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Despite a new urgency for reconciliation among Palestinians, few are optimistic. CNN's Fionnuala Sweeney reports.

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Fatah hopes to seal Palestinian unity dealupdated: Tue Dec 20 2011 12:03:00

As Palestinian politicians meet in Cairo this week to discuss the long-awaited and much-delayed implementation of a national reconciliation agreement signed by political factions earlier this year, officials in the Fatah party of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas have been surprisingly open and confident in their predictions of concluding a deal that will include their bitter rival Hamas.

Fatah nominates Fayyad to head interim Palestinian governmentupdated: Sun Jun 12 2011 07:10:00

Fatah has nominated incumbent Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to head the interim Palestinian government, a party official told CNN.

U.S. designates Palestinian militant group as terror entityupdated: Fri May 20 2011 10:29:00

A Palestinian radical group believed to be responsible for a series of abductions and attacks has been labeled a foreign terrorist organization by the United States.

Palestinian factions adopt reconciliation dealupdated: Wed May 04 2011 17:44:00

Flags of Hamas green and Fatah yellow flew alongside the Palestinian Authority flag on the streets of Gaza on Wednesday, as thousands turned out to celebrate the formal adoption of a reconciliation agreement between the two largest Palestinian factions.

Netanyahu calls on Abbas to choose peace with Israel, not Hamasupdated: Tue May 03 2011 13:46:00

As Palestinian political factions prepared Tuesday to formally sign a political reconciliation agreement in Cairo, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinian Authority to pull out of the deal, saying it would jeopardize the already-stalled Middle East peace process.

Rival Fatah, Hamas movements reach unity dealupdated: Wed Apr 27 2011 21:34:00

The politically divided Palestinian territories took a major step toward reconciliation Wednesday when the rival movements of Hamas and Fatah announced a deal to form a unity government, officials from both groups said.

Fatah, Hamas rivals reach dealupdated: Wed Apr 27 2011 21:34:00

The deal between Fatah and Hamas could end the discord, culminating in 2007 when Hamas took control of Gaza.

Palestinians protest Hamas-Fatah divisionupdated: Tue Mar 15 2011 15:48:00

Tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank took to the streets in mass demonstrations Tuesday demanding an end to the inter-Palestinian political division and an end to Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The 'Egypt effect' on Palestinian politicsupdated: Tue Mar 01 2011 11:42:00

The Egyptian uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak after nearly 30 years in power was a watershed moment in the Middle East, inspiring a wave of rebellions and serving notice to Arab governments that no leader is immune from the collective wrath of his people.

Palestinians call for unity in street demonstrationsupdated: Thu Feb 17 2011 17:39:00

Hundreds of Palestinians rallied for unity in Ramallah Thursday, calling on Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian political factions to heal the divide among them amid arguments over elections scheduled for September in the Palestinian territories.

Palestinian youth join chorus for changeupdated: Thu Feb 17 2011 17:39:00

Palestinian youth chant for change during a rally in the West Bank. CNN's Kevin Flower reports.

WikiLeaks: Palestinian group 'asked Israel' to attack Hamasupdated: Tue Dec 21 2010 20:10:00

In the summer of 2007, two Palestinian groups -- Fatah and Hamas -- fought street battles in Gaza. Fatah, loyal to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, was losing. And a U.S. diplomatic cable indicates that "desperate, disorganized, and demoralized" Fatah members appealed to Israel to attack their rival.

Hamas talks of 'revenge' for Hebron killingsupdated: Fri Oct 08 2010 09:42:00

Israeli troops killed two militants on Friday in an operation targeting Hamas in the West Bank, an act that has sparked outrage over Israeli-Palestinian Authority security ties and militant vows of "revenge."

Hamas' military wing threatens to retaliate over activists' arrestsupdated: Wed Oct 06 2010 13:40:00

The military wing of the Islamist group Hamas Wednesday threatened to retaliate against the Palestinian Authority if its arrests of its West Bank activists continue.

