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Heart Attacks

Losing a loved one can bring overwhelming feelings of grief, depression, and anger. For some people, the shock and stress of bereavement may even bring on a heart attack.

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Male heart-attack victims seek help faster if marriedupdated: Mon Jul 18 2011 18:20:00

Research suggests that marriage is good for your health -- especially if you're a man. Married men tend to live longer than their unwed counterparts, they're more likely to see their doctor regularly, and they even have a lower risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke.

Chantix may increase heart attack risksupdated: Tue Jul 05 2011 15:53:00

Chantix, a popular aid used to quit smoking, may increase your chances of a heart attack and depression.

Heart-attack risk spikes after sex, exerciseupdated: Tue Mar 22 2011 19:22:00

Exercising or having sex just about triples a person's risk of heart attack in the hours immediately afterward, especially if the person does those activities infrequently, according to a new analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

2010: Heart attack warning signsupdated: Mon Jan 31 2011 14:19:00

Paying attention to warning signs of a heart attack may mean saving your heart from damage. HLN's Christi Paul reports.

Why the day after Christmas is hazardous to your heartupdated: Wed Dec 22 2010 08:24:00

December 26 is historically one of the most dangerous days of the year for people vulnerable to cardiac problems, including heart attacks, arrhythmias, and heart failure.

Study: Flu shot may help reduce heart attacksupdated: Fri Nov 05 2010 15:08:00

A flu shot can do more than just fight against influenza, a new study suggests. It may also fight against heart attacks.

Former Vice President Cheney released from hospitalupdated: Mon Aug 09 2010 18:02:00

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was released from a Virginia hospital Monday following surgery last month to implant a small pump in his heart, according to a statement from his office.

Cheney out of intensive care after heart surgery last monthupdated: Sun Aug 01 2010 17:16:00

Former Vice President Dick Cheney remains hospitalized after heart surgery last month but is out of the intensive care unit and could return home this week, his daughter said Sunday.

After heart attack, life can feel like a 'time bomb'updated: Wed Jun 30 2010 08:25:00

A brief chest pain, numbness in the arm or even fatigue is enough to worry Sandra Thornton, a heart attack survivor.

Heart attacks drop in California, study saysupdated: Thu Jun 10 2010 07:22:00

Heart attacks dropped by 24 percent in a large cross section of Northern Californians over the past decade, most likely due to less smoking, better blood pressure control, and lower cholesterol, a new study reports.

Sex life better among heart patients who consult their docsupdated: Fri May 21 2010 08:51:00

Heart-attack patients who don't talk to their doctors about when it's safe to have sex again are likely to see a drop-off in their sex lives, new research suggests.

Medicine and 'luck' on multiple heart attack survivors' sideupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 18:31:00

A fifth heart attack, such as the one suffered this week by former Vice President Dick Cheney, is not rare because of advances in modern medicine, cardiologists say.

Risks of daily aspirin may outweigh the benefitsupdated: Thu Nov 05 2009 11:38:00

Taking a low-dose aspirin every day can help prevent heart attacks in people who've already had one. But if you've never had a heart attack (or stroke), the risks of taking a daily low-dose aspirin outweigh the benefits, according to a U.K. report published in Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin.

'Silent' heart attacks more common than thought, study saysupdated: Thu Oct 08 2009 10:27:00

Although many people think of a heart attack as a painful, sometimes fatal event, there are some heart attacks that go entirely unnoticed.

Health Files: Heart attacksupdated: Thu Oct 08 2009 10:27:00

CNN's Linda Ciampa reports on the recovery process for people who have suffered a heart attack.

Heart attack diverts airlinerupdated: Tue Aug 11 2009 07:45:00

An airline passenger's heart attack forces a 737 to make an emergency landing in search of life-saving doctors.

Aspirin fights heart attacks, but daily doses aren't for everyoneupdated: Tue Aug 11 2009 07:45:00

The crew aboard the Delta Boeing 737 had an in-flight emergency on their hands: Ben Van Doorn was having a heart attack, and a doctor was trying to save his life with an onboard medical kit.

