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Normally, its viewers don't associate "Eurovision" with global politics. The annual singing show is a camp retread of the cultural wasteland of the 1970s -- all crashing ballads, gaudy europop and singing penguins. Britain has signaled its contempt for the contest by sending 76-year-old Engelbert Humperdinck as its representative, a man once regarded as a stud but who now looks eerily like one of those Mexican mummies. The crooner was born two decades before Eurovision even started, and it's touch and go whether he'll survive the weekend.

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Explainer: What is Eurovision?updated: Thu May 24 2012 12:23:00

It's not just any old talent show, it's an institution -- an annual event that attracts an estimated global audience of 125 million.

Azerbaijan triumphs in Eurovision Song Contestupdated: Sun May 15 2011 12:24:00

While several European countries have long had their own versions of "American Idol," the longest running televised pop music competition where fans choose their favorite songs and singers is Europe's Eurovision Song Contest, now in its 56th year.

Azerbaijan wins Eurovision Song Contestupdated: Sun May 15 2011 00:02:00

Azerbaijan took top prize in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, snagging the country's first-ever win.

The original 'Idol' kicks off in Europeupdated: Wed May 11 2011 11:19:00

While America gets ready for the finale of "American Idol" and tunes into hot new shows such as NBC's "The Voice," Europe is busy watching the continent's annual vocal competition that many say gave rise to the entire phenomena of televised singing throw-downs: Eurovision.

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