Israeli prime minister urges Palestinians to continue talksupdated: Sun Oct 03 2010 03:14:00

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday to continue peace talks after Palestinian leaders called for a halt to the talks unless the Israelis stop settlement construction.

Hamas political leader says progress made in talks with Fatahupdated: Sun Sep 26 2010 08:22:00

Representatives of the two main Palestinian factions - the Islamist group Hamas and the Fatah party led by President Mahmoud Abbas - met on Friday into the early hours of Saturday and agreed on several disputed points in a reconciliation document mediated by Egypt, Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal told CNN.

Soccer in the firing line: Gaza Cup finalupdated: Thu Oct 29 2009 09:18:00

Terrace crowds are controlled by men wearing army fatigues and holding Kalashnikov rifles, players and press pray on the pitch at half-time and when the final whistle is blown, the trophy is handed to the winning captain by one of Israel's most wanted men.

Football in the firing line: The Gaza Cup finalupdated: Thu Oct 29 2009 07:36:00

Terrace crowds are controlled by men wearing army fatigues and holding Kalashnikov rifles, players and press pray on the pitch at half-time and when the final whistle is blown, the trophy is handed to the winning captain by one of Israel's most wanted men.

Zakaria: Surprising progress in Mideastupdated: Fri Aug 14 2009 12:34:00

Senior members of the Palestinian Fatah party have suffered a serious upset in a vote to determine the party's key decision-making body.

Early results show major loss for Fatah party's old guardupdated: Tue Aug 11 2009 14:20:00

Senior members of the Palestinian Fatah party appear to have suffered a serious upset in a vote to determine the party's key decision-making body.

Blast injures 50 at wedding for nephew of Fatah leaderupdated: Tue Jul 21 2009 19:30:00

A large explosion late Tuesday at a wedding party for relatives of a Fatah leader injured at least 50 people in Gaza, Palestinian medical sources said.

Hamas, Fatah clash kills six in West Bankupdated: Sun May 31 2009 03:06:00

Six people were killed Sunday when Fatah security forces got into a gun battle with Hamas militants whom they were trying to arrest, an official said.

Israeli forces kill local Hamas leaderupdated: Thu May 28 2009 10:05:00

Israeli anti-terror forces killed a suspected West Bank Hamas military leader Thursday, the country's military announced.

Palestinian groups vow to release prisoners, unifyupdated: Thu Feb 26 2009 18:15:00

Palestinian rivals agreed Thursday to work toward ending their bitter fighting in an effort to form a unity government in Gaza and the West Bank.

Hamas tortured, killed Palestinians, rights group chargesupdated: Tue Feb 10 2009 11:29:00

Amnesty International has accused Hamas militants in Gaza of kidnapping, killing and torturing fellow Palestinians they accuse of spying for Israel, the organization announced Tuesday.

Spies and torture in Gazaupdated: Thu Jan 22 2009 22:12:00

CNN's Karl Penhaul reports on claims Fatah spies helped Israel during the Gaza conflict.

Rival factions trade accusations of spying, violence in Gazaupdated: Thu Jan 22 2009 22:12:00

In the wake of an Israeli offensive aimed at crippling Hamas, Gaza's ruling party, Hamas is accusing rival Palestinian faction Fatah of spying for Israel.

Sources: Fatah family held in Israel after escaping Gazaupdated: Sun Aug 03 2008 15:41:00

Most of the nearly 150 Fatah-allied Palestinians who escaped a Hamas crackdown in Gaza are still in limbo in Israel, waiting to get into the West Bank, Palestinian security sources said Sunday.

