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A European satellite has observed a rapid retreat of one of Antarctica's ice shelves, which is half the size it was 10 years ago, the European Space Agency said Thursday.

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Space station crew launches from Kazakhstanupdated: Wed Dec 21 2011 08:32:00

A Russian rocket lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Wednesday, with a crew of three bound for the International Space Station.

Soyuz crew heads to space stationupdated: Wed Dec 21 2011 08:32:00

A Russian rocket carrying three flight engineers heads for the International Space Station.

Food from space: Satellites show future of eco-endeavorsupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 21:47:00

It's not as futuristic as greenhouses on Mars, but farmers on terra firma are using space-based technology to certify organic crops.

Simulated Mars mission 'returns' to Earth updated: Fri Nov 04 2011 17:09:00

Six volunteer astronauts emerged from a 'trip' to Mars on Friday, waving and grinning widely after spending 520 days in seclusion.

2010: Mock mission to Mars launchedupdated: Fri Nov 04 2011 17:09:00

To simulate the experience of a manned mission to Mars, a team of six will spend 520 days in windowless capsule.

Soyuz rocket launched Friday after delay updated: Fri Oct 21 2011 12:03:00

A Soyuz rocket was launched Friday morning from a European space base in South America after a delay over a fueling hitch.

Russian-built Soyuz rocket blasts offupdated: Fri Oct 21 2011 12:03:00

The Russian-built Soyuz rocket launched from a European space base in South America after a delay over a fueling hitch.

China's space program moving forwardupdated: Thu Sep 29 2011 12:29:00

CNN's Eunice Yoon reports on China's space program and the upcoming launch of an experimental space platform.

China launches first space docking missionupdated: Thu Sep 29 2011 12:29:00

China's first space laboratory module launched Thursday, according to state-run media, an important milestone in China's plan to build a space station.

'Skylon' space plane aims to fill void left by Discoveryupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 06:47:00

NASA's space shuttle Discovery has completed its final mission, with Endeavour and Atlantis following it into retirement later this year.

Research station in Utah desert is glimpse of life on Marsupdated: Wed Jan 19 2011 11:46:00

Travel twenty minutes north of this tiny town, to the craggy red desert of the San Rafael Swell, and you may discover a spaceship.

Life on Mars simulated in Utah desertupdated: Wed Jan 19 2011 11:46:00

Mars enthusiasts simulate life on the Red Planet at a research station in the Utah desert. Go to VBS.TV for more.

A space-age first: A commercial craft returns from low-Earth orbitupdated: Thu Dec 09 2010 13:09:00

The first commercial spacecraft to return from a low-Earth orbit landed in the Pacific Ocean Wednesday about 500 miles off the coast of southern California.

Scientists discover recipe for water in spaceupdated: Fri Sep 03 2010 11:41:00

European scientists say they've figured out the recipe for water in space: Just add starlight.

Probe takes detailed pictures of crater-covered asteroidupdated: Mon Jul 12 2010 11:49:00

A European space probe headed toward its next target Sunday after sending back detailed images of an asteroid that scientists hope will increase understanding of how the solar system evolved.

Mars once covered in water, space agency saysupdated: Fri Jun 25 2010 10:42:00

Conditions favorable to life may once have existed all over Mars, the European Space Agency said Friday.

Russia to launch 520-day mock mission to Marsupdated: Thu Jun 03 2010 18:57:00

In an attempt to re-create the experience of a manned mission to Mars, an international team of researchers will lock themselves up in a windowless capsule for about a year and a half -- time required for a round trip to the Red Planet.

Russia sets sights on Marsupdated: Thu Jun 03 2010 18:57:00

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on an ambitious experiment in Russia to simulate a trip to Mars.

NASA moves forward with Mars exploration planupdated: Mon Jan 11 2010 15:56:00

NASA has big plans for its Mars Exploration Program.

NASA launches infrared telescope to scan entire skyupdated: Mon Dec 14 2009 10:28:00

NASA launched a new telescope into space on Monday to scan the cosmos for undiscovered objects, including asteroids and comets that might threaten Earth.

Giant iceberg heading toward Australiaupdated: Thu Dec 10 2009 10:20:00

A massive iceberg -- more than twice the size of New York's Manhattan island -- is drifting slowly toward Australia, scientists said Wednesday.

New European astronaut reveals greatest fearupdated: Fri May 29 2009 10:08:00

He's a helicopter test pilot who spent 18 years in the British Army. He just beat more than 8,400 others to become one of Europe's newest astronauts, destined for the International Space Station.

