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CNNMoney: Ford Escape SUVs recalled for unintended accelerationupdated: Thu Jul 26 2012 16:26:00

Ford Motor Co. is recalling 421,000 Escape crossover SUVs in the United States to fix a problem in which a speed control cable can become stuck resulting in unintended continued acceleration.

Feds investigate stuck accelerators on Mazdas, Fordsupdated: Tue Jul 17 2012 23:17:00

After receiving nearly 100 reports of stuck gas pedals in Ford and Mazda vehicles, federal regulators said Tuesday they have launched an investigation into the problem, which is a suspected cause of one death and nine injuries.

Ford recalls 2013 Escape SUVsupdated: Sun Jul 15 2012 20:02:00

The Ford Motor Company is recalling more than 8,000 of its 2013 Escape compact SUVs because of a potential problem affecting the brake pedal.

Fortune: The race to become the world's uber-automakerupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 12:08:00

They aren't selling like iPads or Hunger Games tickets, but global auto sales are enjoying a nice run. They have grown 18% since 2005 to more than 75 million cars and trucks, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch is expecting the industry to tack on another 3.9% increase this year.

CNNMoney: The real winners in Michigan: GM and Fordupdated: Wed Feb 29 2012 06:45:00

Michigan primary day is finally here! And you don't need millions of dollars in super PAC contributions to state the obvious about the state's auto stocks. They are all big winners so far this year.

CNNMoney: Ford cries foul on Chevy 'apocalypse' adupdated: Mon Feb 06 2012 11:24:00

General Motors ignored a request from Ford Motor Co. and ran a humorous Chevrolet truck ad during the Super Bowl that takes a slap at Ford.

CNNMoney: Ford: Biggest profit since '98updated: Fri Jan 27 2012 11:53:00

Ford reported its best annual earnings since 1998 on Friday, making 2011 the second most profitable year in the company's 109-year history.

CNNMoney: Ford white-collar workers to get pay raise and bonusupdated: Thu Jan 19 2012 13:18:00

White collar workers at Ford Motor will get a pay increase and a bonus, the first time in four years that they'll receive both, the company said Thursday.

'Augmented-reality' windshields and the future of drivingupdated: Fri Jan 13 2012 10:16:00

Imagine a future in which icons flash on your car windshield, hologram style, as your car approaches restaurants, stores, historic landmarks or the homes of friends.

Are you sick? There's an app for thatupdated: Fri Jan 13 2012 10:16:00

Tech expert Mario Armstrong reveals how gadgets and tech can help keep your health in check.

CNNMoney: Ford recalling 450,000 minivans, SUVsupdated: Wed Jan 11 2012 12:35:00

Ford announced a recall Wednesday of 450,000 older model minivans and SUVs for risks from fire and loss of power.

CNNMoney: With MKZ, Ford needs Lincoln to be great againupdated: Tue Jan 10 2012 11:40:00

It's been a long time since the Lincoln car brand has been a serious luxury contender, but Ford Motor Co. hopes to change that, starting with new the MKZ sedan, a preview of which was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show.

CNNMoney: Ford F-150 named Motor Trend Truck of the Yearupdated: Mon Dec 12 2011 12:15:00

The Ford F-150 has been named Motor Trend magazine's Truck of the Year.

Fortune: Hold the applause: Detroit slips in the small car raceupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 10:38:00

For all the talk about the Detroit Three's big revival, October sales in two key segments --compacts and subcompacts -- show that imports still reign supreme.

CNNMoney: Ford announces Focus Electric price: $40,000updated: Wed Nov 02 2011 18:23:00

Ford has begun to take orders for its first plug-in passenger car, the Focus Electric, in New York, New Jersey and California.

Fortune: A longtime Ford fan starts to worryupdated: Thu Oct 27 2011 10:18:00

FORTUNE -- Disenchantment with American institutions like big business seems to be at an all-time high. So what is a Ford Motor retiree doing spending $15,000 of his own money to praise his former employer and its top management?

CNNMoney: Ford: No dividend yet, despite solid earningsupdated: Wed Oct 26 2011 09:47:00

Ford Motor continued its turnaround story with its ninth straight quarter of operating profit, but did not announce the return of its dividend that investors had been seeking.

