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Georgia's Supreme Court halted Monday evening's scheduled execution of a convicted murderer on procedural grounds, but rejected a plea to spare him due to mental retardation.

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Georgia woman with flesh-eating bacteria gets skin graftupdated: Sat Jun 16 2012 11:33:00

The young Georgia woman fighting a flesh-eating bacteria underwent a successful skin graft this week as she continues her astounding recovery.

Georgia flesh-eating bacteria victim's condition upgradedupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 17:28:00

Aimee Copeland on Tuesday reached another milestone by being upgraded from critical to serious condition at the Georgia hospital where she has valiantly fought a condition caused by flesh-eating bacteria.

Beryl close to hurricane strength as it nears Georgia, Floridaupdated: Sun May 27 2012 22:10:00

Tropical Storm Beryl continued to strengthen as it neared the coasts of Georgia and Florida on Sunday, approaching hurricane strength, forecasters said.

Prosecution, defense make final pitch in Georgia day care murder trialupdated: Tue Mar 13 2012 20:25:00

The defense and prosecution in the trial of a man accused of killing another man outside a Georgia day care center delivered their closing arguments on Tuesday.

Georgia's child obesity ads aim to create movement out of controversyupdated: Tue Feb 07 2012 08:08:00

It started with the denial of a growing health crisis.

Court strikes down Georgia's assisted-suicide lawupdated: Mon Feb 06 2012 11:12:00

Georgia's Supreme Court on Monday unanimously struck down the state's assisted suicide law, a decision that results in the dismissal of criminal charges against four members of an assisted suicide network.

Clock runs out on $77 million winning lottery ticketupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 22:05:00

One hundred and eighty days apparently wasn't enough time for the buyer of a winning $77 million lottery ticket to come forward.

Georgia girl, 7, died of head trauma, stabbing, investigators sayupdated: Tue Dec 06 2011 21:58:00

A 7-year-old girl whose body was found in a trash bin outside her Georgia apartment building died of blunt force trauma to the head, was stabbed and had been sexually assaulted, authorities said Tuesday. Tony Pauline: Defensive linemen, linebackers stand out in college's Week 12updated: Mon Nov 21 2011 12:54:00

It was a weekend of upheavel in college football, and the end result is mayhem in the BCS rankings. On the scouting front, however, the weekend left smiles on the faces of most NFL decision-makers. Several defensive line and pass-rushing linebacker propsects are finishing off strong seasons with a final surge. Here's the final installment of players rising up boards during the 2011 college season.

Death penalty statistics: More than 3,200 inmates await execution updated: Thu Sep 22 2011 02:40:00

The high-profile execution of Troy Davis in Georgia has brought the death penalty back into the spotlight. Here are some facts on the current state of the death penalty, the clemency process and statistics in Georgia.

Man gets 6 months for sexual assault of airplane passengerupdated: Tue Sep 13 2011 19:15:00

A Georgia man was sentenced to six months in federal prison on charges of sexually assaulting a sleeping passenger during a flight from Dallas to Atlanta, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Georgia begins appeal after judge blocks parts of immigration lawupdated: Tue Jul 05 2011 19:38:00

Attorneys representing Georgia said the state is asking an appeals court to overturn a judge's decision blocking several parts of the state's new immigration law.

Thousands protest new Georgia immigration lawupdated: Sat Jul 02 2011 17:51:00

Thousands of people rallied in downtown Atlanta Saturday against a new law that aims to crack down on illegal immigration in Georgia.

Georgia mayor grapples with new lawupdated: Wed Jun 29 2011 11:27:00

The mayor of Uvalda, Georgia, expresses his concerns over a new immigration law, currently facing its own legal battle.

Common thread present in immigration law challengesupdated: Tue Jun 28 2011 15:16:00

With a federal judge striking down the most controversial parts of a tough immigration law in Georgia this week, a pattern has emerged of how such laws are being interpreted at the federal level, though their final fate remains uncertain.

Judge blocks key parts of Georgia immigration lawupdated: Tue Jun 28 2011 05:58:00

A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction Monday temporarily blocking key provisions of a new Georgia law that aims to crack down on illegal immigration, while allowing other parts of the law to move forward.

April 2011: GA passes immigration billupdated: Tue Jun 28 2011 05:58:00

The Georgia immigration bill puts tougher identification standards on employers.

Judge hears case against Georgia's immigration lawupdated: Mon Jun 20 2011 17:42:00

After supporters and critics of Georgia's controversial new immigration measure faced off in federal court Monday, a judge said he hoped to weigh in on the law by next week.

