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Simon Denyer and Ali Velshi discuss the long-term expansion of the Indian economy and why few foreign investors exist.

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Hindus denounce ad attacking Huntsman's faith, valuesupdated: Sat Jan 07 2012 16:39:00

Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman called it stupid. His rival Ron Paul denounced it. But perhaps most appalled by a "China Jon" ad on YouTube were Hindus in America.

N.Y. police probe attacks on mosque, house that serves as Hindu templeupdated: Mon Jan 02 2012 18:03:00

Video released Monday shows a person throwing a Molotov cocktail toward a residence in New York City that also serves as a Hindu temple in one of three such attacks reported by police in the city.

Russian court rejects petition to ban Hindu scriptureupdated: Thu Dec 29 2011 10:13:00

A Russian court has rejected a petition that sought to ban a Russian translation of the Bhagavad Gita, one of Hinduism's most important texts.

Treasure discovered under Hindu templeupdated: Mon Jul 11 2011 02:27:00

CNN's Nadia Bilchik and Susan Hendricks discuss treasure recently discovered in Indian temple vaults.

U.S. same sex couple marries in Nepalese Hindu ceremonyupdated: Sun Jun 26 2011 03:33:00

An American lesbian couple married in a temple here in accordance with Hindu tradition on Monday, the couple told CNN.

Indian village named for a god now honors SnapDeal.comupdated: Sat Jun 18 2011 09:57:00

Residents of a remote village in northern India have few connections to the outside world. They live in mud dwellings with thatched roofs. Electricity is available just two hours a day. And a computer -- well, what's that?

Business is booming for psychic career counselorupdated: Thu May 19 2011 09:04:00

Sue Frederick says she can see your dream job and is ready to help you find it.

Hindus volunteer to clean up religious offerings from Jamaica Bay areaupdated: Sat Apr 23 2011 22:38:00

Volunteers toiled for hours on Friday cleaning mostly man-made debris from a New York coastline, the scattered religious offerings from a growing Hindu population in Queens.

Former truck driver deciphers top secrets of first atomic bombsupdated: Wed Mar 30 2011 12:55:00

Two decades after helping to design the first atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Manhattan Project, was asked to describe how he felt after the bomb's first test. "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky," he quoted from the Hindu scripture, Bhagavad Gita, "that would be like the splendor of the mighty one. Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds."

Former trucker reconstructs atomic bombupdated: Wed Mar 30 2011 12:55:00

Former trucker John Coster-Mullen deciphers the top-secret inner workings of the first atomic bombs.

India sentences 11 to death in deadly 2002 train arsonupdated: Tue Mar 01 2011 02:43:00

An Indian court has handed down death sentences to 11 people for their role in the 2002 burning of a train carrying Hindu activists in the western state of Gujarat.

Thailand, Cambodia clash over templeupdated: Mon Feb 14 2011 22:35:00

Thailand and Cambodia have been clashing for several days over a disputed Hindu temple. CNN's Ralitsa Vassileva reports.

Deadly blast outside Indian templeupdated: Tue Dec 07 2010 13:02:00

A Hindu temple in Varanasi, India, is hit by an explosion that triggered a stampede.

India remains calm after ruling on site at center of 1992 violenceupdated: Fri Oct 01 2010 13:54:00

A high court's decision to divide a disputed holy site in India to satisfy competing religious claims to the site was expected to provoke violence, but authorities said the news has been received calmly.

Indian court splits holy site into three partsupdated: Thu Sep 30 2010 22:14:00

A disputed holy site in India will be divided in an attempt to satisfy competing religious claims to the site, the Allahabad High Court ruled Thursday.

Disputed holy site to be dividedupdated: Thu Sep 30 2010 22:14:00

India's high court rules a holy site will be divided between the Muslim community and two Hindu groups.

Decision on holy site could spark Indian riotsupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 22:35:00

A court in India is set to rule soon on who owns a small patch of land in Uttar Pradesh, up in the north -- and India is on high alert waiting for the result.

India's top court clears way for verdict on holy siteupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 06:48:00

India's Supreme Court on Tuesday gave the go-ahead for a verdict on a holy site claimed by both Hindus and Muslims -- and one is expected within 48 hours.

India's top court delays decision on holy siteupdated: Fri Sep 24 2010 03:43:00

A verdict on a holy site claimed by both Hindus and Muslims will not be delivered Friday, as was previously expected.

