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The European Commission outlined its proposal Wednesday for a number of national emergency funds designed to take the pressure off taxpayers in the event of any future bank failures.

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CNNMoney: Dollar weakens broadlyupdated: Mon Nov 09 2009 08:35:00

The dollar fell broadly Monday, with the euro climbing above $1.50, after a report from the International Monetary Fund suggested the U.S. currency could fall further.

Plan to create fund for bailouts hits hurdlesupdated: Sun Nov 08 2009 10:40:00

Key players in the Group of 20 refused to support a plan create an insurance fund to pay for bailouts if governments have to step in again to save giant businesses on the brink of collapse.

British premier urges greater responsibility from banksupdated: Sat Nov 07 2009 11:52:00

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told a meeting of G-20 ministers in his home region in Scotland Saturday that the public must be protected from the failure of the banking system in future.

This Week in iReport: Typhoon Ketsana; tsunami hits islandsupdated: Thu Oct 22 2009 10:12:00

This week in iReport, we received compelling images and stories from major international natural disasters: a tsunami in the Samoan Islands and flooding in the Philippines from Typhoon Ketsana. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hosted the G-20 summit, and iReporters chronicled the scene as protesters and police clashed in the streets. One iReporter, Chris Morrow, won an award at the San Diego Film Festival. Check out the video here, or get a better idea of the stories below.

Commentary: Nobel award recognizes U.S. dominanceupdated: Mon Oct 12 2009 17:02:00

As an American of African descent, I swelled with pride when I heard that the Norwegian Nobel Committee selected President Obama to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The award further validates what the 2008 presidential election demonstrated: The United States is the most mature and fully functioning multi-ethnic democracy in the world.

Attorney: Info sent to G-20 protesters via Twitter was publicupdated: Tue Oct 06 2009 14:02:00

The attorney for one of two men arrested during last month's G-20 summit for sending Twitter messages to help protesters argues that they were merely passing along public information.

Anarchists chargedupdated: Tue Oct 06 2009 14:02:00

Brian Todd reports on charges against two anarchists for using cell phones and Twitter to direct protesters.

Greenpeace protesters dangle from Pittsburgh bridgeupdated: Mon Sep 28 2009 08:39:00

In what appeared to be the most visible demonstration yet of this week's G-20 summit, four people attached to a massive banner dangled from a Pittsburgh bridge Wednesday to protest the global economic meeting.

CNNMoney: G-20 agrees on time table for reformsupdated: Fri Sep 25 2009 17:46:00

Leaders of G-20 nations committed Friday to a timeline to establish and enforce new rules aimed at spurring financial firms around the globe to improve capital cushions and avoid taking risk.

Volatile G-20 summitupdated: Fri Sep 25 2009 11:29:00

CNN Radio's Steve Kastenbaum reports from the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh on Pres. Obama's role and the protesters outside.

Officials: G-20 to supplant G-8 as international economic councilupdated: Fri Sep 25 2009 11:29:00

Leaders of the G-20 economic summit will announce Friday that the group will become the new permanent council for international economic cooperation, senior U.S. officials told CNN Thursday.

CNNMoney: Durable goods weigh on Wall St.updated: Fri Sep 25 2009 08:51:00

U.S. stocks were set to open lower Friday after a government report showed durable goods orders declined in August.

As G-20 opens, some Pittsburgh businesses closeupdated: Thu Sep 24 2009 14:39:00

To Marla Martinko, Wednesday felt like a holiday in downtown Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh airport scene of high-profile arrivals for G-20updated: Thu Sep 24 2009 11:36:00

For Pittsburgh International Airport, the Group of 20 summit is like the Sunday after Thanksgiving: the busiest flying day of the year, with world leaders instead of holiday travelers.

Pittsburgh in spotlight as G-20 summit approachesupdated: Wed Sep 23 2009 07:41:00

Pittsburgh conjures up visions of steel mills and gritty sports teams for many. The host city of this week's Group of 20 summit hopes to update that image.

Economic summit comes year after financial meltdownupdated: Wed Sep 23 2009 04:29:00

As the leaders of the world's industrial powers gather this week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, their economies are starting to emerge from the shadow of the worst financial downturn since the Great Depression.

