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Twelve survivors of the shooting that gravely wounded former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed six others met Wednesday with Attorney General Eric Holder to seek his support for stricter enforcement of gun sale checks and tighter requirements on gun sales.

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Giffords' successor, shooting survivor holds symbolic meet-and-greet eventupdated: Sat Jun 23 2012 21:30:00

Days after being sworn in to fill Gabrielle Giffords' congressional seat, Rep. Ron Barber hobnobbed with constituents at a "Congress On Your Corner" event -- the same type of meet-and-greet at which he, Giffords and 17 others were shot, six fatally.

Barber wins Giffords' House seatupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 13:49:00

Democrat Ron Barber wins a special election in Arizona and will take Gabrielle Giffords' seat in Congress.

Ron Barber: Honoring Giffords' legacyupdated: Mon Jun 11 2012 15:22:00

Gabrielle Giffords' Former. District Director Ron Barber tells Piers Morgan why he is running for Giffords' old seat.

Is civil discourse possible in race to replace Giffords? updated: Mon Jun 11 2012 15:22:00

Voters in Arizona's 8th Congressional District will decide Tuesday who will serve out the remainder of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' term in a race seen by politicos as a test for the fall and by observers as taking the temperature of the nation's political discourse.

Giffords stumps for former aide in rare public appearance updated: Sun Jun 10 2012 10:11:00

Former Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made a rare appearance before a cheering crowd of supporters at a "Get out the vote" concert in downtown Tucson.

In today's warp-speed world, online missteps spread faster than everupdated: Tue Mar 06 2012 07:14:00

You probably heard the story. It is, after all, so last week.

Gabrielle Giffords' anti-drug legislation signed into lawupdated: Fri Feb 10 2012 18:49:00

Gabrielle Giffords' final piece of legislation is now law.

Giffords arrives for Obama addressupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 22:18:00

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords receives a standing ovation prior to Tuesday's State of the Union Address.

Gabrielle Giffords resigns from Congressupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 22:18:00

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who moved the nation with an improbable comeback after a gunman shot her in the head last year, formally resigned Wednesday in an emotional appearance in the U.S. House of Representatives.

For Gabrielle Giffords, this is not an endingupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 10:53:00

Gabrielle Giffords submitted her resignation as a U.S. representative from Arizona before Congress on Wednesday, and an initial reaction might be a sense of despair about her decision to step aside. Many have imposed a narrative of national recovery on Giffords' ability to run for her office again and take her oath in a clear strong voice.

President hugs Gabby Giffordsupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 10:53:00

While walking up to deliver his 2012 State of the Union Speech, President Obama hugs Congressman Gabby Giffords.

Standing with Gabby Giffordsupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 01:46:00

Although Rep. Jeff Flake disagrees politically with Gabby Giffords, they stood together during the State of the Union.

Gov. Brewer on Rep. Giffords resignationupdated: Mon Jan 23 2012 22:15:00

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer praises Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as the representative announces she will resign from Congress.

Giffords leads crowd in pledge at vigil marking one year since shootingupdated: Mon Jan 09 2012 05:24:00

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords joined thousands for a vigil Sunday night in Tucson, Arizona, one of several emotional events over the weekend to mark one year since a shooting rampage left her and 12 others wounded and six people dead.

Expectations vs. reality on the groundupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 08:09:00

CNN's John Vause interviews Ken Robinson on the war and the war-weary on the 10th anniversary of the Afghan war.

Mark Kelly on news of tragedyupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 22:45:00

Astronot Mark Kelly talks about what it was like thinking his wife Gabby Giffords was dead.

Giffords hopes for Congress returnupdated: Tue Nov 15 2011 17:48:00

In her first TV interview since being shot, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is asked if she'd like to return to Congress.

Gabrielle Giffords gives first TV interview since shootingupdated: Tue Nov 15 2011 17:48:00

Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman who was shot in the head during a shooting rampage in January, appeared in her first television interview late Monday night, clearly understanding the questions put to her but able to respond only in simple words.