CNNMoney: Consumer Reports: Ford slips in quality rankingsupdated: Tue Oct 25 2011 14:03:00

Ford Motor Co., long the standard bearer for quality among Detroit automakers, slipped in Consumer Reports' most recent quality survey, apparently undone by a string of challenging new vehicle launches and the introduction of increasingly complex new technologies.

CNNMoney: Ford closer to credit's high groundupdated: Fri Oct 21 2011 12:39:00

Ford Motor Co. has had its credit rating upgraded by two agencies, although it fell just short of shaking the junk bond status that has dogged it for the last six years.

CNNMoney: UAW ratifies deal with Fordupdated: Wed Oct 19 2011 11:00:00

Overcoming early opposition to a deal with the nation's most profitable automaker, rank and file members of the United Auto Workers union ratified a four-year deal with Ford Motor, the union announced Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Strike at Ford plants less likely after voteupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 12:09:00

The possibility of a strike at the nation's No. 2 automaker seems to have been averted over the weekend as the tentative agreement between Ford Motor and the United Auto Workers now appears likely to pass a ratification vote of rank-and-file union members.

Learning from Steve Jobs: How to lead with purpose updated: Fri Oct 14 2011 12:15:00

Leadership is a choice. Pure and simple.

CNNMoney: Ford's new 'Focus' -- A dividend?updated: Thu Oct 13 2011 13:18:00

With long-term bond yields still hovering around a piddling 2%, it is no surprise that many investors are hungry for stocks that offer juicy dividends.

CNNMoney: Ford-UAW deal may add nearly 6,000 new jobsupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 13:49:00

Ford Motor and the United Auto Workers union reached a tentative labor deal early Tuesday morning that the two sides say will create almost 6,000 new hourly jobs at Ford's U.S. factories in the next four years.

CNNMoney: UAW and Big Three hash out autoworker wagesupdated: Wed Sep 14 2011 10:01:00

The United Auto Workers union and the Big Three automakers are at the bargaining table this week, trying to write the final chapter in Detroit's turnaround.

CNNMoney: Ford, Toyota team up to build big hybridsupdated: Mon Aug 22 2011 17:02:00

Rivals Ford Motor and Toyota Motor announced an agreement Monday to work together to develop a new hybrid system for use in light trucks.

Fortune: Ford's brilliant bailout move may end up hurtingupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 12:20:00

Ford famously avoided the taint of government bailout by heavily mortgaging itself in November 2006 -- down to its iconic Blue Oval logo -- before global credit markets seized. And the American icon has seemed to stay ahead of hometown rivals Chrysler and General Motors ever since.

CNNMoney: Ford, Chrysler post revenue gainsupdated: Tue Jul 26 2011 11:19:00

Ford and Chrysler sold more cars over the last three months, but the bottom line results at both automakers were limited by costs.

CNNMoney: Ford announces Chevy Volt competitor, C-Max Energiupdated: Wed Jul 06 2011 13:12:00

Ford will soon produce a competitor to General Motors' Chevrolet Volt.

Fortune: MyFord Touch drags on Ford qualityupdated: Fri Jun 24 2011 11:26:00

More than drunk driving, the biggest single cause of car accidents today is driver distraction: taking your mind or eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel. As the controls of cars become more complex and drivers continue to manipulate accessory appliances like cell phones while they are moving, the problem is only getting worse. According to a 2008 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes involve some form of driver distraction

CNNMoney: Sync sinks Ford's J.D. Power quality ratingsupdated: Thu Jun 23 2011 13:10:00

Ford tumbled from a fifth place ranking in last year's J.D. Power Initial Quality ranking all the way down to 23rd this year.

CNNMoney: Ford's better idea: A 50% sales boostupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 09:03:00

Ford Motor Co. will tell investors Tuesday that it will boost sales globally by 50% through increased production of small vehicles and the targeting of emerging markets.

CNNMoney: Ford plans 50% production boostupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 07:54:00

Ford Motor Co. will unveil its plan to investors to boost sales by ramping up production on small vehicles and focusing on emerging markets, CNN has confirmed.

