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CNNMoney: 30-year mortgage rate rises above record lowupdated: Thu Feb 23 2012 13:56:00

The 30-year fixed mortgage rate rose for the first time in four weeks, relinquishing its all-time record low amid news that the housing market is showing some signs of improvement.

CNNMoney: 30-year mortgage rate holds at record lowupdated: Thu Feb 09 2012 12:37:00

Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages remained at an all-time record low for the second week in a row.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates hit a new low: 30-year fixed at 3.87%updated: Thu Feb 02 2012 13:36:00

Just one day after President Obama detailed a proposal to enable millions of homeowners to refinance to record-low mortgage rates, those rates notched another record.

CNNMoney: Mortgage applications surge amid record-low ratesupdated: Wed Jan 18 2012 17:53:00

Mortgage loan applications surged 23% last week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, as record-low interest rates convinced many homeowners it was time to refinance into lower-cost loans.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates hit another record lowupdated: Thu Dec 22 2011 13:31:00

Happy holidays, homebuyers! You just got a very nice present.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates fall to record lowsupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 13:44:00

Mortgage rates sunk to record lows again this week.

Money Magazine: A smaller house will make a big differenceupdated: Mon Nov 14 2011 13:20:00

Last year the economic forecasting firm Fiserv predicted that home values would sink around 5% in 2011, and that prices in three-quarters of the nation's major metro areas would fall. The bad news is, the firm wasn't that far off the mark. The good news: In the coming year, Fiserv thinks 95% of the 384 metro areas it tracks will see prices rise.

CNNMoney: 30-year mortgage rates fall below 4% for first timeupdated: Thu Oct 06 2011 12:10:00

Mortgage rates have never been cheaper, with the 30-year rate falling below 4% for the first time in history.

Fixed mortgage rates lowest on recordupdated: Thu Sep 29 2011 20:28:00

Fixed mortgage rates hit their lowest levels since Freddie Mac began tracking them, the agency reported Thursday.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates hit record low: 30-year fixed nears 4%updated: Thu Sep 15 2011 17:45:00

Mortgage rates hit yet another record low this week amid ongoing economic concerns both at home and in Europe.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates at record lowsupdated: Thu Aug 18 2011 13:44:00

Mortgage rates have hit a record low, making homes even more affordable for prospective buyers.

CNNMoney: Mortgages rates keep falling: 30-year nears record lowupdated: Thu Aug 11 2011 15:17:00

Just when it seemed mortgage rates weren't going to get any lower, they started testing new lows.

CNNMoney: What the debt downgrade means for your mortgageupdated: Tue Aug 09 2011 14:09:00

At least one fear was not realized amid Monday's meltdown: the concern that mortgage rates would immediately shoot higher in response to Standard & Poor's downgrade of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored entities that are the 800-pound gorillas of the mortgage market.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates plunge, flirting with new lowsupdated: Wed Aug 03 2011 15:40:00

As Congress and President Obama hammered out a debt deal over the past week, mortgage rates plunged -- hitting new lows in some instances.

CNNMoney: Debt ceiling and your money: Now it's getting personalupdated: Fri Jul 29 2011 09:16:00

With less than a week to go before the nation's borrowing limit must be lifted, the debate over the debt ceiling rages on, with your money hanging in the balance.

Money Magazine: Don't get trapped in an ARMupdated: Thu Jun 02 2011 11:59:00

They all but disappeared after the housing bust as homeowners grew fearful of future interest-rate hikes and rates for fixed loans fell to historic lows. But "the fear of the adjustable-rate mortgage has started to settle down," says Steve Habetz, a loan officer in Westport, Conn.

CNNMoney: ARMs helped sink the economy - now they're back!updated: Tue Mar 22 2011 11:19:00

Adjustable rate mortgages are back!

CNNMoney: As Treasury yields go, so go mortgage ratesupdated: Fri Feb 11 2011 17:00:00

Treasury yields have been climbing higher since fall 2010, as the economy begins to show signs of improvement. As a result, mortgage rates have been moving higher as well.

Money Magazine: Should I take out a reverse mortgage?updated: Thu Feb 03 2011 13:54:00

My wife and I are 62 and just starting to take Social Security. We're thinking about taking out a reverse mortgage and using it as a line of credit. The extra money could come in handy. What do you think? -- S.W., Red Oak, Texas

CNNMoney: Kiss 4% mortgage rates goodbyeupdated: Sat Jan 01 2011 15:47:00

The era of near 4% mortgage rates has ended after a quick rate rise since early November. But some industry experts think that may be a good thing for the flagging housing market.

