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Early this year, comic book writer Nathan Edmondson set out to tell fictional stories based on the super-secret U.S. government paramilitary organization once named the Intelligence Support Activity (or ISA).

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Comic artist Joe Kubert dead at 85updated: Mon Aug 13 2012 22:18:00

Joe Kubert, the DC Comics artist who started a school to train future illustrators, has died at age 85, a school official said Monday.

Original Green Lantern comes out as gay in DC Comics' 'Earth Two'updated: Fri Jun 01 2012 14:03:00

When DC Comics relaunched its fictional world from scratch last fall, some aspects of the DC mythos temporarily fell by the wayside, such as the notion of parallel worlds featuring different versions of the company's iconic heroes.

Hollywood brings out big guns for a superhero summerupdated: Thu May 03 2012 14:36:00

Comic book fans aren't the only ones expected to assemble in theaters Friday.

'Avengers' to test superhero star powerupdated: Thu May 03 2012 14:36:00

Neil Curry tests the athletic abilities of Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk at the European premiere of "The Avengers".

5 graphic novels you'll loveupdated: Fri Jan 13 2012 14:53:00

Like most of us, you've probably heard of graphic novels -- but haven't read too many. Here are four new titles (plus one classic) that make you think, feel and daydream just like any other book.

Captain America co-creator diesupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 20:48:00

Joe Simon, the co-creator of star-spangled comic book hero Captain America, has died at 98, his family announced.

Batman cartoonist Jerry Robinson diesupdated: Fri Dec 09 2011 02:57:00

Cartoonist Jerry Robinson, who worked on the earliest Batman comics and claimed credit for creating the super-villain The Joker, died Thursday at the age of 89, his family confirmed.

Super price for Superman comicupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 05:37:00

Someone out there just leapt all comic book purchase price records in a single bound.

Surgery to look like Supermanupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 05:37:00

CNN's Nadia Bilchik and T.J. Holmes discuss a man who wants to be Superman and surgery in Seoul.

Graphic take on bin Laden raidupdated: Thu Nov 03 2011 10:15:00

Stealth helicopters zoom toward a mystery compound in northern Pakistan, intent on capturing or killing the most wanted man in the world. Under cover of night they reach their target, but within moments one chopper is down and the mission is in jeopardy.

CNNMoney: Barnes & Noble yanks Kindle exclusive comics from its shelvesupdated: Fri Oct 07 2011 16:53:00

Don't share with Barnes & Noble, and you'll face the book behemoth's wrath. One week after DC Comics handed over exclusive digital rights for some of its comic books to Amazon, B&N fired back by yanking physical copies of those books off its store shelves.

Get ready for a new Spider-manupdated: Thu Aug 04 2011 13:44:00

The comic book superhero goes multicultural in Marvel comics' Ultimate Universe series.

Behind Spider-Man's mask -- a new, multi-racial faceupdated: Thu Aug 04 2011 13:44:00

In the Ultimate Universe of Marvel Comics, Peter Parker -- the original alter ego of Spider-Man -- is dead, and his replacement is a half-African-American, half-Latino teenager named Miles Morales.

Prince Harry gets the comic-book treatment, stars in graphic novelupdated: Thu Jul 28 2011 19:14:00

A comic book chronicling the life of Prince Harry of Wales will be released in late August, publishers announced Thursday.

CNNMoney: Bluewater Productions makes Conan O'Brien subject of next comic bookupdated: Sat Jul 02 2011 19:14:00

Move over Green Lantern. The subject of Bluewater Productions' next comic book is tall, flame-haired and a heck of a lot funnier.

There's a new trading card in townupdated: Thu Feb 24 2011 11:30:00

Move over, baseball. The coolest new trading cards feature a "Geek a Week."

'My Life as Liz' and the evolution of the MTV nerdupdated: Tue Feb 15 2011 09:57:00

Liz Lee is not your typical MTV reality show star. As friend Jake Fogelnest puts it, "While (the "Jersey Shore" cast) is out fist-pumping, Liz is in her dorm room watching Netflix."

