00

The debate in Congress this week about whether to pay for extending the payroll tax cut by imposing a new tax on millionaires will have nothing to do with solving our nation's economic challenges and everything to do with election-year politics. Senate Democratic leaders have already signaled they will use the debate as a purely partisan exercise designed to embarrass Republicans into opposing tax cuts for the poor while defending tax cuts for the rich.

CNNMoney: Senate Republicans lay out payroll tax cut planupdated: Thu Dec 01 2011 08:28:00

Senate Republicans on Wednesday released the outlines of their proposal to extend the payroll tax cut -- and it differs significantly from one put out by Senate Democrats.

Obama challenges Republicans on payroll tax cutupdated: Thu Dec 01 2011 05:27:00

President Barack Obama on Wednesday challenged Republicans to "fight as hard for middle-class families as you do for those who are more fortunate," telling a Pennsylvania crowd to push Congress to extend the payroll tax cut enacted a year ago.

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