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Actor James Farentino, whose television acting career began in the early 1960s, died at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, according to a hospital spokeswoman. He was 73.

Latest Stories Maura Tierney: I Was 'So Scared' to Find Breast Tumorupdated: Fri Sep 10 2010 12:09:00

The ER actress opens up about her battle with cancer and her fear of seeing a doctor

Celebs leave their hit TV shows to pursue bigger and better thingsupdated: Fri Mar 26 2010 17:48:00

I know you are really, really upset -- but can you stop crying for a second so we can talk about the fact that Katherine Heigl is finally leaving "Grey's Anatomy?"

Medical dramas give bad information about seizure treatmentupdated: Mon Feb 15 2010 15:24:00

When your favorite hospital drama star is treating a patient who's having seizures, you might want to pay more attention to what's revealed about the doctor's personal life than what he or she is actually doing.

'Lost' producers tackle your questions!updated: Tue Feb 02 2010 14:48:00

As the brain trust behind "Lost," which returns for its sixth and final season on ABC February 2, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse work overtime to keep the show's secrets secret. (It doesn't always work: Some leaks -- like the first hour of the premiere that hit the web Monday -- spoil it for everyone and thus we aren't linking to it here!) Noah Wyle Separates from Wifeupdated: Fri Jan 15 2010 15:42:00

The pair are putting "their children ahead of anything else," a friend tells PEOPLE Producer Hopeful Maura Tierney Returning to Televisionupdated: Sat Dec 19 2009 15:48:00

After leaving Parenthood for health reasons, she may be well enough for Rescue Me in the spring

Zac Efron hopes to avoid curse of teen heartthrobsupdated: Wed Dec 02 2009 07:57:00

In the long history of attractive young actors and the girls who scream and stalk them, few can translate that teen adoration into leading man respect. Maura Tierney Goes from ER to the Firehouseupdated: Fri Apr 03 2009 13:27:00

Ending her run at County General, the actress assumes a new role on Rescue Me

End of 'ER' marks end of eraupdated: Tue Mar 31 2009 16:36:00

When the series "ER" airs its finale on Thursday, the event will not only mark the completion of one of NBC's most successful shows, but it can also be viewed as the end of an era for the network. POLL: George Clooney's ER Return What the Doctor Ordered?updated: Sat Mar 14 2009 10:52:00

Or did it flat-line? Weigh in on the star's reunion with Julianna Margulies in final season Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel Checks into ERupdated: Sun Mar 01 2009 21:46:00

The actress will make a guest appearance in the two-hour series finale George Clooney's ER Episode to Air March 12updated: Thu Feb 26 2009 14:18:00

"If you're a fan of ER, you won't want to miss this one," the exec producer tells PEOPLE Julianna Margulies: Clooney and I Still Have (Onscreen) Chemistryupdated: Sun Feb 08 2009 12:09:00

The former TV lovebirds reunite on ER and reveal the fate of their romance George Clooney Says T.V. Needs to Smarten Upupdated: Tue Jan 27 2009 14:03:00

He says network execs once thought ER was too brainy to succeed POLL: How Do You Like Your George Clooney?updated: Sun Jan 25 2009 12:08:00

Who's hunkier, the freshly scrubbed or seasoned version of Dr. Doug Ross? Ellen Finally Gets Her Man: George Clooneyupdated: Fri Jan 16 2009 15:14:00

DeGeneres nabs the elusive guest by luring him with some Cincinnati Reds

'Jurassic Park' author, 'ER' creator Crichton diesupdated: Wed Nov 05 2008 19:19:00

Michael Crichton, who helped create the TV show "ER" and wrote the best-sellers "Jurassic Park," "The Andromeda Strain," "Sphere" and "Rising Sun," has died in Los Angeles, his public relations firm said in a news release.

Michael Crichton diesupdated: Wed Nov 05 2008 19:19:00

Michael Crichton, the best-selling author and filmmaker and creator of the TV series "ER," died after battling cancer.

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