Spider-Man replacing Human Torch on new 'FF' teamupdated: Fri Feb 11 2011 01:18:00

When Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort told CNN in December that "something new" would come out of the recent death of the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, he wasn't kidding. Prince William & Kate Middleton Are a Comic Book Cover - Again!updated: Tue Feb 01 2011 16:08:00

Check out the royals on this special edition comic book to commemorate their wedding

How to be a holiday superhero to the geek in your lifeupdated: Tue Dec 21 2010 11:19:00

What would truly delight the geek in your life? It's nearly impossible to know if you don't share his or her peculiar tastes.

How to succeed in comics: Why Stan is 'The Man'updated: Mon Dec 06 2010 18:01:00

"Hello 'true believers,' this is Stan Lee," said the world-renowned comic book creator as he filmed a video segment for His booming voice and magnetic demeanor made jaws drop and eyes widen everywhere in the room.

The rules for small-screen superheroesupdated: Mon Dec 06 2010 17:56:00

For the better part of a decade, superheroes on the big screen have been big business ("Iron Man 2" the most recent example). On TV, however, keeping audiences coming back each week for the exploits of those with superpowers has been a far trickier task. It's been a long time since "Batman," "Wonder Woman," "The Incredible Hulk" and "The Greatest American Hero" hit prime time.

Mark Zuckerberg to become comic book hero, villain?updated: Tue Sep 28 2010 07:32:00

Can't get enough of Mark Zuckerberg? Well, if the upcoming movie "The Social Network" doesn't sate your desire for the Facebook founder, he's slated to star in his own comic book come December.

Japanese manga heroes join fight to save Arabic cultureupdated: Fri Sep 10 2010 06:26:00

A gunshot echoes across the stadium as a robot bird, carrying a gold ring in its talons, swoops through the air, hotly pursued by a cast of falcons.

iPad boosts appeal of digital comicsupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 14:44:00

In just a few short months, Apple's iPad has become a popular mobile tool for web surfing, watching TV and reading electronic books. But its biggest impact may come in a lesser-known area of multimedia: digital comics.

'Cathy' comic strip to end after 34 yearsupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 04:53:00

For 34 years, she has obsessed about food, relationships, work, and her mother -- but now Cathy the comic-strip character is about to say goodbye. Seth Rogen Likes Men in Tightsupdated: Tue Jul 27 2010 15:08:00

"I read very few books without pictures of men in tights in them," he tells PEOPLE of his love of comics

2010 Comic-Con kicks offupdated: Mon Jul 26 2010 08:41:00

Fans flock to the 2010 kick off of Comic-Con.

At Comic-Con, movies go big or go homeupdated: Mon Jul 26 2010 08:41:00

Only at San Diego Comic-Con, the annual gathering of self-proclaimed fanboys and fangirls, can an early screening of a movie feel like a rock concert, and then literally become one.

Comics still have a place at Comic-Conupdated: Sun Jul 25 2010 18:31:00

While the latest movie releases might be the most visible part of the annual San Diego Comic-Con, the comic books themselves certainly haven't been lost in the shuffle.

'The Hoff,' Shatner and more at Comic-Conupdated: Sun Jul 25 2010 18:31:00

Celebrities of all stripes attend San Diego Comic-Con 2010. CNN iReporters take you up-close to the stars.

What's the big deal about comic books?updated: Sun Jul 25 2010 09:24:00

Everyone from "Twilight Moms" to "Family Guy" fans is waiting in line at Comic-Con. This nearly 40-year-old convention is mainly devoted to comic books, and it was sold out before the exhibitors and speakers were even announced this year. Why are so many people there?

HBO's 'True Blood' sinks fangs into comic booksupdated: Thu Jul 22 2010 09:25:00

HBO's "True Blood" is already in its third season and it is one of the most watched shows on cable. The last show on HBO to garner as large an audience was "The Sopranos."