Gabrielle Giffords to undergo 'intensive' therapy in North Carolinaupdated: Sun Oct 23 2011 16:40:00

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords arrived in North Carolina on Sunday to undergo "intensive" rehabilitation as she continues her recovery from being shot in the head in a mass shooting in January, her office said.

Judge: Loughner may become competent to stand trial updated: Thu Sep 29 2011 13:19:00

The man charged in the January shooting rampage that killed six people and wounded congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will remain in mental health treatment, but could be competent to stand trial in the future if he stays on medication, an Arizona federal judge ruled.

Rep. Giffords may appear on news program for 1st time since shootingupdated: Mon Sep 12 2011 18:12:00

Eight months after being shot in the head outside an Arizona supermarket, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is considering doing her first post-tragedy TV news interview this fall on ABC, her spokesman said Monday.

Giffords-Kelly memoir due out in Novemberupdated: Thu Sep 08 2011 10:22:00

A joint memoir by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, is set to hit the shelves November 15.

Ugly to compare tea party with terroristsupdated: Mon Aug 08 2011 06:14:00

The cycle of incitement continued this week as Democrats frustrated with the debt-ceiling deal equated the tea party with terrorists, just weeks before the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

House applauds Giffords' surprise returnupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 19:50:00

Rep. Nancy Pelosi calls Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' return to the House chamber "important and symoblic."

Gabrielle Giffords' return to Congress sparks re-election talkupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 19:50:00

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' dramatic and emotional return to Congress for a vote on the debt ceiling compromise sparked an almost immediate discussion of a possible re-election bid. Gabrielle Giffords Returns to Congressupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 14:50:00

Her arrival in the chamber brought members of both parties to their feet

Gupta: Giffords' release 'a good sign'updated: Tue Jun 28 2011 09:21:00

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

No, Rep. Giffords should not resignupdated: Sat Jun 25 2011 16:09:00

Should Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) resign?

Gabrielle Giffords arrives in Tucson for weekend visit to hometownupdated: Fri Jun 17 2011 22:23:00

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords touched down in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona, on Friday to see her family for the weekend, according to her congressional office.

Rep. Giffords released from hospitalupdated: Fri Jun 17 2011 22:23:00

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is out of the hospital and back with her husband as she continues therapy. KHOU reports.

Gabrielle Giffords continues to improveupdated: Mon Jun 13 2011 05:43:00

CNN's Lisa Sylvester reports on the new photos of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the progress she has made.

New photos show a relaxed, smiling Giffordsupdated: Mon Jun 13 2011 05:43:00

The smiling photos of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords released Sunday, the first of her face since she was shot, capture the congresswoman's resilience, her spokesman said. Alleged Tucson Shooter Too 'Mentally Ill' for Trial, Judge Rulesupdated: Thu May 26 2011 08:11:00

Jared Lee Loughner declared incompetent to be tried on charges he killed six people and wounded Gabrielle Giffords

Giffords' doctor: Everything looks greatupdated: Thu May 19 2011 12:47:00

Dr. Dong Kim explains the next step in Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' recovery after her most recent surgery.

Wounded congresswoman celebrates Endeavour's final voyageupdated: Mon May 16 2011 12:45:00

The Arizona congresswoman who was shot in the head just four months ago sat comfortably Monday morning, watching and cheering as the space shuttle Endeavour, with her husband aboard, took off on its final voyage.

Gabby Giffords 'doing remarkably well'updated: Thu May 05 2011 08:24:00

In March, astronaut Mark Kelly gave an update on his wife, Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The brain's amazing potential for recoveryupdated: Thu May 05 2011 08:24:00

In January, a bullet fired from point-blank range tore through her brain. Just last week, she was seen walking, albeit with effort, up the stairs of an airplane.

Giffords travels to attend shuttle launchupdated: Fri Apr 29 2011 13:53:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen describes how Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is able to fly, despite her head injury.

Gabrielle Giffords boards planeupdated: Fri Apr 29 2011 11:39:00

Gabrielle Giffords has boarded a flight at Ellington Field in Houston and is awaiting departure to Kennedy Space Center.