CNNMoney: Ford to build its smallest engine everupdated: Thu Jun 02 2011 16:58:00

Ford will build a three-cylinder engine -- its smallest engine ever -- with better fuel economy and all the power of a larger one, the company said Thursday.

CNNMoney: Ford: Best first quarter since '98updated: Tue Apr 26 2011 15:32:00

Ford Motor combined strong sales and improved pricing to roar past earnings forecasts and post its best first-quarter profit since 1998.

Fortune: Ford: Look out for potholesupdated: Tue Apr 26 2011 14:56:00

Alan Mulally and company are taking a well-deserved victory lap for their blowout first-quarter results. But looking behind the numbers, there are some potentially troublesome issues in North America that could impact earnings going forward.

CNNMoney: Ford reverses itself, recalls 1.2 million F-150 trucksupdated: Thu Apr 14 2011 11:56:00

Ford Motor Co. is recalling almost 1.2 million full-sized pickups for a problem in which airbags can go off when not needed, expanding a much smaller recall it had instituted months earlier.

CNNMoney: Ford sales top GM for first time in over a decadeupdated: Fri Apr 01 2011 16:58:00

Ford Motor Co. topped rival General Motors in U.S. sales in March, grabbing the No. 1 spot for the first time in nearly 13 years.

Fortune: Why can't U.S. automakers build a good small car?updated: Wed Mar 30 2011 11:53:00

Small cars are the opening bet in becoming a truly global automaker -- and the Detroit Three have been bluffing for 40 years. They have promised to deliver a superior product again and again, but have never succeeded.

Fortune: GM vs. Ford: The hundred-year warupdated: Wed Mar 23 2011 10:58:00

It's the mother of all corporate rivalries, bigger than Coke vs. Pepsi, older than Nike vs. Reebok, and more compelling than Pampers vs. Huggies. It's fought with billion-dollar budgets for new models and marketing, and it is subject to more ups and downs than the stock market.

Fortune: Has Ford finally ditched the econobox?updated: Wed Mar 23 2011 10:45:00

For a fresh clue about whether Ford has left its bad old days in the dust, take a test drive in the 2012* Ford Focus and be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

CNNMoney: GPS systems that save gasupdated: Fri Mar 04 2011 15:18:00

Ordinarily, you want a GPS navigation system to show you the quickest way to get where you're going. But with gas prices over $4 a gallon in some cities you might rather know the way that uses the least gasoline.

How we'll beat traffic and find parking spots in the futureupdated: Thu Mar 03 2011 07:59:00

Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. is confident that the auto industry is on its way to eliminating CO2 emissions.

CNNMoney: What gas spike? Americans still hungry for SUVs, pickupsupdated: Tue Mar 01 2011 17:35:00

Rising gas prices did not keep Americans from buying large pickups and SUVs in February, according to sales results from leading automakers.

CNNMoney: Ford recalls 144,000 F-150s for airbag problemupdated: Wed Feb 23 2011 18:04:00

Ford Motor Co. announced Wednesday it will recall almost 144,000 F-150 pickups in the U.S. and Canada because of a potential airbag problem, but that's a small fraction of the 1.3 million trucks government auto safety regulators asked Ford to recall.

CNNMoney: Has the Ford stock rally run out of gas?updated: Wed Feb 02 2011 15:46:00

Ford Motor has been very popular with both American car buyers and investors for the last two years. But over the past week, investors' love affair with the iconic automaker seems to have cooled.

CNNMoney: GM surpasses Ford in market valueupdated: Mon Jan 31 2011 16:04:00

General Motors briefly passed rival Ford Motor in market value Monday, less than three months after GM's initial public offering.

CNNMoney: Ford's stock plunges despite biggest profit since '99updated: Fri Jan 28 2011 12:54:00

Ford Motor posted its highest annual income in more than a decade Friday, although fourth-quarter earnings disappointed investors.

CNNMoney: Hey kid! Here comes the drivable iPhoneupdated: Thu Jan 27 2011 11:21:00

Before you know it your car will be rolling off the assembly line looking more like a smartphone -- making dinner reservations, searching the Internet, and of course, texting and making phone calls.

