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Latest Stories Peter King: Future is now in Seattle, but Dolphins are playing for next yearupdated: Mon Aug 27 2012 09:01:00

MMQB preamble, Homage to the Opening of High School Football Season:

Down syndrome athlete can keep playingupdated: Fri Aug 10 2012 06:20:00

The Michigan High School Athletic Association approved a provision that gives a student a chance to play sports.

Michigan teen with Down syndrome gets waiver to play on high school teamupdated: Fri Aug 10 2012 06:20:00

The 19-year-old Michigan student with Down syndrome who drew national attention for his fight to play football at his high school will be allowed to suit up his senior year, his father said Thursday.

First look at Favre as high school coachupdated: Mon Aug 06 2012 17:15:00

Watch as NFL great Brett Favre takes the field - as a high school football coach in Mississippi.

Report: NFL player texted sports writer before suicide updated: Tue Jul 31 2012 12:30:00

NFL player O.J. Murdock apparently focused during his last hours on his glory days as a track and football star at the Tampa, Florida, high school where police say he killed himself. Albert Chen: Prep star Byron Buxton the most talented, intriguing draft prospectupdated: Tue May 22 2012 15:13:00

There's a story about Byron Buxton --- you can call him Buck --- that has nothing to do with baseball. It has nothing to do with how fast he runs (he might be the fastest prospect since Bo Jackson). It has nothing to do with how hard he can throw a baseball (his fastball has been clocked at 99 miles per hour). It has nothing to do with how far he hits a baseball (he once hit a ball, in an exhibition, that landed on the top row of the leftfield bleachers at Wrigley Field). Richard Rothschild: NFL doing players a disservice by expanding Thursday night scheduleupdated: Thu Apr 19 2012 12:29:00

I'm sorry. I must have missed the NFL reversing field about player safety. How Bobby Petrino gamed system by hiring Jessica Dorrellupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 19:03:00

Former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino tried to sidestep University of Arkansas guidelines to quickly hire his mistress, Jessica Dorrell, as the team's player development coordinator, according to documents obtained by The documents show that Petrino sought a waiver to circumvent a university affirmative action policy requiring that the job be posted for at least 30 days before interviews could commence. Dorrell's first interview was scheduled even before the waiver was granted by the university's Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance. Brian Perroni: Will drug bust affect TCU recruiting? High school coaches say noupdated: Thu Feb 16 2012 11:37:00

News broke yesterday that 17 TCU students, including four football players, were arrested in a drug bust spearheaded by the university and Fort Worth police forces. The allegations tarnished the Horned Frogs' previously spotless reputation and could have serious implications on next year's season: Linebacker Tanner Brock, defensive lineman T.J. Yendry, offensive tackle Ty Horn and defensive back Devin Johnson were all named in a Star-Telegram report. Jeff Diamond: Green Bay backup quarterback Matt Flynn ready to prove he can lead a franchiseupdated: Wed Feb 15 2012 21:37:00

The first day of NFL free agency -- March 13 -- can't come soon enough for Matt Flynn. The soon-to-be ex-Green Bay Packer backup is expected to be the league's most in-demand free-agent quarterback --once Drew Brees is signed or franchised by the Saints and outside of Peyton Manning being healthy and released by the Colts. The Bonus: Corey Robinson growing into football star, Renaissance manupdated: Tue Feb 07 2012 17:16:00

The emerging portrait of 16-year-old Corey Robinson -- athlete, musician, scholar -- combines the light and shadow of two eras. He is a mass of Renaissance brush strokes on a canvas of 21st Century color. Stewart Mandel: Talent-rich SEC states are thin on elite quarterback prospectsupdated: Tue Jan 31 2012 13:19:00

A year ago this time, with the SEC coming off its fifth straight national championship, my colleague Andy Staples compiled some interesting data that confirmed one of the primary reasons behind the league's recent dominance: The wealth of elite defensive prospects in its backyard. Andy noted that a staggering 43 percent of NFL defensive linemen hailed from a cluster of 10 Southeastern states representing just 22 percent of the general population. Tim Layden:Aaron Rodgers is the best player at the most important position in U.S. pro sportsupdated: Fri Dec 02 2011 13:17:00

Sports Illustrated will announce its choice for Sportsman of the Year on Dec. 5. Here's one of the nominations for that honor by an SI writer. Peter King: After slow start, Week 7 got very interesting very fastupdated: Mon Oct 24 2011 13:28:00

Week 7 stories I love: Plaxico Burress, Matt Ryan, Tim Tebow and DeMarco Murray.

