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CNN's Tom Foreman fact checks the presidential candidates' energy policies.

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Obama, Romney spar over Medicare in battleground statesupdated: Wed Aug 15 2012 05:26:00

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney battled over Medicare and energy policy Tuesday as the November election campaign reached out to battleground states crucial to both sides' chances for victory.

It's time to develop our Arctic resourcesupdated: Fri Jul 20 2012 09:15:00

The United States is on the verge of an energy renaissance. We need to recognize and seize the opportunity.

Will high gas price be Obama's Achilles' heel?updated: Wed Mar 21 2012 19:49:00

Thanks to the circular firing squad nature of the 2012 Republican presidential primaries, it had begun to look as if President Obama would coast to re-election in November.

Energy secretary hammered on gas pricesupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 15:58:00

A committee hearing Tuesday on the Department of Energy's use of stimulus funding kept returning to rising gas prices as Republicans hammered Secretary Steven Chu over the pain at the pump.

Romney turns up the heat on Obama energy policiesupdated: Sun Mar 18 2012 12:54:00

Mitt Romney escalated Republican attacks on President Barack Obama's energy policies Sunday, calling for the firing or resignations of what he labeled the "gas hike trio" of top energy and environment officials in the administration.

Romney calls for firing energy officialsupdated: Sun Mar 18 2012 12:54:00

Mitt Romney calls for the firing or resignations of the top energy and environment officials in the Obama administration.

Obama: We can't just drillupdated: Fri Mar 02 2012 10:01:00

President Obama made remarks on energy, saying the Republican strategy is drill, drill, drill.

Obama calls for Congress to vote on oil subsidiesupdated: Fri Mar 02 2012 10:01:00

A day after Republicans signaled possible compromise with the White House on energy issues, President Barack Obama called Thursday for Congress to vote in the coming weeks on ending billions of dollars in subsidies for the oil industry.

Obama pushes clean energy theme in Nevada, Coloradoupdated: Thu Jan 26 2012 18:52:00

President Barack Obama took his push for increased federal investment in clean energy on the road Thursday, telling crowds in Las Vegas and at a Colorado military base that America must be able to compete in a global growth industry of coming decades.

CNNMoney: Energy plays key role in Obama's State of the Unionupdated: Tue Jan 24 2012 22:27:00

For the third year in a row energy played a central role in President Obama's State of the Union address, with the president leaning hard this year on the twin themes of increased domestic oil and gas production and the need to invest more in renewable sources.

Officials: No political influence in Solyndra loanupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 20:00:00

Officials interviewed as part of a House committee's investigation of a federal loan guarantee to Solyndra said they were unaware of any political pressure exerted on behalf of a key investor and fundraiser for the president, according to the panel's Democratic staff.

Solyndra was asked to delay announcing layoffs until after 2010 voteupdated: Tue Nov 15 2011 20:32:00

The Department of Energy last year urged struggling solar energy company Solyndra to delay announcing planned layoffs until after the November 2010 elections, according to information made public Tuesday by Republican congressional investigators.

White House turns over e-mails related to Solyndra loanupdated: Fri Nov 11 2011 20:02:00

The White House on Friday turned over internal e-mails demanded under subpoena by a House panel investigating the collapse of Solyndra, but stopped short of releasing the full cache sought by the Energy and Commerce Committee, officials said.

CNNMoney: Solyndra executives won't testify before Congressupdated: Tue Sep 20 2011 19:38:00

Top Solyndra executives are not going to testify before Congress about the federal government's backing of the failed solar power company.

White House role questioned in stimulus loan for failed solar companyupdated: Thu Sep 15 2011 12:08:00

Federal analysts looking at a proposed loan to a solar energy company in 2009 warned then of possible problems, as well as pressure from the White House to speed up a decision, according to a memorandum released Wednesday by a House committee.

GOP question plant's stimulus loanupdated: Thu Sep 15 2011 12:08:00

Republicans scrutinize e-mails surrounding bankrupt solar panel plant Solyndra. Anderson Cooper takes a closer look.

CNNMoney: Solyndra failure shows rift over taxpayer roleupdated: Wed Sep 14 2011 13:24:00

Until recently, few outside the solar power industry had even heard of Solyndra Inc.

Obama: 'Pass it immediately'updated: Fri Sep 09 2011 10:14:00

President Obama calls for Congress to act for the American people as he sends the American jobs act today.