Gaza infightingupdated: Sun Aug 03 2008 15:41:00

CNN's Wilf Dinnick reports on fighting between rival Palestinian factions in Gaza. Israel to Return Gazans Who Fledupdated: Sun Aug 03 2008 13:00:00

Most of the 180 Fatah supporters who fled into Israel from a deadly Hamas crackdown over the weekend will be sent back into the Gaza Strip on Sunday

150 Fatah supporters enter Israel after Hamas takes over east Gazaupdated: Sun Aug 03 2008 08:59:00

About 150 pro-Fatah Palestinians seeking refuge from a Hamas crackdown in eastern Gaza City were allowed into Israel on Saturday, an Israel Defense Forces spokesman told CNN. Palestinian Infighting Kills 4updated: Sat Aug 02 2008 16:00:00

Hamas forces battled Fatah-linked fighters with mortars and machine guns in a crowded Gaza neighborhood Saturday, leaving at least four dead

Hamas arrests more Fatah membersupdated: Fri Aug 01 2008 08:44:00

Hamas security forces arrested 10 to 20 Fatah members in Gaza Thursday night and early Friday, adding to hundreds detained in the past week, Palestinian security sources said.

Palestinians protest in Gazaupdated: Wed Jul 30 2008 14:49:00

Palestinians protest against Hamas-Fatah tensions in Gaza City.

Palestinian factions trample rights, watchdog group saysupdated: Wed Jul 30 2008 14:49:00

Infighting between the two main Palestinian factions has led to arbitrary arrests, torture and abuse of detainees by both sides, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Wednesday.

Hamas arrests Fatah rivalsupdated: Sat Jul 26 2008 22:52:00

Tensions rise in Gaza after bombings Friday that Hamas blames on Fatah. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports.

Hamas arrests Fatah rivals after Gaza blastsupdated: Sat Jul 26 2008 22:52:00

Hamas security forces arrested more than 100 rival Fatah members in Gaza Friday night and Saturday while searching for suspects in bombings that killed five Hamas militants and a child, a security source said.

A year under Hamas: Gaza safer, but life is desperateupdated: Sat Jun 14 2008 15:56:00

"If you take pictures, I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" screamed a masked Fatah gunman, pointing his AK-47 assault rifle at my cameraman, Joe Duran.

Fatah: Mass arrests follow Gaza violenceupdated: Tue Nov 13 2007 07:35:00

Hamas forces rounded up 400 people in overnight raids after clashes with rival Fatah gunmen that left at least seven Palestinians dead and more than 50 wounded, Fatah representative Hazem Abu Shanab said Tuesday.

Gaza rally turns deadlyupdated: Tue Nov 13 2007 07:35:00

A memorial rally for Yasser Arafat turns deadly as gunmen open fire. CNN's Atika Shubert reports

Seven killed in Hamas-Fatah fighting at Arafat rallyupdated: Tue Nov 13 2007 03:20:00

At least seven Palestinians were killed and 55 wounded Monday when Hamas security forces and Fatah gunmen traded fire at a Gaza City rally, according to Palestinian medical sources. Arafat Rally Sparks Gaza Violenceupdated: Mon Nov 12 2007 17:05:00

A memorial for the late leader sets off fatal gunfire in Gaza as rival groups ratchet up their fratricidal feud Shots at Gaza Strip Rally Kills 5updated: Mon Nov 12 2007 10:00:00

Hamas security forces opened fire Monday at a rally commemorating Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, killing five

Israel releases prisonersupdated: Tue Jul 24 2007 03:58:00

Israel releases prisoners Can Bush's Mideast Peace Talks Work?updated: Tue Jul 17 2007 18:15:00

Bush's call for renewed talks between Israelis and Palestinians leaves out the parties who could give lasting peace a chance

Palestinian gunmen renounce attacks under Israeli amnesty dealupdated: Mon Jul 16 2007 06:29:00

Israel has agreed to remove 178 Palestinian militants from its watch list after the armed fugitives signed a pledge renouncing attacks against Israel and accepted the principles of the group's new West Bank-based interim government. Lebanon Gearing for Fatah Assaultupdated: Wed Jul 11 2007 18:05:00

Lebanon's army appeared Wednesday to be gearing up to launch a major assault on a Palestinian refugee camp where troops have been battling Islamic militants for weeks

Fortune: THE WORLD AT RISKupdated: Mon Jul 09 2007 00:00:00

1. ARGENTINA The government's decision to ration gas and electricity for firms rather than raise prices for residential consumers does little to address mounting woes in the energy sector and helps set the stage for future economic problems.