More help on the way for 'Gridiron Heroes'updated: Thu Oct 06 2011 16:05:00

Eddie Canales' nonprofit, Gridiron Heroes, provides emotional and financial support to high school football players who've sustained life-changing spinal cord injuries.

Supporting injured young athletesupdated: Thu Oct 06 2011 16:05:00

Country music singer Wynonna Judd introduces Top 10 CNN Hero Eddie Canales, who helps teens with spinal cord injuries.

Young football players injured, but not forgottenupdated: Thu Sep 22 2011 13:28:00

Two moments have changed Eddie Canales' life. Both occurred on the football field.

Preventing heat-related football deathsupdated: Fri Aug 05 2011 14:12:00

Coaches cancel midday football practices to prevent heat-related injuries to players.

Expert: Lack of heat rules endangers student athletesupdated: Fri Aug 05 2011 14:12:00

Brutal summer temperatures will keep killing high school athletes unless their parents demand rules to protect them, says an expert in such deaths. Stewart Mandel: Do's, don'ts for division alignments; more mailupdated: Wed Aug 03 2011 13:14:00

While Big 12 athletic directors met Monday to squash yet another crisis sure to expedite that league's imminent demise (a non-story, yet again), the Big Ten announced that all public tickets to its first-ever league championship game sold out in two hours last weekend. That's par for the course in the SEC but was not always the case for the Big 12's now-defunct title game and pretty much unfathomable for the ACC's six-year-old event. Peter King: A retrospective of the 2010 NFL seasonupdated: Mon Feb 21 2011 12:15:00

It's been an odd week. I've been bronchially ill for much of it, napping and coughing and going to bed at 8. I planned to have this week's column be a year-in-review job, what with management and players in silent mode before the federal mediator in Washington over the weekend. 247Sports: Ten early impact players from 2011 recruiting classupdated: Mon Feb 07 2011 19:17:00

With the notable exception of No. 1 overall recruit Jadeveon Clowney, the 2011 recruiting class is finally in the books. Some prospects are already enrolled in college classes, while others are still planning for prom. But almost all of them will be on a college campus in the fall.

Crippling injuries don't dim players' love of footballupdated: Mon Feb 07 2011 17:04:00

As we approached Cowboys Stadium on the outskirts of Dallas in December, I knew we were in for quite an experience.

Web extra: CNN Hero Eddie Canalesupdated: Mon Feb 07 2011 17:04:00

CNN follows Eddie Canales on a recent trip to Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

What if the NFL had stayed in town?updated: Sun Feb 06 2011 08:59:00

"Sometimes I'll drive by the old stadium," Lisa Carver said, "and it kind of feels like a dream. You can almost hear the cheers from the crowds, even though the place is empty." Peter King: Chiefs, Rams lead Missouri football revival; mailupdated: Wed Dec 29 2010 03:22:00

I love what's going on in Missouri. The Chiefs, with 10 wins the past three years, at 10-5, winning the AFC West. The Rams, 6-42 the last three years, one win from the NFC West title.

Warner: 'Something has to change'updated: Wed Dec 08 2010 09:10:00

Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner talks to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the league and players' attitudes on concussions.