What are your odds of a heart attack?updated: Mon Aug 10 2009 14:37:00

Each year heart attacks kill more than 150,000 Americans, nearly half of them women. If such a grim statistic can have a bright side, it's this: Most heart attacks today aren't fatal.

Empowered Patientupdated: Tue Jan 27 2009 10:11:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen looks at a new study on 911 calls and gender.

Five ways to get ambulance workers to take you seriouslyupdated: Tue Jan 27 2009 10:11:00

Five days after giving birth to her daughter, Rhonda Monroe laid Dominique back in her crib after nursing, sat down and had a heart attack.

Why the day after Christmas is a health hazardupdated: Thu Dec 18 2008 22:16:00

December 26 could be one of the most dangerous days of the year for people vulnerable to cardiac problems, including heart attacks, arrhythmias, and heart failure. And many of these so-called Merry Christmas coronaries will hit people who didn't even realize they were at risk when they unwrapped their gifts the night before.

How I survived a heart attack at age 43updated: Mon Aug 04 2008 17:38:00

When I had my heart attack at 43, all my doctors were really surprised. I was young, I'm not overweight, and I don't eat a lot of fatty foods. When Are You Most Likely to Have a Heart Attack?updated: Tue Jul 22 2008 14:00:00

Our circadian rhythm plays a crucial but little-known role in heart attack risk. The most dangerous time of day for your heart may surprise you Merck to Fund Vioxx Settlement in Augustupdated: Thu Jul 17 2008 15:00:00

Drugmaker Merck & Co. will start cutting checks for former users of its withdrawn painkiller Vioxx next month Man Faked Heart Attack to Avoid Bill?updated: Sat Jul 05 2008 15:00:00

A 52-year-old Milwaukee-area man has been accused of faking heart attacks to avoid paying restaurant bills

Larry King Live: heart healthupdated: Tue Jun 17 2008 18:22:00

Larry talks with his panel about whether Tim Russert's death was preventable given the facts now known about his attack.

Russert's doctor: Medics tried to revive NBC anchorupdated: Tue Jun 17 2008 18:22:00

Tim Russert's personal physician says medics tried to save the NBC anchor shortly after he collapsed at work.

Fake blood?updated: Mon Apr 28 2008 19:29:00

CNN Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen talks about the possibility of fake blood going mainstream.

Blood substitutes tied to higher risk of heart attack, deathupdated: Mon Apr 28 2008 19:29:00

A government researcher said Monday that experimental blood substitutes are linked to an increased risk of heart attack and death, and suggested that studies on people should be halted. Diet Reduces Heart Attacks, Strokesupdated: Mon Apr 14 2008 20:00:00

A large study offers the strongest evidence yet that a diet the government recommends for lowering blood pressure can save people from heart attack and stroke

Big game hard on your heart?updated: Fri Feb 01 2008 10:09:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta looks at the adrenaline rush that sporting events provide and whether it's bad for your heart.

Critical things to know about your cholesterol updated: Wed Jan 23 2008 10:16:00

How's your cholesterol? Here's a guess: If you're healthy, you probably have no idea. New surveys show women tend to be clueless about their risks of heart disease, especially when it comes to managing their cholesterol. A Link Between Anxiety and Heart Attacksupdated: Tue Jan 08 2008 11:00:00

Anger, depression and stress can all raise the risk of heart disease -- but a new study shows that chronic anxiety may be even more harmful Jeopardy's Alex Trebek Suffers Minor Heart Attackupdated: Tue Dec 11 2007 20:04:00

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek was hospitalized Tuesday after suffering a minor heart attack.

CNNMoney: Merck settles Vioxx suits for $4.85Bupdated: Fri Nov 09 2007 13:29:00

Merck & Co. announced Friday that it will pay $4.85 billion to settle as claims by as many as 47,000 groups of plaintiffs over injuries linked to its blockbuster Vioxx painkiller.