Money Magazine: Buying a home now is a no-brainerupdated: Mon Dec 13 2010 09:26:00

Is now the right time to invest in a house?

Money Magazine: 3 ways low mortgage rates can work for youupdated: Tue Nov 02 2010 05:56:00

Just when it looked as if mortgage rates couldn't fall any further, they did.

Money Magazine: When 'cash-in' refinancing pays offupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 04:43:00

At the height of the housing boom, millions of Americans treated their houses like ATMs, pulling out money through "cash-out" refis. Today, with millions of mortgages underwater, money is flowing in the opposite direction.

Fortune: The wasted 4.44% mortgage rateupdated: Mon Aug 16 2010 05:17:00

It appears even the bright spots of this tired economy are still working against heavily indebted homeowners. Mortgage rates have hit new lows nearly every week, but many borrowers are still unable to take advantage of them.

CNNMoney: 30-year mortgage at lowest rate since 1971updated: Thu Aug 12 2010 14:18:00

Mortgage rates continued to decline this week, plunging to the lowest level in decades, according to surveys from Freddie Mac and Bankrate.

CNNMoney: Home-buying loan applications at 13-year lowupdated: Wed Jul 14 2010 08:26:00

Mortgage applications to buy a home plunged last week - to the lowest level in more than 13 years - as the housing recovery continued to struggle following the expiration of the homebuyer tax credit, an industry group said Wednesday.

Fortune: Think housing is recovering? Think again.updated: Tue May 25 2010 10:54:00

Americans purchased homes at a surprising clip in April, but don't let that fool you into thinking the housing market is back.

CNNMoney: States: Let taxpayers cover your mortgageupdated: Wed May 12 2010 13:17:00

Unemployed? Owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth? Your state might one day pay your mortgage.

CNNMoney: Skip the mortgage, pay the credit cardupdated: Thu Apr 15 2010 12:18:00

Millions of Americans are not only upside down on their mortgage, they also appear to be shunning that monthly payment in favor of meeting their everyday expenses.

CNNMoney: Getting a loan will be pricierupdated: Tue Apr 13 2010 04:06:00

As the economy begins to mend, the cost of borrowing money for a big purchase could start to increase.

Money Magazine: Nab a real estate deal - while you still canupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 10:30:00

If you've been holding off on a real estate purchase, glimmers of a turnaround in the housing market may have you wondering if it's finally time to make your move.

CNNMoney: Get ready for higher mortgage ratesupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 15:24:00

Even though signs of a housing recovery are uneven at best, the Federal Reserve is about to take off the training wheels it has had in place for more than a year to help the battered market.

CNNMoney: Bank of America steps up foreclosure prevention effortsupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 17:30:00

One roadblock slowing Obama's foreclosure prevention program seems to be clearing up. Bank of America, the nation's largest mortgage lender, announced Tuesday that it was the first lender to sign an agreement to lower or eliminate payments on second mortgages.

CNNMoney: Last chance to refinance below 5%updated: Thu Jan 07 2010 11:26:00

If you want to refinance your mortgage into a loan with a sub-5% interest rate, better hurry. Your window of opportunity is closing fast.

CNNMoney: Blank check sends Fannie, Freddie soaringupdated: Mon Dec 28 2009 16:30:00

Shares of mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac soared Monday after the Treasury Department announced what essentially amounts to a blank check for their bailouts.

Fortune: Lewie Ranieri wants to fix the mortgage messupdated: Wed Dec 09 2009 08:24:00

Lounging in his giant conference room in an otherwise bland office suite near Long Island's Nassau Coliseum, Lewis Ranieri cultivates the image of a worldly philosopher. The 62-year-old financier prides himself on being a big thinker who conjures elegant solutions to epic problems.

CNNMoney: Obama mortgage rescue: Only a few get lasting helpupdated: Sat Nov 28 2009 21:43:00

Only a tiny percentage of troubled homeowners have received permanent modifications under President Obama's foreclosure prevention plan, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the $75 billion effort.

CNNMoney: Want to avoid foreclosure? Go see a counselorupdated: Wed Nov 18 2009 14:48:00

Housing counselors, who've received more than $400 million in federal funds to help mitigate the mortgage crisis, are helping troubled homeowners avoid foreclosure and lower their monthly payments, a study released Wednesday has found.