Israel approves release of Palestinian prisonersupdated: Sun Jul 08 2007 07:28:00

Israel's cabinet on Sunday approved the release of 250 Palestinian prisoners to boost ties between the Jewish state and Fatah party leader and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, an Israeli official told CNN. What's Behind the Arab-Israel Summitupdated: Mon Jun 25 2007 19:30:00

The meeting of Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Palestinian President Abbas is designed to warn Hamas about going it alone What Happens After Hamas Wins? updated: Sat Jun 16 2007 11:55:00

Washington hoped to neutralize Hamas by strengthening Abbas. But the rout in Gaza has left that strategy in shreds

Fatah militants storm rival-held government buildingsupdated: Sat Jun 16 2007 05:44:00

Palestinian gunmen raided parliament buildings controlled by rivals in the West Bank on Saturday as factional fighting continued to spread.

Arab League calls for Palestinian unityupdated: Fri Jun 15 2007 06:14:00

The Arab League called Friday "on all parties to stop the fighting on Palestinian lands" and return the government to its status before Hamas forces claimed full control of Gaza. A Fight to the Death in Gazaupdated: Wed Jun 13 2007 16:55:00

To the alarm of Washington, Hamas has seized the advantage in the increasingly vicious war between Palestinian factions

Abbas warns of 'collapse'updated: Wed Jun 13 2007 08:20:00

The Palestinian President warned of possible collapse in Gaza as Hamas launched new attacks on Palestinian Authority security forces in the south Wednesday after declaring northern Gaza a "closed military area."

Palestinian fighting 'will burn all of us,' official saysupdated: Tue Jun 12 2007 02:27:00

Rival factions killed more than two dozen people Tuesday in bitter fighting that has left Gaza sliding into chaos, Palestinian officials said.

Israeli aircraft strike Gazaupdated: Sun Jun 10 2007 00:28:00

Israeli aircraft launched airstrikes in Gaza City early Sunday, one day after Palestinian gunmen crossed the Gaza border, believed to be the first such incident in a year.

Fatah, Hamas agree to new cease-fireupdated: Sat May 19 2007 07:32:00

A cease-fire was brokered Saturday between the rival Palestinian Hamas and Fatah parties -- the fifth such attempt at peace this week -- as rockets were fired into Israel following Israeli airstrikes overnight.

Fatah, Hamas make deal for fourth cease-fireupdated: Wed May 16 2007 11:09:00

Battles between Palestinian factions in Gaza claimed more than a dozen lives Wednesday, while Hamas militants launched rockets into Israel, provoking Israeli military airstrikes on Hamas.

Presidential guards killed as cease-fire unravelsupdated: Tue May 15 2007 04:06:00

For the second consecutive day, a cease-fire between rival Palestinian militias was shattered as the factions clashed in Gaza on Tuesday, with at least 12 dead in related violence.

Official: Hamas-Fatah cease-fire restoredupdated: Mon May 14 2007 07:14:00

A cease-fire between Hamas and Fatah has been restored, a Palestinian government spokesman said Monday.

Officials: Hamas, Fatah agree to cease-fireupdated: Sun May 13 2007 20:34:00

Hamas and Fatah began observing a cease-fire early Monday, officials from both sides said.

Police teams walk tough beat for peaceupdated: Wed May 09 2007 19:27:00

Hundreds of Palestinian police patrolled on foot Wednesday to launch what the Palestinian Authority says is the first phase of its 100-day security plan for Gaza.

Rice prepares for 3-way meeting with Israel, Palestiniansupdated: Sun Feb 18 2007 05:08:00

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will head into meetings Monday with Israeli and Palestinian leaders despite seeing no sign that a new Palestinian government will do what world leaders have called for: renounce terrorism and recognize Israel.