CNNMoney: Ford pumps $400 million in Kansas City plantupdated: Tue Jan 18 2011 15:17:00

Ford Motor Co. announced Tuesday that it plans to invest $400 million over the next two years in its auto manufacturing plant in Kansas City, Mo. as it prepares to build a new vehicle there.

CNNMoney: Autoworkers to get profit-sharing bonusesupdated: Fri Jan 14 2011 15:11:00

Autoworkers at General Motors and Ford Motor are about to get large profit-sharing checks that could shape the future of the auto industry. The management at those companies, as well as at Chrysler Group, wants the labor contracts due to be negotiated this fall to include bonuses tied to profits, vehicle quality and other performance measures, rather than straight wage increases. "I want to make sure we're paying our employees not for effort, but results and performance," said Mark Reuss, president of GM's North American unit, at the Detroit Auto Show here this week. "When we perform and we have good results, then every employee in this company ought to know that we're going to do good things for them on a pay basis."

CNNMoney: Ford is tops in owner loyaltyupdated: Wed Jan 12 2011 11:58:00

Ford Motor Co. is the top car manufacturer in owner loyalty, according to a study released Wednesday by the consulting firm Polk. This is the first time since 1999 that Ford has earned that distinction.

CNNMoney: Ford to hire 7,000 workersupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 18:01:00

Ford Motor announced Monday it will add 7,000 new hourly and salaried jobs in the United States by the end of 2012.

CNNMoney: Ford unveils its electric car - the Focusupdated: Fri Jan 07 2011 14:42:00

Ford unveiled the Focus Electric at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Friday promising an electric car that's fun to drive.

CNNMoney: GM vs. Ford: Which stock is the better buy?updated: Thu Jan 06 2011 17:00:00

Perhaps more iconic U.S. companies should consider government-sponsored bankruptcies.

CNNMoney: American cars are back at lastupdated: Thu Jan 06 2011 15:46:00

As the auto industry heads to the 2011 Detroit Auto Show next week, the home team may finally have something to cheer about.

CNNMoney: December auto sales raise hopes for 2011updated: Tue Jan 04 2011 18:59:00

Most automakers ended a challenging 2010 with a strong sales month, raising hopes that the industry could be carrying some momentum into the new year.

Ford, Chrysler recalling thousands of vehiclesupdated: Thu Dec 30 2010 22:06:00

Ford Motor Co. is recalling 19,600 2011 model year trucks and crossover SUVs over concerns that an electrical short could cause a fire, the manufacturer said Thursday.

CNNMoney: Stern-proof: Ford offers satellite radio, speed blockupdated: Wed Dec 29 2010 16:11:00

Those days of fast cars and rock n' roll could be coming to an end for teen drivers.

CNNMoney: Ford to extend gas-saving featureupdated: Mon Dec 27 2010 07:55:00

In a move to boost fuel economy, Ford Motor Co. said Monday it will add an Auto Start-Stop system that shuts off the engine when a vehicle comes to a stop. The automaker said the feature will be added to its conventional cars, crossovers and SUVs in North America.

CNNMoney: GM, Ford post sales gains while Toyota strugglesupdated: Wed Dec 01 2010 17:35:00

Auto sales in November were significantly improved from the dismal results posted a year ago by automakers, but remain near historic lows.

Money Magazine: I was wrong about Ford. It's time to buyupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 05:32:00

When I entered the investment business 15 years ago, all the human capital spent analyzing the Big Three automakers seemed like a colossal waste of brainpower.

Fortune: Does Ford have a Cadillac strategy for Lincoln?updated: Mon Nov 29 2010 12:15:00

Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally is carefully sidestepping the question of whether Ford intends to design one or more unique vehicle platforms for its Lincoln luxury brand, to distinguish Lincolns from the middle-of-the market Fords.

Former Ford employee pleads guilty to stealing trade secretsupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 18:50:00

A former Ford Motor Co. employee pled guilty on Wednesday to two counts of theft of trade secrets, handing them over to a Chinese competitor.

CNNMoney: Should you invest in GM?updated: Wed Nov 17 2010 11:01:00

Will General Motors, the hottest IPO on Wall Street, be a good long-term bet?