'True Blood' sinks fangs into comicsupdated: Thu Jul 22 2010 09:25:00

CNN's K.J. Matthews talks to "True Blood" creator Alan Ball and gets a sneak peek at the new comic book.

Big screen's take on 'Jonah Hex' looks like a letdownupdated: Fri Jun 18 2010 18:54:00

There are typically two types of comic book movies -- movies like "Ghost Rider" and movies like "Batman Begins."

Josh Brolin talks 'Jonah Hex'updated: Fri Jun 18 2010 18:54:00

Josh Brolin talks about working with John Malkovich and Megan Fox in his new movie "Jonah Hex." David Beckham Goes from Soccer Star to Comic Book Heroupdated: Wed Jun 09 2010 17:31:00

The upcoming biography, Fame: David Beckham, features a well-drawn version of the athlete

Jules Feiffer: A cartoonist's 'Sick' outlookupdated: Tue May 25 2010 18:19:00

The comic strip was originally called Sick Sick Sick, but it wasn't about ghouls or horror or any of that "Tales from the Crypt"-type stuff.

The 99 -- Muslim Superheroesupdated: Tue May 11 2010 07:09:00

Superheroes inspired by Islam are fighting evil and taking on the world in comic books and a new animated series. Schams Elwazer reports.

Comic book publisher praised for reflecting 'tolerance of Islam'updated: Tue May 11 2010 07:09:00

Kuwaiti publisher Naif al-Mutawa is having a week even his comic book superheroes might envy. Frances Cobain Lends Her Voice to Song 'My Space'updated: Wed Mar 31 2010 10:28:00

But don't look for Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter to follow her parents into music

Rare comic of Superman debut fetches $1.5 millionupdated: Tue Mar 30 2010 19:41:00

The comic debut of Superman has sold for an out-of-this-world price.

CNNMoney: Bam! Superman comic book bops Batman recordupdated: Tue Mar 30 2010 16:54:00

There's a multi-million-dollar battle brewing between superheroes.

Spider-Man's alter ego to lose his jobupdated: Mon Mar 01 2010 16:45:00

Spider-Man's alter ego cannot escape the harsh realities of the current economic times and will lose his job in an issue of the Amazing Spider-Man hitting stores this week.

CNNMoney: Batman comic book beats Superman at auction, sets recordupdated: Fri Feb 26 2010 14:55:00

The Dark Knight may be Superman's next greatest nemesis, after Lex Luthor.

CNNMoney: It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's a $1 million comic bookupdated: Mon Feb 22 2010 18:27:00

Since he started selling comic books at age 16, Vincent Zurzolo had only dreamt of selling a million-dollar comic book.

Graphic novels get the star treatmentupdated: Mon Feb 08 2010 08:13:00

In the same way some nerdy leading men have become definitions of cool (see: Michael Cera), graphic novels have also gotten a little Hollywood glitter on their previously geeky reputation.

Vick dog inspired 'Bloom County,' 'Opus' creatorupdated: Tue Oct 13 2009 07:54:00

Berkeley Breathed answers the door to his Santa Barbara home, a tall, slender figure in suede cowboy boots.

'Grace Kelly's' Mika confesses awkward youthupdated: Thu Oct 08 2009 12:10:00

Mika knows how to dress for the occasion.

Mika not fazed by criticsupdated: Thu Oct 08 2009 12:10:00

Singer Mika talks to CNN's Shanon Cook about his new album and why it's good to divide opinion.

Singer-actor Tyrese invents comic book superheroupdated: Wed Sep 30 2009 09:05:00

Tyrese Gibson is far from the first singer to make the transition from music to movies. However, the "Transformers" star is blazing a whole new trail with his latest crossover venture.

Meth ring used comic books to launder cash, authorities sayupdated: Tue Aug 25 2009 17:08:00

Investigators in Colorado say they have broken up a massive methamphetamine ring in the Denver area that distributed pounds of the dangerous drug every week and laundered the profits using collectible comic books.