Why I'm suing Georgia over immigration lawupdated: Mon Jun 20 2011 10:48:00

Many are surprised to learn that a conservative Republican mayor like me is involved in a class-action civil-rights lawsuit against my state. And yet, I'm proud to participate in this challenge to Georgia's harsh "papers please" law, which runs counter to America's greatest values and threatens to run my town's economy to the ground.

Georgia mayor: Immigration law heinousupdated: Mon Jun 20 2011 10:48:00

The mayor of Uvalda, Georgia, talks about how the state's new immigration law will negatively impact the economy.

Georgia governor: Probationers could fill farm jobsupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 12:13:00

With Georgia's new law cracking down on illegal immigration only weeks away from going into effect, the state's governor proposed a new solution Tuesday for growers worried about labor shortages: hiring people on criminal probation.

To address unemployment, Georgia governor proposes farm workupdated: Fri Jun 03 2011 11:02:00

Are you out of work? Are you looking for a job? Do you live in Georgia?

Rights groups file lawsuit against Georgia immigration lawupdated: Thu Jun 02 2011 21:11:00

Several immigrant and civil rights organizations filed a class-action lawsuit Thursday against a new Georgia law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.

Georgia immigration reform bill stresses growersupdated: Tue May 31 2011 15:23:00

It's as dependable as the turning of the seasons itself. Every spring, migrant workers -- many of them by all accounts illegal immigrants -- work their way north picking fruits and vegetables, first in Florida, then in Georgia, then farther north.

Georgia governor's office bars critical local TV station from eventupdated: Fri May 13 2011 19:06:00

Acting on the governor's orders, Georgia state police officers barred a local TV crew from attending a press event at the state capitol Friday -- their exclusion coming one day after the same station aired a piece critical of Gov. Nathan Deal.

Georgia governor signs controversial anti-illegal immigration lawupdated: Fri May 13 2011 16:43:00

Despite protests outside his office and boycott threats, Georgia's governor signed into law Friday one of the toughest anti-illegal immigration measures enacted by an individual state.

Georgia tourism officials already feel heat from immigration billupdated: Tue May 10 2011 17:51:00

True to its official state song, Georgia is on the mind of many people these days but not for the reasons the state's tourism industry might be hoping for.

Immigration reform now?updated: Tue May 10 2011 17:51:00

CNN's John King talks to Reps. Gutierrez and Bilbray about Obama's renewed call to action on immigration reform.

Shutdown of Georgia nuclear reactor traced to failed breakerupdated: Fri Apr 22 2011 13:13:00

A failed breaker caused this week's automatic shutdown of a nuclear reactor at Vogtle Electric Generating Plant in Georgia, the plant's owner said Friday.

Georgia governor to sign law targeting illegal immigrationupdated: Fri Apr 15 2011 13:14:00

Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia plans to sign into law what may be one of the nation's toughest anti-illegal immigration measures, his spokesman, Brian Robinson, said Friday.

Powerful storms kill 8 in Southupdated: Tue Apr 05 2011 18:21:00

The severe storms that pummeled much of the South on Monday night left at least eight people dead in three states, officials said Tuesday.

Groups plan immigration law protest for Georgia Capitolupdated: Thu Mar 24 2011 15:54:00

Two groups against a tough immigration law now before the Georgia legislature say thousands will show up at the state capitol in Atlanta Thursday to protest it.

Styles upon stylesupdated: Mon Feb 28 2011 08:22:00

Stylists compete at the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show in Atlanta, Georgia, showing off their skills styling ethnic hair.

Georgia police find missing teen in Alabamaupdated: Sun Jan 16 2011 13:03:00

Police found a missing Georgia girl Sunday and arrested her alleged kidnapper.

Georgia state trooper dies at traffic stopupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 10:50:00

Authorities are investigating the death of a Georgia state trooper late Monday after he was shot following a traffic stop in northwest Atlanta, an agency spokesman said.

Police find record amount of meth during Georgia raidupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 16:22:00

Police raided a major methamphetamine lab in an Atlanta, Georgia, suburb, discovering a large amount of crystal meth and liquid methamphetamine oil, they said Tuesday.

Africanized bees blamed in death of Georgia manupdated: Fri Oct 22 2010 10:43:00

Africanized honey bees have been confirmed in Georgia and are responsible for the death of a 73-year-old man, the state's agricultural commissioner said Thursday.

Man accused of assaulting airline passengerupdated: Thu Oct 21 2010 11:59:00

A Georgia man has been indicted on charges that he sexually assaulted a 20-year-old passenger while she was asleep during a flight from Dallas, Texas, to Atlanta, Georgia, federal authorities said Wednesday.