Family from Giffords shooting wants ammo limitupdated: Tue Apr 12 2011 21:09:00

Congressional legislation that would ban high-capacity ammunition clips got some high-powered support Tuesday as loved ones of a slain congressional staffer came forward to help push the effort.

Connecticut man allegedly threatens legislator over ammo billupdated: Sat Apr 02 2011 09:40:00

A Connecticut man arrested and charged with harassment after allegedly making threatening phone calls to a state representative is free on $1,000 bond, according to a press release from the State Capitol Police Department.

Giffords sees brother-in-law for first time since shootingupdated: Sun Mar 20 2011 13:36:00

Wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords saw her brother-in-law, NASA commander Scott Kelly, for the first time since she was shot in January, her spokesman told CNN Sunday.

Doctors to provide update on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' conditionupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 09:03:00

Doctors treating Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords have scheduled a Friday morning news conference to provide an update on her progress.

Rabbi gives update on Gabrielle Giffordsupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 09:03:00

Rabbi David Lyon is visiting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and says she loves to smile and be with people. KHOU has more.

Giffords and staff remember victim on his birthdayupdated: Sat Feb 26 2011 20:27:00

Gabe Zimmerman used his degree in social work to help children in need. The avid runner and his fiancee had a lot of plans.

Giffords' road to recoveryupdated: Mon Feb 21 2011 06:41:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on the progress of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' recovery.

Inside Giffords' rehabupdated: Fri Feb 18 2011 05:45:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports from inside the rehab facility that is treating Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

How to help a sick friend from afarupdated: Fri Feb 18 2011 05:45:00

When Debbie Wasserman Schultz visited her friend Gabrielle Giffords in the hospital last week, she talked to her about the demonstrations in Egypt and the Republicans' proposed budget cuts -- not exactly topics you might expect during a hospital visit.

Giffords 'asked for toast for breakfast'updated: Thu Feb 10 2011 05:58:00

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' chief of staff says she asked for toast for breakfast a month after being shot in the head. Gabrielle Giffords Is Able to Speak, Asks for Toastupdated: Wed Feb 09 2011 19:50:00

The congresswoman, who is recovering from a gunshot wound, is recovering her ability to talk Gabrielle Giffords's Astronaut Husband to Resume Space Missionupdated: Fri Feb 04 2011 15:49:00

"I am looking forward to rejoining my STS-134 crew members and finishing our training," says Mark Kelly Gabrielle Giffords Still Needs Your Prayers, Says Husbandupdated: Thu Feb 03 2011 14:44:00

"Please continue to keep Gabby in your prayers and thoughts," the astronaut Mark Kelly says

Giffords' Houston doc: From outsider to brain surgeonupdated: Wed Feb 02 2011 09:11:00

The doctor currently in charge of Gabrielle Giffords' neurological recovery, the man who's had his very hands in Giffords' brain, was once mistaken for a kung fu expert.

Fluid in Giffords' brain being drainedupdated: Wed Feb 02 2011 09:11:00

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is getting fluid drained from her brain to reduce swelling, as CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Doctors: Giffords faces a long, rocky road to recoveryupdated: Thu Jan 27 2011 08:32:00

In the days and weeks to come, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' recovery from a gunshot wound to the head will be a marathon, not a sprint, doctors say.

Rep. Giffords moved to rehab facilityupdated: Thu Jan 27 2011 08:32:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen puts the condition of Gabrielle Giffords into perspective as the congresswoman heads to rehab.

Giffords strong enough to watch TV for an hourupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 19:45:00

Gabrielle Giffords watched an hour of television from her hospital bed, a development her husband Mark Kelly called "exciting," said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a friend of Giffords who spoke to Kelly Tuesday.

Doctors amazed by Giffords recoveryupdated: Fri Jan 21 2011 22:00:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports doctors hope to move Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of intensive care early next week.