King: Busy week for the presidentupdated: Mon Sep 21 2009 11:28:00

To: Interested parties From: John King, CNN chief national correspondent Re: The Monday Memo

Restoring Australia's economyupdated: Mon Sep 21 2009 02:28:00

CNN's Isha Sesay sits down with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd about the path to economic recovery.

Rudd: World needs new growth modelupdated: Mon Sep 21 2009 02:28:00

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the world needs a "new, sustainable growth model for the future" to reduce "massive financial imbalances" between consumer-driven economies in the West and developing economies in the East.

G-20 take aim at executive bonusesupdated: Sun Sep 06 2009 21:24:00

Finance ministers from the G-20 nations meeting in London have reiterated their commitment to coordinated action to tackle the global economic crisis and agreed on the need for tougher rules on banking bonuses.

Darling: UK growth will returnupdated: Sun Sep 06 2009 21:24:00

Britain's finance minister believes the UK economy will emerge from recession within the next few months.

G-20 'committed to economic recovery plan'updated: Sun Sep 06 2009 21:14:00

Finance ministers from the G-20 nations meeting in London have reiterated their commitment to coordinated action to tackle the global economic crisis and agreed on the need for tougher rules on banking bonuses.

What do leading finance ministers think of the global economy?updated: Sun Sep 06 2009 11:14:00

Finance ministers from the world's leading economies have gathered in London to discuss the global economic crisis ahead of a full meeting of G-20 leaders later this month.

G-20 plans for stimulus exitupdated: Fri Sep 04 2009 16:02:00

World leaders on Thursday set out the first steps toward withdrawing emergency support for the global economy even though they warned that the crisis was not over.

Video shows man who died at G-20updated: Fri Apr 17 2009 16:18:00

Video shows police shoving a man at a G-20 protest who later died. CNN's Andrew Carey reports.

G-20 protest cop faces manslaughter questionsupdated: Fri Apr 17 2009 16:18:00

A police officer has been interviewed under caution for manslaughter after tests on a man who died during G-20 protests in London, the UK police watchdog said Friday.

G-20 officer suspended after man's deathupdated: Thu Apr 09 2009 13:42:00

A police officer was suspended Thursday as part of the investigation into the death of a man during last week's G20 protests in London.

Fortune: G-20 - Not the world's finest hourupdated: Wed Apr 08 2009 17:45:00

As Barack Obama headed back from his first diplomatic venture, two distinct views of his performance are emerging in Washington.

Criminal probe call over G-20 protest deathupdated: Wed Apr 08 2009 07:33:00

Video appearing to show police hitting a man who later died in protests over last week's G-20 summit in London sparked anger Wednesday and calls for an immediate criminal investigation.

Media: Optimism, caution following economic summitupdated: Sat Apr 04 2009 22:13:00

International media reaction to the G-20 summit in London ranged from wary to upbeat Friday, as the world digested details of the $1 trillion plan to tackle the economic crisis.

G-20 outcomeupdated: Sat Apr 04 2009 22:13:00

Bob Hormats of Goldman Sachs and Elisa Bayer of Charles Stanley talk to Richard Quest about results of the G-20 meeting.

CNNMoney: Week 11: Obama on the roadupdated: Sat Apr 04 2009 10:10:00

President Obama fired a CEO, threatened to let two automakers file for bankruptcy, made his first appearance at a summit of world leaders, and saw the blueprint for his budget pass some congressional hurdles.

Bridging the gap at G-20updated: Fri Apr 03 2009 04:55:00

CNN's Paula Newton talks to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in London.

G-20 pumps $1 trillion into beating recessionupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 20:39:00

Leaders of the world's largest economies agreed on Thursday to a package worth more than $1 trillion to tackle the global economic crisis.

CNNMoney: Stocks make it a 3-day rallyupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 17:51:00

Stocks rallied Thursday afternoon after regulators changed an accounting rule that critics say exacerbated the financial sector crisis, and by extension, the recession.