Heart disease fact checkupdated: Fri Nov 09 2007 13:29:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses the risk of future heart disease in children, as well as signs of a heart attack.

CNNMoney: Lilly heart drug effective, but has risksupdated: Sun Nov 04 2007 17:38:00

Eli Lilly revealed positive findings from a late-stage trial of its experimental heart drug prasugrel, but a side effect might prevent it from becoming the potential blockbuster that the company had hoped. How Stress Harms the Heartupdated: Tue Oct 09 2007 17:00:00

Studies show that chronic stress contributes to heart attacks and other disease, and researchers think it's time to make stress reduction a medical priority David Beckham's Father Suffers Heart Attackupdated: Thu Sep 27 2007 19:05:00

David Beckham flew back to the U.K. Thursday after his father, Ted Beckham, suffered a heart attack.

CNNMoney: Study: Mixed results on diabetes drug safetyupdated: Wed Sep 12 2007 00:58:00

Actos and Avandia have entered the spotlight again, as studies published in a leading medical journal pit the two diabetes drugs against each other by comparing their cardiovascular risks.

CNNMoney: FDA studying Nexium dataupdated: Wed Aug 08 2007 23:20:00

U.S. regulators said Thursday they are reviewing new safety data on AstraZeneca Plc's heartburn drugs Nexium and Prilosec, but a preliminary analysis does not suggest they increase the risk of heart problems.

CNNMoney: Keep Avandia on market, say FDA advisersupdated: Mon Jul 30 2007 07:38:00

Food and Drug Administration panelists voted Monday that GlaxoSmithKline's diabetes drug Avandia should remain on the market, despite an analysis showing links to increased risk of heart attack.

CNNMoney: FDA reviewer pans Avandiaupdated: Sun Jul 29 2007 21:20:00

GlaxoSmithKline Plc's widely used diabetes drug Avandia should be pulled off the market, Food and Drug Administration reviewer David Graham said in a presentation prepared for delivery Monday.

CNNMoney: Glaxo prepares for face-to-face with FDAupdated: Fri Jul 20 2007 01:57:00

GlaxoSmithKline is getting ready for a face-to-face with the FDA about its diabetes drug Avandia, which has been on the hot seat since a study blamed the drug for increasing the risk of heart attack. Obese Survive Heart Attacks Betterupdated: Wed Jul 11 2007 14:25:00

While being fat increases your chances of a heart attack, some studies suggest a puzzling paradox: Obese people seem have a better chance of surviving one

CNNMoney: Heart doctors spar over diabetes drugupdated: Mon Jun 25 2007 07:43:00

Debate over the heart attack risk associated with the GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drug Avandia took center stage Monday at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association. Is Avandia the Next Vioxx?updated: Fri May 25 2007 15:40:00

With concerns raised about heart risks of a popular diabetes drug, GlaxoSmithKline and the FDA scramble to respond

CNNMoney: Merck, Lilly could benefit from Avandia flapupdated: Tue May 22 2007 12:39:00

The recently published study results that link GlaxoSmithKline's blockbuster diabetes drug Avandia to heart attacks could shift market share to rivals Merck, Lilly and Amylin, despite questions surrounding the data, analysts say.

CNNMoney: Novartis pulls IBS drugupdated: Fri Mar 30 2007 12:44:00

Novartis pulled its irritable bowel syndrome drug Zelnorm off the U.S. market at the FDA's request because of a possible stroke risk to patients, the company said Friday.

CNNMoney: Blood clot risk of device probedupdated: Tue Dec 05 2006 10:04:00

An FDA advisory committee will be taking a hard look this week at drug-coated stents, which the agency approved back in 2003 to prevent the arteries from re-closing better than non-drug stents.