CNNMoney: Cash cushion shrivels - U.S. housing agencyupdated: Thu Nov 12 2009 15:51:00

The mortgage meltdown has ravaged the finances of a crucial government agency tasked with propping up the housing industry.

CNNMoney: JPMorgan Chase to hire 1,200updated: Tue Nov 10 2009 15:22:00

JPMorgan & Chase announced plans Tuesday to hire 1,200 mortgage loan officers as the bank moves to expand its home loan business.

CNNMoney: Avoid foreclosure: Rent your own homeupdated: Thu Nov 05 2009 17:59:00

Giving troubled borrowers yet another way to avoid foreclosure, Fannie Mae said on Thursday it would allow eligible homeowners to rent their own homes.

CNNMoney: Mortgage applications slideupdated: Wed Oct 28 2009 07:44:00

Mortgage applications fell last week for the third week in a row, even as interest rates edged lower, an industry group said Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Mortgage applications plummetupdated: Wed Oct 21 2009 08:18:00

Mortgage applications plunged last week as rates ticked higher above 5%, an industry group said Wednesday, as the expiration of a home buyer tax credit drew nearer.

Money Magazine: Is it time to dump your ARM?updated: Wed Oct 21 2009 05:42:00

If you are among the 6.5 million homeowners who took out a low-rate adjustable-rate mortgage during the housing boom, you've probably spent the past couple of years waiting for your day of reckoning to come.

CNNMoney: Mortgages under 5% are back in bloomupdated: Thu Oct 08 2009 13:03:00

The possibility of securing a mortgage rate below 5% has greatly improved in recent weeks, in a positive sign for would-be home buyers.

CNNMoney: Mortgage applications jumpupdated: Wed Oct 07 2009 10:34:00

Mortgage applications surged last week as interest rates on home loans remained low, an industry group said Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Foreclosures: The struggle continuesupdated: Thu Sep 10 2009 11:51:00

The foreclosure crisis grinds on amid signs of hope.

CNNMoney: Repossessions drop, but mortgage payments lagupdated: Thu Sep 10 2009 07:49:00

Substantially fewer homes were repossessed in August than in July, but just as many Americans were behind on their mortgage payments, according to a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates waver as Fed slows buyingupdated: Thu Aug 13 2009 13:42:00

Home mortgage rates were mixed this week as the Federal Reserve began easing away from its repurchase of Treasurys.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates hold steadyupdated: Thu Jul 30 2009 12:27:00

Home mortgage rates were nearly unchanged from the previous week as investors weigh better-than-expected corporate earnings against the record volume of debt the government is selling.

CNNMoney: Round 3: More help for homeownersupdated: Tue Jul 28 2009 07:46:00

As a growing number of Americans default on their mortgages, the Obama administration is set to meet Tuesday with industry executives to discuss their efforts so far to help people save their homes.

CNNMoney: Bernanke sends mortgage rates lowerupdated: Thu Jul 23 2009 11:24:00

Home mortgage rates ticked lower after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the central bank will continue to keep interest rates low.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates little changedupdated: Thu Jul 16 2009 12:55:00

Home mortgage rates saw an up-and-down week but ended almost unchanged, according to a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Economic worries drag down mortgage rates againupdated: Thu Jul 09 2009 14:10:00

Home mortgage rates fell for the third time in four weeks, with the 30-year fixed slipping to 5.59% from 5.7% the prior week, according to a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates slideupdated: Thu Jul 02 2009 11:08:00

Home mortgage rates retreated last week, with the 30-year fixed slipping to 5.7% from 5.8% the week prior, according to a report from a financial data aggregator released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Obama widens mortgage refi programupdated: Wed Jul 01 2009 22:17:00

The Obama administration is widening its mortgage refinancing program to allow more borrowers hit hard by falling home prices to take part.

Fortune: Searching for a bottom in the housing marketupdated: Fri Jun 19 2009 04:23:00

Sales in the decimated housing market may finally be bottoming, but don't expect home prices to stop dropping before mid-2010 at the earliest, analysts and economists say.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates retreatupdated: Thu Jun 18 2009 12:20:00

Home mortgage rates sank sharply last week, retreating from a recent run-up that peaked the previous week. The 30-year fixed slipped to 5.76% from 5.95%, according to a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates climbupdated: Thu Jun 11 2009 15:03:00

Home mortgage rates jumped in the most recent week, pulled higher by skyrocketing Treasury yields.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates soarupdated: Thu Jun 04 2009 16:24:00

Home mortgage rates jumped in the most recent week, with the average 30-year fixed rate rising to 5.65%, according to a report released Thursday.