Six new European astronauts prepare for final frontierupdated: Wed May 20 2009 10:14:00

Two Italians, a Dane, a German, a Frenchman and a Brit walk into a space station... or will, in 2013, if all goes according to European Space Agency plans.

Large ice shelf expected to break from Antarcticaupdated: Fri Apr 03 2009 15:04:00

A large ice shelf is "imminently" close to breaking away from part of the Antarctic Peninsula, scientists said Friday.

Snow maps from space aid reindeer herdersupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 05:45:00

Arctic reindeer herders in northern Scandinavia are getting a view from space to help them look after their herds as the region copes with climate change.

Galaxy may be full of 'Earths,' alien lifeupdated: Wed Feb 25 2009 22:11:00

As NASA prepares to hunt for Earth-like planets in our corner of the Milky Way galaxy, there's new buzz that "Star Trek's" vision of a universe full of life may not be that far-fetched.

New rifts form on Antarctic ice shelfupdated: Sat Nov 29 2008 15:52:00

Scientists have identified new rifts on an Antarctic ice shelf that could lead to it breaking away from the Antarctic Peninsula, the European Space Agency said.

India probe crash-lands successfully on moonupdated: Mon Nov 17 2008 12:11:00

A TV-size probe adorned with a painting of the Indian flag successfully rammed into the moon Friday evening as part of the country's first unmanned lunar mission, Indian space officials said.

Ozone hole grows in 2008updated: Tue Oct 07 2008 11:37:00

The ozone hole over Antarctica in 2008 is larger in both size and ozone loss than last year, but not as large as in 2006, the European Space Agency said Tuesday. China's New Venture in Spaceupdated: Wed Sep 24 2008 08:00:00

Forty three years after the Soviet Union pulled it off, China gets ready to send its own man on a spacewalk -- and show the world it can do more than throw a good party

'The Spirit of Space' in Octoberupdated: Tue Sep 23 2008 10:28:00

"The moon's been there for about four billion years and it's moving further and further away from the earth. And it's been a destination or quizzical thing for humans for thousands of years, centuries; it's been something that you dream about." -- Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on "The Spirit of Space."

Rare view of the sunupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 14:09:00

The moon passes between Earth and the sun providing a special view for the upper Northern Hemisphere.

Total eclipse provides rare delightupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 14:09:00

A total solar eclipse was sweeping across Earth Friday, providing a rare sight for people in the upper Northern Hemisphere.

China announces emergency Olympics smog planupdated: Thu Jul 31 2008 16:02:00

Chinese officials have announced an emergency plan to deal with Beijing's persistent pollution problem as athletes flock toward the country for the start of next week's Olympic Games.

Astronauts spruce up new labupdated: Sat Jun 07 2008 22:05:00

Astronauts step outside the international space station for a spacewalk to spruce up a new lab.

Spacewalk updateupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 13:47:00

Miles O'Brien has the latest on today's spacewalk to prep a Japanese logistics module for relocation. Astronauts Open Billion-Dollar Labupdated: Thu Jun 05 2008 09:10:00

Astronauts opened up Japan's new billion-dollar space station lab, then got ready for another spacewalk, this time to spruce up the outside of the huge addition

Middle aged spacemen needed for moonshotupdated: Mon May 12 2008 06:51:00

It may have taken the "right stuff" -- a macho blend of youthful bravado and reckless adrenaline -- to get the first people into space, but if you want to be an astronaut today, be warned, it's no longer a young man's game.

Rocket heads to ISSupdated: Sun Mar 09 2008 07:46:00

A European rocket lifted off on a mission to deliver supplies and equipment to the international space station.

Ice loss 'opens Northwest Passage'updated: Tue Jan 22 2008 11:22:00

Ice cover in the Arctic Ocean, long held to be an early warning of a changing climate, has shattered the all-time low record this summer, scientists say.

Atlantis missionupdated: Thu Dec 06 2007 21:18:00

ISS Flight Director Sally Davis talks about Thursday's planned launch of space shuttle Atlantis.

Ice particles could hit Cassini probeupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 23:19:00

Tiny grains of ice or particles of space dust could significantly damage the Cassini spacecraft when it passes close by Saturn's moon Enceladus next March, scientists said on Thursday. Is the Space Station a Money Pit?updated: Wed Jun 20 2007 17:10:00

Viewpoint: The latest breakdown poses little threat to the astronauts. But it proves again that the International Space Station and the Shuttle are clunkers

Space's threat to civilizationupdated: Fri Dec 29 2006 09:47:00

What should we do if an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth? This question is being taken increasingly seriously by scientists as more is learnt about the impact a near earth object (NEO) would have on the future of civilization.

