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As mobile games migrate to powerful smartphones and tablets that are becoming direct competition to portable gaming devices such as Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita, the E3 convention has become a prime stage for game publishers to showcase new titles.

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Halo 4 demo makes E3 appearanceupdated: Tue Jun 05 2012 09:22:00

Microsoft reveals a demo of Halo 4 during a press event at Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Sony highlights mature games, cross-play at E3updated: Tue Jun 05 2012 09:22:00

With a nod to the future, Sony paid tribute to the gamer and revealed new, power-packed and very bloody titles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles on Monday.

As gaming grows more casual and mobile, developers scramble to adaptupdated: Mon Jun 04 2012 09:37:00

In 2012, when people build farms on Facebook, kill pigs on their phones and gun down mutant space aliens on their home consoles, how do you define the word "gamer"?

'Sorcery' makes Sony's Move a magic wandupdated: Tue May 29 2012 17:35:00

When "Sorcery" was demonstrated during the Sony presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2010, it was touted as the quintessential game for the new Move motion controller, showcasing how action can be directed with the new device.

Review: 'Kid Icarus: Uprising' burns its wingsupdated: Wed Apr 18 2012 18:58:00

When the Nintendo 3DS was introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2010, one of the announced games that drew the most favorable reaction was "Kid Icarus: Uprising."

Sony: PlayStation 4 unveiling not coming soonupdated: Tue Jan 10 2012 18:35:00

Sony says it's not quite game over for the PlayStation 3.

Grab a virtual margarita on Facebook with Jimmy Buffettupdated: Fri Sep 09 2011 11:36:00

In this economy, it might be easier to grab a virtual margarita than a real one.

Supreme Court sees video games as artupdated: Mon Jun 27 2011 20:33:00

Maybe it helps for the nation's highest court to say it, too?

Supreme Court rules on violent gamesupdated: Mon Jun 27 2011 20:33:00

The Supreme Court struck down a California law that would have banned selling "violent" video games to children.

How game companies brought E3 news to gamers' homesupdated: Tue Jun 14 2011 12:30:00

While 46,800 attendees spent the weekend recuperating from the video game industry's largest annual convention, diehard gamers were catching up on all the news from their couches.

Inside what's new at E3updated: Fri Jun 10 2011 16:21:00

Join Doug Gross to see the latest games on the floor of the world's biggest gaming expo, E3.

What we learned from the E3 Expoupdated: Fri Jun 10 2011 16:21:00

It's been a big week for video gamers.

Video games as fine art?updated: Fri Jun 10 2011 15:46:00

Art from different video games is displayed at the Into the Pixel gallery at E3 2011.

Video games meet art at 'Into the Pixel'updated: Fri Jun 10 2011 15:46:00

Keep debating whether video games are art if you wish. At E3, the world's biggest gaming expo, it's a closed question. Here, video games are definitely art -- and a gallery-style exhibit aims to prove it to as many people as care to look.

Iwata: Wii U unites divided gaming worldupdated: Thu Jun 09 2011 11:03:00

At the world's biggest showcase for video games, Nintendo made the biggest splash this week with the unveiling of Wii U -- the next generation of its popular, motion-controlled gaming system.

Top 5 video games from the E3 Expoupdated: Wed Jun 08 2011 15:12:00

Sound and fury are the hallmarks of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, the biggest video gaming event of the year.

XBox 360 to add live TVupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 11:10:00

Microsoft announces new Kinect features, live TV and an exciting new game for XBox 360 at E3 2011.

Microsoft to put live TV on Xbox 360updated: Tue Jun 07 2011 11:10:00

Live TV on the Xbox and a more mature second generation of games for the Kinect were among the promises at a Microsoft briefing Monday in advance of the E3 video-game expo.

Sony seeks to change the subject with launch of Playstation Vitaupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 10:00:00

After weeks of headlines about the outage of its hacker-compromised online gaming system, Sony on Monday looked to change the conversation with Playstation Vita, a machine they say will "revolutionize" handheld game play.

Sony announces new handheld: the PSVitaupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 10:00:00

The new device will feature six-axis motion sensors, front and rear cameras, a touchscreen and a touchpad on the back.

E3 arrives with new games, gadgets and a revamped Wiiupdated: Mon Jun 06 2011 07:17:00

In the ever-growing society of video-game culture, E3 is the coming-out party.

CNNMoney: Nintendo Wii moves toward retirementupdated: Mon Apr 25 2011 14:00:00

The Wii, once the cutting edge of video game technology, is headed the way of the Atari 2600 and the Sega Genesis.

No new PlayStation, Xbox until 2014?updated: Thu Apr 21 2011 13:20:00

Gamers might have to wait at least another three years before there's any update to their Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

Nintendo releases details about its hand-held, 3-D gaming systemupdated: Wed Jan 19 2011 12:22:00

Gamers got some long-awaited answers about Nintendo's 3-D hand-held gaming system on Wednesday.

Nintendo 3DS to be released in U.S. in Marchupdated: Wed Sep 29 2010 10:44:00

The Nintendo 3DS has a release date, and it won't be in time for the holidays.

Gamers get a look at 'Halo: Reach' at Comic-Conupdated: Mon Jul 26 2010 13:42:00

Comic-Con International makes headlines mostly as a showcase for Hollywood's latest offerings, but video game companies know how to make an impression at the show as well.

Nintendo 3DS wins E3's Best of Showupdated: Wed Jul 07 2010 16:32:00

If you are a video gamer or know a gamer, here are the games and consoles that should be must-haves in the coming months.