Julia Roberts is practicing Hinduismupdated: Fri Aug 06 2010 16:47:00

Julia Roberts, star of the new movie "Eat, Pray, Love," which tells the story of a soul-searching character, is now a practicing Hindu.

Indians flock to marry and shop on lucky dayupdated: Mon May 17 2010 01:32:00

Tens of thousands of Indian couples tied the knot Sunday, one of the luckiest days in the Hindu calendar.

Hindu festival of Thaipusamupdated: Sun Feb 07 2010 21:41:00

CNN shows Hindu's taking part in the festival of Thaipusam, carried out to reaffirm their faith and believe their sins can be cleansed.

Hindus pierce bodies at religious festival in Malaysiaupdated: Sun Feb 07 2010 21:41:00

Beating drums accompany hundreds of thousands of Hindu worshippers as they inch their way toward the entrance of the Batu caves just north of Malaysia's capital for the festival of Thaipusam.

Seven killed in Hindu festival stampedeupdated: Thu Jan 14 2010 07:46:00

Seven pilgrims were trampled to death in eastern India Thursday when they tried to board a ferry for a sacred island site, authorities said.

Hindus urged to consider environment as they wash away sinsupdated: Wed Jan 13 2010 04:57:00

The small print in Tuesday's full-page newspaper advertisements for a key Hindu event reflects one of India's biggest worries -- dirty water.

For many, December's a dilemmaupdated: Wed Dec 23 2009 15:06:00

As Christmas season went into full swing this year, Glen Fullmer's 7-year-old son came home from school with an assignment: Make a poster illustrating his family holiday traditions.

India fireworks warehouse fireupdated: Sat Oct 17 2009 03:20:00

Hours before a major Hindu festival, a blaze kills 30 at a firework warehouse. CNN-IBN's Meenakshi Mahadevan reports.

Idol pollutionupdated: Mon Aug 31 2009 03:56:00

CNN's Liz Neisloss looks at how idol-worship ceremonies in India pollute the environment.

India's idol rituals take toll on environmentupdated: Mon Aug 31 2009 03:56:00

South India's sun beats down on a long line of trucks wending to the Bay of Bengal. In the back of these trucks, giant, brightly painted statues of the Hindu god Ganesha are waiting to be dropped in the nearby ocean.

Solar eclipse scares Indian mothers-to-beupdated: Tue Jul 21 2009 09:34:00

While many now recognize the scientific explanation for a solar eclipse, the phenomenon is still marked with tradition and sometimes suspicion in Hindu-majority India.

British man loses right to Hindu cremationupdated: Fri May 08 2009 08:28:00

A Hindu man in Britain lost his court battle Friday for the legal right to be cremated in a traditional Hindu open-air funeral pyre.

Controversy over funeral pyresupdated: Fri May 08 2009 08:28:00

British Hindu seeks High Court ruling for open-air funeral pyres. CNN's Andrew Carey reports

UK Hindu fights for funeral pyre 'dignity'updated: Thu Mar 26 2009 05:44:00

A devout Hindu said Wednesday he was confident that a British court will rule that laws preventing him from being cremated on an open-air funeral pyre in "a sacrament of fire" are a breach of his human rights.

Mumbai: A city of celebrationupdated: Wed Feb 18 2009 05:40:00

Mumbai is always colorful and dynamic but if you're lucky enough to be in town for one of the city's major festivals you'll witness Mumbai erupting into glorious Technicolor.

Money issues hamper festivalupdated: Sun Oct 12 2008 23:44:00

It's festival season in India, but financial issues are disrupting the celebration. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.

Arson probe as Indian Muslim family burned aliveupdated: Sun Oct 12 2008 07:25:00

Six members of a Muslim family were burned alive Sunday in a fire at their house in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Indian Maoist group: We killed Hindu leaderupdated: Sun Oct 05 2008 06:36:00

A Maoist group has claimed responsibility for the killing of a Hindu leader, whose death sparked a wave of Hindu-Christian riots in southern India.

India temple stampedeupdated: Tue Sep 30 2008 18:31:00

A stampede at a hilltop temple in western India killed more than 147 people. CNN's Mallika Kapur reports.