Mining the moon for a nuclear futureupdated: Mon Dec 18 2006 12:26:00

The race to return to the moon is on. Earlier this month NASA unveiled its mission statement to revisit earth's satellite and create a permanent base there. While it may become the jumping off point for further exploration of our solar system and beyond, there are more earthly prizes in sight, with some scientists believing that it has the potential to solve the world's dependence on fossil fuels.

Face on Mars gets makeoverupdated: Fri Sep 22 2006 10:22:00

NASA started it all back in 1976 with an image of an interesting mountain on Mars and a caption that described it as appearing to have eyes and nostrils.

Earth surrounded by giant fizzy bubblesupdated: Tue Jun 20 2006 16:05:00

The space above you is fizzing with activity as bubbles of superhot gas constantly grow and pop around Earth, scientists announced Tuesday.

July 1 set as date for shuttle launchupdated: Sat Jun 17 2006 15:32:00

NASA managers have set July 1 as the date the space shuttle Discovery will rocket into space, the agency's first manned space flight in nearly a year.

Titan in motionupdated: Wed May 10 2006 13:49:00

Europe's Huygens probe was quite alone when it set down on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan, but two new videos allow viewers to hitch a ride aboard the spacecraft's descent.

Bound for Venusupdated: Mon Apr 10 2006 11:25:00

A European probe bearing down on the planet Venus is set for a Tuesday arrival to take a close look at the world's soupy atmosphere.

Business 2.0: Out of This Worldupdated: Wed Mar 01 2006 00:01:00


Europe may buy mini shuttleupdated: Wed Dec 07 2005 10:47:00

With NASA's beleaguered shuttle still grounded over safety concerns -- and given the unanswered questions about its replacement, the Crew Exploration Vehicle, which won't be ready to fly until 2012 -- the European Space Agency (ESA) is mulling an option to buy its own ride to space.

Fortune: WHAT WOULD CHRISTO DO?updated: Mon Sep 05 2005 00:01:00

AMONG THE FANTASTICALLY complex gear carried by the space shuttle Discovery when it roared into orbit in March 1989 was a hermetically sealed glass cube the size of a jack-in-the-box. Filled with w...

Plane promises new views of Venusupdated: Fri May 13 2005 10:52:00

NASA scientists believe that a solar-powered airplane could be the key to exploring Venus at closer quarters than has ever been previously possible.

Towards a manned mission to Marsupdated: Thu May 12 2005 09:58:00

At the beginning of 2001, with Mars Express (MEx) and Beagle 2 progressing well towards what everyone thought would be an epic journey to Mars, the European Space Agency (ESA) called together a group of 10 Experts in Space Exploration.

Spacecraft probes Titan's upper atmosphereupdated: Tue Apr 26 2005 15:19:00

The Cassini spacecraft's most recent flyby of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, found that its upper atmosphere is full of complex organic material, a discovery that could help unlock the mystery of life on our own planet, scientists said Monday.

Study probes solar eruptionsupdated: Tue Apr 12 2005 14:05:00

A detailed study of a huge solar eruption reveals that a series of smaller explosions combined in a domino effect to fuel the blast.

Images show strange steep slopes on Mars updated: Mon Apr 04 2005 13:10:00

New images of Mars show fresh detail of steep and inexplicable slopes.

Cassini makes flyby of Saturn moonupdated: Tue Feb 15 2005 09:43:00

The Cassini spacecraft is making its fourth flyby of Saturn's moon Titan on Tuesday, passing just 982 miles (1,580 kilometers) above the moon's surface, according to NASA.

Scientists salvage Titan wind dataupdated: Wed Feb 09 2005 12:57:00

U.S. and European researchers are lauding the effectiveness of a network of ground-based telescopes that has apparently salvaged a wind experiment feared lost during a mission to the surface of Saturn's moon Titan.

SOHO offers comet contestupdated: Wed Jan 26 2005 13:23:00

The most prolific comet-hunter in history recently made its 900 discovery of a frozen visitor to the inner solar system, a chunk of ice and rock hurtling precariously close to the Sun.

Sun unleashes huge solar flareupdated: Fri Jan 21 2005 16:50:00

A large sunspot has been the site of several major eruptions in recent days, including one Thursday that was the largest of the series.

Images reveal Titan's secrets updated: Fri Jan 14 2005 02:43:00

The first three images from the surface of Titan, largest of Saturn's 33 moons, show what appear to be drainage channels, a shoreline, flooded regions surrounded by elevated terrain and a plain strewn with what may be large ice boulders.