Historietas en el iPhoneupdated: Wed Aug 12 2009 06:11:00

El dibujante argentino Sergio Carrera encuentra un nuevo espacio para llegar a los lectores. Informe de CNN, Javier Doberti (4 de agosto)

Made-for-mobile comics: The future of pulp?updated: Wed Aug 12 2009 06:11:00

Are comics made to be read on cell phones, Kindles and iPods the new pulp of pop culture? How Scarlett Johansson Shaped Up for Iron Man 2updated: Mon Jul 27 2009 14:35:00

Having to wear a skintight catsuit for the camera intimidated the shapely star

Buzz building for 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' gameupdated: Fri Jul 24 2009 11:37:00

Imagine taking the best characters and elements of your favorite fictional universe and weaving them into a new story that captures the imagination of fans.

Captain America, thought dead, comes back to lifeupdated: Tue Jun 16 2009 06:45:00

Perhaps he should be called Captain Phoenix?

Superheroes rise in tough timesupdated: Fri Mar 20 2009 07:22:00

America faces an economic calamity. Trouble brews in faraway lands.

Roots of superheroesupdated: Fri Mar 20 2009 07:22:00

Today's superheroes originated during tough times -- the '30s and '40s. CNN's Douglas Hyde looks at a new exhibit.

NAACP calls for firing of N.Y. Post cartoonistupdated: Sat Feb 21 2009 21:05:00

Leaders of the NAACP on Saturday called for the firing of the New York Post cartoonist whose drawing lampooning the federal stimulus bill has drawn charges that it's racist and encourages violence toward President Obama.

Racism row over chimp cartoon sparks debateupdated: Thu Feb 19 2009 22:35:00

Racist, unfunny, hilarious, confusing, lame.

Sharpton blasts Post cartoon linking stimulus bill to chimpupdated: Thu Feb 19 2009 02:44:00

A New York Post cartoon Wednesday drew fire from civil rights activist Al Sharpton and others who say the drawing invokes historically racist images in suggesting an ape wrote President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package. Uncle Samupdated: Tue Nov 04 2008 11:00:00

The patriot's patriot has recruited army volunteers, starred in his own comic book, and on Nov. 4 he will ask you to vote.

The cartoonist beloved by GIs and regular guysupdated: Wed Sep 03 2008 08:38:00

George S. Patton did not like Willie and Joe. Stephen King, Ready for Downloadupdated: Tue Aug 12 2008 16:00:00

The best-selling author is previewing his new book with a video–comic book adaptation, available online Islamic Superheroes Going Globalupdated: Tue Aug 05 2008 03:00:00

A Kuwait-based entrepreneur wants to expand the reach of his Islamic comic-book series -- and its positive Muslim role models

'The King' of comic book artistsupdated: Fri May 02 2008 09:52:00

The nickname was meant as a joke, a little needle from Marvel Comics mainstay Stan Lee to artist Jack Kirby.

FSB: Pitching your ideas to the big shotsupdated: Thu Feb 14 2008 09:49:00

Dear FSB: I have an idea for a new cartoon. How do I pitch the idea to the big companies? What will I need for the pitch?

Brian K. Vaughan on comicsupdated: Wed Jan 30 2008 09:44:00

Writer Brian K. Vaughan, whose comic series "Y: The Last Man' ends this week, talks to CNN about his favorite comics.

The sad, wonderful, complicated life of Charles M. Schulzupdated: Fri Jan 04 2008 12:17:00

Who was the real Charles M. Schulz?

Requiem for a cartoonist updated: Sun Jul 15 2007 21:50:00

Last week was a very good week for corrupt politicians, dirtbag dictators, pompous preachers, deadbeat dads, corporate suits, bloated bureaucrats and hypocrites from all walks of life.

Eye on Russia: Guestsupdated: Tue Jun 19 2007 05:29:00

As part of its in-depth look at modern Russia, CNN talks to the people who are influencing and changing contemporary Russian society, as well as those who live with these changes.