Georgia agrees to change handling of mentally ill in state hospitalsupdated: Tue Oct 19 2010 15:40:00

An estimated 10,000 Georgia residents suffering from mental illness or developmental disabilities may no longer be segregated in state hospitals that set them apart from the community, the Justice Department announced Tuesday.

Mother who says son was bullied seeks Obama's helpupdated: Fri Oct 15 2010 15:38:00

The mother of an 11-year-old boy who hanged himself after allegedly being bullied at a Georgia school says her daughter also has been a victim of taunting.

Georgia clamps down on illegal immigrants in collegesupdated: Fri Oct 15 2010 09:38:00

Georgia's public colleges have adopted new policies that officials say will prevent illegal immigrants from attending five high-demand schools and from being admitted ahead of legally and academically qualified residents at the rest of the state's public institutions of higher learning.

Georgia death row inmate denied high court reviewupdated: Mon Oct 04 2010 17:26:00

Troubling questions over Georgia's controversial death penalty system will remain unresolved for now, after the Supreme Court declined Monday to review an appeal from a death-row inmate who received unwanted help from state prosecutors on his legal representation.

Georgia van crash kills fourupdated: Mon Oct 04 2010 09:27:00

A church van rolled over in Early County, Georgia, killing four people. Affiliate WALB reports.

4 killed as church van rolls over in Georgiaupdated: Mon Oct 04 2010 09:27:00

A church van rolled over in southwest Georgia Sunday evening, killing four of the 17 occupants on board, authorities said.

Georgia baby sitter, 11, charged in deathupdated: Wed Sep 22 2010 05:45:00

An 11-year-old baby sitter in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, has been charged in the death of a 2-year-old, authorities said.

Saggy pants ruling in Georgiaupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 20:15:00

You could be fined for wearing your pants too low in Dublin, Georgia. Affiliate WMAZ reports.

Senate Republicans say memo seeks 'amnesty'updated: Fri Jul 30 2010 18:54:00

Senate Republicans have an internal memo from the Department of Homeland Security that they say shows the Obama administration "conspiring" and "scheming" to allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay and work in the United States.

Military training jet crashes in Georgiaupdated: Mon Apr 12 2010 22:29:00

A military training jet crashes in North Georgia, killing at least three people and setting acres of woodland ablaze.

Navy training jet crashes in north Georgia; 3 dead, 1 missingupdated: Mon Apr 12 2010 22:29:00

A Navy training jet crashed in a north Georgia forest on Monday, killing at least three people aboard and setting more than 10 acres of woodland ablaze, local and federal authorities said.

Reclaiming my identityupdated: Wed Mar 31 2010 10:27:00

As a child, I looked forward to nothing more than the dazzling Fourth of July laser and fireworks show in Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia. It was family tradition to eat a hearty meal at an Indian restaurant and then watch the show on the crowded lawn of the park.

Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia's 30-year stone mysteryupdated: Mon Mar 22 2010 11:04:00

In the beginning, there was the stone.

Agency: Company that owns bus that crashed lacked Georgia permitupdated: Mon Nov 02 2009 16:20:00

The company whose bus was carrying dozens of Morehouse College students when it crashed in Georgia over the weekend did not have a permit to operate in the state, a state agency says.

Georgia begins to dry out, clean up after floodingupdated: Wed Sep 23 2009 13:56:00

Dry skies greeted Georgia for a second day Wednesday, giving residents a chance to mourn, recover and repair after devastating floods killed nine people earlier this week.

Finding Jesus at a Georgia truck stopupdated: Wed Sep 23 2009 12:27:00

"I gave up smoking, women and drinkin' last night," the singer shouts, "and it was the worst 15 minutes of mah life!"

Five dead in Georgia flooding; governor declares emergencyupdated: Mon Sep 21 2009 23:53:00

With at least five people dead and massive expanses of land and roads under water, Georgia's governor declared a state of emergency Monday in the 17 counties hardest hit by flooding from severe weather.

Seven victims of Georgia slaying laid to restupdated: Sat Sep 05 2009 21:34:00

Seven of eight people killed last week in a southeast Georgia mobile home were laid to rest Saturday.

Georgia murders: 911 callupdated: Tue Sep 01 2009 16:53:00

Authorities release the 911 call reporting the murders of eight people in Brunswick, Georgia.