Hamas, Fatah begin talks in Saudi Arabiaupdated: Wed Feb 07 2007 05:37:00

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his political rival, exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, will negotiate details on forming a national unity Palestinian government during Wednesday's meetings in Saudi Arabia's holy city Mecca, Saudi officials said.

8 dead as Gaza battle ragesupdated: Fri Feb 02 2007 05:31:00

Factional fighting echoed through the streets of Gaza City Friday as militia members of the ruling Palestinian Hamas party battled rivals from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement.

Hamas and Fatah agree to cease-fire updated: Mon Jan 29 2007 18:42:00

Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah agreed to a cease-fire late Monday in a bid to end four days of violence that killed at least 29 people in Gaza and the West Bank.

Hamas leader abducted on tape as clashes continueupdated: Sun Jan 28 2007 04:27:00

In the third consecutive day of violence between Hamas and Fatah, security sources said gunmen tried to kill the bodyguard of a top aide to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, and a top Hamas figure was kidnapped in front of a video news crew.

Death toll hits 18 as Palestinians fightupdated: Sat Jan 27 2007 10:18:00

Three Palestinians were killed Saturday during a clash outside the Islamic University of Gaza, bringing the death toll to 18 in three days of fighting between rival Palestinian factions.

Violence halts Hamas-Fatah negotiationsupdated: Fri Jan 26 2007 10:19:00

Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah have suspended talks because of a groundswell of violence between them, spokesmen for the two groups said Friday.

Haniya, Abbas agree to pull back forcesupdated: Thu Jan 04 2007 22:33:00

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya and President Mahmoud Abbas met early Friday and agreed to withdraw armed militants from the streets, Haniya said.

Palestinian PM: U.S. trying to topple Hamas regimeupdated: Tue Dec 19 2006 15:23:00

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya on Tuesday blamed the United States for backing "an undeclared decision" to topple the Hamas-led Palestinian government through early elections.

Hamas and Fatah agree to a new cease-fireupdated: Tue Dec 19 2006 02:03:00

Hamas and Fatah agreed Tuesday to a new cease-fire in Gaza after an earlier truce failed to stop street battles that have killed 14 people and wounded dozens more.

Kidnapping, gun battle mar shaky Palestinian cease-fire updated: Mon Dec 18 2006 09:16:00

A fragile cease-fire between Palestinian factions in Gaza teetered on the edge of collapse Monday after a gun battle at the Jabalya refugee camp and the kidnapping of a senior Fatah official.

Blair, Abbas urge new efforts for peaceupdated: Mon Dec 18 2006 05:43:00

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and British Prime Minister Tony Blair met for talks Monday, with both leaders urging new efforts to resume the Mideast peace process.

Officials: Hamas and Fatah agree to ceasefireupdated: Sun Dec 17 2006 17:41:00

The leading Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah agreed to a cease-fire after street battles left at least two people dead, leaders of other parties involved in the talks announced early Monday.

Palestinian president calls for early electionsupdated: Sat Dec 16 2006 07:02:00

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Saturday called for early elections, amid increased violence between political factions and the collapse of talks on forming a unity government.

Huge crowds back Hamas chief after attackupdated: Fri Dec 15 2006 06:48:00

Tens of thousands of Hamas supporters took to the streets Friday, the day after their leader -- Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya -- survived an alleged assassination attempt.

Shooter kills 3 children of Fatah intelligence officerupdated: Mon Dec 11 2006 03:36:00

Four people, including three children of a senior Palestinian intelligence officer, were shot to death outside a Gaza City school Monday morning, Palestinian police said.

Diplomat: Agreement near on Palestinian unity governmentupdated: Mon Nov 06 2006 17:39:00

The Palestinian Authority could announce a national unity government led by "an independent technocrat" as early as Monday night or Tuesday morning, according to a senior Palestinian diplomat.