Obama energy policy raises costs, limits jobsupdated: Fri Sep 09 2011 10:14:00

For decades, political commentators have been lamenting America's lack of an energy policy. That's no longer true. Under Barack Obama, the U.S. has adopted a very clear energy policy: obstruct and even vilify the coal, oil and natural gas industries while lavishing subsidies on unreliable and expensive sources like solar, biofuels and wind energy.

CNNMoney: Business group slams Obama over oil releaseupdated: Thu Jun 23 2011 15:49:00

Washington's most powerful business lobby panned the Obama administration's decision to tap the nation's strategic oil reserve Thursday, calling the move "ill-advised."

Why U.S. should boost oil productionupdated: Sat May 14 2011 11:55:00

Rep. Martha Roby discusses the importance of increasing U.S. energy production to lower gas price and increase security.

Obama announces steps to speed oil drillingupdated: Sat May 14 2011 11:55:00

With gas topping $4 a gallon, President Barack Obama on Saturday announced new plans to speed up domestic drilling for oil.

Energy dependence fueling terror?updated: Fri May 06 2011 22:53:00

Some experts say America's addiction to foreign oil has fueled terrorism. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

Oil plan reasonable, achievableupdated: Thu Mar 31 2011 13:24:00

President Obama pushes his new energy policy to reduce dependence on foreign oil by a third in 10 years.

Obama rolls out plan to cut oil importsupdated: Thu Mar 31 2011 13:24:00

President Barack Obama outlined a plan Wednesday to cut America's imports of foreign oil by a third by 2025 -- a response to growing global energy demands and instability overseas.

CNNMoney: Obama's cursed energy handupdated: Wed Mar 30 2011 06:36:00

President Obama has had some pretty lousy luck with his energy plans.

Fears mounting over U.S. nuclear plantsupdated: Wed Mar 16 2011 06:15:00

Just two months ago, California residents living near a controversial nuclear power plant grilled nuclear regulators over the reactor's safety at a public hearing.

CNNMoney: Business lobby pushes drilling and green energyupdated: Tue Feb 01 2011 17:20:00

The business lobby, derided by environmentalists for opposing last year's climate change bill, put out an energy plan Tuesday that drew praise from fossil energy industries and threw a few bones to the renewable sector.

CNNMoney: East Coast, eastern Gulf oil drilling deniedupdated: Wed Dec 01 2010 15:03:00

The Obama administration formally reversed course on its plan to allow more U.S. oil drilling Wednesday, saying areas in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and off the Atlantic Coast will remain closed for at least seven years due to the BP oil spill.

Top issues: Energy and environmentupdated: Thu Aug 05 2010 12:40:00

The worst oil spill in U.S. history has heated up the debate about how to feed the nation with cleaner, safer energy.

Oil booms working?updated: Thu Aug 05 2010 12:40:00

Booming efforts to shield land from the oil spill aren't working. CNN's Sandra Endo explores areas around Grand Isle.

Obama 'confident' in climate change bill's passageupdated: Tue Jun 29 2010 14:26:00

President Obama met Tuesday with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House to discuss passing an energy and climate change bill this year.

Judge blocks oil drilling banupdated: Fri Jun 25 2010 21:43:00

A judge overturns the ban on drilling, but the rigs are still sitting idle. CNN's Chris Lawrence reports.

Oil crisis turns U.S. politics upside downupdated: Thu Jun 24 2010 17:17:00

The BP oil spill is defining the political landscape in the summer of 2010 as much as the rise of the Tea Party did in 2009. It is driving the national debate, and changing the way we think about both government and business.

Sources say White House meeting on Senate energy bill postponedupdated: Tue Jun 22 2010 19:52:00

President Barack Obama called Tuesday for the Senate to "stand up and move forward" on the issue in the aftermath of the Gulf oil disaster.

Lieberman: Energy reform 'has a chance'updated: Tue Jun 22 2010 19:52:00

Senator Joe Lieberman explains to CNN's Candy Crowley why comprehensive energy reform can happen in an election year.

White House to hold bipartisan talks with senators on energy reformupdated: Mon Jun 21 2010 10:29:00

In a strategy similar to the endgame on health care reform, President Barack Obama will convene top senators from both parties at the White House on Wednesday to try to reach a deal on an energy reform bill.

Top senators introduce comprehensive energy billupdated: Wed May 12 2010 19:29:00

Two leading senators on Wednesday introduced a sweeping energy and climate change bill intended to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions while reshaping the energy sector for the 21st century.