India temple stampede kills 147updated: Tue Sep 30 2008 18:31:00

A stampede at a hilltop temple in western India killed more than 147 people and wounded 55 others who had gathered to celebrate the start of a religious holiday on Tuesday, police said. India: 125 Killed in Temple Stampedeupdated: Tue Sep 30 2008 00:15:00

At least 125 people were killed and 50 injured when thousands of pilgrims stampeded at a Hindu temple in the historic town of Jodhpur in western India

Indian state erupts in violence after Hindu shotupdated: Wed Aug 27 2008 16:22:00

The remote east Indian state of Orissa, historically a tinderbox of Hindu-Christian tensions, erupted in violence this week after gunmen killed a Hindu leader and mobs burned churches in retaliation. A Perilous Religious Game in Kashmirupdated: Wed Aug 06 2008 16:00:00

Hindu Nationalists and Muslim hardliners in the Indian state have brought sectarian feelings to a boil. Is India facing a new faith-based conflagration? Funerals Start After India Stampedeupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 17:00:00

Mukesh Chabba lit the funeral pyre on which seven of his relatives -- including his wife and daughter -- were cremated Monday, the day after a stampede at a remote mountaintop Hindu temple killed 145 people

India temple stampedeupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 09:10:00

A stampede at India's Naini Devi Temple killed more than 140 people.

India: Deadly stampede after 'landslide rumor'updated: Mon Aug 04 2008 09:10:00

At least 133 people were killed in a stampede Sunday as panicked worshippers tried to flee a crowded mountaintop Hindu temple in northern India, officials said.

145 killed in India temple stampedeupdated: Sun Aug 03 2008 16:23:00

A stampede at a mountaintop Hindu temple in northern India killed at least 145 people Sunday, officials said.

Nepal helps bring home 36 dead pilgrimsupdated: Fri Aug 01 2008 06:02:00

The Nepalese government sent two teams to northern India on Friday to prepare to bring back the bodies of 36 pilgrims killed when their bus plunged into a river, officials said. India's Temples Go Green updated: Mon Jul 07 2008 23:00:00

Taking advantage of new technology and the carbon-credit market, India's religious institutions are becoming leading preachers of environmentalism Chopra: 'Guru' Film Not Insultingupdated: Mon Jun 02 2008 17:00:00

Deepak Chopra has something to say about Hindu opposition to Mike Myers' new movie: Get over it

Group claims responsibility for India blastsupdated: Thu May 15 2008 04:06:00

A little-known group called Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's near-simultaneous bomb attacks that killed 63 people in the northwest Indian city of Jaipur. It also warned of more attacks in the country.

'Terror' groups claims bombingupdated: Thu May 15 2008 04:06:00

Little-known group says it set series of explosions in Indian city. CNN-IBN's Sumon Chakrabarti explains.

Two-faced baby worshippedupdated: Wed Apr 09 2008 09:13:00

A baby with two faces, born in an Indian village, is being worshipped as a Hindu goddess. CNN's Sara Sidner explains.

Faith groups for ecology?updated: Mon Jan 28 2008 03:09:00

Ecotheology emerges in Canada, bringing together ecology and spirituality. CNN's Andrew Stevens reports

All About: Religion and the environmentupdated: Mon Jan 28 2008 03:09:00

Whether we are actively religious or not, religious belief permeates the very fabric of our existence. Namely, it influences -- if not directly shapes -- our legal systems; and therefore our constitutions; and therefore our nations' policy choices, both at home and abroad. A Christian-Hindu Clash in Indiaupdated: Thu Dec 27 2007 13:00:00

Low-caste Hindus are converting to Christianity in an attempt to escape their spot at the bottom of India's social hierarchy, and sparking religious violence in the process

Vegetarian rules in housing huntupdated: Fri Sep 16 2005 04:02:00

Unless you are a vegetarian Hindu from the Indian state of Gujarat, don't bother applying for an apartment at the Mayfair Residency in the upmarket Mumbai suburb of Khar.

Gunmen open fire at Hindu templeupdated: Tue Jul 05 2005 01:43:00

The dispute over a historic religious site in the northern town of Ayodhya has come to define the often fiery mix of politics and religion in India.

Fortune: WHERE'S THE BEEF?updated: Mon Jan 24 1994 00:01:00

McDonald's menus in India, where the chain hopes to begin operations in 1995, will have an unusual twist: They will offer no beef, reflecting the Hindu belief that the cow is sacred. Hindus compris...

Fortune: GETTING AN MBA THE MAHARISHI WAYupdated: Mon Jan 25 1993 00:01:00

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the same guy you saw with the Beatles in the Sixties and on talk shows in the Seventies, is opening schools in all 50 states. They will offer MBAs, among other degrees. But H...

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