Israeli airstrike kills senior militant in Gazaupdated: Sat May 20 2006 04:23:00

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on Saturday killed Islamic Jihad's most senior militant in the Gaza coastal area, Israeli and Palestinians sources said.

Hamas puts armed followers on streetsupdated: Wed May 17 2006 17:32:00

The Palestinian ruling party Hamas put 3,000 armed followers on the streets of Gaza on Wednesday in a show of force aimed at gunmen from rival factions who have clashed with Hamas in recent days.

Report: Hamas, Fatah agree to end factional fightingupdated: Tue May 09 2006 19:49:00

Rival Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah have agreed to end the violence that has raged between them for two days, according to a statement from Fatah's Ahmed Halaf obtained by Palestinian news agency Ramattan.

Election losers stage Palestinian parliament walkoutupdated: Mon Mar 06 2006 12:22:00

The Palestinian parliament's first session led by militant group Hamas dissolved into a shouting match Monday as members of the opposition Fatah Party walked out in protest.

Abbas, Hamas leaders plan to meet this weekupdated: Wed Feb 01 2006 08:31:00

A week after Hamas wrested control of the Palestinian parliament from the Fatah Party, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has not officially called on the Islamic fundamentalist group to form a government.

Thousands take to streets after Hamas victoryupdated: Fri Jan 27 2006 01:46:00

A mob of up to 2,000 furious Fatah supporters took to the streets Friday, burning cars, firing guns and demanding the resignation of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas after the militant group Hamas trounced their party in parliamentary elections.

Hamas landslide shakes Mideastupdated: Thu Jan 26 2006 16:04:00

The Islamic fundamentalist group Hamas, which has said it favors the destruction of Israel, won a landslide victory in Palestinian elections, securing 76 seats in the 132-member legislature, officials said Thursday.

Hamas' past casts shadow over peace plansupdated: Thu Jan 26 2006 00:22:00

The future of the Middle East entered a new era of uncertainty Thursday, as the militant Palestinian opposition group Hamas snatched power from the ruling old guard and made skeptics of many key players in the peace process.

Exit poll: Militant Hamas slashes Fatah majorityupdated: Wed Jan 25 2006 01:55:00

Palestinian voters loosened the dominant Fatah movement's hold in their first election in a decade, but the ruling party remains No. 1, according to an exit poll late Wednesday.

Hamas campaign threatens Palestinian leadershipupdated: Tue Jan 24 2006 18:21:00

About 1.3 million Palestinians are heading to the polls Wednesday in the first parliamentary elections in a decade -- a key vote that observers say could be pivotal in the Palestinian push for statehood.

Fatah leads local Palestinian voteupdated: Fri May 06 2005 05:37:00

The Fatah political movement was the clear winner in municipal elections held in 84 cities across the West Bank and Gaza, according to preliminary results released by a Palestinian election official Friday.

Fatah lawmakers approve Cabinetupdated: Wed Feb 23 2005 20:16:00

After a three-day political battle, the main Palestinian Fatah faction agreed on a revised Palestinian Cabinet lineup submitted by Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei, chief negotiator Saeb Erakat said Wednesday.

Profile: Marwan Barghoutiupdated: Sat Dec 04 2004 08:48:00

The following is a profile of jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti:

Palestinian reaction to Arafat deathupdated: Thu Nov 11 2004 03:59:00

The following is Palestinian reaction to the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat:

Possible Arafat successorsupdated: Wed Nov 10 2004 09:19:00

With Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat lying gravely ill in a French hospital, attention has turned to possible successors.

Fatah leader sentenced to 5 life termsupdated: Sun Jun 06 2004 07:38:00

An Israeli court sentenced Palestinian Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti on Sunday to five consecutive life terms and an additional 40 years in prison for his role in attacks that killed five people since 2001, a court spokeswoman said.

Israeli forces kill 3 Palestiniansupdated: Wed Jan 07 2004 07:14:00

Israeli forces early Wednesday killed three Palestinian militants and arrested 30 others in West Bank operations, Israeli military sources said.

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