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Last week, a U.S. District judge dealt a serious blow to Google and Samsung by slapping an injunction on the Galaxy Nexus phone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a patent infringement lawsuit.

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone aims high, falls shortupdated: Wed Jun 20 2012 11:43:00

Samsung rightfully enjoys pointing out that it ships more Android smartphones than anyone else. And, with its new Galaxy S III, the South Korean electronics giant has accomplished something only Apple has been able to do so far: sell the same exact phone at the same price across major U.S. carriers without letting them slap their logos on the front of the device.

CNNMoney: Intel's secret phoneupdated: Tue Feb 28 2012 12:13:00

The hottest smartphone maker at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona isn't Samsung, HTC, Nokia or Motorola. It's Intel.

HTC launches new HTC One line of smartphonesupdated: Mon Feb 27 2012 11:14:00

HTC has launched a new flagship Android smartphone, the HTC One X, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

'Must-have' gadgets at world's biggest mobile showupdated: Wed Feb 22 2012 06:51:00

Mobile World Congress is the world's largest mobile phone trade show, held every year in Barcelona. It is the venue for manufacturers like Nokia, HTC, LG, and Samsung to reveal the must-have mobile devices and services of the year.

A new breed of 4G phones emergesupdated: Mon Jan 16 2012 14:08:00

The International Consumer Electronics Show, the giant gadget convention that wrapped up on Friday, has brought some frustrating news for AT&T or Sprint customers who bought a cutting-edge 4G smartphone last year.

Windows Phone backers declare mobile warupdated: Wed Jan 11 2012 18:38:00

Stephen Elop gave an impassioned speech on Monday about waging a war to re-enter the United States by establishing a beachhead here.

CNNMoney: Your cell phone is out of your controlupdated: Wed Dec 28 2011 05:09:00

Here's the takeaway from the Carrier IQ fiasco: Mobile phone owners have no clue what data-gathering tools are running on their devices, and little ability to control them.

CNNMoney: Carrier IQ: We don't record keystrokes, but your phone doesupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 14:24:00

As the privacy fiasco that erupted around Carrier IQ continues smoldering, the finger pointing has intensified over the controversial software that sends data from individuals' phones back to their carriers.

CNNMoney: Looks like 'game over' for BlackBerryupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 12:49:00

The best time to buy a stock and make a lot of money off of it is often when the company is universally hated. When so many investors think a company is doomed, it doesn't take much to move the stock higher again.

Review: Motorola's Xoom sequel, the Xyboard tabletupdated: Tue Dec 13 2011 07:35:00

Motorola is taking another shot at the tablet game with the Droid Xyboard, the company's latest Android device to hit Verizon stores.

CNNMoney: Stocks: Investors cautious after S&P warningupdated: Tue Dec 06 2011 09:12:00

U.S. stock futures hovered around breakeven Tuesday morning, as investors remain cautious after S&P issued a eurozone warning.

CNNMoney: Stocks: All eyes on Europeupdated: Mon Dec 05 2011 08:34:00

U.S. stock futures were higher Monday, as investors looked to European leaders to ease debt concerns.

CNNMoney: Carrier IQ: 'We're as surprised as you'updated: Fri Dec 02 2011 15:39:00

The company behind the now-notorious Carrier IQ software that has been found to log every keystroke pressed, website visited and text message sent by 150 million mobile phone users said Friday it was shocked to learn that its software was doing that.

Report: Facebook making phone, code-named 'Buffy'updated: Tue Nov 22 2011 08:10:00

Facebook is working with HTC to develop a phone that has a much deeper integration with the social network than any previous "Facebook phone." That's according to a report from All Things D, which says the phone is probably 12 to 18 months away from hitting store shelves.

Review: Not much to see on this 3-D phoneupdated: Fri Sep 02 2011 16:27:00

Someone with a standard smartphone might look with envy at the emerging breed of 3-D handsets with displays that don't require special glasses.

CNNMoney: The next building blocks for Google's mobile empireupdated: Tue Aug 16 2011 15:54:00

Google is best known as a search company. But with Monday's deal to buy Motorola Mobility, the company made a cannonball dive into a field it's long been edging toward: the mobile communications market.

CNNMoney: RIM and Nokia next to get bought? Not so fast.updated: Mon Aug 15 2011 12:47:00

Being the leader in a market is sooooo overrated. Sometimes, it's better to be an also-ran -- because then you get caught up in crazy takeover speculation!

CNNMoney: Google-Motorola deal heats up StockTwitsupdated: Mon Aug 15 2011 12:18:00

The so-called "Merger Monday" continues to live up to its name, after Google announced an acquisition of handset maker Motorola Mobility Holdings for a 63% premium.