Fortune: End of refi boom no worry for big banksupdated: Thu Jun 04 2009 05:54:00

The refinancing tide has ebbed, but mortgage profits for the nation's biggest banks are in no danger of drying up.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates staying above 5%updated: Fri May 29 2009 16:23:00

Mortgage rates burst past the 5% mark for a 30-year fixed-rate loan late in May, peaking at an average of 5.45% on Thursday. It was the highest level reached by mortgage rates this year, but on Friday they fell back to 5.27%.

CNNMoney: Bonds rise after auctionsupdated: Thu May 28 2009 16:25:00

Government debt prices rose Thursday after the benchmark 10-year yield had hovered at a 6-month high earlier in the session, at the last of three major auctions scheduled for the week.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates: 30-year still risingupdated: Thu May 28 2009 12:59:00

Home mortgage rates jumped in the most recent week, pulled higher by rising Treasury yields, according to a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Troubled mortgages hit record highupdated: Thu May 28 2009 12:30:00

Despite all the hand-wringing and attempts to contain the foreclosure plague, the problem still spread during the first three months of 2009, as the number of foreclosure actions started hit a record high, according to a quarterly report.

Fortune: The $4 trillion housing headacheupdated: Wed May 27 2009 16:05:00

House prices are taking a long ride in the wayback machine. Unfortunately, Americans' housing-related debt isn't going anywhere fast.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rescues up in Aprilupdated: Wed May 27 2009 13:05:00

Nearly 270,000 troubled homeowners were issued mortgage workouts in April, according to a industry report released Wednesday. That was up from about 250,000 in March.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates 'all over the map'updated: Thu May 21 2009 16:25:00

Home mortgage rates were mixed this week, with the average 30-year ticking higher, according to a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Renewed HOPE for Homeownersupdated: Thu May 21 2009 07:50:00

One of the biggest disappointments of the foreclosure prevention fight has been HOPE for Homeowners, a plan Congress passed in an attempt to help as many as 400,000 underwater, delinquent borrowers from going into foreclosure.

CNNMoney: Fannie and Freddie in 'critical' conditionupdated: Mon May 18 2009 16:08:00

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, charged with helping lead the nation out of its housing crisis, are facing "critical" financial problems, federal regulators said Monday.

CNNMoney: 55,000 helped by Obama mortgage rescueupdated: Thu May 14 2009 17:21:00

More than 55,000 troubled homeowners have received loan modification offers under President Obama's foreclosure prevention program, officials said Thursday.

CNNMoney: Freddie Mac needs another $6.1B in aidupdated: Tue May 12 2009 18:33:00

Freddie Mac asked for another $6.1 billion in government aid Tuesday, after reporting a $9.9 billion quarterly loss.

CNNMoney: Fannie loses $23 billion, seeks more U.S. aidupdated: Fri May 08 2009 12:03:00

Fannie Mae, the troubled mortgage finance company, reported a first-quarter loss of $23.2 billion on Friday.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates rise slightlyupdated: Thu May 07 2009 13:31:00

Home mortgage rates ticked only slightly higher this week, according to a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates fall slightlyupdated: Thu Apr 30 2009 11:48:00

Home mortgage rates were mostly unchanged this week, with the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate holding steady, according to a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Foreclosure filings in record jumpupdated: Thu Apr 30 2009 11:31:00

Lenders continued to rewrite troubled mortgages at a fast clip during March, but the weakening economy still sent foreclosure starts soaring to a record high.

CNNMoney: Obama expands foreclosure fixupdated: Tue Apr 28 2009 16:16:00

The Obama administration said Tuesday it is expanding its foreclosure prevention program to cover second mortgages and to direct more troubled borrowers to the Hope for Homeowners program.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates inch upupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 11:51:00

Home mortgage rates were slightly higher this week, jumping from near record-lows last week, according to a report released Thursday.

Freddie Mac CFO death may be suicideupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 15:15:00

The acting chief financial officer of mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac was found dead. Kate Bolduan reports.