The impact of a concussionupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 18:06:00

After a high school football player suffered multiple concussions on the field, his injuries affected the rest of his life. Ben Glicksman: Get to know Ravens linebacker Jameel McClainupdated: Mon Nov 22 2010 10:49:00

After growing up in a Salvation Army rescue shelter, Jameel McClain didn't view going undrafted by the NFL as a major hurdle. Andy Staples: Fort Campbell's Shawn Berner is more than a football coachupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 08:07:00

Sports Illustrated will announce its choice for Sportsman of the Year on Nov. 29. Here's one of the nominations for that honor by an SI writer. The Bonus: An excerpt from book on Washington football, Scoreboard, Babyupdated: Fri Nov 05 2010 11:31:00

Reprinted from Scoreboard, Baby by Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry by permission of the University of Nebraska Press. © 2010 by Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry. Available wherever books are sold or from the University of Nebraska Press 800.848.6224 and on the web at

Head injuries causing concern among football playersupdated: Sat Oct 23 2010 06:35:00

The spectacle of big bodies crashing with brutal force has helped make American Football a billion-dollar industry and the country's favorite sport. But the game is changing because its players are being crippled with the whole country watching.

Rutgers football player in intensive care after injuring spineupdated: Mon Oct 18 2010 17:39:00

A Rutgers University football player remained in intensive care Monday after suffering a spinal cord injury while making a tackle in the fourth quarter of a game against Army on Saturday. Andy Staples: High school football team is family for sons of soldiersupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 15:22:00

Somewhere in Kuwait in late 2007, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Chris Croft handed a package to a convoy commander bound for Baghdad. Croft told the commander to deliver the package to Lt. Col. Fred Wintrich. Tim Layden: Reflecting on 'Blood, Sweat and Chalk'updated: Sun Sep 05 2010 18:57:00

In the past three weeks, I have done dozens of interviews with radio stations, websites, blogs and print media as part of the publicity for my book, Blood, Sweat and Chalk. The Ultimate Football Playbook: How the Great Coaches Built Today's Game. It's a fascinating process and I'm thankful that almost every interviewer has been prepared and enthusiastic. I wish W.C. Heinz had been given a similar opportunity to talk about writing Run to Daylight with Vince Lombardi, because he would have killed, for sure and I'd pay to see the transcripts. David Epstein: Rhabdomyolysis problem is real, and not unique to Haynesworthupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 11:56:00

Question: What do Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and nearly two dozen football players from McMinnville High School in McMinnville, Ore., have in common? Don Banks: Emmitt Smith's career comes full circle, more Snap Judgmentsupdated: Thu Jul 22 2010 13:15:00

Musings, observations and the occasional insight as we prepare to hit the road next week for some NFL training camps and the stickiest, sweatiest portion of every football season... Don Banks: Bruce's retirement ends last link to Los Angelesupdated: Tue Jun 08 2010 12:31:00

Musings, observations and the occasional insight as we creep within two months of the Bengals and Cowboys kicking off the NFL's 2010 preseason in the Aug. 8 Hall of Fame Game in Canton...

Woman named football coachupdated: Mon Mar 15 2010 15:08:00

CNN's Campbell Brown speaks with Natalie Randolph, named football coach at Calvin Coolidge High School in Washington.

Woman named high school's head varsity football coachupdated: Mon Mar 15 2010 15:08:00

A high school in Washington, D.C., on Friday named a former women's professional football player as its head varsity football coach, a move that a national women's sports advocacy group calls historic. Kristian Dyer: New Jersey event showcases top talent from Northeast, mid-Atlanticupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 18:12:00

Once again, the top talent in the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic converged in central New Jersey for the Premier Showcase, an invite-only event for top juniors and selected underclassmen. Dan Shaughnessy: Holy Cross QB comes from out of nowhere to become NFL prospectupdated: Mon Nov 30 2009 12:08:00

Dominic Randolph's college career is over. The Holy Cross quarterback threw his final pass in a 38-28 Division first-round Football Championship Subdivision loss to Villanova on Saturday. Stewart Mandel: Can Ohio State-Pryor relationship be salvaged?updated: Thu Oct 22 2009 00:53:00

The marriage between Ohio State and Terrelle Pryor began with such promise. The nation's most gifted high school quarterback joining forces with the reigning powerhouse of the Big Ten? What could possibly go wrong? Paul Daugherty: Kelly has put Cincinnati on map with wide-open offense, stout Dupdated: Wed Oct 14 2009 12:08:00