Giffords will be flown to Houston hospital Fridayupdated: Thu Jan 20 2011 22:54:00

In less than two weeks, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who survived a bullet through her brain, has seemingly whizzed by milestones.

Mark Kelly: Giffords ready for rehabupdated: Thu Jan 20 2011 21:22:00

Mark Kelly explains the condition of his wife Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the next steps toward her recovery.

Paper: Surveillance video shows Tucson attackupdated: Wed Jan 19 2011 02:56:00

Surveillance video shows Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner walking up to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a constituent event and firing point blank at her face, the Washington Post reported Tuesday, citing two sources who have seen the videos. Gabrielle Giffords's Husband: She's Smiling, Rubbing My Neckupdated: Tue Jan 18 2011 09:48:00

Capt. Mark Kelly, a constant presence at Giffords's bedside, opens up about their love

A close friend's wish for Gabby Giffordsupdated: Tue Jan 18 2011 09:25:00

Gabrielle Giffords has opened her eyes. She has squeezed her husband's hand. At one point, she tried to pull out her ventilator tube, as if annoyed it was there and impatient to get back to work. Gabrielle Giffords Is Breathing on Her Ownupdated: Sun Jan 16 2011 19:49:00

The injured congresswoman continues to recover after being shot in Tuscon, Ariz., a week ago

Shooting victim saw Giffords 'go down'updated: Sun Jan 16 2011 09:26:00

CNN's Randi Kaye talks to Pam Simon, an aide to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and shot twice herself in the Tucson massacre.

Guns, anger, politics: A dangerous mix?updated: Fri Jan 14 2011 13:26:00

When a politician is shot, it's bound to get political. Gabrielle Giffords's Recovery Called Miraculous by Her Doctorupdated: Fri Jan 14 2011 11:27:00

The injured politician is communicating with her hands and following simple instructions

Left, right must end gun rhetoricupdated: Fri Jan 14 2011 10:57:00

In the wake of the Tucson tragedy, even calls for civility are being politicized.

Giffords becoming 'aware of surroundings'updated: Thu Jan 13 2011 22:55:00

Doctors say Rep. Gabrielle Giffords remains in critical condition but is becoming more alert.

Bullet survivor means hope for Giffordsupdated: Thu Jan 13 2011 22:50:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen speaks to a policeman who survived a bullet to the brain.

Obama: 'The hopes of a nation are here tonight'updated: Thu Jan 13 2011 09:51:00

In between consoling those touched by Saturday's Arizona shooting and warning the nation against politicizing the tragedy, President Barack Obama delivered some good news in his address at a Tucson memorial event on Wednesday.

Giffords opens her eyes for the first time since the shootingupdated: Thu Jan 13 2011 05:37:00

When President Barack Obama said Wednesday night that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had opened her eyes for the first time since being shot on Saturday, an overflow crowd of nearly 30,000 people at a memorial event erupted into cheers that the congresswoman may have heard in her hospital room.

Boehner: Bipartisan prayer service can be 'source of solace'updated: Wed Jan 12 2011 15:11:00

Congress has responded to the Saturday shootings of 19 people, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, with a "collective embrace" rather than a "torrent of accusations," House Speaker John Boehner said at a bipartisan congressional prayer service Wednesday.

Could law have prevented shooting?updated: Wed Jan 12 2011 13:29:00

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy talks to CNN's Allan Chernoff about her gun control proposal and why her crusade is personal. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Breathing on Her Ownupdated: Wed Jan 12 2011 08:07:00

The wounded congresswoman's husband expresses hope she'll soon be up and walking, a friend says

Giffords in key period after brain injuryupdated: Wed Jan 12 2011 05:31:00

After surviving a gunshot wound to the head at a political event Saturday, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords remains in critical condition, and Tuesday was seen as significant in her recovery.

Giffords' injury, surgery and road to recoveryupdated: Tue Jan 11 2011 14:13:00

After surviving a gunshot wound to the head at political event Saturday, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords remains in critical condition, and Tuesday was seen as significant in her recovery.