CNNMoney: Obama: G-20's 'unprecedented steps'updated: Thu Apr 02 2009 17:10:00

World leaders agreed Thursday to tighter regulation of the global financial system and pledged more than $1 trillion to bolster lending by the International Monetary Fund to nations in need.

CNNMoney: Bonds fall on G-20 stock market gainupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 17:07:00

Bond prices fell Thursday as investors fled to the stock market, which rallied at the start of a meeting of the world's largest economies.

Global markets surge on U.S. optimismupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 16:28:00

Shares on Wall Street surged higher Thursday, following a global market upswing amid renewed optimism as G-20 leaders in London agreed a deal on lifting the global economy out of crisis.

Protesters arrested near G-20 summit venueupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 15:23:00

Scattered demonstrations were taking place around East London as the G-20 summit got under way Thursday, but they were far smaller than the protests seen a day earlier.

Protests draw diverse crowdupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 15:23:00

CNN's Jim Boulden reports on the myriad of signs and symbols ahead of the G20 summit.

CNNMoney: Stock rally rechargedupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 10:25:00

Stocks rallied Thursday morning as the G-20 meeting of the world's largest economies got underway and regulators reportedly eased rules that determine how banks value bad debt.

CNNMoney: G-20 deserves better protestersupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 10:09:00

A great age of protest should be dawning. The global mismanagement of the financial system has led to a deep recession. Intellectual paralysis has gripped the authorities and their policy response has been risky.

CNNMoney: G-20 summit beginsupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 08:52:00

Leaders attending the G-20 summit in London Thursday said they were confident and hopeful of progress as they sat down to grapple with the global economic crisis.

Summit anticsupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 06:43:00

A protester uses his head to break a window. CNN's Jeanne Moos gives the G-20 summit the royal treatment.

Boost global funding for developing countries, India saysupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 06:43:00

India's prime minister, in a speech ahead of the G-20 economic summit, called for added funding to developing nations as a way to maintain demand in a troubled global economy.

Fortune: Six questions for G-20 leadersupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 06:28:00

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is threatening to walk if there's no agreement on new and more stringent international financial regulation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel may throw a fit of her own if other countries keep insisting that the Germans have room for a bigger economic stimulus package. The Russians and Chinese want to get some control over the International Monetary Fund, and if there's one issue on which there is a wide consensus, it's that American corporate greed and negligent financial oversight is to blame for all the mess.

Police contain G-20 protestsupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 04:36:00

Thousands of demonstrators in London participate in a day of pranks and protests before the G-20 summit.

City bankers bow to pressure dress downupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 04:36:00

Suits were swapped for jeans and sneakers throughout London's financial district today, as bankers heeded warnings to dress down to avoid the potential wrath of G-20 protestors.

Obama-Hu meetingupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 02:29:00

Chinese President Hu Jintao and U.S. President Barack Obama meet on the sidelines of the G-20. CNN's Emily Chang reports.

U.S.-China relations in focus at 'G-2' summitupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 02:29:00

If money is power, China is now in a powerful position to play a critical role at the Group of 20 summit in London.

Celebrity chef Oliver reveals menu for G-20 leadersupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 02:18:00

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver will serve a dinner of Scottish organic salmon, Welsh lamb and a traditional Bakewell Tart for G-20 leaders at the prime minister's residence Wednesday.

Obama packs busy schedule into day before G-20 summitupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 22:52:00

Barack Obama announced new arms negotiations with Russia's president, discussed North Korea with China's president, talked about the global economy with Britain's prime minister and had tea with Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday -- a busy day for any leader.

G-20 protests turn violentupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 22:13:00

A broad variety of protest groups stormed the streets of London ahead of the G-20.

Protesters scuffle in London's financial heartupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 22:13:00

Police and protesters skirmished around the Bank of England on Wednesday as world leaders gathered for the G-20 summit.

Forget the G-20, what are the spouses wearing?updated: Wed Apr 01 2009 22:10:00

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's wife, Sarah, wore an outfit from designer Britt Lintner to greet President Obama and his wife, Michelle, while Michelle Obama wore J.Crew, according to spokeswomen for both sides.