CNNMoney: Freddie Mac CFO found deadupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 13:23:00

The acting chief financial officer of mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac, David Kellermann, was found dead Wednesday morning, police said.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates easeupdated: Thu Apr 16 2009 13:09:00

Mortgage rates fell slightly this week and appear to be settling into a range near historically low levels, according to a national survey released Thursday.

CNNMoney: Your home: Washington's solutionupdated: Tue Apr 14 2009 11:42:00

The road to a housing recovery will be a difficult one.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates snap 4-week fallupdated: Thu Apr 09 2009 13:09:00

Home mortgage rates were slightly higher this week, snapping a 4-week streak of declines, said a report released Thursday.

CNNMoney: How to really help troubled homeownersupdated: Fri Apr 03 2009 13:10:00

It may seem obvious: Increasing how much troubled borrowers pay on their mortgage leads to redefaults. But that didn't stop America's banks.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates sink againupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 14:41:00

Home mortgage rates continued to march lower, according to two separate reports released on Thursday.

CNNMoney: Foreclosures spike - so do mortgage-help plansupdated: Tue Mar 31 2009 09:40:00

Lenders have helped an increasing number of mortgage borrowers to get current on payments and stay in their homes, but the tide of foreclosures is still rising.

Hints of recoveryupdated: Tue Mar 31 2009 09:40:00

Ali Velshi and panelists discuss the good news from Wall Street this week and how much the economy has improved this year.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates at 52-year lowupdated: Thu Mar 26 2009 14:38:00

Home mortgage rates dropped to a 52-year low this week, according to a report released Thursday, in the wake of the government's announcement that it will buy more than $1 trillion in debt.

CNNMoney: Get the best refinancing dealupdated: Wed Mar 25 2009 12:58:00

Mortgage rates are lower than 5% - but how can you get the best refinancing deal?

AIG outrageupdated: Wed Mar 25 2009 12:25:00

Caving to Congressional pressure, AIG releases the names of those who got some of its bailout money.

CNNMoney: HOPE prevents 1 foreclosureupdated: Wed Mar 25 2009 12:25:00

If HOPE for Homeowners, the foreclosure-prevention plan passed last summer, was a soft drink, it would be New Coke. If it was an automobile, it would be an Edsel. A movie? Howard the Duck.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates are low. So are approval ratesupdated: Fri Mar 20 2009 09:42:00

Mortgage interest rates are already flirting with record lows and the Federal Reserve's move to buy up government debt will send those rates even lower. But it doesn't look like it will get any easier for borrowers - even those with good credit.

CNNMoney: Obama housing fix: Banks not readyupdated: Thu Mar 19 2009 15:41:00

As loan servicers scramble to implement President Obama's foreclosure prevention plan, the administration on Thursday unveiled a Web site to assist homeowners in determining whether they are eligible for help.

Four Fannie Mae execs to get big bonusesupdated: Thu Mar 19 2009 01:00:00

Troubled mortgage giant Fannie Mae planned to pay four top executives retention bonuses ranging from $470,000 to $611,000, according to a February SEC filing.

CNNMoney: Mortgage help: Do you qualify?updated: Mon Mar 16 2009 07:16:00

President Obama's eagerly anticipated foreclosure prevention program went into effect on Wednesday. It targets 9 million borrowers for help - are you one of them?

CNNMoney: One reason you can't get a mortgageupdated: Fri Mar 13 2009 15:10:00

For real estate appraisers, determining what a house is worth has become increasingly difficult, which is making it even harder for buyers to purchase homes or for homeowners to refinance.

America's money crisisupdated: Fri Mar 13 2009 15:10:00

Don Lemon and panelists discuss the current economic crisis and where all the jobs have gone.

CNNMoney: Appraisals: One reason you can't get a mortgageupdated: Fri Mar 13 2009 12:42:00

For real estate appraisers, determining what a house is worth has become increasingly difficult, which is making it even harder for buyers to purchase homes or for homeowners to refinance.

CNNMoney: Household net worth sinks $11.2 trillionupdated: Thu Mar 12 2009 14:45:00

Household net worth in the United States declined by $11.2 trillion last year, according to a government report issued Thursday, and Americans curbed their spending as they watched the value of their assets fall.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates inch downwardupdated: Thu Mar 12 2009 13:16:00

Mortgage rates slipped last week, according to a weekly survey released Thursday.

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