CNNMoney: Controversy surrounds failed test drug resultsupdated: Tue Nov 14 2006 11:58:00

Unexpected controversy at the American Heart Association conference over test results of a failed experimental drug pits an independent researcher against a massive drug company and its biotech partner.

CNNMoney: Merck: New pain drug safer than Vioxxupdated: Mon Nov 13 2006 08:39:00

Merck & Co. said Monday that its arthritis painkiller Arcoxia does not increase the risk of heart attacks, in a study underscoring the difference between this drug and its withdrawn-from-the-market blockbuster Vioxx.

CNNMoney: Novartis pain drug battles Vioxx stigmaupdated: Tue Nov 07 2006 12:37:00

Novartis plans to bring a new arthritis painkiller to the U.S. market, but analysts say its similarity to the disgraced drug Vioxx could kill its chances of becoming a billion-dollar blockbuster.

CNNMoney: Merck's bad day in courtupdated: Thu Aug 17 2006 10:03:00

Merck was found negligent in the latest Vioxx case, as a jury in New Orleans federal court found that the drugmaker misrepresented the risks of the arthritis painkiller and awarded the plaintiff more than $50 million in damages.

CNNMoney: Merck vows to keep fighting the Vioxx warupdated: Thu Aug 03 2006 12:26:00

Merck holds the lead in the ongoing legal war against Vioxx plaintiffs, with five wins and three losses, and experts say it's cheaper for the company to keep paying defense lawyers than to buy off plaintiffs in a mass settlement.

CNNMoney: Merck wins latest Vioxx caseupdated: Thu Jul 13 2006 14:10:00

Merck was found not liable in the seventh lawsuit over Vioxx, the arthritis painkiller that it pulled from the market because of heart attack risk, the company announced Thursday.

CNNMoney: Vioxx trial debuts in Californiaupdated: Wed Jun 28 2006 12:56:00

The latest lawsuit against Merck over its market-pulled painkiller Vioxx debuts this week in a California courtroom, while the drug giant continues to defend itself in a separate trial in New Jersey.

CNNMoney: Merck corrects Vioxx study description, but results unchangedupdated: Tue May 30 2006 16:52:00

Merck, the no. 2 drugmaker in America, said on Tuesday that it made a correction to the study that led to the withdrawal of its arthritis painkiller Vioxx, but that it didn't change the results of the study.

CNNMoney: Vioxx: Best spinner could be the winnerupdated: Fri May 19 2006 11:58:00

Merck is just weeks away from its next trial over the former blockbuster drug Vioxx, and lawyers from both sides have fresh fodder for the courtroom battle.

CNNMoney: Merck denies new allegations on Vioxx riskupdated: Thu May 18 2006 11:28:00

Merck is denying news reports that suggest new data from the drug maker indicates Vioxx increased heart attack risks earlier than previously reported and that the risk for stroke persisted long after the patient stopped taking the drug.

CNNMoney: Merck: No harm after ending Vioxx useupdated: Thu May 11 2006 16:24:00

Merck announced that Vioxx patients did not suffer an increased risk of heart attacks from blood clots after they stopped taking the drug, though the company said it would not change its legal strategy regarding the withdrawn painkiller.

CNNMoney: Canadian Vioxx study challenges Merckupdated: Wed May 03 2006 09:51:00

A Canadian study involving thousands of Vioxx patients concluded they faced the highest risk of heart attack during the first few weeks of taking Merck's arthritis painkiller.

Fortune: Merck's got to keep fightingupdated: Tue Apr 25 2006 13:49:00

Merck's defense of Vioxx is beginning to look ugly - and costing the company millions in legal fees and punitive damages. But make no mistake, the company's fight-every-case strategy is still its only rational option.

CNNMoney: Merck found liable in Texas Vioxx caseupdated: Fri Apr 21 2006 15:31:00

A jury in a Texas border town found the drug maker Merck liable Friday in the death of a former Vioxx patient.

