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CNNMoney: Goldman's Blankfein endorses same-sex marriageupdated: Mon Feb 06 2012 10:04:00

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has recorded a commercial endorsing the right to same-sex marriage, becoming one of the highest profile corporate executives to weigh in on the controversial campaign.

CNNMoney: Best Companies list hits gay rights milestoneupdated: Fri Jan 20 2012 05:10:00

For the first time ever, all 100 firms on Fortune's Best Companies To Work For list this year have non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation.

Obama tells gay activists he is committed to equalityupdated: Sun Oct 02 2011 11:25:00

President Barack Obama, speaking to a gathering of gay and lesbian activists, said Saturday that he is committed to equality, citing the repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy as an example.

Obama: Booing American soldier not OKupdated: Sun Oct 02 2011 11:25:00

President Obama condemned GOP presidential candidates for staying silent when a U.S. soldier was booed during a debate.

Civil unions become law in Delawareupdated: Thu May 12 2011 11:29:00

Calling it "a moment in our history," Delaware Gov. Jack Markell has signed a bill legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples in the state.

Delaware lawmakers approves civil unions billupdated: Fri Apr 15 2011 02:05:00

Delaware lawmakers on Thursday approved a measure legalizing civil unions, sending the bill to the governor for his signature.

Kobe Bryant fined $100,000 over anti-gay slurupdated: Thu Apr 14 2011 06:16:00

The National Basketball Association fined Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers $100,000 on Wednesday for "offensive and inexcusable" comments he made during Tuesday night's game, the league said in a statement.

Kobe Bryant back on topupdated: Thu Apr 14 2011 06:16:00

After being accused of sexual assault in 2003, Kobe Bryant now seems to be in a good place. CNN's Patrick Snell reports.

Colorado Senate passes civil unions billupdated: Thu Mar 24 2011 15:50:00

The Colorado Senate on Thursday approved a civil unions bill that would allow same-sex couples the right to inherit property, apply for family leave and share medical decisions. George W. Bush's Daughter Endorses Gay Marriageupdated: Tue Feb 01 2011 16:08:00

"Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love," says the former first daughter

Democratic senator open to dropping 'don't ask' from defense billupdated: Wed Nov 17 2010 05:25:00

The senator at the center of the legislative tug of war over a vote on the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" said Tuesday the strategy on how it could be considered is "up in the air," according to a spokeswoman.

Last suspect in Bronx anti-gay attacks to be arraignedupdated: Tue Oct 12 2010 01:37:00

Ruddy Vargas-Perez, the last of nine named suspects in a series of anti-gay beatings in New York, will be arraigned Tuesday.

Last suspect arrested in Bronx anti-gay attacksupdated: Mon Oct 11 2010 20:25:00

The last of nine named suspects in a series of anti-gay beatings is "just appalled" by the attacks and had nothing to do with them, his lawyer said Monday after the man surrendered to police.

Tattoos tell my real storyupdated: Thu Apr 01 2010 11:55:00

We are often asked to declare our identity for documents, applications, bank loans and even social networking sites. But how much of our identity is lost when we select "female," "African-American" or "Muslim?"

Same-sex couples in D.C. say 'I do'updated: Tue Mar 09 2010 14:31:00

A lesbian couple together for more than a decade smiled through tears Tuesday as they became the first same-sex couple to marry in the District of Columbia, on the first day such unions are legal in the nation's capital.

Powell in favor of repealing 'don't ask, don't tell'updated: Wed Feb 03 2010 18:38:00

Colin Powell, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former secretary of state, has come out in favor of eventually repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gay and lesbian service members.

FBI cites thousands of hate crimes in '08updated: Mon Nov 23 2009 17:35:00

More than 9,000 hate crime offenses -- more than half of them motivated by racial bias -- were reported last year, the FBI announced Monday.

Hate crimes extended to LGBTupdated: Fri Oct 23 2009 04:41:00

Congress passed a bill extending hate crimes laws to cover gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people.