Nintendo 3DS, 'Rage' among Best of E3 nomineesupdated: Tue Jun 29 2010 15:22:00

Nintendo's jump into 3-D gaming and "Rage," a game that combines racing with first-person shooting, topped the list of nominees in "The Best of E3 2010."

3-D gaming doesn't press the right buttons yetupdated: Tue Jun 22 2010 14:07:00

From "Mario Kart" to "Mortal Kombat," last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo made one thing abundantly clear: 3-D gaming is just around the corner.

Kinect gets price tag, shipping dateupdated: Tue Jun 22 2010 12:09:00

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Microsoft unveiled a new name for its motion controller and showed off what Kinect can do on the Xbox 360.

Is 'cloud computing' the future of video games?updated: Mon Jun 21 2010 14:24:00

Playing high-profile video games quickly from portable devices such as your iPad might get easier after this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The most buzzed about games of E3 2010updated: Fri Jun 18 2010 17:29:00

From motion controls to cloud-computing solutions and 3-D gaming technology, there was no shortage of futuristic goodies on display at this year's interactive entertainment industry confab E3. Joshua Gross: EA Sports takes MMA's rivalry into world of video gamesupdated: Fri Jun 18 2010 14:06:00

LOS ANGELES -- When EA Sports suggested to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker three months ago that it would like his mixed martial arts promotion to do "something big" at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo -- an annual three-day exercise in sensory overload put on by the multi-billion-dollar video game industry for the purpose of showcasing its latest and greatest products -- he admittedly aimed too low.

Sony's Move: A step into gamingupdated: Fri Jun 18 2010 12:54:00

At the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, testers show off Sony Playstation's newest device, Move.

PlayStation's 'Move' system enters motion fray in Septemberupdated: Fri Jun 18 2010 12:54:00

"Move," Sony's motion-sensor system for the PlayStation 3, will hit stores in September, entering an increasingly competitive gaming space that, until now, had only one resident -- the Nintendo Wii.

After a week of video games, a look at E3's winners and losersupdated: Fri Jun 18 2010 05:25:00

The Sony PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox made moves on Nintendo's Wii at the Electronic Entertainment Expo -- the three days each year when all eyes are on the video-gaming world.

Games with 'emotional surround sound'updated: Thu Jun 17 2010 10:58:00

You can watch video games in 3-D. You can hear them in stereo. And you can make your characters move like you do.

Professor makes gadget to quiet gamersupdated: Thu Jun 17 2010 10:58:00

A physics professor uses science to quiet the noise from gamers. CNN speaks with inventor of "KOR-fx" Shahriar Afshar.

'Spock' promotes 'movie karaoke' at E3updated: Thu Jun 17 2010 08:39:00

What could bring Leonard Nimoy out of his newly minted retirement?

'Spock' goes Terminator at E3updated: Thu Jun 17 2010 08:39:00

Actor Leonard Nimoy shows CNN how to step into a movie with Yoostar 2 at E3 in Los Angeles.

3-D in your hands, no glasses requiredupdated: Tue Jun 15 2010 16:38:00

At the E3 video game expo in Los Angeles, Nintendo unveils the first 3-D console that doesn't require 3-D glasses.

E3's hottest games, coming soon to your living roomupdated: Tue Jun 15 2010 16:08:00

When developers and publishers of the world's most popular games get together, expect big announcements, big promises and a few surprises.

What gamers won't see at E3 this weekupdated: Tue Jun 15 2010 11:37:00

The gaming world is mesmerized this week by the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the annual circus of light and sound that acts as a launch pad for many of the industry's most exciting announcements.

Video gaming 'history' to be made this week at E3updated: Mon Jun 14 2010 20:02:00

For gamers, it's a digital Christmas Eve, Mardi Gras and Fourth of July all rolled into one.

New Xbox game: Pet wild animals?updated: Mon Jun 14 2010 20:02:00

"Kinectimals," a new video game for Microsoft's Kinect motion-control gaming system, lets children pet a tiger cub.

Microsoft Kinect to hit stores November 4updated: Mon Jun 14 2010 19:38:00

If Microsoft has its way, we all will be playing video games by moving our bodies instead of holding remotes starting November 4.

My first impressions of Microsoft's 'Kinect'updated: Mon Jun 14 2010 14:36:00

Microsoft and Cirque du Soleil jumped the gun on Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) events with a special pre-show gala Sunday night celebrating motion-control system Project Natal's official renaming as "Kinect."

Whither Natal? Microsoft's unique E3 challengeupdated: Mon Jun 14 2010 09:42:00

Microsoft has been more than coy about its upcoming motion control hardware, known at the moment as Project Natal. Some members of the press, more fortunate than we are, have seen it, although their coverage could only include images of the writers, not the hardware or the game itself. In some demos last year Peter Molyneux helped the reporters play with the creepy virtual boy, Milo, who could name the color of the writer's shirt, among other parlor tricks.

Nintendo to unveil 3-D gaming consoleupdated: Mon May 10 2010 12:02:00

The 3-D entertainment craze continues to spread to video games. Nintendo announced Tuesday it will introduce a handheld console that plays games in 3-D without the use of special glasses.

Roller coaster year for video gamesupdated: Tue Dec 22 2009 11:56:00

In January, sales were up 13 percent over the year before, reported industry analyst the NPD Group, and that trend continued in February, with a 10 percent boost over 2008.

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