Deep in preparation for a Big East mega-game Thursday at No. 21 South Florida, Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly took a day off to visit ESPN's corporate monolith last Friday. It was a match made in media heaven, Kelly being a Worldwide Co-Leader in the ways of corporate and self-promotion. Stewart Mandel: Malzahn's impact as offensive trendsetter felt far beyond Auburnupdated: Fri Oct 02 2009 16:30:00

From his home in Austin, Texas, Chad Morris watches every Auburn game, just as he did for Tulsa the past two seasons and Arkansas the year before that. Andy Staples: How one Ohio district's cancellation of sports has threatened the communityupdated: Thu Sep 17 2009 16:09:00

That first Friday at Grove City High was so quiet. Any other school year, the school's nationally acclaimed band would have ended the day by marching through the halls blasting the fight song. Any other school year, more than 11,000 would have gathered later that evening at the stadium behind the school to watch the Greyhounds -- better known as the Dawgs -- open their season. Any other school year, Friday would have meant something. Peter King: Brooks stares career mortality in the faceupdated: Mon Jun 22 2009 12:31:00

It's happening to Derrick Brooks. After 11 Pro Bowls, six first-team all-pro nods, one Super Bowl victory and one Defensive Player of the Year award, football is saying to him, "We don't need you anymore.'' Why the MLB draft simply doesn't work as a television spectacularupdated: Wed Jun 10 2009 13:16:00

On draft day, every pick can change the world. That's the nature of hope and sports. Every recruit is a future star. Every draft pick might go to the Hall of Fame. In the NFL draft -- the biggest talent-grab of them all -- you have these fun interviews with general managers and coaches after every pick. Every one sounds the same: John Rolfe: Bubble-wrapping the modern athleteupdated: Thu Mar 26 2009 06:46:00

My, a lot of folks are hot under the horse collar about the NFL's new Brady Rule, which continues the trend of making it costly to take the shortest or even longest route to the quarterback and arrive in ill humor. One site claims the league will require signal-callers to wear dresses, and ESPN's Mike Golic has suggested that players will get flagged for merely looking at a QB. Posnanski: Small wonder why Darren Sproles is as good as he isupdated: Wed Jan 07 2009 12:51:00

After a while, as a sportswriter, you get used to coaches calling. A coach in the mountains of North Carolina called the newspaper again and again to come do a story on his punter, who was averaging something like 55 yards a kick. When a reporter finally gave in and weaved along the icy two-lane roads, he found the town and he found the punter. The problem was: The guys keeping the box score were measuring the kid's punts from where he kicked the ball -- some 12 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Andy Staples: Under Armour All-America Game notebookupdated: Mon Jan 05 2009 00:46:00

Florida won't take the field to play for the national title until Thursday, but the Gators scored a victory for their future Sunday when Sanford (Fla.) Seminole receiver Andre Debose committed during the Under Armour All-America Game, choosing Florida from a group that also included Georgia, LSU and Miami. Auburn recruit's catch opens eyes; fallout at Tennessee, moreupdated: Tue Nov 04 2008 13:05:00

All college coaches still searching for an athletic tight end should watch this video. You may not have missed your chance to land the guy who made the play of the year in high school football. Melissa Segura: Friday Night Fútbolupdated: Tue Oct 21 2008 17:51:00

The bus was on I-35 just north of Laredo, Texas, with about 450 miles still to go and plenty of gas in the tank, when the driver suddenly pulled over to the side of the road. Assistant coach Gustavo Adame immediately knew why. Before the bus came to a halt, he sprang from his seat in the front and shouted in Spanish, "Paperwork, out! Passports, out! Visas, out! Rápido!" Arash Markazi: There's no competition: Sanchez is easily USC's best quarterbackupdated: Sun Aug 24 2008 11:15:00