CNNMoney: Obama suspends new Virginia offshore drilling bidupdated: Thu May 06 2010 17:05:00

The Obama administration took the first concrete steps Thursday to make good on its pledge to halt new offshore drilling projects, suspending the approval process for new wells off of the Virginia coast.

CNNMoney: Sunken oil rig could shift drilling debateupdated: Fri Apr 23 2010 18:51:00

While the search continued Friday for 11 missing workers from BP's sunken oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, attention turned to fears of a major oil spill.

Obama energy plan would open Atlantic and Gulf drillingupdated: Thu Apr 01 2010 08:27:00

President Obama unveiled plans Wednesday to open large swaths of U.S. coastal waters in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to oil and natural gas drilling -- a move likely to please the energy industry but upset the administration's environmentalist supporters.

CNNMoney: Haggling over global warmingupdated: Fri Nov 13 2009 07:35:00

The success of a congressional effort to push through stymied climate change legislation remains far from a sure thing.

Senate panel approves climate change bill despite GOP boycottupdated: Fri Nov 06 2009 02:56:00

A Senate committee Thursday approved a major climate change bill despite a boycott by all of the panel's seven Republican members.

Fortune: Ex-N.J. Gov.: Americans are in denial on energyupdated: Mon Jun 15 2009 15:54:00

When politicians and businesspeople get together to discuss energy policy, it's usually the politicians who talk like dreamers and the private-sector folks trying to inject a little cold, hard realism into the conversation.

Carter on U.S. energyupdated: Tue May 12 2009 19:11:00

Former President Jimmy Carter testified on Capitol Hill about U.S. energy policy and the environment.

Obama's Interior dept. nomineeupdated: Sun Dec 21 2008 17:01:00

Obama's choice for the Interior Department isn't all green say some, CNN's Jessica Yellin reports.

'Drill, baby, drill' process has begunupdated: Sun Dec 21 2008 17:01:00

Remember "drill, baby drill"? In its last weeks in office, the Bush administration is starting to make it happen by quietly starting the process of exploration and drilling off the coast of Virginia.

CNNMoney: Energy Department, change is comingupdated: Thu Dec 04 2008 05:50:00

President-elect Barack Obama's pick for energy secretary will likely lead the department through a new era with a sharp focus on renewable energy, but who'll lead a revamped agency is far from clear.

CNNMoney: Energy bill: Drowning in Washingtonupdated: Wed Sep 10 2008 15:13:00

An energy summit is taking place Friday on Capitol Hill and all 100 senators - including the presidential candidates - are invited to attend. But with all the partisan sniping on The Hill, it's hard to tell if a comprehensive energy bill will be signed into law anytime soon.

Commentary: Obama's energy plan would create green gold rushupdated: Mon Aug 25 2008 18:32:00

Barack Obama is a transformational figure in American history who's been able to excite the same intensity of feeling among Americans as I saw during my father's 1968 campaign and my uncle John F. Kennedy's 1960 campaign.

New York mayor talks energyupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 23:01:00

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces that he wants a new alternative energy plan for New York. CNN's Carol Costello reports

McCain says U.S. needs 'economic surge'updated: Wed Aug 06 2008 21:52:00

Sen. John McCain on Wednesday used language primarily associated with the Iraq war to describe the U.S. financial woes, saying the country needs an "economic surge" to boost the job market.

'We need an economic surge'updated: Wed Aug 06 2008 21:52:00

Sen. McCain discussed the economy, energy policy, and Sen. Obama at a campaign stop in Jackson, Ohio.

Obama, McCain energy plansupdated: Wed Aug 06 2008 15:52:00

Presidential candidates Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain are detailing their plans for solving the country's energy crisis and criticizing each other's proposals this week as they campaign in battleground states.

McCain points to independence; Obama likens him to Bushupdated: Tue Aug 05 2008 21:14:00

After a string of ads attacking Barack Obama, John McCain has hit the airwaves with a television spot that looks to show his independence from the current administration.

Talking politicsupdated: Tue Aug 05 2008 21:14:00

Both major presidential candidates are focusing on their energy policies this week.

Obama says offshore drilling stance nothing newupdated: Sun Aug 03 2008 10:09:00

Sen. Barack Obama responded Saturday to criticism that he has changed his position on opposing offshore oil drilling.

Pelosi: No offshore drillingupdated: Sat Jul 19 2008 13:09:00

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she opposes expanding offshore oil drilling.