Fortune: Calling all superheroesupdated: Wed May 23 2007 13:37:00

Spider-Man, as any comic book fan knows, isn't the most powerful superhero. He can't push planets around like DC Comics' Superman (owned by Time Warner, parent of Fortune and He's j...

Shocking event for Captain Americaupdated: Wed Mar 07 2007 09:19:00

He fought and triumphed over Hitler, Tojo, international Communism and a host of supervillains, but he could not dodge a sniper's bullet.

Man tempts 'Fate,' writes comic booksupdated: Tue Sep 05 2006 10:39:00

Look! At that bookstore. It's a political suspense author. It's a superhero comic book writer. It's Brad Meltzer.

Batwoman's other secret identity turns headsupdated: Fri Jun 02 2006 12:11:00

Kathy Kane's return as a socialite-turned-caped-crusader might not draw much attention outside the comic book world, but Batwoman's other secret is causing quite a fuss.

Business 2.0: Marvel Comics leaps into movie-makingupdated: Thu Jun 01 2006 15:15:00

Bombs burst. Tongues of flame split the predawn darkness. People in bomber jackets, clutching weapons, lurk in the shadows. Then a barrel-chested man in black edges forward and, in a thick Israeli ...

Who reads the comics anymore?updated: Wed May 03 2006 13:48:00

You can't please everybody, but Frank Rizzo tries.

A rat, a pig and some really dumb crocodilesupdated: Wed May 03 2006 10:53:00

Stephan Pastis knows his comic strip, "Pearls Before Swine," can be a little dark at times. But it's not like that outlook is anything new, he says.

CNNMoney: Taking off the blindersupdated: Thu Feb 02 2006 11:22:00

"It is just amazing how parochial Americans are," I heard a voice just in front of me say. "Amazing," agreed another.

Graphic imagesupdated: Wed Sep 07 2005 15:14:00

It's been five years since Chris Ware put out "Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth."

'Superman,' 'Kong' delight comic fansupdated: Mon Jul 18 2005 09:46:00

Superman is back.

Getting the funniesupdated: Thu Jul 07 2005 09:07:00

Another weekend, another comic book-inspired film. This time around it's "Fantastic Four."

Review: 'Sin City' a visual pioneerupdated: Fri Apr 01 2005 08:24:00

"Sin City," adapted from three hardboiled comic books by the renowned graphic novelist Frank Miller, is without doubt the most visually stunning live action transfer of the comic book format to the big screen ever made.

CNNMoney: Superman publisher beats Kryptoniteupdated: Thu Sep 23 2004 06:49:00

Kryptonite may hurt Superman, but it wasn't able to defeat the company that publishes his comic books in a federal court case.

Electioneering for 'Jack & Bobby'updated: Thu Sep 09 2004 11:24:00

Smart viewers of The WB's premiere of its new drama "Jack & Bobby" will be in place a minute early on Sunday evening to listen right from the 9 p.m. ET open and pick up some of the slickest subtleties of the hour.

The funny side of politicsupdated: Thu Jul 29 2004 21:04:00

An exhibit titled "Campaigns, Conventions and Cartoons" at Boston's Suffolk University features original works by the nation's top political cartoonists.

Fortune: BRADupdated: Mon Nov 25 1996 00:01:00

[This article consists of a comic strip--see below]

Fortune: JAPANESE COMICS ARE ALL BUSINESS The country with one of the world's highest literacy rates loves to look at pictures. Major comupdated: Mon Oct 09 1989 00:01:00

GOT A MESSAGE? Want an audience? If you're in Japan, say it with a cartoon. Dozens of major Japanese companies are turning their newsletters into comic strips, or manga. Leading book publishers hav...

Fortune: Bushy-Mushy Talk About Pay, More Curves From the Labor Department, A Free-Market and Other Matters. Coming Attractions: The Bumsupdated: Mon Nov 09 1987 00:01:00

Spiderman married. Clark Kent, alias Superman, became a yuppie. And some caped marvels have aged, developing paunches and mid-life crises . . . Everyone in the industry -- from publishers to . . . ...

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