Do people really care how their gadgets sound?updated: Fri Aug 12 2011 11:35:00

HTC is making a $300 million bet that people want cell phones capable of producing high-quality audio. But will it pay off?

Android captures nearly 50% of global smartphone marketupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 16:20:00

Google Android captured 48% of the smartphone market in Q2 of 2011, hitting an all-time high, according to a report by market research firm Canalys.

CNNMoney: The best smartphone stock? Not Appleupdated: Wed Jun 29 2011 15:39:00

If you are looking to invest in a smartphone maker, your choices at first seem limited to Apple and a bevy of also-rans that are taking turns auditioning for the dubious distinction of becoming the next Palm.

Stores prep for debut of Evo 3D phoneupdated: Thu Jun 23 2011 20:44:00

Will Friday's U.S. release of the first 3-D smartphone turn out like the blockbuster opening for "Avatar" or fall flat like the "Jonas Brothers" in 3-D?

Second 4G Verizon phone debuts in wake of network outagesupdated: Mon May 16 2011 07:50:00

The Verizon Wireless 4G network has been lauded as lightning-fast. Now, the company is launching a second phone that will work with its speeds.

HTC unveils Sensation 4G smartphoneupdated: Tue Apr 12 2011 16:58:00

HTC on Tuesday unveiled its newest smartphone, the HTC Sensation 4G, calling it a "multimedia superphone" with a focus on entertainment.

CNNMoney: Android passes BlackBerry as No. 1 on smartphonesupdated: Mon Mar 07 2011 16:49:00

Android is now the most-used smartphone operating system in the United States -- a stunning race to the top from a platform that didn't exist just 27 months ago.

CNNMoney: Everyone is making Facebook phones - except Facebookupdated: Tue Feb 15 2011 15:24:00

The Facebook phone is finally here! Well, sort of.

Led by Atrix, no shortage of new Androidsupdated: Thu Feb 03 2011 20:04:00

The Verizon iPhone train started rolling this week, but Apple's main smartphone competitors aren't about to be left at the station.

CNNMoney: Your new smartphone is already a dinosaurupdated: Thu Feb 03 2011 16:47:00

If you bought a smartphone within the past year, you might already have noticed that your once-cool superdevice is feeling outdated.

Android outsells all other mobile platformsupdated: Mon Jan 31 2011 10:29:00

Google's mobile platform Android has overtaken Symbian to become the top smartphone platform in Q4 2010, research firm Canalys reports.

Android invasion arrives at CESupdated: Fri Jan 07 2011 11:54:00

Google doesn't have a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, but the company's Android software is practically everywhere.

For smartphone buyers, size may not matterupdated: Thu Dec 09 2010 08:54:00

The adage "size matters" doesn't seem to apply to smartphones.

$199 Google Nexus S smartphone hits stores December 16updated: Mon Dec 06 2010 15:07:00

Google announced a curvy new smartphone on Monday -- the first gadget to run the newest version of the Android mobile operating system.

Windows Phone 7 touches down in Americaupdated: Mon Nov 08 2010 17:21:00

Stretch out those fingers, because a new breed of touch-screen smartphones hits the U.S. and Canada on Monday.

CNNMoney: The price of gambling on Windows Phone 7updated: Thu Oct 14 2010 12:53:00

How Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 fares over the next year will help answer a high-stakes question: Will manufacturers still pay for the software at the heart of their smartphones?

The summer of the smartphone shortageupdated: Tue Jul 13 2010 11:19:00

I can't tell you how many people I've talked to this summer who have told me that they had finally made their decision to get a new smartphone only to have their plans thwarted when they got to the store and their well-researched choice was unavailable.

CNNMoney: Patent troll sues Apple, Google, and most of the tech universeupdated: Fri Jul 09 2010 18:02:00

NTP Inc., a patent holding company that shook up the tech world several years ago by extracting a pricey legal settlement from BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, announced Friday it had launched a fresh barrage of patent infringement lawsuits against the tech world's leading lights.

Microsoft gives up on the Kin, eyes Windows Phone 7updated: Thu Jul 01 2010 13:05:00

Less than two months after rolling out its Kin smartphones, Microsoft is giving up on the teen-friendly devices amid reportedly sluggish sales.

Google rolls out Android 2.2 for all Nexus Onesupdated: Tue Jun 29 2010 09:44:00

The Android 2.2 rollout has finally begun, starting with Google's flagship phone, the Nexus One.

A plea for gadget interface consistencyupdated: Mon May 31 2010 11:53:00

Something that has begun to drive me batty in the past few years are the buttons on modern day gadgets.

CNNMoney: Palm stock soars on takeover talkupdated: Mon Apr 12 2010 16:13:00

Palm Inc. shares surged almost 18% on Monday after reports that the struggling smart-phone maker will put itself up for sale this week.

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