Analysis: Crisis may lead to new world orderupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 22:04:00

Can this G-20 summit prove to be anything more than group therapy for a bunch of fingernail-gnawing, troubled individuals?

On the world stageupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 22:04:00

Mr. Obama and British PM make a statement ahead of the G-20 summit in London.

CNNMoney: Obama's G-20 testupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 19:10:00

As President Obama brings a proposed wish list for fixing financial markets and the global economy to the world stage, he's likely to have a tough sell.

Fortune: Trouble in tax paradiseupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 15:43:00

Finding a tax haven is easy. Just flip to the back of the Economist. "New Accounts in 8 Minutes" brags one ad. Another promises that no one is "better positioned to deliver solutions that work" on offshore companies. And yet another offers more than 20 years of experience and the "best prices guaranteed."

Sarkozy talks tough over G-20 regulationupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 15:14:00

French President Nicolas Sarkozy insisted Wednesday that new financial regulation is a "non-negotiable" aim of the G-20 Summit in London, as world leaders gathered for the event.

Townsend: London police out in force for G-20 securityupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 14:55:00

Security at the G-20 summit in London, England, is tight as protesters fill the streets. CNN anchor Kiran Chetry spoke Wednesday with Frances Townsend, who was Homeland Security adviser under the Bush administration, about the security. Townsend now is a national security contributor on CNN.

Fortune: When government calls the shotsupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 13:22:00

Forget about the debate over stimulus "coordination" coming out of the March G-20 meeting, or whether some countries, like France and Germany, should do more. The fact is, between China's $586 billion stimulus, Japan's $200 billion, and U.S. government outlays that will soon be the highest share of GDP since World War II, we're already looking at more than $2 trillion of added government spending worldwide in response to this recession. That's an unprecedented global wave, and it means that government will soon be exerting more influence over business than it has in decades.

CNNMoney: Stocks trim lossesupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 10:40:00

Stocks turned mixed Wednesday morning, cutting bigger morning losses as investors made a tentative start to the new quarter on a slew of economic reports and more talk about automaker bankruptcy.

CNNMoney: Obama: G-20 must agree on bank rulesupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 09:23:00

President Obama said Wednesday world leaders meeting at the G-20 summit "cannot afford half-measures" as they try to hammer out ways to address the global financial crisis.

Protesters always early adopters of technologyupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 06:18:00

Headlines proclaiming that G-20 activists and police are following each others' activities on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites may give one the impression that a new age of surveillance and political activism has dawned.

London braces for 'unprecedented' protestsupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 03:03:00

London prepared on Wednesday for what police warned could be "unprecedented" mass protests by anti-capitalist and climate change campaigners ahead of Thursday's G-20 economic summit.

CNNMoney: Oil ends just shy of $50updated: Tue Mar 31 2009 15:18:00

Oil prices ended the session higher on Tuesday, just shy of the $50 a barrel threshold, as a Wall Street rally picked up steam late in the trading day.

Suspect package found near Bank of Englandupdated: Tue Mar 31 2009 12:32:00

Authorities were investigating a suspicious package that was found Tuesday in the vicinity of the Bank of England, just two days before world leaders meet in London at the G-20 Summit.

Britain's Brown urges moral values at G-20updated: Tue Mar 31 2009 09:58:00

Leaders at this week's Group of 20 summit must reshape the world's economic system to reflect global values, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Stocks recharge after routupdated: Tue Mar 31 2009 09:48:00

Stocks gained Tuesday as investors tiptoed back into equities after a two-session retreat, on the last trading day of a choppy quarter on Wall Street.

Financial crisis dominates G-20 agendaupdated: Tue Mar 31 2009 07:33:00

This week's London Summit brings together the leaders of the world's 20 largest economic powers, known as the Group of 20, to discuss the global financial crisis and decide new measures to set the world on a more stable economic footing.

CNNMoney: Brown sets bold agenda for G-20 Summitupdated: Mon Mar 30 2009 08:18:00

This week's London Summit brings together the leaders of the world's 20 largest economic powers, known as the Group of 20, to discuss the global financial crisis and decide new measures to set the world on a more stable economic footing.