Hate crimes bill goes to Obama for signatureupdated: Fri Oct 23 2009 04:41:00

The Senate passed groundbreaking legislation Thursday that would make it a federal crime to assault an individual because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

Obama to gay group: 'Still laws to change, hearts to open'updated: Sun Oct 11 2009 12:15:00

President Obama delivered a rousing speech Saturday night to the nation's largest gay rights group, praising the gay community for making strides in equal rights and pledging to deliver on major campaign promises that some say he's left on the back burner.

Obama: 'I will sign it into law'updated: Sun Oct 11 2009 12:15:00

President Barack Obama promises to pass an inclusive hate crimes bill named for Matthew Shepard.

Gay rights advocates gather ahead of Obama's speechupdated: Sat Oct 10 2009 19:51:00

Gay rights advocates gathered near the Washington Monument on Saturday to express opposition to the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy just hours before President Obama was expected to speak to the Human Rights Campaign on issues affecting the gay community.

Commentary: Gay is not the new blackupdated: Thu Jul 16 2009 09:23:00

Far from flowing rainbow flags, the sound of Lady Gaga and, quite honestly, white people, stands a nightclub just outside of Wicker Park in Chicago, Illinois, by the name of The Prop House.

Cyndi Lauper and her hero fight for gay rightsupdated: Fri Oct 17 2008 11:42:00

Throughout her career, singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper has promoted gay and lesbian rights. She has a personal connection to this cause -- her sister is a lesbian -- but she also believes it's a matter of fairness.

Cyndi Lauper's heroupdated: Fri Oct 17 2008 11:42:00

Cyndi Lauper and Cathy Nelson share a dedication to raising awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

Fortune: Unusual perks: Goldman Sachs covers sex changesupdated: Fri Feb 08 2008 09:18:00

Wall Street is typically considered a pretty conservative place to work. But the classic white-shoe investment bank is loosening things up by adding health benefits that cover sex-change operations.

Fortune: 'Trans'-forming Corporate Americaupdated: Mon Aug 27 2007 00:11:00

When David Rosen became Donna Rose, the people in charge of the human resources department at her company didn't know what to think. Nor did her colleagues.

Dems to spar, GOP no-show at landmark gay debate updated: Thu Aug 09 2007 21:24:00

Voters concerned about where presidential candidates stand on gay rights may have their question answered tonight.

Democrats to debate gay issuesupdated: Thu Aug 09 2007 21:24:00

Democrats to debate gay issues

Sen. Clinton dodges question on gays, immorality updated: Wed Mar 14 2007 18:53:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton sidestepped a question about whether she thinks homosexuality is immoral Wednesday, less than two weeks after telling gay-rights activists she was "proud" to stand by their side.

Fortune: Courting the gay consumerupdated: Wed Dec 06 2006 17:15:00

"Whether you're planning to spend Gay Ski Week in Whistler with your friends, or take your partner to Boston so you can hop over to Provincetown to enjoy Lesbian Week, we have terrific options for you..."

Fortune: Queer Inc.updated: Thu Nov 30 2006 15:41:00

Business is booming at Raytheon, the $22-billion-a-year defense contractor that sells Tomahawk cruise missiles, laser-vision goggles and advanced radar systems to the Pentagon. This, improbably, is...

Fortune: Wal-Mart becomes gay-friendlyupdated: Tue Nov 28 2006 12:03:00

No big company wants to get caught in the culture wars. But staying on the sidelines isn't easy when it comes to gay rights.

Fortune: Corporate America backs gay rightsupdated: Wed Sep 20 2006 09:35:00

Most of America's best-known companies are reaching out to gay and lesbian workers, as well as gay consumers, despite the criticism they get from conservative Christian groups.

Fortune: Companies say 'no' to discriminationupdated: Wed Apr 26 2006 08:36:00

This spring, shareholders at such big companies as ExxonMobil, Ford and American Express are voting on whether gay and lesbian people deserve protection against discrimination in the workplace.

CNNMoney: Report: Work improves for gay employeesupdated: Mon Jun 06 2005 06:15:00

The nation's largest companies have become leaders in extending rights to gay, bisexual and transgender employees, according to a published report Monday.

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