Weight of words in focus after Arizona shootingupdated: Tue Jan 11 2011 11:45:00

There's no evidence the heated political environment played any role in the shooting spree that left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition and killed six others, but observers say if nothing else, the tragedy will force politicians to re-evaluate their rhetoric.

Shootings prompt debate on tenor of political discourseupdated: Tue Jan 11 2011 06:03:00

In the wake of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the killing of six other people in Tucson, Arizona, Saturday, CNN Opinion contributors have offered a variety of perspectives.

Pray for Giffords -- and for civilityupdated: Tue Jan 11 2011 05:49:00

"Our democracy is a light -- a beacon, really -- around the world because we effect change at the ballot box and not because of these outbursts of violence." --Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, March 2010

Giffords stabilizes as suspect appears in courtupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 23:45:00

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona remained in critical but stable condition in a Tucson hospital Monday as her alleged would-be assassin made his first appearance in court.

Giffords shooting hits close to home for congresswomanupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 15:12:00

For Rep. Jackie Speier, the vicious attack on her colleague Gabrielle Giffords and others in Tucson, Arizona, brought back a chilling memory of when she faced an attempt on her life.

Giffords attack hits close to homeupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 15:12:00

Rep. Jackie Speier knows what it's like to be targeted. She reflects on how the Giffords shooting brought up memories.

Giffords 'hero' intern springs into action after shootingupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 11:19:00

First, Daniel Hernandez heard the shots ring out. Then he heard someone yell, "Gun!"

Intern helped save congresswomanupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 11:19:00

Intern Daniel Hernandez explains how he helped save the life of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Authorities release 911 calls on the Arizona shootingupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 09:03:00

A day after a gunman opened fire at an Arizona supermarket, authorities released the emergency calls.

911 call from Arizona shootingupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 09:03:00

The Pima County Sheriff's Department releases an emergency 911 phone call from Saturday's shooting in Tucson, Arizona.

Congresswoman's responses after Arizona shooting called encouragingupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 09:00:00

Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords can follow simple commands from doctors after being shot through the head at a meeting with constituents, and a longtime adviser said Sunday he is confident she'll survive her wound.

Doctors: Giffords able to communicateupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 09:00:00

University Medical Center doctors say Rep. Gabrielle Giffords remains in critical condition, but can follow commands.

Security and protecting lawmakersupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 07:50:00

Fmr. FBI Asst. Director Thomas Fuentes and Fmr. Senate Sgt. at Arms William Pickle on the work of protecting lawmakers.

Lawmakers rethink security after Arizona shootingupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 07:50:00

Lawmakers are weighing the benefit of accessibility with the necessity of security in the aftermath of a shooting at a political meet-and-greet outside an Arizona supermarket.

Shooting throws spotlight on state of U.S. political rhetoricupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 07:32:00

The tenor of American political rhetoric became a centerpiece in the national debate over Saturday's attack by a gunman in Tucson, Arizona, that killed six people and left local Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords with a bullet wound to the brain.

Sheriff criticizes political vitriolupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 07:32:00

The Pima County, Arizona, sheriff suggests political vitriol is to blame in the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords In 'Very Critical Condition' After Shootingupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 07:29:00

The U.S. Representative was one of 18 people shot at a political meeting Saturday morning in Tucson

Giffords' campaign chairman: 'We just have to wait and see'updated: Mon Jan 10 2011 05:41:00

Moments after returning from visiting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at the hospital, the congresswoman's six-time campaign chairman said Sunday that he is confident that she will survive, though the extent of her recovery remained unclear.

Mike McNulty: 'We have to wait and see'updated: Mon Jan 10 2011 05:41:00

CNN's Drew Griffin talks to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' campaign chairman, Mike McNulty, on her condition.

Lawmakers: Time to cool the political furyupdated: Sun Jan 09 2011 16:12:00

Lawmakers on Sunday called for toning down the political rhetoric in Washington and across the country following a deadly shooting in Arizona that left six people dead and left a congresswoman with a bullet wound to the brain.

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