CNNMoney: Ford posts record profitupdated: Tue Oct 26 2010 13:47:00

Ford Motor reported record third-quarter net income Tuesday, far exceeding analyst expectations and continuing a surge in momentum for the recovering automaker.

CNNMoney: Ford to bring 1,200 jobs to Michiganupdated: Mon Oct 25 2010 16:16:00

Ford Motor company said it will create up to 1,200 jobs in the distressed state of Michigan as it ramps up its engineering and manufacturing operations to produce more fuel-efficient cars.

Fortune: Ford pulls ahead of its rivalsupdated: Thu Oct 07 2010 08:08:00

General Motors and Chrysler are beginning to make some headway after getting a financial and operational overhaul compliments of the U.S. bankruptcy court. But Ford, operating free of interference by the court or the federal government is moving even faster and is beginning to put real distance between itself and its two domestic rivals.

CNNMoney: Auto sales struggle to gain groundupdated: Fri Oct 01 2010 17:19:00

Automakers continued to spin their wheels during September, with sales struggling to match the modest levels posted the month before.

Fortune: Ford pitches Wall Street on Lincoln MKT as next-gen Town Carupdated: Wed Sep 29 2010 15:19:00

If you're wondering what might replace all those aging black Lincoln Town Cars used as New York City limousines when they finally reach a state beyond repair -- wonder no more. Ford Motor Co. is offering a special version of its Lincoln MKT crossover, announed just ahead of the Paris Auto Show's public opening on October 2nd.

Fortune: Cop cars reborn: Big 3 market new cruisers for boys in blueupdated: Fri Sep 24 2010 13:04:00

General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler always find something to tussle over. The latest prize for the Detroit-based automakers is the U.S. police-car market.

CNNMoney: Facebook updates... from behind the wheelupdated: Thu Sep 09 2010 13:04:00

The next time some jerk cuts you off on the freeway, instead of just cursing to yourself you could tell all your Facebook friends about it, all without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

CNNMoney: Ford to expand presence in Asiaupdated: Thu Aug 26 2010 10:33:00

Ford Motor Co. announced on Thursday that it will ramp up its presence in the fast-growing Asian and African markets.

CNNMoney: Auto sales gain, but consumers still waryupdated: Tue Aug 03 2010 16:56:00

The auto industry reported its best month since Cash for Clunkers brought a flood of buyers out a year ago, but the sales still showed consumers reluctant to buy new vehicles.

CNNMoney: Focus on Ford stock: The Big Oneupdated: Tue Aug 03 2010 11:57:00

Call it the Big One. If you want to follow a Made-In-America approach to investing in the auto industry, your only choice is Ford Motor.

CNNMoney: Ford turnaround picks up speedupdated: Fri Jul 23 2010 16:42:00

Ford Motor continued its successful turnaround as better-than-expected sales and profits easily outdistanced expectations and reversed the operating loss of a year ago.

CNNMoney: GM, Ford sales gains outpace Toyotaupdated: Wed Jun 02 2010 16:30:00

Major automakers all reported large gains in May sales, with industry totals helped greatly by a spike in sales to business customers rather than to individual consumers.

CNNMoney: Ford's pimp-my-ride planupdated: Wed Jun 02 2010 12:54:00

Mustang buyers will soon be able to get flames on their fenders right from the dealer, no fancy artistic skills needed.

CNNMoney: 2011 Ford Explorer gets domesticatedupdated: Fri May 28 2010 12:47:00

Rule number one in any industry is "adapt or die." That's why Ford Motor Co. is making some once-unthinkable changes to its next-generation version of the Ford Explorer SUV.

CNNMoney: Ford to hire 220 to make hybrid partsupdated: Mon May 24 2010 14:09:00

Ford Motor Co. said Monday it plans to invest $135 million and hire 220 workers to create parts for its new hybrid and electric vehicles.

Fortune: At Ford, bragging about quality is Job 1updated: Mon May 17 2010 19:17:00

Ford plans to launch a marketing campaign this summer to brag about how the Ford brand has risen in the minds of consumers.