Thousands join London G-20 protestupdated: Sat Mar 28 2009 22:06:00

Thousands of people have converged in the center of London for the first major protest ahead of next week's G-20 summit.

Protesters unite in Londonupdated: Sat Mar 28 2009 22:06:00

Demanding jobs, climate control and social justice, about 35,000 protesters marched in London ahead of the G-20 summit.

Biden meets leaders ahead of G-20 summitupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 13:54:00

Five days before world leaders meet in England for the G-20 Summit, Vice President Joe Biden is attending a two-day conference in Chile that includes seven Latin American and European heads of state.

G-20 inspires mass protestsupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 13:52:00

CNN's Phil Black reports on protesters' big plans to coincide with the G-20 meeting in London.

G-20 police: We won't tolerate violent protestsupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 13:52:00

London police said Thursday they are planning one of the largest and most complex operations in their history as the city gears up to host the G-20 summit next week.

Protesters, police go online in G-20 battleupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 13:51:00

Social networking Web sites are set to play a crucial role in protests ahead of next week's G-20 meeting of world leaders in London as demonstration organizers and police use Twitter and Facebook as key sources of real-time information and intelligence.

European leaders agree to extra stimulus moneyupdated: Fri Mar 20 2009 11:37:00

European leaders have agreed to make $100 billion available to the International Monetary Fund and €50 billion ($68 billion) to eastern European countries, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Friday.

Commentary: 3 billion poor people need world's helpupdated: Fri Mar 20 2009 09:51:00

The G-20 meeting in London, England, on April 2 will be watched by the entire world with urgency and with a yearning for hope, vision and programmatic clarity.

CNNMoney: Stocks try to make it 5 in a rowupdated: Mon Mar 16 2009 09:47:00

Bank stocks led a bigger rally Monday morning, as investors looked to extend the recent advance to a fifth straight session.

G-20 leaders lay out plan to restore growthupdated: Sun Mar 15 2009 05:36:00

Financial experts from 20 nations urged more regulation and oversight of fiscal institutions to help prevent another monetary crisis, as they laid the groundwork Saturday for next month's G-20 Summit of world leaders.

Police fear 'summer of rage' over recessionupdated: Mon Feb 23 2009 09:49:00

British police warned on Monday that officers were preparing for a "summer of rage" as protests mount across Europe against the economic crisis.

British workers strikeupdated: Mon Feb 23 2009 09:49:00

British refinery workers strike, but the prime minister says he will ensure jobs. ITN's Chris Rogers reports.

Brown: World needs 'global New Deal'updated: Sun Feb 22 2009 22:35:00

The world needs a "global New Deal" to haul it out of the economic crisis it faces, Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom said Sunday.

EU Summit for the economyupdated: Sun Feb 22 2009 22:35:00

EU leaders met in Berlin to debate action against the financial downturn. CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports

CNNMoney: Dollar down after G-20 meetingupdated: Mon Nov 17 2008 17:26:00

The dollar ticked lower against major European currencies Monday after the weekend's G-20 economic summit in Washington failed to impress currency investors.

CNNMoney: G-20 declaration on financial crisisupdated: Sat Nov 15 2008 15:28:00

A group of nearly two dozen world leaders on Saturday reached agreement on a wide-ranging set of proposals to better regulate financial markets. Their goal is over the next several months to put rules and early-detection systems in place to head off another financial crisis like the one currently damaging economies worldwide.

CNNMoney: Pushing for global reforms at G-20updated: Fri Nov 14 2008 15:54:00

World leaders are descending on Washington Friday to talk about what's needed to get the global economy back on track. But few expect quick fixes.

CNNMoney: Global stocks rise on G-20 summitupdated: Fri Nov 14 2008 13:56:00

Global stock markets advanced Friday, buoyed by hopes that world leaders meeting in Washington would push for changes that will help right the economy.

CNNMoney: G-20: Shaping a new world orderupdated: Fri Nov 14 2008 11:48:00

The role of the United States as the world's economic leader will be tested this weekend when 20 significant world leaders meet in Washington to address the global financial crisis.

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