CNNMoney: Vioxx jury: Merck lied, must payupdated: Tue Apr 11 2006 10:16:00

A New Jersey jury found Merck liable Tuesday of misrepresenting Vioxx to federal regulators, and ordered the drugmaker to pay $9 million in punitive damages to a man who suffered a heart attack after taking the painkiller.

CNNMoney: Merck stock tumbles after Vioxx verdictupdated: Thu Apr 06 2006 09:31:00

Merck stock tumbled Thursday, a day after the nation's No. 2 drugmaker was found liable for the heart attack of a New Jersey man who took Vioxx and a jury awarded $4.5 million in damages.

CNNMoney: Merck gets split ruling in Vioxx trialupdated: Wed Apr 05 2006 09:09:00

Merck & Co. was held liable Wednesday by a New Jersey jury in the heart attack of a 77-year-old man who took the painkiller Vioxx, but not in the one suffered by a 60-year-old plaintiff.

CNNMoney: Merck wraps up defense in N.J. Vioxx caseupdated: Thu Mar 30 2006 15:06:00

Merck & Co. wrapped up its defense in the latest Vioxx product liability trial on Thursday with testimony from a psychiatrist who said one of the plaintiffs who blames the painkiller for his heart attack never mentioned taking it when discussing his medical history.

This week in the medical journalsupdated: Thu Mar 23 2006 16:01:00

The "lower is better" cholesterol story has been around for decades, but this week researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that a lifetime of low cholesterol looks like a superior way to avoid heart disease.

This week in the medical journalsupdated: Fri Mar 17 2006 07:48:00

Lots of heart

Lawyer: Milosevic did not alter medicationupdated: Mon Mar 13 2006 00:18:00

A lawyer for Slobodan Milosevic has denied news reports that the former leader of Yugoslavia altered his medication to discredit medical care at a Dutch detention center and be allowed to seek treatment in Russia.

Milosevic autopsy points to heart attackupdated: Sun Mar 12 2006 06:22:00

Preliminary autopsy results indicate that former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic died of a heart attack, a spokeswoman for the U.N. war crimes tribunal said Sunday.

CNNMoney: Houston hotshot Lanier takes on Merck againupdated: Mon Feb 27 2006 13:38:00

Mark Lanier, the only lawyer so far to defeat Merck in a Vioxx-related lawsuit, will face off with the drug maker again, but this time Merck has the home field in New Jersey and Lanier will be representing a heart attack survivor, not a widow.

CNNMoney: Merck's Vioxx fight looks tougher in NJupdated: Mon Feb 27 2006 11:22:00

Merck's got three victories and only one loss under its belt in the ongoing Vioxx litigation battle, but the upcoming cases could get a lot tougher.

Hunter shot by Cheney has minor heart attackupdated: Tue Feb 14 2006 08:22:00

The fellow hunter who was shot and wounded by Vice President Dick Cheney has suffered a minor heart attack after a piece of birdshot migrated to his heart, a hospital spokesman said Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Vioxx: Showdown in Rio Grandeupdated: Mon Jan 23 2006 09:12:00

The Garza family faces off against Merck this week in a Texas border town, in the fourth lawsuit to blame Vioxx, the market-pulled painkiller, for causing heart attacks.

CNNMoney: Mistrial declared in Merck caseupdated: Mon Dec 12 2005 09:55:00

A federal judge declared a mistrial Monday in the latest lawsuit against Merck concerning its painkiller Vioxx, attorneys for both the plaintiff and drugmaker said.

CNNMoney: Vioxx retrials for Merck?updated: Fri Dec 09 2005 10:26:00

A report from a prestigious medical journal that Merck withheld information about the dangers of Vioxx could lead to new trials both in a federal case currently before the jury and in a state case won by the drug company.

CNNMoney: Merck's Vioxx showdown in Texasupdated: Tue Nov 29 2005 09:53:00

Jury selection began in Houston on Tuesday in the latest high-stakes legal battle for Merck ... and its first in a federal courtroom.