The moment Mark Sanchez cemented himself as USC's starting quarterback this season didn't come when he led the team to a fourth-quarter comeback win over Arizona last season in his first career start. It didn't come when he threw four touchdowns passes and no interceptions in a 38-0 rout of Notre Dame in South Bend. It didn't even come this spring when coach Pete Carroll named him the starter in April, leading to No. 6 jerseys being printed and sold in the campus bookstore. Dr. Z: Dolphins training camp postcardupdated: Thu Aug 07 2008 15:29:00 has dispatched 10 writers to report on the 32 NFL training camps across the country. For the complete schedule of postcards, click here. Kevin Armstrong: All-Star border wars dwindling under economic woes, college demandsupdated: Fri Jul 18 2008 13:24:00

The summer before his red-shirt freshman season at Texas Tech in 2004, prized quarterback recruit Graham Harrell took a week-long working vacation. Already ensconced in workouts on the Tech campus, Harrell left to prepare for and play in the Oil Bowl -- the annual all-star football grudge match between Oklahoma and Texas high school seniors. "When Texas plays Oklahoma in college, half the Sooners roster is from Texas and vice versa," says Harrell. "With the summer all-star games, it's purely a state rivalry." Michael Lombardi: Saints bond by helping outupdated: Mon Jun 16 2008 12:11:00

Saints coach Sean Payton knows how to take advantage of the moment and is not afraid to take on new challenges. Kevin Armstrong: New Jersey's Olsens continue to rollupdated: Fri Jun 13 2008 17:33:00

Pillar by pillar, Chris Olsen's world was crashing down. Peter King: Monday Morning Quarterbackupdated: Mon Jun 02 2008 14:57:00

A tornado struck northeast Iowa a week ago, and seven people were killed. About 220 homes were destroyed, and much of the downtown of Parkersburg, Iowa, (pop.: 1,800) was leveled. Phil Taylor: Nebraska Lost, Nebraska Foundupdated: Tue Apr 15 2008 09:51:00

If this is going to work, if Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini are going to turn the new Nebraska back into the old Nebraska, the process had to start in a place like this, in the rural town of West Point (pop. 3,472). It had to begin with a Nebraska kid, a tough, hardworking high school player who has always been a Husker in his heart, a kid like linebacker Micah Kreikemeier. Now, Micah Kreikemeier might one day join the long line of legendary Nebraska stars, or he might be one of those Cornhuskers who never has a bigger college football highlight than the day the most famous man in the state called to offer him a scholarship. But one thing that Micah Kreikemeier almost surely will do is work his tail off the way Nebraska boys are expected to do, treasure the block N on the side of his helmet as if it were a big red ruby and make everyone in the state proud that he's one of their own. If you don't know how important all of that is, well, then you don't know Nebraska. Andy Staples: Gonzaga hoops recruit (6-9) may consider footballupdated: Mon Mar 10 2008 15:53:00

The message boards buzzed when Kalispell, Mont., forward Brock Osweiler committed to Gonzaga two years ago. Would Osweiler, then a high school freshman, make it to Spokane, Wash., before changing his mind or doing something to make Gonzaga coaches change their minds? Now, as Osweiler nears the end of his junior year, he may indeed choose a school other than Gonzaga. Andy Staples: Why the realistic HS football show need to stay on TVupdated: Thu Feb 28 2008 12:49:00

Scott Porter remembered the game. Asked Wednesday if he could recall the most heartbreaking loss of his junior season at Lake Howell High in Winter Park, Fla., the man who plays paralyzed former Dillon Panthers quarterback Jason Street on NBC's Friday Night Lights flicked on his mental highlight reel. Stewart Mandel: Pryor announcement to be most anticipated in historyupdated: Wed Feb 06 2008 17:27:00

What do you suppose it was like to be inside the tiny gymnasium at Jeannette (Pa.) High last Saturday night? Andy Staples: Why star Terrelle Pryor is No. 16 in SI/Takkle Top 100updated: Tue Jan 22 2008 10:27:00

If you've checked out the SI/ list of the nation's top 100 high school football players recently, you probably pelted your computer screen in strawberry-banana smoothie when you noticed one particular ranking.

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