Dogs kill Georgia coupleupdated: Thu Aug 20 2009 12:53:00

A pack of dogs attacks and kills an elderly couple in rural Georgia. CNN's Brooke Baldwin reports.

Growing local-farm movement expanding to meatupdated: Wed Aug 05 2009 12:42:00

In a parking lot in suburban Atlanta, customers mill in the summer heat, waiting for freezer bags full of beef, pork, chicken and other meats.

3 kids at camp in Georgia get swine fluupdated: Thu Jun 18 2009 18:07:00

Three children at a summer camp in northern Georgia have contracted swine flu and dozens more have been separated from other campers after showing signs of the flu, but all are recovering, authorities said Thursday.

CNNMoney: Georgia furloughs 25,000 workersupdated: Tue Feb 24 2009 16:27:00

Georgia regulators confirmed Tuesday that 25,000 state workers at various agencies have been furloughed over the last six months as part of ongoing budget reduction requirements.

CNNMoney: Regional banks in Georgia, Texas failupdated: Fri Dec 12 2008 18:57:00

State regulators closed local banks in Georgia and Texas Friday, bringing the total number of failed banks this year to 25.

Voter suppression big concernupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 20:45:00

CNN's Abbie Boudreau looks into allegations of voter suppression and "purges."

Thousands of flagged voters can vote, court rulesupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 20:45:00

Georgia must allow thousands of people whose citizenship was questioned by the state's new voter verification system to vote in the upcoming election, a panel of federal judges ruled Monday. Fay's Remnants Spread Across Southupdated: Mon Aug 25 2008 13:00:00

The remnants of Tropical Storm Fay spread over a wide swath of the South on Monday, bringing heavy rain and wind as forecasters warned of possible flash flooding and tornadoes from Louisiana to Georgia A Happy Air Travel Tale (For Real)updated: Fri Aug 22 2008 14:00:00

A TIME correspondent actually had a good recent experience flying commercial -- even if others had to suffer in the process

Experts: Internet filtering and censorship rifeupdated: Thu Aug 21 2008 17:32:00

Believe the conspiracy theories: Out of sight and without your knowledge, governments truly are filtering what you see on the Internet.

FIFA move Georgia cup tie to neutral venueupdated: Tue Aug 19 2008 16:43:00

Georgia's World Cup qualifier against Ireland scheduled to take place in Tblisi on September 6 will be moved to a neutral country because of the conflict in the former Soviet state, FIFA ruled on Tuesday. On Scene: A Cry for Unity in Georgiaupdated: Wed Aug 13 2008 10:00:00

A rally in Tblisi is a chance for Georgians to show they remain united -- and to learn that they are not alone

Georgian iReporter: 'My country is falling'updated: Tue Aug 12 2008 15:04:00

Through the haze of a blurry amateur video, you can clearly make out the waving flags and crowd of chanting people outside the Russian Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Bush on situation in Georgiaupdated: Sat Aug 09 2008 18:35:00

President Bush makes a statement in response to Russia's offensive in South Ossetia, Georgia. Sugar Co. Fined $8.7M in Deadly Blastupdated: Fri Jul 25 2008 20:20:00

A Georgia lawmaker says federal officials are proposing $8.7 million in fines against Imperial Sugar for violations at a plant near Savannah where an explosion killed 13 people and at another plant in Louisiana Sex Offenders Oppose Volunteer Banupdated: Tue Jun 24 2008 17:00:00

Five sex offenders filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming that a tough new Georgia law that bans them from volunteering at churches also robs them of their right to participate in religious worship

Georgia killer executed after lethal injection moratoriumupdated: Tue May 06 2008 21:38:00

A Georgia man convicted of kidnapping and killing his girlfriend was executed Tuesday. Stewart Mandel: Georgia exits spring practice as No. 1updated: Thu May 01 2008 16:12:00

I've been writing these end-of-spring power rankings for several years now, and for once, I actually feel confident that I know what I'm talking about. Andy Staples: Hard-working RB Moreno boasts superhuman skill setupdated: Tue Apr 08 2008 17:53:00

ATHENS, Ga. -- Every superhero has an origin story. Superman's home planet exploded. Bruce Wayne lost his parents to a violent crime and turned vigilante. Bruce Banner got blasted with gamma radiation, which made him turn green when angry. NATO: Still a Sore Point With Putinupdated: Tue Apr 01 2008 14:00:00

Moscow is fiercely opposed to Ukraine and Georgia joining the alliance. And he may offer Bush a compromise solution Grant Wahl: Kansas State rises, mid-majors stumble on Day Oneupdated: Fri Mar 21 2008 06:49:00

Five things we learned while wondering if Kansas State is really the best upstart this NCAA tournament can come up with:

Nothing left after stormupdated: Sun Mar 16 2008 11:55:00

Downed trees and power lines, home destroyed; that's whats left after a tornado ripped through Polk County, Georgia.