Huygens to plumb secrets of Saturn moonupdated: Thu Jan 13 2005 10:53:00

The Huygens probe will plunge through the orange clouds of Saturn's moon Titan Friday, offering scientists their first glimpse of the mysterious moon.

Space probe on way to Saturn moonupdated: Fri Dec 24 2004 23:19:00

A small space probe launched from NASA's Cassini spacecraft late Friday is making a beeline for the surface of Saturn's hazy moon Titan, taking an historic trip to unlock the stubborn mysteries of a perplexing place -- discoveries that might even shed light on Earth's own origins.

Huygens probe ready for launch to Titanupdated: Thu Dec 23 2004 14:57:00

Scientists in the United States and Europe may get what they want for Christmas if the Huygens probe successfully separates from the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn on Christmas Eve.

Enormous black holes formed in early universeupdated: Tue Nov 23 2004 10:23:00

Incredibly massive black holes had fully matured just a billion years after the birth of the universe, according to two separate studies.

European moon probe enters orbitupdated: Tue Nov 16 2004 08:47:00

Europe's SMART-1 robotic probe has arrived after taking a long and spiraling road to reach its lunar destination.

Europe probe enters moon orbitupdated: Tue Nov 16 2004 05:29:00

Europe's first mission to the moon has successfully entered lunar orbit, a key milestone in its 13-month trip into space, a spokesman for the European Space Agency said Tuesday.

Europe's first moon mission nears orbitupdated: Mon Nov 15 2004 13:24:00

A dishwasher-sized spacecraft on Europe's first mission to the moon was set to enter lunar orbit, a key milestone in its 13-month trip into space, the European Space Agency said Monday.

Rebel stars cross paths with sun, astronomers sayupdated: Tue Oct 26 2004 14:24:00

Newly discovered galactic highways cut across the Milky Way at odd angles, bringing stars through the neighborhood of our solar system.

Galaxies collide with stellar bangupdated: Fri Sep 24 2004 08:55:00

Astronomers have found what they are calling the perfect cosmic storm, a galaxy cluster pile-up so powerful its energy output is second only to the Big Bang.

Space habitat headed for Antarcticaupdated: Wed Sep 15 2004 08:44:00

A new research station at the bottom of the world may give future Antarctica researchers some special treats like living above ground and looking out a window.

Human Noah's Ark plan for moonupdated: Wed Sep 08 2004 06:12:00

A Noah's Ark-type base could be established on the moon to sustain life in the event of a catastrophe on Earth, according to Europe's top space scientist.

Defense against asteroids begins studyupdated: Tue Jul 13 2004 09:03:00

A mission to smash into a space rock to deflect it and study its structure has been given priority over five other potential asteroid projects by the European Space Agency.

Cassini will remake image of Saturnupdated: Tue Jun 22 2004 09:41:00

As the Cassini-Huygens mission prepares to go into orbit around Saturn, project scientists are eager to begin an eye-opening look at the planet and its environment.

Two telescopes better than one in spaceupdated: Wed May 26 2004 08:17:00

After years of whittling away prospective designs for a NASA mission to search for earth-like planets around stars, the space agency narrowed the choice to two very different observatories.

Space station crew lands safelyupdated: Thu Apr 29 2004 17:08:00

The crew of the international space station has touched down safely on the barren steppes of central Asia after six months in space.

Space station gyroscope fails; spacewalk neededupdated: Thu Apr 22 2004 17:35:00

NASA announced Thursday that the second of the International Space Station's four stabilizing gyroscopes failed on Wednesday night, but neither the station nor the crew were in immediate danger.

Space station crew's stay extendedupdated: Thu Mar 25 2004 16:07:00

The two-man crew aboard the international space station will stay in space one extra day, returning to Earth April 30, to enable the returning crew to extend its handover operations with the crew that will take its place, a NASA spokesman said.

Black hole seen ripping star apartupdated: Wed Feb 18 2004 14:05:00

Black holes will eat just about anything, and now astronomers have confirmed that stars are on their menus.

Europe probe detects Mars water iceupdated: Fri Jan 23 2004 07:02:00

The European orbiter Mars Express detected ice at the Red Planet's south pole, mission officials at Darmstadt, Germany, said Friday.

Fortune: EUROPE BLASTS INTO THE SPACE BUSINESS With a throwaway rocket and hardball marketing tactics, Arianespace -- a consortium of 11 updated: Mon May 27 1985 00:01:00

NO ONE IS OFFERING free tickets or frequent-flier bonuses yet, but a fare war of sorts -- with discounts in the millions of dollars -- has broken out in space. Newcomer Arianespace, a consortium of...

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