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Harry Houdini

Latest Stories Casey Anthony: 'Elaborate Plans' to Hide Her After Releaseupdated: Tue Jul 19 2011 08:49:00

Her lawyer wanted Casey's parents to pose as media decoys as their daughter left jail A Shear Genius Wedding!updated: Mon Jun 28 2010 09:48:00

Finalist Janine Jarman gets married - with fellow finalist Matthew Morris creating her Priscilla Presley-inspired wedding hair

UConn skeptics can shut up nowupdated: Wed Apr 07 2010 12:56:00

Few defending champions in sport have had as much to defend as the University of Connecticut women's basketball team. On Tuesday night, the Huskies successfully defended their title (beating Stanford 53-47), their winning streak (78 games) and themselves (against the charge that they're "bad" for women's basketball). Joe Posnanski: Another great escape for the incomparable Riveraupdated: Fri Oct 30 2009 09:17:00

Someday, the magic runs out. Because that's what it is, right? Magic. The ninth inning is the Chinese Water Torture Cell. The ninth inning is handcuffs and shackles and a burlap sack and a solid oak box with shiny steel chains and seven unbreakable locks keeping those chains tight. The ninth inning is for escape artists, and escape artists grow old, and the magic runs out. Someday.

The latest movie clips from Down Underupdated: Wed Jul 02 2008 09:22:00

Here are a selection of clips from some of the latest movies to come out of Australia -- a country set to become a global over-achiever in the movie-making field. Pam Anderson Parties All Night for 40th Birthdayupdated: Tue Jul 03 2007 11:47:00

With ex-husband Tommy Lee by her side and a room decked out in her favorite color - pink - Pamela Anderson turned the big 4-0 with an exclusive Planet Hollywood Hotel birthday bash in Las Vegas on Saturday. Criss Angel Calls Cameron Diaz 'Amazing'updated: Thu May 24 2007 15:42:00

Getting a secret out of a magician is tougher then pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but Criss Angel opened up to PEOPLE about Cameron Diaz - sort of.

Business 2.0: Rabbit on a Runupdated: Wed Feb 01 2006 11:53:00

The name sounded silly. The marketing department complained. Why call an intricately designed gadget aimed at wine connoisseurs a Rabbit? Yet Riki Kane, founder of New York City housewares company ...

Fortune: The Expert at the Card Tableupdated: Mon Oct 01 2001 00:01:00

S.W. Erdnase was the pseudonym of Milton Franklin Andrews, a card cheat, confidence man, and murderer. He shot himself and his girlfriend in 1905 in San Francisco when police busted into his apartm...

Fortune: THERE IS A CERTAIN MAGIC TO THE WAY THE MAN WORKSupdated: Mon Apr 29 1996 00:01:00

Been to any parties at Henry Kravis's apartment lately? If so, you may have met a nerdy-looking, baby-faced guy in an expensive suit and horn-rimmed glasses whom Henry introduces as "my new busines...

Fortune: ECONOMIC INTELLIGENCE WAGES UNDER WRAPSupdated: Mon Oct 31 1994 00:01:00

. Fatter paychecks. Workers covet them, economists predict them -- and the Federal Reserve fears them. Since they're the key to inflation, a mere glimpse of higher wages sends the bond market reeli...

Fortune: Incredible shrinking brains, bankers' pets, dumber than the women's movement, and other matters. QUIZ TIMEupdated: Mon Dec 02 1991 00:01:00

The following brief exam memorializes the 15th anniversary of Keeping Up (launched in the December 1976 issue of the old monthly FORTUNE) and offers longtime readers a chance to check on whether th...

Money Magazine: HOW TO TELL IF AN IMMEDIATE ANNUITY MAKES SENSE FOR YOUupdated: Mon May 01 1989 00:01:00

Do you harbor the conviction that you -- or your spouse -- will live to see Willard Scott wish you a happy 100th birthday on Today? If longevity seems in the cards or in your genes, you should cons...

Fortune: Dressing Down CBS, Dressing Up the Modern Executive, Battling Bias in the Crib, and Other Matters. Decisions, Decisionsupdated: Mon Feb 04 1985 00:01:00

We slide into this item on a somewhat personal note. Your correspondent has for some time now been heatedly conducting an argument with his fellow FORTUNE editors, the nub, gist, and point at issue...

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