Storms kill two in Georgia before pushing eastupdated: Sun Mar 16 2008 11:55:00

Storms that killed two people in northern Georgia spread Saturday night into South Carolina, where possible tornadoes downed trees, blew roofs off homes and broke power lines, weather forecasters said. Russia Cashes in on Kosovo Fearsupdated: Sat Mar 08 2008 16:40:00

Hostility to secession allows Moscow to consolidate its position across much of the old Soviet sphere of influence The (Water) War Between the Statesupdated: Fri Mar 07 2008 17:00:00

With Atlanta's main supply drying up, Georgia opens up a two-century-old border dispute with Tennessee. And the case could even go to the Supreme Court

Vaccines blamed for symptomsupdated: Fri Mar 07 2008 11:58:00

Government health officials concede that vaccinations triggered autism-like symptoms. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

Death toll rises to 11 in sugar refinery blastupdated: Sun Feb 24 2008 14:00:00

A worker wounded in an explosion early this month at a Georgia sugar refinery died Saturday night at a burn center, bringing the death toll to 11, hospital officials announced Sunday.

Georgian 'coup plotter' dies in UK updated: Wed Feb 13 2008 07:38:00

An opposition leader from the ex-Soviet republic of Georgia who was accused of plotting a coup last year has been found dead at his home south of London, police said Wednesday. readers gear up for Super Tuesdayupdated: Mon Feb 04 2008 21:49:00

Super Tuesday is the biggest prize on the primary calendar and presidential hopefuls, and their supporters, are making their final pitches before voters head to the polls.

Election as civics lessonupdated: Mon Feb 04 2008 21:49:00

Third-graders in Amy Musone's class at Roundtown Elementary in York, Pennsylvania, explain primary elections.

No survivors in plane crashupdated: Sat Feb 02 2008 06:55:00

A twin-engine plane carrying passengers on their way to hunting trip crashed in northwest North Carolina.

Small-plane crash kills 6 in North Carolinaupdated: Sat Feb 02 2008 06:55:00

Six people were killed Friday when a small plane crashed into the front yard of a home while attempting to land in fog and low visibility in Mount Airy, North Carolina, authorities said. Stewart Mandel: Georgia holds top spot with maturing offense, feisty Dupdated: Thu Jan 17 2008 15:21:00

Now that college football's most talented juniors (and third-year sophomores) have answered that weightiest of questions -- Should I Stay or Should I Go? -- we have a clearer sense of the national pecking order heading into 2008.

Man charged in Georgia murder may be linked to Florida murderupdated: Thu Jan 10 2008 13:13:00

Authorities are investigating whether a man charged Tuesday in the murder of a Georgia hiker is connected to the death of another woman in Florida. Narrow Win for Georgian Presidentupdated: Mon Jan 07 2008 11:00:00

The opposition parties are crying foul, claiming that Mikheil Saakashvili has rigged the election. But his position looks secure

Pro-western Georgia president headed to election victoryupdated: Sun Jan 06 2008 16:33:00

Near-complete returns from Georgia's presidential election show pro-western President Mikheil Saakashvili winning a majority of the vote, the head of the former Soviet republic's electoral commission said Sunday.

Georgians vote in snap electionupdated: Sat Jan 05 2008 10:07:00

Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili vowed that Saturday's snap election to decide the fate of his government would be a free and fair vote, and so far opponents have offered no evidence of widespread fraud as citizens go to the polls in this former Soviet republic. Stewart Mandel: Addressing your BCS concerns and much moreupdated: Wed Dec 05 2007 18:13:00

I have a special folder down the left-hand side of Outlook reserved for "Mailbag" e-mails. This is where your e-mails are automatically forwarded. The little number in parentheses next to the icon tells me how many unopened messages await my attention. Stewart Mandel's Bowl Projectionsupdated: Sun Dec 02 2007 21:24:00

These final set of projections were compiled following Saturday night's games but prior to the release of the new polls Sunday. It's impossible to predict how exactly the voters will treat this unprecedented scenario, but the best guess is that Ohio State will be No. 1 and either Georgia or LSU will be No. 2. Stewart Mandel: LSU deserves spot opposite Ohio St. in BCS title gameupdated: Sun Dec 02 2007 02:54:00

It took 10 years, but the day is finally upon us.

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