CNNMoney: Ford surges to profitupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 14:22:00

Ford Motor Co. continued to lead major automakers in recovering from the difficulties of a year ago by reporting a better-than-expected first quarter profit Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Auto sales up, but still show weaknessupdated: Thu Apr 01 2010 16:49:00

U.S. auto sales rebounded 24% in March with virtually every automaker posting double-digit gains in sales. But the industry is not in as strong shape as those surges in sales would suggest.

Money Magazine: How Ford is taking on Toyotaupdated: Thu Mar 25 2010 10:11:00

The auto industry is struggling not just here, but around the world. Yet you couldn't tell that from Ford lately. While rivals GM and Chrysler scrambled for bailout funds in 2008, Ford said, "No thanks."

CNNMoney: Ford CEO rakes in $17.9 million in 2009updated: Mon Mar 22 2010 13:21:00

Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally received close to $1 million more last year than in 2008, despite a big cut in base pay and no cash bonus, according to a filing from the automaker.

Fortune: Ford shares: Buy or sell?updated: Wed Mar 10 2010 04:15:00

Ford is back. The automaker recently reported its first annual profit in four years; sales are improving; and investors have pushed up its stock 550% in the past year.

Fortune: Auto sales: Still a contact sportupdated: Wed Mar 03 2010 15:08:00

The tabulation of U.S. auto sales for the month of February contains some big surprises. Consider:

CNNMoney: New no. 1. Ford sales top GM, Toyotaupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 16:26:00

Recall-plagued Toyota Motor reported a 9% drop in U.S. sales in February, but it appears other automakers didn't gain as much from Toyota's problems as expected.

CNNMoney: Ford rolls out software fix for hybrid brakesupdated: Thu Feb 04 2010 18:08:00

Ford Motor Co. announced Thursday that it will ask owners of its Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrids sedan to bring their car into their Ford dealer to replace software that operates the car's braking system.

CNNMoney: Auto sales up - but not for Toyotaupdated: Tue Feb 02 2010 17:42:00

U.S. auto sales rose 6% in January, although results were generally disappointing. Sales were hurt by weak demand from consumers and the well-publicized problems at Toyota Motor.

CNNMoney: Ford: First profitable year since '05updated: Thu Jan 28 2010 12:13:00

Ford Motor reported its first full-year profit since 2005 and said it expects to be profitable again in 2010.

CNNMoney: Ford to add 1,200 workers in Chicagoupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 10:28:00

Ford Motor announced plans Tuesday to hire 1,200 workers in Illinois as the automaker ramps up production of next year's Explorer.

CNNMoney: Ford sweeps Detroit Auto Show awardsupdated: Mon Jan 11 2010 16:22:00

After finishing off an enviable year for a domestic automaker, Ford Motor Co. won both the North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards presented Monday at the start of Detroit's North American International Auto Show.

Touch the Webupdated: Mon Jan 11 2010 09:25:00

Intel's Infoscape allows you to interact with real-time data in a radical new way.

Apps: They're not just for your phone anymoreupdated: Mon Jan 11 2010 09:25:00

To most people these days, an "app" is something you download on your smartphone to help you do a specific task -- say, find a good nearby restaurant.

Ford cars to read your Twitter feedupdated: Thu Jan 07 2010 20:08:00

The debate over distracted drivers ramped up a notch on Thursday as Ford Motor Co. announced technology to let computers read their Twitter feeds to them while behind the wheel.

Ford brings Wi-Fi to the highwayupdated: Wed Jan 06 2010 11:02:00

Ford is making its cars into mobile Wi-Fi hot spots.

CNNMoney: Auto sales: Good end to terrible yearupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 16:49:00

The auto industry ended its worst year in memory with one of its best sales months of the year.

Money Magazine: How to give when the giving gets toughupdated: Fri Dec 04 2009 12:52:00

Nancy McCauley Branstetter, a former communications executive at Ford Motor Co., is passionate about a cause that feels especially urgent lately: helping disadvantaged children and families who live in the economically stricken Detroit area.

CNNMoney: Cop car war heats upupdated: Fri Nov 13 2009 12:53:00

Ford Motor Co. is firing back following General Motors' announcement that it would begin selling a police-only Chevrolet sedan in the United States in early 2011.

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