CNNMoney: Will Texas be kinder to Merck this time?updated: Wed Nov 23 2005 13:53:00

Merck is returning to Texas next week, where it lost its first Vioxx lawsuit in a state court, to fight its third case - now in a federal court - a legal battleground that could be more receptive to the company, say legal experts.

CNNMoney: Another caution on Vioxx, Celebrexupdated: Sun Nov 13 2005 14:46:00

DALLAS (CNN/Money) - Merck's Vioxx, Pfizer's Celebrex and similar painkillers increase the risk of death among patients who have already survived a previous heart attack, especially when taken in high doses, according to data released Sunday at the American Heart Association conference here.

This week in the medical journalsupdated: Thu Nov 10 2005 20:03:00

The good, the bad and the silly

CNNMoney: DeCode developing heart attack drugupdated: Thu Nov 10 2005 14:27:00

The Icelandic biotech DeCode Genetics said Thursday it has identified a genetic trait that causes heart attacks, particularly in blacks, and is developing a drug to combat it.

This week in the medical journalsupdated: Thu Nov 03 2005 16:06:00

More than a symptom

CNNMoney: Merck nemesis to file suit in NJupdated: Thu Nov 03 2005 12:23:00

Mark Lanier, the Houston lawyer who won the first Vioxx lawsuit against Merck in August, said he will make a request in New Jersey Superior Court on Monday to represent the first of some 20,000 plaintiffs.

CNNMoney: Big win for Merck in Vioxx 2updated: Thu Nov 03 2005 10:15:00

Merck & Co. was found not liable by a New Jersey jury Thursday in the second Vioxx trial -- a key victory for the troubled drugmaker as it faces thousands of other lawsuits over the painkiller.

CNNMoney: Merck holds the line on Vioxxupdated: Mon Oct 24 2005 11:47:00

Merck maintains its defense for Vioxx, the beleaguered painkiller that was pulled off the market in 2004 and has been blamed for heart attacks in a growing tally of lawsuits, a top company lawyer said Monday.

This week in the medical journalsupdated: Thu Sep 15 2005 14:06:00

The "art" of medicine -- a term that doctors often fall back on when the "science" of medicine is open to interpretation -- was illustrated by studies in the leading medical journals this week.

This week in the medical journalsupdated: Fri Sep 09 2005 11:23:00

News from the heart

CNNMoney: Merck lawyers attack Vioxx testimonyupdated: Thu Jul 28 2005 08:46:00

Merck's lawyers attacked potentially damaging testimony from a medical examiner in the first Vioxx lawsuit and filed a motion Thursday to prevent her from testifying before jurors in a Texas courtroom.

This week in the medical journalsupdated: Thu Jul 07 2005 15:02:00

Braniacs rule

This week in the medical journalsupdated: Thu Jun 23 2005 13:19:00

Critical time

Monday morning bad for your healthupdated: Thu Feb 03 2005 11:29:00

Monday mornings could seriously damage your health, according to new research.

FDA warns naproxen usersupdated: Tue Dec 21 2004 02:41:00

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to users of the over-the-counter pain reliever naproxen Monday after federal researchers found an increased number of heart attacks and strokes among users.

Fortune: STEM CELLS TO FIX THE HEARTupdated: Mon Nov 29 2004 00:01:00

THE DUSTY FLATLANDS of the Texas panhandle seem a world away from society's great debate about human stem cells. But if you want to see how stem cells could transform medicine, a ranch near Dalhart...

Cheney's history of heart problemsupdated: Sat Nov 13 2004 14:38:00

Vice President Dick Cheney's history of heart problems started in 1978, when he suffered his first of four heart attacks at the age of 37.

CNNMoney: Merck's Vioxx e-mail scrutinizedupdated: Mon Nov 01 2004 05:43:00

Internal Merck & Co. e-mails and marketing materials show the drugmaker fought forcefully for years to keep safety concerns from destroying the sales of big-selling painkiller Vioxx, according to a published report.

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