'Two oil men' to blame for high gas prices, Pelosi saysupdated: Sat Jul 19 2008 13:09:00

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday blamed the "two oil men in the White House," President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and their Republican allies in Congress for gas prices exceeding $4 a gallon.

Lawmakers seek oil-drilling compromiseupdated: Thu Jul 17 2008 00:06:00

Two bipartisan groups -- one in the House, one in the Senate -- are trying to rekindle stalled energy-legislation by forging a compromise to expand domestic oil and gas drilling.

CNNMoney: Pelosi calls on Bush to release reserve oilupdated: Wed Jul 09 2008 15:09:00

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday urged President Bush to release crude oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat high prices, a call Republicans used to bolster their push to increase domestic production with more drilling in environmentally sensitive areas.

Oil billionaire Pickens puts his money on wind powerupdated: Tue Jul 08 2008 16:53:00

Billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens is putting his clout behind renewable energy sources like wind power.

CNNMoney: Oil man unveils wind-based power planupdated: Tue Jul 08 2008 13:37:00

Texas oil man T. Boone Pickens Tuesday unveiled a new energy plan he says will decrease the United States' dependency on foreign oil by more than one-third and help shift American energy production toward renewable natural resources like wind power.

McCain calls U.S. dependence on foreign oil dangerousupdated: Wed Jun 25 2008 17:55:00

Sen. John McCain vowed Wednesday to break the partisan deadlock on energy policy, saying the dependence on foreign oil puts the U.S. in a "dangerous situation."

McCain unveils energy planupdated: Tue Jun 24 2008 20:11:00

Sen. John McCain unveiled proposals to encourage new technology and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Obama slams McCain's energy policyupdated: Tue Jun 24 2008 20:11:00

Sen. Barack Obama blasted Sen. John McCain's energy plans Tuesday as "gimmicks," saying his policies "will only increase our oil addiction for another four years."

CNNMoney: Start drilling offshore, McCain saysupdated: Tue Jun 17 2008 11:48:00

Sen. John McCain on Tuesday will propose lifting the ban on offshore drilling as part of his plan to reduce dependence on foreign oil and help combat rising gas prices.

White House candidates and the environmentupdated: Sat Feb 02 2008 01:50:00

The U.S. presidential race is under way, and environmental issues are taking a more prominent place in the candidates' campaigns than in the past. Along with the economy and the war in Iraq, climate change has become an integral part of each candidate's platform, a remarkable evolution from earlier U.S. presidential campaigns as recent as four years ago.

Fortune: Bush's clean energy manupdated: Thu Dec 20 2007 03:53:00

Andy Karsner was in an ebullient mood the other day, and for good reason. Congress had just approved an energy bill, which, despite serious flaws, puts the country on a path that will promote renewable energy, reduce our dependence on oil, dramatically increase energy efficiency and curb the growth in greenhouse gas emissions.

Fueling America: Your e-mailsupdated: Mon Jul 09 2007 00:58:00

With fuel prices on the rise, concern over global warming growing and the 2008 presidential campaign heating up, asked users if they thought the country was poised for major changes in energy and environmental policies. Here is a selection of responses, some of which have been edited for clarity.

Have we reached the energy tipping point?updated: Mon Jul 09 2007 00:57:00

In late June, the U.S. Senate passed an energy bill that would raise gas mileage standards for the first time in 20 years and fund research on alternative energy sources.

CNNMoney: The war on oilupdated: Wed Apr 18 2007 09:04:00

Coming soon to a test tube near you: America's new war.

FSB: Who loves small business best? Bottom 5 statesupdated: Fri Oct 27 2006 12:12:00

In exclusive rankings for from the Small Business \& Entrepreneurship Council\*, we looked for places low on taxes and light on government regulations. These places aren\'t.

Bodman: Weaning America from foreign oilupdated: Fri Aug 11 2006 09:35:00

The summer heat has left Americans cranking up their air conditioners, leaving power companies scrambling to keep up with the surging demand for electricity.

Democrats call for new energy lawsupdated: Wed Apr 26 2006 08:53:00

As the debate over what to do about high gas prices continued on Capitol Hill, Democrats on Wednesday called for a new energy bill and federal legislation to punish price gougers.

Fortune: Letters: Energy independence is a disaster in the makingupdated: Fri Mar 03 2006 10:36:00

There's a belief in journalism that when you make both sides mad, you must have done something right. So I guess I can take some solace in being cursed as both a right-wing oil-company shill and a tax-and-spend liberal.

Fortune: Energy independence is a disaster in the makingupdated: Wed Mar 01 2006 11:17:00

It may be one of the most dangerous phrases in the English language. It certainly is one of the most expensive.

Bush blames lab's funding shortfall on mix-upupdated: Tue Feb 21 2006 07:03:00

President Bush told workers at a renewable energy lab Tuesday that the government had sent "mixed signals" over the future of its federal funding.

Fortune: The hard truth about oilupdated: Thu Feb 09 2006 11:27:00

Presidents going back to Richard Nixon have been talking about energy independence. It's one of those vote-getting platforms that no one could possibly be against -- like world peace, mom and apple pie. It gives us the illusion of control over our energy destiny, which we don't have, at least in a fossil-fuel based economy.

Oil industry disputes proposed budget trimupdated: Mon Feb 06 2006 15:40:00

Oil drilling companies are upset that the Bush administration has proposed killing funding for oil and natural gas exploration research and development programs at the Department of Energy, an industry lobbyist said Monday.

Bush pushes fix for oil 'addiction'updated: Tue Jan 31 2006 21:09:00

President Bush called in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night for the United States to break its "addiction" to Middle Eastern oil using technological solutions.

CNNMoney: Ford CEO writes Bush for energy summitupdated: Fri Sep 23 2005 08:08:00

Ford Motor Co. CEO Bill Ford Jr. is asking the White House to convene a summit to discuss the nation's energy issues and the auto industry's role in finding a solution.

Bush urges more refineries, nuclear plantsupdated: Wed Apr 27 2005 01:43:00

Comparing U.S. dependence on overseas oil to a "foreign tax on the American people," President Bush on Wednesday proposed a series of energy initiatives, including more oil refineries and nuclear plants, to combat the problem.

Fortune: How to Kick the Oil Habit Gas prices are soaring, pipelines are burning, oil supplies are tight. Here are four updated: Mon Aug 23 2004 00:01:00

Every day brings another culprit. On Aug. 5 it was word that crude exports from Russia's massive Yukos Oil might be in jeopardy, as authorities there said they were once again freezing the company'...

Fortune: Can China Keep the Lights On? More cars on its roads, more air conditioners in its homes, more factories pumping out products. Tupdated: Mon Feb 23 2004 00:01:00

When Chinese troops opened fire on Soviet counterparts at a border checkpoint in 1969, the shots reverberated across the oilfields of Daqing. For much of the decade, a cadre of Chinese geologists a...

Fortune: WHO LOST THE U.S. OIL INDUSTRY? Blame nature, economics, and -- yes -- the environmentalists. But Big Oil's big shrink is no calupdated: Mon Nov 29 1993 00:01:00

EVER SINCE crude was discovered at Titusville, Pennsylvania, 134 years ago, U.S. oil producers have been a source and symbol of American industrial prowess. Five of the great Seven Sisters were Ame...

Fortune: FIERY WELLS WON'T IGNITE OIL PRICES Iraq's scorching of the Kuwaiti petroleum patch is an environmental disaster, but the economupdated: Mon Mar 25 1991 00:01:00

BLACK SEAS. Black rain. Black death. The Persian Gulf is now the inferno that the oil industry has speculated about -- and dreaded -- for decades. More than 500 of the best oil wells on earth are b...

Fortune: THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR OIL There's no longer any doubt that the Middle East cannot be relied on for petroleum. The world wupdated: Mon Sep 10 1990 00:01:00

THE CONFRONTATION in the Persian Gulf conjures a host of horrible prospects: Shuttered factories. Gasoline lines. Blood in the sand. It might not come to that, of course. Iraq could yet withdraw fr...

Fortune: GET READY FOR THE COMING OIL CRISIS The price of crude is settling down -- for a while anyway. But in a few years the U.S. is liupdated: Mon Mar 16 1987 00:01:00

A YEAR OF Texas-size swings in the price of crude has turned the oil patch into the trenches. Like the survivors of Verdun after the shelling stopped, the U.S. petroleum industry is spooked. True, ...

Fortune: HOW TO KEEP OPEC ON ITS BACK Worries that cheap oil will make the U.S. too dependent on imports are fueling support for a tariffupdated: Mon May 26 1986 00:01:00

WITH GASOLINE PRICES averaging well below $1 a gallon, tanking up at the pumps leaves many an American motorist with a sense of well-being he hasn't felt in years. Nevertheless, a lot of people wor...

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